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391471391471B001EHEEG4A2BE0FVUFGN9GFBighammerguy0051347148800Best Salmon Jerky I've had in a whileThis Jerky was what a salmon jerky should be,salty,able to break apart, and tastes like salmon. Anyone who likes beef jerky should at least try this kind of jerky and give it a chance as I'm sure you will like it as well.
391472391472B001EHEEG4AZU8GQQW6HESPEmily Davis "Avid Reader of All Non-Fiction"0011341792000Too salty for me.This item came well packaged, and arrived in a timely manner after I ordered it, so I do appreciate that fact.

However, it was way too salty for me. It was also quite overpoweringly 'fishy' - duh! - but I had thought that perhaps the spices and smoking would provide a less fishy taste, while adding some additional good taste to the salmon. I did not taste the spices or smoking at all, just fish and salt.

Not to my taste, I'm afraid.
391473391473B001EHEEG4A30NSORN632DDHStephan H. Kaden "stevek"0011340755200The Salt, sheeshI tried this brand's plain salmon jerky, and it was reasonably good. This version is just horribly salty. I mean it is worse than Campbel's soup and they almost were indicted by nine state's Attorney Generals. I have had fresh salmon jerky that was just great and of course it is salty, but it was not ALL salt, and this brand-version is that. Fish flavored salt.
391474391474B001EHEEG4A3P9R0VIA1NDDCbshope0041340755200Surprisingly EdibleOnline, this product looked like such a bad idea that I had to order it. Honestly, what is salmon jerky?

It turns out that salmon jerky is exactly what it sounds like. Salty, chewy, boneless dried fish with a hint of garlic. Although the flavor could have been more aggressively spicy (it didn't knock my socks off), this product is still extremely easy to eat.

This is a great protein snack for before the gym. Eating it makes you feel an Inuit hunter...
391475391475B001EHEEG4A5H5PB6EEHEMTR. P. Houts "Kimryunsun"0051339977600Love itYummy, taste very good and is good for you. Will order many more times over. Im not much on waisting words. but thanks very much
391476391476B001EHEEG4AOEV6BP3ONBQADirk Groeneveld "Dirk Groeneveld"0031339977600Too SaltyIt doesn't taste very fishy at all. The fish becomes just a vehicle for the spices, which are quite strong. After two or three pieces, all I taste is burning salt.
391477391477B001EHEEG4AOS3VXXYX2D0GNickolas Trubov0051337644800I like itLooking for something to increase my order to $25.00 I found this and tried it.

I'll certainly get more next time my order is less than $25.00.
391478391478B001EHEEG4AE28L6AC4HS7OChuck H0051334534400Salmon Jerky ReviewSalmon was a gift for my uncle. Arrived at his house as scheduled (shipped from Alaska). He said it was delicious and to send more anytime. I assume he really liked it.
391479391479B001EHEEG4A3NDH0LBBM8BKNMatt0021331596800Salty and with bonesThis product is really salty. First few pieces only had a couple of bones in them, but the bottom of the pack all the pieces were full of bones. There were so many bones made it difficult to eat.
391480391480B001EHEEG4A2MOOK3JHP715RSid0051330387200Excellent salmon jerkyThis salmon jerky has the right texture, the right moisture, the right chewiness. It's not too salty, and although there could have been a tad bit more smoke taste to it, this is the best salmon jerky I have tasted.

My only gripe with it is the price. I would eat 3-4 packs of this every night if I could afford it, but I can't and I find it very hard to stop eating it for budget reasons. :o(

I guess I could buy one pack at a time, but that would leave me in serious cravings for more so I have actually stopped buying it. If you have the dough, go for it !
391481391481B001EHEEG4A2ED9O5WHK6EXWN. Sipe3511253232000Inedible.I am a real jerky fan, and I like chewy. However, this one is sort of like eating smoky, extremely salty wood. I would avoid this jerky, and try another brand.
391482391482B001EHEEG4A1V10BWCV68I84Venita L. Cronk "Louise"2531235260800Not what we hoped for.We were hoping for squaw candy. This jerky is not what we hoped. It is okay as jerky goes, but a little too fishy for our taste. Won't buy it again.
391483391483B0044WNQ8IA3CQNLSZBEIV0QJanice Merk2251295568000Always a hitI've served this spread many times and people can't get over how good it tastes. I like it with wheat crackers, but it's also great with gingersnaps. Good as a dip with fruit, too. The box says to use the leftovers on bagel, but never tried that...there are never any leftovers! Highly recommend it.
391484391484B0044WNQ8IA3KHHSMI06M3GYMeghan M2251290556800Great Appetizer for Fall/WinterThis was a great appetizer for parties - both to bring and make at your own home. So easy to make anywhere, and a hit with guests. Gives off a really great fall/winter New England cozy vibe. Highly recommend. Makes for a great hostess gift too - bring one made and one packaged for the host!
391485391485B0044WNQ8IA16KY0ZNTIVZG4Caitlin Barry2251290470400Best Pumpkin spread!I don't generally even like pumpkin products but this spread is amazing! Perfect and easy to throw together for any party. My guests couldn't get enough
391486391486B002P0RRPYA37KIGFQ9WQF4E?1141293408000?Great taste, not too sweet. Good 30 calorie snack that lasts a while. Only gave 4 stars because the price is high.
391487391487B002P0RRPYAWGFCRZQTUZ24Ellen Burr1141285545600A sweet treatJust a sweet little 30 calorie treat to satisfy your craving for candy. The hint of salt makes this all natural lollipop a winner in my book!
391488391488B002V5Y21AATZGYR67F8O2Patrick B. Bruyneel2251342483200Great red wine vinegar = Great vinaigrette !title says it all ... a very nice "old fashion" style red wine vinegar, unfiltered from Italy (Island of Sardinia)
391489391489B002V5Y21AA21U4DR8M6I9QNK. M Merrill "justine"1151344124800spend a litttle more, get greatI use one bottle of red wine vinegar every two years. I have used safeway brand. this time I spent a lilltle more money and the upgrade was worth it!. very happy with this vinegar.
391490391490B0002XCIPUA12BZUDC9RGON2Lisa Burford "Lisa"1151179878400Good FlavorBefore I bought this (there was a great promo at the time, $20 off 2nd 5 lb bag and free shipping)I read reviews saying how great it was, but now the reviews are gone... very weird! So anyways, I have a Cuisinart Grind and Brew, I have had one for 7+ years before they even had the carafe version. The only weird thing about this coffee is that it leaves little "rocks" behind in the grinder (and this is a newer cuisinart grind and brew). All other brands, xxxbucks, etc doesn't do that. But the flavor is great, we like ours strong but without that dirt flavor like some of the xxxbucks cofee has so this is great for us!
391491391491B0002XCIPUA3KRJUMJPAVXBLTracy Stainbrook0051335312000Love this brewSmooth, well balanced, deep. Yummy, may become my new favorite! Dark but not bitter, not as deep as a French roast, but still full flavored without the " burnt" taste some dark roasts can develope.
391492391492B0005ZXKXOA2DKZ0BQJ4ZUH9Paulette Jones0051326326400Terrific customer service, great product!Thank you for the pleasant experience of ordering from you. I received my order of Halvah on Saturday, January 7th, and am extemely pleased that you got it to me so quickly. The order was complete, fresh and delicious, all that anyone could ask.

Again, thank you so much!
Paulette Jones
391493391493B004Q3WIUCA39PXOO8YGIX4AJust a consumer "justconsume"0041350777600Great Taste...but not less fillingI drink this with sparkling water...the taste is great. If you're not worried about calories you can stop reading.

But if you haven't tried it before, don't be fooled by the name "drinking vinegar": there are a lot of sweeteners in this. Here are the first four ingredients: Cornelian cherry and pomegranate rice vinegar, high-fructose corn syrup, dextrose, fructooligosaccharide. That's vinegar, then three sweeteners. The remaining ingredients are apple juice, mixed apple juice, and water.

Two ounces of this drinking vinegar has 120 calories. So this not the Miller Lite of drinking vinegars.

One other thing: since Cornelian cherry is a type of dogwood, this should probably be called "Sempio Drinking Black Rice Vinegar -- Dogwood/Pomegranate"...
391494391494B004Q3WIUCA2Z9AXANRWJSSMAndrea Schwartz "Andrea"0011350432000Deliver is MONTHS after you place the orderMonths! Do they bring it in a rowing boat from Korea? What gives? The product itself is heavenly, I've had it before and that's why I am putting up with this ridiculous waiting time. Do I recommend it? Only if you have a stash. Otherwise, go find a Korean grocery store and get them to find it for you. For the price, the wait is obscene.
391495391495B006UGWHFOA2EM4BDF5J654Mjeterway0051345680000great snackLove these - low in calories and quite tasty. They satisfy my need for a treat. My hubby likes them as well.
391496391496B006UGWHFOA29VFVISO3AAAYLisa Dickinson0051344902400Tastes Great!I love these biscottis. They are 15 calories each and taste wonderful. Because there are so few calories these falls under a diet product which means they aren't cheap. However I got them here for about 30% less than the other vendor I used online.
391498391498B000SMYTWUA2P7FJ7EZ0J5A6Elizabeth M. Rivera "lizmonique"6651259107200CookiesI love these cookies. I never knew what happened to them in the 1990's, but I'm glad I found them just as I remembered.
391499391499B000SMYTWUA22Q1XJ2IXMJQOShelley R. Meyers5551255651200Chocolate KoalasThese little cookies are DELICIOUS and a nice quality chocolate. My adult kids love them.
391500391500B000SMYTWUA1OWWE45J6ORKXAmber M. Neely "Quarter-Life Geek"1151282089600Koala's March Cookies - Delicious!Koala's March (that's actually the name in the yellow box, you'll occasionally find packaging with this written in English) are absolutely delicious. The outside of the cookie kind of tastes like a really thin fortune cookie - basically just a very sweet and crunchy cookie. The inside milk chocolate is sweet, but not so sweet that it's overpowering like a lot of chocolate tends to be. It's incredibly smooth and the texture over all is great. If you're trying to find these IRL (if Amazon is out, or if you're just looking for them quickly), they're available in a lot of Asian markets. No asian market where you live? Try a store like Wegmans if you're on the east coast, or something similar (Maybe a Krogers elsewhere?) in the Asian food section. They do seem to be consistently at the Wegman's I've visited. (Erie PA has them every time I've gone.) If you're on the fence about them, I'd recommend trying 'em out. If you like chocolate, you'll like these.

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