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389041389041B004T9XDFMABFP9PM1UHVUFTruffettes de France Ex-Lover2611315958400DisappointedVery dissatisfied with the arrival of the truffettes because they were melted to a liquid form, they should have been shipped in a cool container or dry ice. I did not appreciate them nor was able to enjoy them. If they were to be in a ball shape with cocoa powder dusted around them and arrived melted away to a liquid texture, how can you taste the dusted with cocoa powder that they advertise? Will never order them again!
389042389042B004T9XDFMA1S2AWZ4IORNH3agedude1711318291200Waste of timeOrdered during wintertime and came without problem. Wife loved them. Ordered during August and received an amorphous blob. Got refund but will not order this product again.
389043389043B000H24066AYF4Q4N5O5Y5MDonna Conley1151287878400Use your imagination!This base makes the best chicken corn chowder ever. Just make it according to package directions, but leave out the clams and add chicken (from a deli rotisserie chicken if you're in a hurry) and a package of frozen white corn. Delish! Toss in some of the frozen OreIda hash browns or some diced cooked white potatoes for a whole other soup.
389044389044B000H24066A3URA5IY940LMJK Middleton "KM"0051286409600Absolutely Delicious.....The BestHave never had clam chowder this good, not even in a restaurant. Just add a can of clams. At home, you will never eat canned clam chowder soup after trying this, you cannot compare the two.
389045389045B000H24066A1YNBKKPJFIVF7T. bruce "the cook"0051229040000just the bestBear Creek soup products are excellent. The best I ever used of any product is New England Clam Chowder. The taste is great and directions simple. Bear Creek hit the jackpot on this one. The only complaint I have is the availability. Thank You Tekla Bruce
389046389046B000H24066A79445B8RFKSNDonna Fredericks "Donna"0051224806400Wonderful Clam Chowder!This is the best clam chowder mix I have found. It's quick & easy. Great for these chillier evenings!!
389047389047B000H24066A26KJ69JCUHZTMJoseph C. Ellis "female"0211267315200Bear Creek Clam ChowderWorse clam chowder mix ever! It is just a potato soup mix, because you have to add your own clams! Duh! there is not a clam in the whole mix.
389048389048B000JFJ7T6A9SE3SLFAMDY303scheng210031339632000Chili Con MangoThis product was ok. I wanted another brand and was recommended on this one. It good, but not bad. I probably wont order again.
389049389049B000JFJ7T6AQMAALVBNJQT6matil0021331683200Zero mango or chilli taste. Pure sugar.I got this because it was the only "chilli mango" with free shipping. A mistake. Sugar is
overwhelming, hiding the mango taste. Chilli and lime are barely and distantly detectable. If you are looking for an expensive generic sweet, this might make you happy. If you are looking for the exotic, multi-layered taste of mango and chilli, look elsewhere.
389050389050B000JFJ7T6AVWER0DKJPXBSVik Varma0011315353600Sabor Hot & Spicy Mango Slicesi ordered these two days ago and sure enough they were here today as promised. I was ready to eat some spicy mango slices until i tasted it and it just tastes like sugar with dull pepper. it has no kick and is def not hot. don't waste your money on this . its def not worth it !
389051389051B000JFJ7T6ATRYG7BSW0CK4S. Gibson "SeeShelley"0051315008000YUM!!!I can't get enough of these deliciously hot and sweet mango slices! They are sugary yet spicy! Everyone I have let try them immediately asks me where they can get them. So far, I only know of Amazon!
389052389052B000JFJ7T6A2S3EUZJRV30CAditya Joshi "@p@th31st"1221304812800MehToo dry inside. Felt like it was really old stock or something. I know it's supposed to be dried fruit, but I've had nearly identical products that tasted much better and were slightly moist inside (probably some special process). Anyway, it's a food item - just a matter of taste. Nothing particularly horrible about it, I just didn't like it. YMMV
389053389053B001OF65VSAVUR4EQOXEV10LL7911287619200TransfatsSo disappointed when these arrived and they had transfats - also disappointed that these were mainly wheat flour, bleached flour, soy flour and artificial colours. Sigh.

Here's the ingredients...

Enriched bleached wheat flour, sugar, dehydrated poi, leavening, dextrose, partially hydrogenated soybean oil, soy flour, nonfat dry milk, salt, eggs, buttermilk, red 40 and blue 1.
389054389054B001OF65VSA1L2EQELD844ZLPamala G. Cooper1151239321600Yum!Honestly, they taste like regular pancakes that happen to be purplish in color. The taro doesn't add much flavor to them (though it doesn't have much flavor itself). But it is fun to serve them to friends and family for a hawaiian themed breakfast! I suggest pineapple syrup-I made some from a recipe found online.
389055389055B000FNC60YA18HZQJ2QZG7N4Cassie6811297036800TRIFLINGSomebody just dumped the MARS bars in a brown envelope with one of them being smashed and the envelope was opened,at least they couldve wrapped the candy in plastic. I think that was very tacky and a lousy way to do business!
389056389056B000FNC60YA3L9WZBLDT4PITkkmarie1111344816000marsthese were european mars which are apparently milky way bars so i wasnt thrilled and also they arrived completely melted
389057389057B000FNC60YA36PKOOPKUNOYPTrudy Justesen1141337558400The 'new' Mars Candy BarMy husband and I recently came across the Mars Bars for sale at World Market in Oakbrook Terrace, Illinois. We bought a number of these Mars Bars which were produced in Poland. We felt they were delicious, but they did not seem exactly like the ones we used to enjoy about 15 years ago.
389058389058B000FNC60YA3GGPW7KNPEK40ford00761151285459200Well DoneI love Mars bars, and these taste just like the ones I would buy in the UK. Great product and they were nice and fast.
389059389059B000FNC60YA3S4WHZ9ZLQGVOC. Teets0051341360000Good stuffTasted great once they arrived. Been searching for these for awhile, finally found them here. The wife loves these and has been eating them with gusto. I ate one and it was awesome. I'll be ordering more soon. These are hard to find now-a-days. Still fresh in the package too.
389060389060B000FNC60YA2582KMXLK2P06B. E Jackson0051340928000why why why?Why is it so hard to find Mars bars in grocery stores these days? Do they just not ship to southeast Pennsylvania anymore? Am I shopping in all the wrong places? They used to be really popular 20 years ago. You'd walk in and there they'd be right next to the Snickers and 5th Avenue bars, but now... I guess they're being pushed to the side for other candy bars. This is an outrage! I'm not paying more than 5 bucks for a few candy bars either.
389061389061B000FNC60YA1WTN45LWV601Ychocolover0051340236800deliciousthe chocolate was absolutely great. too bad they dont make these anymore. i would definitely buy these again so my taste buds can be tickled!
389062389062B000FNC60YA2OVC3XTLOXJT5C. Roth0051302048000Just what I orderedMy friend was craving these and could not find them anywhere! My biggest concern was will they be fresh? She said they were delicious, thank you!
389063389063B000FNC60YA2WEHPPLRXLS2SE. Barnes0051231200000Mars Bars reviewMy stepfather used to get these for me whenever he flew to Germany on business, but he recently got a job with a new airline company and no longer has to fly outside the U.S. I was glad to find these on Amazon, and I intend to share them with my stepfather, as I'm sure he misses being able to get them!
389064389064B000FNC60YA2VUD4SPJO4V33Theo3541290384000Mmm... Mars Bars! :-P~I'm guessing you probably already know what a mars bar is, so let's just assume you like 'em. Not a whole lot else to say. If you haven't had an English style mars bar before, I would say that they're one of they're one of the nicer candy bars out there. Well worth trying for anyone who considers themselves a connoisseur of fine junk foods! Do be aware though that judging by some of the other reviews posted, they're NOT quite the same as the mars bars that some buyers may have been expecting.

While prices do fluctuate, as of the time of writing this package of 6 will wind up costing you just a fraction over $1.99 a bar. Amazon does sell these bars in packs of more than 6, and bigger the pack you buy, the better deal you get. So if you are able to find a deal that translates as good value from where you sit (and especially if you qualify for free shipping), this seems as good a place as any to buy your chocolate fix. If not, hey, look elsewhere.

I took a star off because... Well, just the obvious. Mars bars are bad for you, duh! So please, enjoy in moderation ;-)

389065389065B000FNC60YA1HYCVB32OEWK0nurse judy3621296864000Mars bar reviewThese Mars bars are not the Mars bars I used to eat. They taste like Milky Ways. Very costly for what you get. If you are craving the taste of the original Mars bars, Walmart now carries them.(and the cost is SO much better)
389066389066B000FNC60YAFZ638B9K47R7PRO BILL AGE 8982011229385600MARS BARSI was looking for the old simply delicous Mars Bars ! They had a white nougat interior and a chocolate cover-with nuts.

I had hoped that the ones from Ireland would be the same. They weren't.

They were too sweet with lots of vile caramel, and I threw them away.
389067389067B0001P1JRCAPDZGPYYZ5KL8joe2231339977600Decent gift, but not justified for the price.Got this gift for my father, the boxing was cool. But the packages included were pretty generic. Two very small amount of packaged salmon and rest were crackers and spread. I could've spent that 60 dollars and bought salmon at Sam's Club and smoked it ourselves with 10x the amount of salmon.

Overall, the gift box was nice and could be reuse for other purposes, but the overall food package was disappointing. I expected more out of a gift basket such as this. Should be called crackers and fish spread gourmet food gift box, salmon was more like a side.
389068389068B0001P1JRCAG8GN3SBC1CJRB. Smith1351308355200Gift for DADI got this for my dad and he actually described it as "ultra cool". Love making daddy happy! Thumbs up and LIKE!
389069389069B000NFHKJQA2R6RA8FRBS608Matthew G. Sherwin5551236470400all right by me !!!Kraft's Light Balsamic Vinaigrette with Extra Virgin Olive Oil Reduced Fat Dressing (whew, what a long name) helps people like me who are on a diet. The taste is indeed bold but I think some of that "taste" comes from the sodium in this salad dressing. On the other hand, it is indeed made with extra virgin olive oil and that's wonderful. It has just 1 gram of fat in a 2 tablespoon serving (or 32 grams) and just 4 grams of carbs per serving. There are no artificial preservatives and that's a bonus.

This is probably even better for your health than Amazon's nutrition facts would indicate. I don't think that Amazon got it quite right when they quoted the caloric content in the nutrition facts table above. On all of the bottles I have of this product (and yes, I matched it up with the picture--it's exactly the same product), the nutrition facts label on the bottles I have indicate that there are only 25 calories total per serving; and a serving consists of 2 tablespoonfuls. In addition, the nutrition facts label on the bottles I have indicate that the amount of calories that come from fat total only 10 calories per serving and not 25 calories as Amazon notes above. I would like to think that the Kraft nutrition label is correct; perhaps Amazon accidentally made a misprint or two above. Unfortunately, the amount of sodium indicated above on this webpage is accurate.

Overall, this is great dressing. It tastes great; and it adds a punch to any salad. I simply can't find any salad dressing with fewer calories than this although you might have to watch it on the sodium if that's an issue for you. If you are on a salt-free diet check with a nutritionist or doctor first to make sure that this dressing is something you can enjoy on your salads. I use it on salads that have a mixture of romaine and iceberg lettuce with some carrots thrown in; and I'm sure it would go with a spinach salad as well.

389070389070B000NFHKJQA3IYSIAKYOMKTORenter2251300752000Best Easy Marinade EverI like Kraft's Light Balsamic Vinaigrette alright on salad, though I prefer my own quick and dirty balsamic vinaigrette when my tooth is set for it. But I don't love this vinaigrette for pairing with greens. I love it for pairing with MEAT!

It's an awesome marinade on steaks, fish and chicken alike. I especially like it on chicken. So easy! On those days when I just want to stick something in the oven and settle in front of the TV until it's done, this dressing makes fixing the night's entree so very, very easy. Thanks Kraft!

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