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391944391944B000CQBZPGA32EF8CKB8RSRTLonely Tourist1431296000000If you like cloves...First time I tried Stash Chai Spice Black Tea, I hated it. Something about the smell did not appeal to me. It inspired me to go to the local Indian grocer and purchase my own spices to make chai from scratch. That was very successful (with help from the Internet and advice from an Indian friend). I finally came back to try Stash's Chai again today and the first thing that hit me was the strong clove scent, which doesn't bother me as much after a few minutes. I think the chai tastes a bit better this time around than when I first tried it. Kinda grows on you, I guess. However, it's not GREAT chai by any means. It's okay for chai in a teabag. Convenient. But I'll stick to making it from scratch when I finally finish this box (waste not).
391945391945B000CQBZPGA27Y8P5E3704WMR. Bentzley1411285200000Black Pepper Chai Tea?I have been a fan of chai tea for a long time and occassionally will try different brands. In my book, a good cup of chai tea does not require sugar and cream, and has tastes of cinnamon, vanilla, and cardamon. I picked up this box at the local store because it was relatively inexpensive in comparison to most of the other brands. I also hoped that "double spice" meant double the tea servings. I was wrong. Like other reviewers have observed, the tea tasted very bitter. An extremely strong black pepper note seemed to overwhelm the rest of the spices. I have liked other Stash brand teas, but I was very disappointed with this one. Unfortunately, the box now sits in the cabinet collecting dust.
391946391946B000CQBZPGA19IV8KM9X9O8EB. Dietich "MizzBee"1421234656000Where is the Bergamot flavor??I was expecting a lot more from a tea that is named "Double Bergamot". Some other Earl Grey's I have used have more Bergamot flavoring in 1 tea bag then this little tea in 4. Thus I am rather disappointed! Although for a regular Earl Grey fan this tea might be good, for the Bergamot enthusiast it is not recommendable.
391947391947B000CQBZPGA1QBECGZ0M6MX1A. Enniss0311296518400It's not Earl Grey, it's garbage!Doesn't smell or taste like the real traditional Earl Gray. Horrible taste! I guess people who loves it never had the real thing, the way you can get it in England. I personally find that all tea from this company is bad, but than again, I'm not an American and I do have different taste.
391948391948B000CQBZPGA1SCANWWQTEG9ITheLastCoyote1521172966400Too oilyI enjoy many types of tea, the more flavorful the better. I received this in a sampler that I purchased and did not find it to be very good. It has a very oily taste to it. I will finish off the tea bags that came in the box but would not purchase this type again.
391949391949B000CQBZPGA2ASW24UL56E3HPearl P11031154217600Meh...I tried this product to see if I could make creamy, starbucks quality spiced chai at home and was underwhelmed. A much better product is provided through Mocafe, Precious Divinity Spiced Chai powdered mix.
391950391950B000CQBZPGAO7BIHHOTA050Naptownian4451321574400ABSOLUTELY WONDERFULI am veeery picky about tea, it's my favorite indulgence. I have typically bought my tea from Teavana, but it's tough to afford it and sometimes I'm too lazy to make loose leaf tea. I've tried out tens of different bagged Earl Gray teas and this is BY FAR the winner. Tastes GREAT.
391921391921B000CQBZPGAJ0XANDMK645QMarilyn Jones131451148428800DE-lish!I don't even remember where or when I bought this tea or if someone gave it to me, but I finally tried it and was totally blown away. Did you know that bergamot is a type of sour orange? When you smell the tea knowing that the scent is citrus, you can distinguish it but I didn't figure it out on my own.

Anyway, oil of bergamot is what makes Earl Grey tea something different from just plain tea. The DOUBLE bergamot is what makes this particular Earl Grey tea a new taste experience (at least for me).

Here's a link to the Wikipedia entry for Earl Grey tea:
391922391922B000CQBZPGAVE9KNJYJDESBW. Doug Bolden "book addicted librarian"9941161388800Good, but mostly for Earl Grey fansI am an Earl Grey fan, and I am currently enjoying a thermos of Stash's Double Bergamot as we speak. The citrus background of the standard Earl Grey mix is definitely amped up, making it into the central focus of the tea (as opposed to the black tea base). It is obvious you are still drinking tea, mind you, but now the bergamot flavoring is a lot more transparently citrus in origin.

Cup by cup is probably the best way to make it your first time out. Making it by the traditional "full pot" method of "1 per person and 1 per pot" (and for me, often "1 extra just for the fun of it") makes the taste borderline spicy. This is how I first sampled it and it caused me to cough upon my initial swallow because I knew it was strong but was not quite expecting that level of strength. I recommend a little bit of honey and a little bit of milk to help bring the taste into roundness.

Like Lapsang Souchong, this tea has a distinctive flavor that seems perfect for waking you up on a cold morning or refreshing you after a long day's hike. It gives me a little extra perk at work, and I like that.

However, I cannot five star this tea because the flavor is a little too intense for the more casual drinker. I like having tea socially, and sharing it with my friends. Most of them outright dislike this one or only sip it sparingly (just like the aforementioned Lapsang Souchong).

Earl Grey fans, however, can rest assured that it is a five star review for them.
391923391923B000CQBZPGA25XLF8H62HK0PLori L8851157932800AWESOME!!This tea is amazingly delicious. I have always been a fan of Early Grey tea and didn't think I'd find anything I like more BUT then I drank Stash's DOUBLE Bergamot, which just happens to be the ingredient in Earl Grey that makes it so good, and I've been hooked ever since. I drink alot of tea and this is what I drink....Try it, you'll like it!
391924391924B000CQBZPGA2P1O2B865EBI3Sultaria111251216166400Best chai you can ever get from a bag.I have just bought this tea yesterday and made a traditional "chai", as I normally do. I've used other brands and types of bagged chai tea before, and they were decent, but nothing like this. I absolutely love my chai to be extremely spicy, and this is it. No other varieties of Stash Chai or even their other teas can compare to this. This is simply delicious when made with milk and sugar. Save the money you spend on a Starbucks Chai latte and buy a box instead. It's MUCH better and less expensive when made right.

I usually make chai from scratch, but this is definetely a time saver and tastes amazing. Highly recommended.
391925391925B000CQBZPGA1LQMI5ASSB1OYK. Cummings8931266883200A noble effort, but falls shortMost bagged chai blends aren't very good at all. There, I said it. There are a few that have authentic taste but are just too weak overall, and unfortunately, Stash Double Spiced Chai falls into that category despite hitting all the right notes with the spices.

Upon opening a bag for the first time, I was concerned that this would be overloaded with too much cinnamon, but from the green stains on the bag it was apparent that they stuck a load of cardamom in there as well, which is a good thing. With milk and sugar, though, the black tea just did not have the strength needed to counter-balance the spice medley. Things improved when I added a second bag to the cup, but overall it was just too bitter and again, the BODY that you expect the black tea to provide just wasn't there. With a different or stronger tea base Stash could have a real winner here, because they certainly have the spice blend right on.
391926391926B000CQBZPGA2ANIWVAFY5554Ginger Korljan8951173312000Best Chai Tea you can buyI love tea, and recently have become a fan of Chai tea. But after trying all the other brands including the one at Starbucks, I have concluded that this particular tea is the best. So much, in fact, that I bought 12 boxes in bulk through Amazon.
391927391927B000CQBZPGA1S7ZJ88ZKUPUYA G Springs8951156204800Chai TeaI love Chai Tea Lattes from Starbucks and tried many kinds of Chai Tea bags at home. Stash comes the closest. The spices are well balanced with the tea and one bag is strong enough for an 8 ounce cup. Just add sweetner and a little cream and voila - Chai Tea Latte with fewer calories than Starbucks! This is my favorite drink for a cool evening or afternoon pick-me-up.
391928391928B000CQBZPGA3FY3H6F4249E0Kathy W5551263686400OMG Good!It is a damp, rainy night in Baltimore. At 43 degrees, there is a definite chill in the air. Great time to get into my jammies and curl up with a cup of Stash Tea, put on my favorite singer (BM) and write Amazon reviews for you fine folks out there!

I have been a tea drinker all my life, and Stash is great tea. This flavor is wonderful and one of my old favorites. Now they have plenty new and creative flavors but this still remains wonderful, simple, and basic, with a nice smooth peach flavoring. Stash is stronger than your basic tea bags (Lipton, etc.) so depending on how strong you like your tea, you might only need one bag for a 24 oz cup like I do. I drink it black with natural unbleached sugar or agave nectar (sweetener made from cactus juice and available in many food stores in the organic section.)

Great flavor and worth the price difference.
391929391929B000CQBZPGA3D03P6CPF7PULNegril5551255305600Amazing Quality of TeasI received a variety of Stash teas as a Bridal Shower souveneir over a year ago. I'm sorry i took so long to bust 'em open. Stash is an amazing quality with natural tasting, comforting flavours in both the Herbal and Black Tea lines. I am so impressed, I've become a Stash convert.

This Double Chai is very well balanced in it's spices, but still comforting and yet refreshing at the same time. I made mine mostly according to the directions (tea is easy that way), but i did use sweetened condensed milk instead of regular milk and sugar. It may not be 'Starbucks Quality' as one reviewer lamented, but I'm sure the beauty of Chai is that it can be well made in a variety if different ways. And while i've never been big into Chai, in the future, I'm definitely going to keep a stock of this Chai tea in my pantry. And unlike many other common brands of black tea, this one does not go bitter after 5-10 minutes of steeping. I'm used to having to be vigilant about removing the bag after 3 minutes, because I'm sensitive to the bitter over-steeped taste of lower quality black teas. That was not at all an issue with either of the black teas I've tried from this company. I can't wait to buy more Stash Teas.
391930391930B000CQBZPGA3ER3V2E06DH7DA. K. Kaw "AKK"5551252627200Excellent TeaWell, I am an Earl Grey Fan - I drink 1 cup a day. I have tried Earl Grey from Tazo, Twinings, Bigelow, etc but this one beats them in taste. The aftertaste is what makes the tea good. It has a smooth flavor - and I can taste that flavor with milk and sugar too.
391931391931B000CQBZPGA3QLDMN9FH2R12Winifred0121264377600different ... not like chai to meThis tastes nothing like my two favorite chai teas, Celestial Seasons and Allegro. It reminds me of Constant Comment (an old Bigelow tea, I believe).
391932391932B000CQBZPGA3LS3CMFXQ8V5HJune Robin0141237161600Not a Very Strong Black TeaThis black tea is not very strong; it's priced reasonably though. If you're adding a dash of milk into your black tea, this won't do. If you're drinking it as is, without milk or sugar; it's quite decent. Faint aroma, doesn't taste as strong or smell as good as Tazo's Awake. Nevertheless, pretty good value for what you get.
391933391933B000CQBZPGA3MY8WZ744LQGFMichael Nastasi0151209859200Fresh, convenient, great valueI like the convenience of tea bags. This is one of the better premium brands in terms of freshness and flavor. Great value compared to supermarket price!
391934391934B000CQBZPGA3HRYLMJPK7G3IRhino0141163548800reasonably good teapeach flavor could be stronger. I use it in iced tea and it makes a good fresh quality of tea.
391935391935B000CQBZPGA2Q9W8Q6P1K0T1Beverly Spejewski1311326412800Not like other Earl Greys--in a bad wayI love Earl Grey tea. I dislike this. The bergamot is some weird essence very different from others I have had, and I do not enjoy it at all. Kind of too fruity and flowery, and not woodsy and sophisticated. My office mate said it smelled like whisky and Southern Comfort added to tea. Not what I was looking for.
391936391936B000CQBZPGA1GNMHJPWPG2AMSmart Shopper1351315267200I could drink it all day, if it was organic!I love this tea. I just wish it was organic because I drink so much of it! I only drink it with a little milk and honey. The milk softens the tannins and seems to develop the floral scent of the bergamot oil.

I've tried several other brands that offer high bergamot earl grey but none of them have that wonderful scent that this tea has. This absolutely the best high bergamot earl grey I've ever tasted. I may try purchasing my own bergamot oil and making my own because I want to drink this tea at least 5 times a day, and if I'm going to be steeping that many leaves, I want them to be pesticide free. I just hope that I can reproduce a flavor that comes close to the flavor of this tea.
391937391937B000CQBZPGA1AEQZM99LO9VADebra Koch1311300924800Doesn't even compare to other Earl Grey TeasThis is a weak, bad, imitation of an Earl Grey tea. Even Bigelow Earl Grey is better, but Twinings is the best. Stash teas in general are weak and not that good, I especially dislike all the tea grounds in the bottom of my cup with Stash teas.
391938391938B000CQBZPGA2OQABS2F2J0BOlive Cruden1351239494400Stash TeaGreat Service and good price. Arrived in a very timely manner.I can't buy this easily where I live.I have found that when I can't get something Amazon ALWAYS comes through,
391939391939B000CQBZPGA2IHN52PS0V022Eagle Strayhorn1331168041600Nothing SpecialGood Earl Grey Tea but nothing about it was special. The "double bergamot" went unoticed.
391940391940B000CQBZPGA18YQUNRMYGT3XExBrooklyn2531173312000Why Different Packaging?Oddly, the tea bag wrappers are paper instead of the usual foil used for the very same Stash tea when purchased in the supermarket. We assume that this will have a negative bearing on tea leaf freshness.
391941391941B000CQBZPGA32L8JWHOXQMK8T. O. Malley0221255305600Peach TeaWe found very little peach flavor in this "peach tea". It is a poor substitute for Twinings.
391942391942B000CQBZPGA3O97165H0JQXNRavi Chitkara "Nirjay"0251179014400Stash TeaThe tea is Premium quality as stated on the box. I wish Amazon was carrying larger packages than the Box of 20 Tea Bags.
391943391943B000CQBZPGA3JLECMNWC4LDYLorinzo1411326758400Vicks Vapor RubI'm really curious as to what "blended black tea", means. It doesn't say it on the ingredients list, but it smells and tastes just like menthol, camphor and eucalyptus oil, with a nice blend of cinnamon, which it does list. In removing it from the wrapper, it had such a strong aroma of Vick's Vapor Rub, that it gave me second thoughts as to whether it was safe to drink. However, I did want to try it, so here I am, alive and still kicking. The only positive thing I can say is that it has a nice cinnamon flavor that pleasantly lingers in my mouth, and the packaging is easy on the eyes. Not sure what the manufacturers were thinking though, in putting this product out in the public arena as a beverage. The ingredients are: blended black tea, ginger root, cinnamon, cinnamon oil, clove oil, allspice, nutemeg, clove, and cardamon oil. Because of the unknown element, I wouldn't be surprised if they started marketing it, as a familiar cold remedy. Todd Wilbur? missed one.

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