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391119391119B002GWFA64A2KJB31ISLIFERGlenn White "Man in need of 'ManCave' Man"0041347580800First cup worthy of high praiseI just wanted to get this out while it was still fresh on my mind. If the first cup is any indication of what the remaining cups will be I think I have found my coffee mate for life. This stuff is really good. I was initially concerned that with it being in a 5lb bag it would not have the flavor I was looking for, but I was wrong.

Now with all that said, a dose of reality. I know the QC can not maintain the same level of taste for this coffee for the life of its production and I realize that I have got a good batch. But as long as it stays basically the same I am a huge fan of this coffee

Way only four with this high praise?... nothings perfect.
391120391120B002GWFA64AZ5TZV7HXTMXmtg0051346025600great coffee - great valueHave been buying this coffee exclusively for months and have been very satisfied. We had house guests two weeks ago and they all raved about how delicious the coffee was.
Our son and his family from Seattle were here last week and they also had nothing but praise for the coffee.
391121391121B002GWFA64A3DHIM22950S98Gregory A. Bohn2511297555200Old Coffee, this is not fresh!!!Bought this coffee after reading about how it is roasted and packed for shipment to ensure fresh coffee. The coffee is dry and old. It is not fresh roasted, packed and shipped fresh. It was old and dry coffee and doesn't make that fresh smooth Jamacian brew I paid for. Now I have 5 lbs of old dry coffee. I would not recommend purchasing from this company, the coffee is a severe disappointment. Amazon should not sell this inferior product on the site.
391122391122B005469YQGAJV3W7PQIB2IVB. H. Wolfert "DOG LADY"1151343088000great stuffMy husband had been looking for the mix to make his malts the this product was shipped fast he used and is in love
391123391123B005469YQGA10OSXF1QA4V42D. M. Larsen2341315785600Not quite the same as years agoThe title says it all. This is pretty good malt, but I suspect the formula has changed over the years. I grew up in Racine, Wisconsin where Horlick's originated. When we could aford a malted milk we had to have Horlick's malt as the competetion's malt was so inferior. Again, not quite as good as 50 years ago, but still the best I have been able to find.
391124391124B0029K1D2IA1FXPFMQUY92WVS. Ramsdell "scr"2311269561600No informationI would love to buy tis, but there is no information about it, and $54 is a lot to spend on a pig in a poke. How many and what size bottles are there in this "case"?
391125391125B0029K1D2IA1Q8B2JON6U6QYK. Scott Sandefur0051323388800I Love this Sauce - For Some Things.This is a wonderful sauce who's value I would put at about the same value per-ounce as A1 Sauce. I would even pay a slight premium more if you love it as much as I do but not a huge premium.

For burgers this is hands down my absolute favorite topping. A properly seasoned beef-patty w/ lettuce, Swiss cheese and Lea&Perrins Traditional Steak Sauce make a perfect burger. This sauce is has great tangy, well-seasoned, slightly spicy-sweet flavor that is very unique. I recommend every one try it. Right now, a few local restaurants around me have it on their tables. If you see it in your area, you really should try it on anything beef. Also, you can substitute this for any A1 Sauce flavor to try it out.

In my opinion, Lea&Perrins has a done a very poor job of marketing this wonderful product in the U.S., and are really short changing themselves and their Customers. Way too often, I ask for this sauce in a Restaurant or Grocer and they'll say they have it. But, they are always thinking of the L&P Worcestershire Sauce and are always confused there could be anything else. L&P really could have named the product better too to make it very distinct from their truly "traditional sauce" which is, of course, "Lea&Perrins Original Worcestershire Sauce". Their Worcestershire is great in it's own right, but these two sauces have very different flavor profiles. This is the second time this product has become commonly available in the U.S. and I am really hoping they do a better job of getting the word out this time.

I love this sauce and I'm sure you'll at least like it a lot. Try it and let me know what you think. Thanks.
391111391111B002AQX6JEAGJKI9XWFS7CEMSH1151277164800fresh surprise!!!I absolutely love this gum!! I remember buying it everyday from the corner store as a kid. The product arrived very fresh and within a couple days,not weeks as some other products! I appreciate that very much.
391126391126B0029K1D2IAMTKEDOVEIOF1Bradley D. Mosbacher "Struggle until you can ...0151313971200Great StuffNone of the stores in my area carry this anymore so I am pleased to find it here. Its also a good price so that makes this all worth it.
391112391112B002AQX6JEA2ZCG9SGYQ3RKFW. Johnson "My jaws really hurt good!"1151259539200Thanks for the memories!!!!!I remember chewing this gum all the time while growing up and I hadn't seen it anywhere in years. It was a nice surprise to fing it on Amazon. A chewy, HOT bubble gum delight. Thanks Amazon. I offer a piece to everyone I meet and I except their thanks with Amazon in mind.
391113391113B005OCWSA4A2SJDS38ND1N6GM0051333929600Greenie cat treatsBoth our cats love these treats. One of our cats will sit at the cabinet and meow for them. Great product.
391114391114B000084EBLAPVOCUXYGFRPNSandy Chair "Sandy Chair"0051239235200Super serviceNever disappointed. My dog food delivery is on time and and consistently as ordered. I have been a customer almost three years.
391115391115B004729JWWA188WU3X08IW1EShari0031298332800Iso Peanut WannabeFor the most part this is a good crunchy snack but beware of the small orange ones. They taste a little funky!
391127391127B001SB4IOYA8ZGBVF8UVP37Anna Maria "AnnaMaria"3351321747200This is my favorite sparkling mineral water. Love the high mineral content and "edge" it has.I have loved this bottled water for years and years, but I've never found it in bottles other than the large one-liter glass ones. Those are heavy to lug around and, as I prefer to drink out of the bottle and not a glass, not professional or usable for work. So I was thrilled to find the smaller bottles on Amazon, and I was very surprised when my order showed up on my doorstep so very quickly after placing it. This is a high mineral content sparking natural water, so it's got more of an "edge" than other sparkling waters or mineral waters. There is a bite to it that I like. I find it more satisfying than most waters. It is higher in sodium, so that may add to the kick, too. But anything to get me to drink more water is a good thing for me. Just be aware of the sodium content if you are on a low sodium diet. For me, it is indeed the "Queen of Table Waters" as it promotes. I've tried to find waters I love as much (as it is harder to find and previously I could only find the liter bottles), but I've never found a water to match Apollinaris for me. And now that I can get it in the smaller bottles, I will be drinking it more often at work and on the road. This is one of those waters people generally feel strongly about. You either really love it or it may be TOO much for you because of the higher mineral content. I love it. And I'm so pleased to find a reliable vendor where I can get this water in single-serving sizes and delivered right to my door instead of lugging the bottles home from the store. This is a great find for me. I recommend trying this water (it's hard to find in the stores where I live, but I periodically come across it) because you may love it as much as I do. I haven't come across any other mineral water that is like it or that I love like I do Apollinaris, and I've tried A LOT. Apollinaris is by far my favorite.
391116391116B002GWFA64A20F3ZD42NCRZ8Ski Doc3451292544000Very nice coffee blendMy wife and I are using this in our super-automatic espresso machine. It has been a long time since I tasted authentic Jamaican Blue Mountain, so I can't say how faithful a clone this is. But we really enjoy it. Nice carmel flavors, mellow, mild acidity, complex aroma and flavor. Medium roast so not too oily for the machine and no burnt flavors common with some dark roasts. We've tried several other coffee bean direct blends, and this is our favorite so far.
391117391117B002GWFA64AOXIXUL2T5T4MTricia2351298851200Sublime, like caramel..........This roast is very mild yet flavorful. It to me is like a very lucious Caramel flavor, that releases all of it's yumminess through your taste buds and through your sense of smell.

I love this roast. It is the best I have bought and I have tried several of the darker roasts from coffeed bean direct.

They all have been good for the price, but this roast is my favorite.
391118391118B002GWFA64A1D89J8UN7SUAODASirv0011350604800OLD COFFEE!This coffee was 3 months old when I got it. Buying this coffee through Amazon is a mistake, not fresh! Subcribe and Save is a worse mistake. Great price for old, dried-up coffee beans is bad news. Do yourself a favor only buy this coffee directly from Coffee Bean Direct where it is freshly made!
391128391128B001SB4IOYA2PRXU7PO3PPYYeditorial goddess1151333065600Perfect size, perfect carbonation, perfect edgeMy wonderful friend, an athlete, drinks only San Pellegrino (in big bottles, because that's the only way she can get it) because she feels the degree of carbonation is very pleasant. I had her pour some for me and was suddenly aware of how important this component is. I tried the Apollinaris hoping to find the same delightful sensation in a bottle size that would be good for me on the trail and in my backpack, and it's even better.

I hadn't thought about the "edge" in taste of a carbonated water until reading the prior review, but that is better in Apollinaris than in San Pellegrino, in my opinion...and the sparkling waters I buy from the store are a whole other problem. I have always loved sparkling water, particularly at room temperature. The Trader Joe's are full of large bubbles and by contrast to Apollinaris, feel like pop rocks going off in your mouth. Also, when you open the plastic bottles at room temp, you are treated to a shower - they always bubble over. Crystal Geyser has the same issues though it's slightly less carbonated than Trader Joe's.

Apollinaris' bubbles are smaller, nothing happens when you open the bottle, it's great chilled and it's great at room temp, and the mineralization gives it a fresh, dry taste (think of the difference between a sweet white wine like a riesling and a dry white like a chardonnay). I have become addicted! If it came with options of lemon or lime flavor I'd give it 10 stars. Great, refreshing product. Good enough to induce me to give up all forms of soda!
391129391129B001SB4IOYA6HL1CU2CLHTZLouella S. Thomas "Dr. LouLou"0051334793600Very good sparkling waterThis sparkling water is very, very good. I have always preferred Perrier, but i was pleasantly surprised to drink the Apollinaris, which is bottled in Germany. I was unhappy it was canceled from subscribe and save.
391130391130B00474D4XKATOEUK2XRG1B0Ant Can0051348617600Yum!If you like agua de melon you'll love this. It taste of ripe cantaloupe - so tasty! It is not thick nor does it have any strange after taste. I can't believe its sugar and calorie free. I just wish it was more readily available at markets like Crystal Light (which is disgusting), as I've only found this at the local Mexican market and they only carried it as a summer item. So sad.
391131391131B0014GQX8CA36SJ0AWBSB0P6Anita A. Mitchell0031336780800StailI was soooo excited when the package came because they're so hard to find. I noticed that many of them were stale though. Not cool
391132391132B000LRIFYAA3B0NA3A5CURYXTroop0021345075200Wafers stuck togetherLike the previous reviewer, after recieving them I found that the wafers were conglomerated into one big mass. I had to refrigerate them and break them with my fist. This implies a careless attitude toward storage. You can get these at Kroger in much beter condition, and thats where I will buy them from now on.
391133391133B000LRIFYAAFTKZZGB9T4HFKayKay0041202515200a different kind of mignonAs much as I enjoy anything covered in chocolate, wafer sticks with hazelnut filling are the best thing. Wafer cookies are very popular in Europe and I'm pleased to see them becoming more available here in the States. The only thing that puzzled me was that even though they were shipped in early January, the chocolate was partially melted and all the individual pieces were stuck together. It didn't effect the taste, just the presentation.
391134391134B000SANRU2A3O5XG9WOY2KKQToni Marie0051343001600Wonderful Tea!I am not a tea drinker. I typically can't stand the taste of tea. I have to drink highly spiced and fragrant blends if I choose tea as a drink. This Christmas Tea fits my style perfectly. It smells so warm and perfect; like the holiday season. It tastes equally yum. It reminds me of Russian Tea that my grandmother made each Christmas when I was a child. We bought this, originally, as a gift, but decided to keep it for ourselves and enjoy throughout the rest of the year! It is a little bit of Christmas in every mug! No issues with shipping or packaging -- all was sent well-protected and on time.
391135391135B002C4ORQ0A2SVEL8603YZ1HTeresa Lee4551301270400Good light blend coffeeI love the light blend and Maxwell house doesn't have that bitter taste that the store brand has! I also save the containers, they're great and have many uses! Thanks!
391136391136B002C4ORQ0A2Z1D93RSTUXENIsland Lady1151323475200I get this regularly via Subscribe and Save.I was very happy with getting this product using Subscribe and Save. I just got word though that it is no longer available using that option. I will research and try to find another. Once you use Subscribe and Save you just don't want to get shipments any other way!!
391137391137B002C4ORQ0A1U56EJ6B9FZVJtraciern3451305504000wishing for auto shipi drink alot of coffee and this blend is very smooth. i just wish auto ship were available for it. that way i wouldnt have to worry about running out
391138391138B002C4ORQ0A1URXSRV6WDHVYMarty Gillis0051343088000Excellent lower cost alternative to Starbucks!For many years I was grinding my own beans each morning and having 2 cups of of Starbucks Pike Place Roast. I was convinced I couldn't wake up properly without it and never considered another brand or flavor.

THEN the economy tanked and something HAD to be done to lower my overall costs. Enter Maxwell House Breakfast Blend! After trying a few REALLY 'Brand-X' types plus Folgers I finally settled on these large blue plastic jugs of ground Breakfast Blend. Using two small plastic scoops for a small 2 cup pot I am able to both enjoy my morning coffee AND save a ton of $$ in the process.

In the 2+ years I have been drinking this coffee I have yet to run into a stale batch and the taste and strength seems pretty uniform as well. I REALLY like it. I have found I need to be a bit careful about how much I use as you can easily cross the line from flavorful to bitter but other than that my experiences have been very good and quite stimulating! Maxwell House is now my new best friend in the morning. And if you measure correctly and use good bottled spring water it REALLY IS "Good to the Last Drop" !

For the money I don't think you can beat this coffee and that is why I wrote this review and recommend it.
391139391139B002C4ORQ0A10CG9RD8UTQZOMSKindle0051342051200Excellent mild tasteI find the taste of this coffee excellent. It is mild on the buds and also on an easily irritated stomach. The price here is way too high though. Walmart sells it online for only $7.98 per canister. That's half the price here.
391140391140B002C4ORQ0A11FDDSKEDOBZPearl Gray "twogirlsmom"0051333324800Sorry to See It GoWe purchased the Maxwell House Breakfast Blend on Amazon's Subscribe & Save Program. We were very pleased with the product and the program. Unfortunately, Amazon suspended this product from the program and now we make our purchases whenever we find a sale. Sorry to see it go!

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