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389161389161B001VNP0U0A2MBTNV59UV5G1Russ R151551267574400Frontier Caraway SeedsCompared to the grocery store, the cost of this product is can throw away 2/3rds of it and still be ahead of the game...used product in bread mixer to make rye bread...seeds tasted great...
389162389162B001VNP0U0A1U8VI6I2MFEU8Mona Lisa "M.W."7751267574400Great!Very fresh and LOTS of them! Compared to what they cost in the grocery store, these are a must for those who use lots of Caraway in bread making!
389163389163B001VNP0U0A4JDPUS5UE7JJBill Corsin4551298592000A whole lot of seeds!Wow, was pleasantly surprised at how many caraway seeds came with this order!
A very good value compared to buying them in a small container. Makes delicious
homemade caraway rye bread! Freeze them and they should last a long, long time.
389164389164B001VNP0U0A15FO04C5D1VKDda_mission5731336003200One PurposeI only purchased the seeds because on Dr. Oz's show he recommended caraway seeds for people with digestive issues....he was very wrong. I was eating a handful of whole caraway seeds daily, behind every meal, for almost a month and the stomach issues that I were having prior to the seeds, still exists. I did discover that these seeds are great for bad breath. After I brush my teeth daily, periodically I would feel like I have unfresh breath during late afternoons prior to the caraway seeds, but after eating them for almost a month, my breath is odorless throughout the day. Hope this review helps.
389165389165B001VNP0U0ARR15V4Y94K0LS. von Theiss0041349913600Enough for LifeI use these to make rye bread and purchased them from Amazon because I was having a hard time finding them in my local stores. Be prepared for lots of Caraway Seeds! I'm storing them in my freezer but I don't think there will be a need to purchase more for a very long time! Price was a bit high and I would suggest lowering the price and the quantity for people who are just feeding their families and not in the catering or restaurant business.
389166389166B001VNP0U0A3OTNPX43778QKJ. Czukor "cjanos"0051326585600Excellent product at a good priceI am an avid bread baker and Caraway Seeds at the supermarkets are either non-existent or being sold in tiny amounts like spices at high prices. Used to be able to buy it in larger packages in some special stores but even that has disappeared by now.

The amount Amazon sells is huge for occasional rye bread baking but the price is very reasonable.

It will last for a long time.
389167389167B001VNP0U0A1S05KAAUNUTW4J. Worthen "frost110"0051326585600Love itBought these to make some Sauerkraut and rye bread. I love the taste of these seeds and they were fresh. It came in 3 packs of 16oz, which I will probably never get through all three packs so I gave one to my sister and to my mom. For the price it was a great deal as I doubt I will have to buy seeds for a while.

Smells great, tastes great, just an overall quality product.
389168389168B001VNP0U0A3VCN9L2GMQQ1OLouise Bell "Louise Bell"0051325203200Fresh Product and Great SavingsThis is a wonderful product. The seeds are fresh.

This was a great savings over the cost of this product in stores. I gave one of the packs away and am still way ahead in money saved.
389169389169B001VNP0U0A1YZB2QG2UKAUNJay Megary0051319932800Good deal!This was soooo much more cost effective than buying small jars in the spice aisle of the local grocery store.
389170389170B001VNP0U0AMA96Q2YUDLPYanon0041315785600tastyseems like pretty good stuff, about the same as I get at the grocery store, just better per ounce price.
389171389171B001VNP0U0A1MX6TA2LU2T7UJ. Wahler0051311379200great product at a great priceThe caraway seeds are a really good value. I did encounter a problem with the time it took for the order to arrive. I bake for a farmers market and was depending on receiving the seeds on the date that I was given. Apparently there was a problem with the bags and had they just let me know I would have not kept expecting them. I finally contacted Amazon concerning my order and was then advised of the delay. I would order these caraway seeds again as they are fresh and well packed to stay that way.I hope I never have to resort to buying them in the grocery store again.
389172389172B001VNP0U0AYASVHBRCOV57Mr. Robert Baker0051309046400Great seedsFine seeds. Before I bought these, I was getting robbed, paying too much even at Walmart, wondering how stores could afford to use caraway seeds in rye bread. I am now soooo glad to be able to use them regularly and without cringing about the cost every time.
389173389173B001VNP0U0A2Y5P8ISTELDO7Michael0051295568000Mass quantitiesFind a baker friend and give some away. There is a lot here! The seeds come in mylar bags and are incredibly fresh. I never realized that store bought was relatively stale. Highly recommended.
389174389174B001VNP0U0AGSC327PXS3W6D. Musicant "Muse"1251341187200Good seedsHaven't tried to grow them, but they taste great in my rye bread. I went here looking because the last caraway seeds I bought at my local market had a nasty taste for some reason. 3 pounds are a lot of caraway seeds, however I'm baking a loaf of rye bread around every 5 days now, using about 1/3 ounce each times. Let's see, this order should last me 2 years at that rate!

Hey, I may as well share my rye bread recipe, which works wonderfully in my Breadman Ultimate Plus TR2500BC bread machine. I measure by weight whenever possible instead of volume measurements. It's so easy:

0.6 oz olive oil
4.95 oz. rye flour (been using the organic from Berkeley Bowl, currently $0.99/lb)
7.15 oz whole wheat flour
0.24 oz salt
0.6 oz sugar
0.66 oz non fat dry milk powder
0.3 oz caraway seeds
0.55 oz wheat gluten
0.12 oz active dry yeast (can vary depending on the potency of your yeast)
14 oz. water
1 teaspoon molassas
7.9 oz bread flour

Put the 14 oz water in microwave and heat 15-40 seconds depending on initial temperature, leave in microwave. Add oil to pan. To separate weighing container (plastic quart container), add the other ingredients except the last 3. Stir a little, then pour water in pan, the molassas, then the dry ingredients in the quart container, then measure the white flour and add, place pan in machine.

First cycle in the Breadman, large white, says 3:10. Set timer to 1:27. That goes off about 2 minutes before the Rise 3 cycle starts, and when that happens press Pause for a few seconds and the machine pauses. Remove pan and using spatula to push dough aside, remove the paddle, position the loaf in the center of the pan somewhat (don't push flat!), replace in machine and press Start. Set timer to 1:42. This will go off 2-3 minutes after the Bake cycle ends, twist the spindle on bottom of pan a few times, and the loaf will remove easily from pan. Rest loaf on side on wire rack for preferably at least 6 hours, 8 is better. Slice with very sharp knife and store in plastic bag in refrigerator.
389175389175B001VNP0U0A2PGJTQ2313U5Fcminor271241297900800Yikes, missread the amountI make rye bread alot and use caraway seeds in them. I thought it was one pound in 3 packets. I got 3 pounds in 3 packets! Yikes! The packet came quickly but now I have enough to last a life time. My fault, not theirs.
389176389176B001VNP0U0AX58AYEEKNRXURain041251288483200Excellent product.I bake a fresh loaf of rye bread just about every day. I keep the three bags of seeds in my freezer and they last me a good long time (for most probably a lifetime supply). It's a fraction of the price that you pay in the store! Very fresh too.
389177389177B001VNP0U0A2D1OUM1P2SK4Mjoan1251265760000Frontier whole caraway seed, 3@16 oz bagsI was very pleased with the quality and pricing of this item, which I use in homemade rye breads. I'd become unable to locate local sources of caraway (and fennel) seeds, so was happy to discover this supplier.
389178389178B001VNP0U0A1JGYDZR0PSV7EJonah2441301184000American excessA great deal, but what the hell am I going to do with all this caraway seed? Rye bread, aquavit, umm.....???
389179389179B001VNP0U0A1B7GONTQOC52LDiscover "JDBurton"0151343088000Great product3 lbs of Caraway seeds in vacuum packages. More than most families can consume in their whole lives!

These seeds will probably only last for 3-5 years though...
389180389180B001VNP0U0A2H5LRDHP347C7Baker Man0151331856000Only way to make good rye breadWhen it comes to making fresh wholesome rye bread you gotta have the caraway seeds. Lots of caraway seeds. If your recipe calls for 1/4 teaspoon, come on, kick it up a few notches and enjoy a real taste treat. I can't find them locally so thanks to amazon I can get the best at a reasonable price.
389181389181B00346J8R8A24CMOGA4MUQADLemissa "Lemissa"7751273104000Like a margarita without the tequila!This popcorn is truly addictive. You can smell the lime as soon as it finishes popping but it is not overwhelming when you eat it. With the salt and lime flavor it almost reminded me of a margarita with salt on the rim.

The popcorn pops up well with a few kernels left over at the end -- overall it's a great product and I'm happy I bought it -- even if it is a pack of 12 -- I will definitely be able to eat them all over time.

Edit to add nutrition info:
Servings per bag -- 1
Calories for one bag popped -- 190
Calories from fat -- 100
Total Fat 15g
trans fat 0g
polyunsaturated fat 2g
monunsaturated fat 5g
cholestorol 0
sodium 370mg
potassium 75mg
Total Carbohydrate 21g
Dietary Fiber 4g
Protein 3g
389182389182B00346J8R8AYKWM682POY3JPamela J. Barone "One lady's opinion"1151314576000Unusual and tastyI am a big fan of Orville Redenbacher's popcorn, and this new flavor is now on my list to keep on hand. It is still the same great quality popcorn, but with a subtle flavor of lime. I will definitely buy this again.
389183389183B00346J8R8ALETD1LDYDQBNeleanor kutchoodon0051348444800Defective BagsThe popcorn is great. Unfortunately, the bags are defective and the buttery flavoring has seeped out thus making the outside of the bags oily. I place the bags on paper towels to microwave!
389184389184B00346J8R8A2L6QS8SVHT9RGrandomartco "period film aficionado"0051344816000Amazingly good, snack-size portioned popcorn w/ LIME & salt!I totally dig this Lime & Salt popcorn from Orville Redenbacher: I picked it up to try on a whim (hey, I like Chipotle's use of lime & salt), and this stuff is fantastic! First, the smell is great and the flavor lives up to it: I would honestly like it a little stronger, but I'd say it's just right for the average lime & salt lover: delicious! Second, it's mini bags/snack size: perfect when you're craving just a bit of popcorn, a bit of salt, or a bit of a snack...perfect! And third, the nutritional value is good: 100 calories, 11g fat, 19g carbs and 3g protein...yum!

Yum...I don't get sick of it either: this is a great snack for someone who wants a bit of flavor in their snack, to help them pass up on the snack that's really unhealthy...this does that: I eat this instead, and it totally satisfies, I would highly recommend Orville Redenbacher's Natural Salt & Lime Microwave popcorn!
389185389185B00346J8R8A1IJTK50CU2CQYsbatjc0051334102400incredible!!!I am a hard sell when it comes to microwave popcorn. I have a air popper and love that!!! To me nothing really compares to that. My wife got this and had me try it and I can honesty say it is my favorite popcorn. The flavor is very addicting!!! I have been putting lime on popcorn for along time but they have just done this right. I am hoping that this is not a trial run thing for Orville. You will not regret purchasing!!!
389186389186B00346J8R8A24J6PQ0FN55A6WestGrl0051332028800Fantastic!I bought this on whim one day while shopping. The unusual flavor interested me. When I popped it, the wonderful smell of lime filled the kitchen. The taste is great! Not over powering but refreshing & tasty. This would go great on a summer day or night with margaritas or beer. Great new flavor! Would never have thought of adding lime to popcorn but it works!
389187389187B00346J8R8A2EZW502SEA2N9Linda Freitag0051329523200I love this Lime Popcorn !!!I love this O.R. Lime and Salt popcorn. Who would have thought it ... Lime on Popcorn ... whoever did, they are a genious .... yummy! I will buy this popcorn over and over and over again.
389188389188B00346J8R8A7YWCR8BU88MHJoni W0051322870400Yummy, addictive popcorn!This is my new, favorite snack. If you like lime and popcorn, you will love this! I first found this popcorn in my local store, and just loved the taste. When I went back for more, I couldn't find it. So I started ordering it on Amazon. Thanks Amazon!! This is the perfect serving size for one person. The taste is addictive. I LOVE this popcorn!
389189389189B00346J8R8ARIZ8PY9ULPHHBonnie Jo Davis "Loves to read and review books."0051320796800Fantastic, tasty popcorn.Who knew that lime and popcorn would ever be a combination? Add a little salt and you have popcorn that tastes like a margarita without the alcohol. I love lime! Target used to carry this popcorn but no long does so I buy it in bulk from my old standby Amazon. It's a great deal for the money and I'll never run out.
389190389190B00346J8R8A36KUMV8S7XNAAEvelyn R. Brooks0051311120000Love love love this lime popcornTarget carried this for a while but recently discontinued - I guess people are put off by the "lime" idea but this popcorn is simply delicious. I can't eat most micro popcorn due to the dairy ingredients and love this - it smells so wonderful when popping and the lime flavor is very very delicate. If you're not sure how it could taste good, take a look at the ingredient label on a bag of corn tortillas or tortilla chips and you will see "lime" listed because lime and corn go together beautifully. Also, just as an aside, a great way to eat corn on the cob is with a little fresh lime squeezed on it, and then used Lawry's seasoned salt. no butter needed at all. Makes it very low-cal as well. So happy to find this item on Amazon today and I'm ordering the case.

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