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390392390392B001D04160ADX8VLDUOL7BGM. Gingras1141331942400Very good. Pricey.I ordered this Hevla low acid coffee, Puroast and HealthWise to compare. All three of them taste good. The HealthWise has the coarsest grind, this Hevla one is the middle grind and the Puroast is the fine grind. With taste being pretty equal, the Hevla came out to be the most expensive at approximately 1.79 per ounce, the HealthWise at .87 per ounce, and the Puroast at .50 per ounce. Some people may find taste differences, but we just thought they all tasted like coffee. So with all other things being equal, we will probably stick to the Puroast and the HealthWise since the Hevla is twice as much as the Healthwise and more than three times as much as the Puroast. I will note that customer service with the Hevla is more frequent and personal, so if that is a very important factor to you, then that is actually what you are paying for. Absolutely nothing negative about the coffee itself; just the cost if you use it daily.
390393390393B003UVPW4UA25DT2XYCWGL5CDaniel A Uriarte1151316304000Great cookiesI got the idea to purchase these cookies after watching the CNBC show "How I made my millions". I figured that anybody able to make a fortune from selling cookies out of Long Island probably makes some really good cookies. These cookies do not disappoint. My favorite are the white chocolate chip & macademia nut. Although the oatmeal raisin are a close second. The only thing I wished is for these to come individually wrapped inside each box, as opposed to the 7 unit celophane pack. When you open one pack, you have to commit to eating all 7 within a few days, since the cookies will lose their crispness after that.
390394390394B003UVPW4UA3JI2QWVK8V81ZL.S. "All About Books"0051343779200Tates taste like homemake (for real)People LOVE receiving these cookies as gifts. Seriously, they can't get enough of them (chocolate chip, oatmeal raisin especially). When I send this gift pack, it's always a home run!
390395390395B0001H2244A32YOFEAZ3FKWLrudejude2251121817600Very hard to find!These "vanilla packets" are essential for my mother-in-law's delicious Italian cookies. They really make a difference.
390396390396B0001H2244A1RSGUUNZ8JG9Tnonna0051329696000italian baking sodaThis product was truly worth waiting for! I probably will only bake with it in the future
390397390397B0001H2244A21C9HPNUP7HP8Vito0051323475200ElisaVery good for baking! we use it all the time in out kitchen, and im glad i found it on amazon!
390398390398B0001H2244A2MF0C4E7GYCIVW "VW"0051272672000Great for classic Italian recipesThis acts as a baking powder with a vanilla flavor to it. It is used in authentic Italian cookie and cake recipes and is often difficult to find in grocery stores. I love this stuff!
390391390391B001D04160A2GE3PYV0FMDLCDiscerning_buyer3321279497600Hevla did not work for meEven though this coffee is touted as being low acid and good for those suffering from GERD/acid indigestion this was not my experience. It caused me as much discomfort as regular coffee..This of course, does not mean it won't work for other people. What with shipping and handling it ended up being quite expensive.
390399390399B0027736KKA1SAOTYU5W2JLQD. Holland "FireGuy"4451270771200It worked for meThree days into drinking this stuff, my knee felt better. I had been considering getting another knee operation (5 already), but now I feel like I dont need too.
390400390400B0027736KKAV7W79DENMVILMichelle Jacobs0011342656000Not very goodTastes horrible! Has an after taste...don't recommend. Would not buy again and am still looking for a liquid product with glucosamine that doesn't taste this bad.
390401390401B000VKAEI2AMUP4R4OB5N1PADS2006 "walking in covenant"0051301443200ReviewDooley sure likes the Good Buddy Cheese Cookies, and seeing as he has severe allergies (stomach), they seem to like him too.
390402390402B001P4J9GGA1G3THCAHD0Y00justanotherperson1151287705600Orbit GumPositively Pomegranate is alot better tasting then the cinnamon and mint common flavors. This one does not burn. Have purchased it twice now on Amazon because it is hard to find it in the store.
390403390403B001P4J9GGA1KPMP6BLUP4LXElizabeth J. Koski0051289260800Best Gum Ever!Love this gum. I used to be able to find it in the stores but no longer can. I hope they continue making it! I have not found anything similar or that even compares.
390404390404B005HUWJTIA2REVH707ZX7SEheather hauser2251327017600A RIP OFF! 1 Star for Amazon, 5 Stars for the ProductFirst off it's false advertising for Amazon to say you are saving 92%. This is simply 8 Gerber Grabbers, like you would buy in the store. The only difference is, these cost 14 cents more an ounce than they cost me at Safeway. And they are even less at Target.

As for the product itself, my son loves them and I buy many of them at target.
390405390405B000XV291EA2VDFHTKWRWSDHK. CHAN1151231632000very elegant giftbought this for my mom who has every thing...her and her husband loved it and they said it was huge and thought i spent too much money on them.. the basket was only 89$!!! very nice gift for someone who drinks tea!!
390406390406B000K5UY1KA31C48EWFZUCYFKaren Meeks0051349740800Going to NOLA without the drive!One of the best products I have ever ordered online. Quick, easy and so delicious. Used frozen deveined shrimp. Have a baguette on hand. You will need it to "sop" the broth.
390407390407B0071BYPX4AJ0LVMSVJ0CN1Joan Burton0051350604800Love FritosThis is a great product and I highly recommend. Fast delivery and good packaging.

I have never purchased Fritos online but I moved to NYC two years ago and they don't sell them here or in New Jersey except the small bag and it costs a fortune! Everything costs a fortune in this city. It's like I'm living in a third world country. I had no problem getting this product until I moved here. Since I moved to NYC, I buy almost everything online now and I save a fortune. I also don't have to deal with the parking, horrible transit system, rude/snobby New Yorkers and tourists, and the horrible/abusive police department. I can't wait to move out of here!
390408390408B009HFZS1AA8AOI6SNSGY6Barbara Amante1151349913600Do Not Buy HereThis is a LOT of money. I can purchase this same thing from Dunkin Donuts store
for $11.99. I do not know who came up with this price but it is totally over priced.
The coffe is great!
390409390409B009HFZS1AA236IN6J0H7E2VSteve G1141349827200Best of the pumpkin kcupsThis kcup was pretty tasty once you get past the weird smell while brewing. It was described as a bit "funky" by some coworkers. I tried it out anyway and was impressed. It's very smooth and has a nice pumpkin flavor. It gets better as it cools. The clove flavor is only slighty noticeable which is a very good thing. The flavor was pretty close to pumpkin pie. This would mix really well with a good french vanilla kcup and some cinnamon. The flavor is light years better than the Green Mountain pumpkin spice kcup. It took me a year to get through that box. I threw out the last few.
390410390410B009HFZS1AA1NBK07JEBCFIJess1151348444800so goodI normally prefer Starbucks pumpkin lattes to Dunkin donuts' but these kcups are amazing! Won't have to make my daily Starbucks visit!
390411390411B009HFZS1AA1ECIT3IBKPQCVBlaqueniss0051350086400Coffee FanSooooooo delicious!!! This coffee is so good that it's almost orgasmic! I have tried a lot of coffees and none have ever beat out DD's Original Blend...NONE. And now I can buy it in K-cup style; it is a little pricey, but you can best believe I will scour the web for a better deal. This stuff beats Starebuck's Sunrise Morning Blend--hands down!!!
390412390412B009HFZS1AA3HN9CXDWOYPQIaqueenie0051349308800DeliciousThis is the ultimate in flavored coffee. Excellent body. Enjoy it while you can. But purchase at a Dunkin Donuts if at all possible since buying elsewhere is artificially high.
390413390413B0012HEVQEA347BSRHD3NVG2Karen Goeben2211345075200Good tomatoes, but GM is against GMO labeling.I have bought cases of Muir Glen tomatoes and they do taste very good, however with General Mill' s large donation against GMO labeling in California I cannot purchase this product anymore. I found tomato products from a natural food company that is for GMO labeling plus they are in glass jars so no BPA worries!!
390414390414B0012HEVQEA3NVSLAT4V5WGLcarpoozie221151242691200FabulousThis is with out a doubt the BEST canned tomato product I have ever tried. The taste is like fresh homegrown tomatoes, with a touch of sweet basil. It is so good it can be used as is or pureed further for other dishes. We are spoiled for any other kind. We purchased it on an automatic refill basis which worked out perfectly until for some reason it was not available for a while. This was a big disappointment since it is much more expensive in the stores. I hope it comes back soon.
390415390415B0012HEVQEA36MP37DITBU6FEnchanted In Dixie "Enchanted"1151234396800Great organic crushed tomatoes. Makes quick pasta sauce, pizza sauce etc.These crushed tomatoes with basil are awesome.The taste is just right without too much salt. Very versitile,use in any meat sauce or chili recipe. Use it straight out of the can over hot noodles or scrambled eggs or use for pizza sauce. Great sweet vine ripened tomato taste with jsut the right amout of basil.
Beau's Instant Pizza:
table spoon of this on slice of bread ( any bread will do)
add little cheese (any cheese pramesan or even slice of soy cheese)
as desired sprinkle garlic on top.
pop in microwave for 15 seconds an instant pizza.

INGREDIENTS: Organic tomatoes, organic tomato puree (water, organic tomato paste), sea salt, naturally derived citric acid, organic basil..

All of Muir Glen's tomatoes are field grown and vine ripened under certified organic practices -- no synthetic pesticides, no chemical fertilizers, just gorgeous tomato taste, true to nature
390416390416B0012HEVQEAZ2NZWEEPJ1JZChiliPep1236951255478400UPDATE - May not contain BPAUPDATE - I heard that Muir Glen had started transitioning their canned tomato products to BPA free cans but when contacting Muir Glen (General Mills), I kept getting a canned (no pun intended) response that they believe BPA is safe...blah blah blah. But today, I finally got the answers I was looking for including how to tell which cans at the grocery store are BPA free. Muir Glen started transitioning to BPA free cans (for their tomato products only) in September 2010. Their shelf life is 2 1/2 years; therefore, an expiration date after March 2013 should be a BPA free can liner. You can confirm it is BPA free when you open the can because the old BPA liner was white, but the new BPA free liner is a copper color. I did ask General Mills to please label their products BPA free to help us consumers when shopping. I hope that eventually all canned goods will be BPA free. Let me know what you find when shopping.

I am so excited to have a BPA free Organic tomato product, yay! Thanks Muir Glen!

old review -
I love Muir Glen tomato products but sadly I had to give them up due to their can liners containing bisphenol A (BPA). I will not feed anymore BPA to my kids! It makes me sick that I fed them with BPA laden baby bottles before I knew better. We already have enough cancer in our family. I don't know why anyone is surprised that BPA acts like a synthetic estrogen therefore an endocrine disrupter--BPA was ORIGINALLY developed in the 1930s as a synthetic estrogen drug for women. Shortly after it was developed, a new synthetic estrogen drug came out (DES) so BPA fell by the wayside until someone figured out it could be used in plastics and can liners to help make them harder.

I wrote to Muir Glen (now owned by General Mills) to see if they have any plans to remove BPA from their cans but they did not respond to me. I would be happy to pay a bit more for jarred tomato products if they can't come up with BPA free cans. Or how about tomatoes in cartons or frozen?

Please write to the companies that you buy canned tomatoes from and ask for BPA free products. Let me know if anyone finds BPA free tomato products, such as tomato paste, diced tomatoes, whole responding to this comment--I will get an email.

I have young children and I will not feed them anymore BPA!!!
390417390417B0012HEVQEA2QG7UBKMWKW0IRonald Mento0051347926400Best TomatoesMuir Glen tomatoes are the best tasting tomatoes in the world. I've tried them all including the Italian countryside San Marzano variety.
390418390418B0012HEVQEAD2QRU9ZXBQZ1Domestic Gnome0041315180800Good stuff at a decent priceNot as sharp a tomato flavor as I like but add some Muir Glen tomato paste and that pumps up the volume. Assume it's organic so it's probably better than the alternatives. Cooks up well in sauce. Right to the door for free so one more item I won't forget when shopping.
390419390419B0012HEVQEA3D71IM2DAILZRnsxgal0051289088000Muir Glen Organic Crushed Tomato with BasilThis is the best product for any kind of recipe using tomatoes. America's Test Kitchen routinely rates it as one of the best.
390420390420B0012HEVQEADEZOPMPKK146Will0051251676800Best Canned Sauce I've TastedI've tried every canned tomatoe sauce, and Glen Muir is top notch. The flavor is delicate and not cheap like most canned tomatoes. Before you commit, you may want to pick up some at your local grocer and try it first. If you like it, Amazon has the best price I could find anywhere. With no tax and free shipping you can't go wrong.

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