Amazon Fine Food Reviews

390181390181B008YA1DZEA2DCKABCT6OI13Matey0051335398400A lot cheaper than department storesThese K-cups came in perfect condition. They taste great and for a great price! I would most definitively recommend this product.
390182390182B008YA1DZEA3KBBCYNE0PI2EPamela Carlson0051315008000excellent, smooth boldLove this coffee - it is very bold so can get large mug and still has good taste. Works nicely as an iced coffee also. Also good value for the money.
390183390183B008YA1DZEAI28F2VENQ9PAmunch0051314748800great coffeeThe coffee is very good. I am very happy with the product. The product shipped to me right away. I am inviting friends to drink coffee with me. I prefer to drink coffee at home now.
390184390184B008YA1DZEA2Z50ASXJIEJVBSandy "Sandy"0051311638400Best decafe coffeeBest Keurig decafe I have tasted--- and I'm pickey. so is my son who only drinks Peets and he also liked it.
390185390185B008YA1DZEA2F6E4MH1IDLFQCheryl Hardy0051309824000Really good decaf.I'm not big on writing reviews, but since this product has such a wide variety of reviews I thought I'd add my own thoughts. I was looking for a good, mild decaf coffee for myself and to offer friends in the evening and that is exactly what I received.

Does the picture say "extra bold"? Yes, but everything else about the product in the description says that it's a "light roast"...not to mention the scathing 1 star reviews stating that it's not extra bold even though the picture says it is. Take an extra 30 seconds next time and read through the description and maybe some reviews before spending your money. That is a technical error and shouldn't be held against the quality of the actual product in the review.

Overall I'm very pleased with the coffee as I do not like dark roasts - so if you are like minded, I believe you will enjoy this coffee, and hey - the price is right, too. There aren't too many k-cups you can get for around .50/cup.
390186390186B008YA1DZEA3ECSAZI5RPH9BRay Wishart0051303776000Pretty darn good for light roast decaf!I'm a dark roast fan but my wife wanted me to order this for her. She usually isn't a big coffee fan but ocassionally she wants a cup that isn't too rough. This fit the bill for her, very smooth and with enough cream/sugar she will drink it. I had a cup of it black one night and it's very good for light roast.

I always recommend this one for dinner guests with desert, they always seem to brag on it.
390187390187B008YA1DZEA21YH81JYRR5B3Marcu Alexander0051296086400Great decaf coffee!I've tried several different decaf k-cups and this is by far my favorite. It has a nice bold flavor! I only wish it was available in a bigger box.
390188390188B008YA1DZEA8WWWHQ5B85I7Dennis Egan0051293667200Donut house coffee for KeurigWe loved this coffee. We got it in three days and was very satisfied with the product. We will order again from Amazon.
390189390189B008YA1DZEA3JTEWFUNIMKQCS. C. Miller0051292284800Decaf With a KickThis is a great decaf coffee. It's not bland and has a very good taste. It's labeled Extra Bold but is not too strong tasting or bitter. It's the only decaf that I have found so far for the Keurig that I enjoy.
390190390190B008YA1DZEA2B2ENQHZ9TL8AJerie L. Putnam "Mrs. Buckley"0051290729600BEST DECAF EVER. tangy almost!I've tried all the light roast decafs and this is the VERY BEST! Its light, not at all smoky like other brands, and it "gets" you in the back of the jaw with its zing. I dont know how else to describe it. Its absolutely the best.

I drink it on its own all day and sometimes use it to add to a cup of flavored! yeah its THAT good!
390191390191B008YA1DZEA3J174PVEY90YTBunnyMum "avid reader"0051279065600Nice strong cup of decaf!This coffee has a nice bold flavor without being bitter. It actually does remind me of a Dunkin' Donut cup of coffee. Plus it's decaf which I like because I can drink it anytime. If you like a Dunkin' Donut type of coffee and you're looking for a good decaf, this is the one.
390192390192B008YA1DZEA23WXKBCPETCITM. Tannuzzo314811281312000ALMOST A DOLLAR A CUP????!!!!!!!!!BUYERS BEWARE - I guess it's my fault I really thought when I ordered this coffee I was gettinng TWO BOXES of coffee for 22.50 like almost every other coffee dealer on Amazon sells this stuff for. But this guy sells this coffee for 22.50 for ONE!!!!! box of coffee.When it arrived at my house I asked my wife where the other box was and she said: "Thats It just one box arrived!" I looked my order over and sure enough he does sell it for 1 box of coffee for 22.50 making this probably the MOST expensive k-cup coffee on Amazon. So shame on me for not looking the order over before I purchased it. If you look at all the other sellers, their coffee is 23.00 for TWO BOXES OF 25 count k-cups. Thats 50 k-cups. This guy only gives you 25 k-cups for 22.50 which is EXTREMELY EXPENSIVE!!!!! congratulations you fooled me, but I hope this review warns others off.
390193390193B008YA1DZEA256USZO3CRK2RAnne1211338336000messyThe first sample came with my single cup brewer. I liked the taste, but when I removed the k-cup the foil had a huge hole in it. It was awkward and extremely messy. I thought it could have been a bad batch, so I bought a 12 pack of decaf. It was the same. Great taste, but very messy. It still had a huge hole, grounds were in my coffee, and weak foil. Disappointed.
390194390194B008YA1DZEAIESH16TE0UJAKatherine Koch "Katherine"1251323475200Great cup of decafI became aware of Donut House Decaf because Amazon emailed me an ad for it, since I'm a longtime buyer of k-cups. I'd tried various other varieties of decaf and found them OK but not terribly exciting to the taste buds.

Donut House is different, stronger (they mean it when they say Extra Bold)--but not the way espresso or French roast is strong, mellower than that--and more flavorful than the others. Now I'm a fan, and I hope Amazon keeps carrying it.
390196390196B008YA1DZEA28DXPK1YANLKIAileen1251304380800Donut House Decaf CoffeeThis was the first time I had ordered K-cups for my Keurig Coffee Maker. Donut House Decaf is delicious and the price was great. I received the shipment quickly and I will reorder again.
390197390197B008YA1DZEA2C6V451SLC1PEEast Coast Geek4751269475200Nice and smooth flavorSaw this in the company office, but it was all gone till I went for a cup. Bought it hoping I would like it and I am not disappointed. I think the taste is pretty smooth, and isn't strong, although I do like bold flavored coffees. All they buy at my work is Green Mountain; this is probably my favorite Green Mountain flavor, and I like it better than Timothy's Original Donut Blend. I don't understand why the cost is so much; I guess I'll have to make this my "special" coffee for now. Enjoy.
390198390198B008YA1DZEALDKL81ZMH5HMJack0151346371200YummyVery delicious coffee, however these little cups are extremely overpriced. Actually it's price gouging in my opinion, but got to have them to drink the coffee.
390199390199B008YA1DZEA17ELJ1PDQOQHNBS0111336003200Awful is too generousHave a co-worker who drinks only decaf, we got this and it's terrible. Tastes burned, bitter and even smells awful. I tried b/c I hate to waste but I will be getting rid of this, I can't bring myself to drink it.
390200390200B008YA1DZEA81O63DZ3KG19jjohn1590151331078400Yes!!I live in a small town so it is next to impossible to find decaf k-cups, and even more impossible to find them at this price! Exactly what I wanted!
390201390201B008YA1DZEAAFKDPQ0C97SDdecaf in PA0141302480000Pretty goodI was looking for Coffee People cups but as i was told they dnt make them anymore so,this was ok for me.
390202390202B008YA1DZEA3GPFKRWJAI702J. Strickland3631297036800Not what I ordered, I think.I though that everything was fine as the first one I took out of the box matched the illustration exactly. None of the others matched the illustration. They do not say "EXTRA BOLD" on the cups at all, but the sticker on the box does actually say extra bold.
It's been a while since I tried one of these, so I wasn't sure if they just mislabeled them, decided they weren't "extra bold" to begin with, or they are jsut pranksters. At any rate, I took off two stars because I suspect that they pulled a fast one at the factory.
390203390203B008YA1DZEAF30W6VYOTF7HCatrine91611281484800Wish I read reviews before orderingVery dissappointed to find out I only get 1 box of 24 KCups. Almost $1 a cup. I usually get 2 boxes for this price. CRAZY!!! I buy these online because they are much cheaper than stores. I did not receive the right flavor and shipping seemed to take very long. Not happy!!!
390204390204B008YA1DZEA2U1O55WNTTHE7DP "DP"1311334102400not good at allI thought I ordered a bold decaf but this is what was delivered. I opened one to try it out and do not like it but am now stuck with it because I opened the box. This product needs to be labeled properly and CLEARLY. If you like a mild roast, this is for you.
390205390205B008YA1DZEA1AU1G8U8IPXX2C. Bowman1411314403200So disappointed!!I ordered two boxes of BOLD Roast and instead I received Light Roast. Now I am stuck with what I didn't want. The BOLD roast is perfect and it is my favorite coffee. Wish there was someone I could complain to about receiving what I did NOT order.
390206390206B008YA1DZEA30CK8SQS1JKKTjennifer451411306368000Weird after tasteNot good coffee at all - I thought I was buying the donut shop decaf (which is awesome ) but thought ill give it a try instaed of shipping it back ... it has a terrible chemically / stale type aftertaste. Donut shop is WAY better.
390207390207B008YA1DZEA25FBTIH98XKT0Lou "Shopper Lou"1511301097600They keep sending me Dacaf "Light Roast" coffee!This is not Decaf "Extra Bold". Something is wrong with the computer or the person shipping the product. They have sent Decaf "Light Roast" twice in place of Decaf "Extra Bold". This really needs to be fixed. I sent back the first order. The second order they decided to overnight to me to make up for the mistake. I know the second time it also said Decaf "Light Roast" on the box, but I opened it anyway in hope it was just marked wrong on the outside box and inside would be the correct product. No such luck. I now have coffee I don't want. I'm sure the Decaf Extra Bold is great coffee but if they can't send it I can't try it!!!
390208390208B008YA1DZEA22D10SGYUVKSWGrandson of Sam1531283385600Great Taste, WAY too expensive!This is great tasting coffee, especially for decaf, BUT I couldn't believe there was only 1 packet of mistake, there are usually 50 or more, I didn't read through the description......I will buy this again if the price comes down.
390209390209B002FJCYYYA21APKRXKHPRNRParent & Physician1151270771200the ONLY formula we feed our baby!We use formula on a supplemental basis and did a ton of research on baby formulas. Reading the labels on ALL of the other manufacturers' formulas turned my stomach since they primarily consist of corn syrup and vegetable oil (including Earth's Best -which was disappointing). We believe this product contains higher quality ingredients than any other formula. Our baby also has much less spit up with this formula than on any of the other major brands, which we tried before finding this one. Additionally, the company is located in and makes their formulas in the US, which gives us less concern about potential contamination issues. While the products are labeled "Toddler" the nutritional content is the exact same and precisely as all other infant formulas. It appears that the company labels it "toddler" to encourage breast feeding of infants. Baby's Only is the ONLY formula we feed our baby!
390210390210B002FJCYYYA2QJT0URV9FFLXAlison M. Larkin "Alison"0051295395200Only Soy Formula without Corn SyrupWhen I discovered that the Soy formula I was giving my baby girl was 39% corn syrup, I was really upset. Thank you NaturesOne for this product - the only soy formula without corn syrup. Weaning her off the sugar was a little rough and I could tell she was not comfortable. My physician's office recommended using prune juice, and I would add a little prune juice to her formula (less than .5 ounce). This seems to help - and she is completely weaned off the corn syrup. Best of all, she likes the formula. We use this as a supplement to breast milk.

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