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392671392671B007PA34CEA2RGL1NXA4LZB2SJ_Derosier0041347321600Excellent!Excellent flavor-properly done French Roast. Smokey and rich. Sufficiently strong, though I always think k -cups need more coffee in them.
392672392672B007PA34CEAQWHLX5DRHIWZsables0051347148800greatest coffeeI've recently purchased Tully's French Roast K-Cups from Amazon. Well this is the best coffee no bitter after taste, wonderful smell of coffee brewing, very easy to make.The French roast is a darker coffee for those who like stronger blends.I'd recommend this to all who purchase K-cups .Only bad thing about this product is it goes to fast ,in other words I drink to much of it. LOL Buy some and enjoy your cup of coffee today.
392673392673B007PA34CEA3TZ798YOKS19Opv "sugarflour"0051346976000Tully's French RoastThis coffee has turned out to be my very favorite in K-cups. It is the best of the "bolds"- full-bodied, rich tasting and is a great way to start my day.
392674392674B007PA34CEAKX5XLHJSY2YDJ0051346716800Good Tulley's product.I need to say I absolutely love my Kuerig brewing system. French Roast is one my favorite types of roast. I don't want to sound biased, but anyone who loves a strong aromatic coffee would love this kind. I would recommend it to the coffee enthusiast, but that's just me. This won't be so good for those who don't like a very strong, extra bold coffee. If you are one of those who doesn't like a coffee this strong...this isn't for you unfortunately.
392675392675B007PA34CEA3VL4RXCWNSR3HDISenchanted0051346630400Makes a good cup of coffeeI was given a keurig B70 as a gift and was asked which coffee sample type(s) I wanted with it.

I decided to take a chance on this one. It was a good choice.

The coffee was smooth and full bodied.

An excellent french roast.
392676392676B007PA34CEA3SIEALPINKUTBjim0051344470400C'est Magnifique!Wonderful bold brew. Stands alone or with Hazelnut, Vanilla or half and half w/sugar or not, too. Tully's great blend! C'est Magnifique!
392677392677B007PA34CEAJ5E1UNZ85MO7Sequelman0041344470400Great Smokey flavorWe sampled a number of different K-Kup blends and this one seems to be the closest to what my wife describes as a smokey flavor, overall a great cup of coffee. I prefer a less bold taste but it's a a definite 4.5 stars.
392678392678B007PA34CEA16OJYSPR7PWEQGrant0051343520000definitely a coffee drinkers coffeeOne of the best cups of coffee that I have every consumed at home. If you are a person that enjoys a rich and robust cup of coffee this is the one that you may enjoy.
392679392679B007PA34CEA1YHXGV6GC51IMAmericangirl "TRUTH SETS YOU FREE"0051343088000Great Tasting and affordableAddicted to this brand and found this coffee fresh, bold and unbitter.
The delivery was super fast and my only complaint is it came in an unmarked box meaning I felt I had to count. But the count was right on & for the savings I'm not complaining so will order again. This coffee being bold but with no aftertaste is one I never tire of it. Everyone who tries this loves it. I find if I brew a small cup makes excellent iced coffee or warm latte. My coffee maker does have size options so considering cost of lattes my homemade version using liquid stevia/almond milk is money saving plus healthy. I have used both plain/flavored stevia and my coffee flavor stays true. All in all addicted and loving every cup.

I am adding to review ordered a few days ago and a super charged delivery this was in original package this time and I am a very satisfied customer. Fresh cup in hand while I write this!
392680392680B007PA34CEAH95B07Q298NHSA White0041342224000Good for KeurigTully's coffee French Roast coffee is yummy! It tastes bold and we have even used it to make iced coffee.
392681392681B007PA34CEA18IXRR6I9O7T6ConanZeus0051341187200BoldVery Strong! Excellent taste. If you want a coffee that is full of flavor even on the largest cup size, This is the one to buy.
392682392682B007PA34CEA2M1VP0Q36EJ01Grandpa Dick "Support Meals on Wheels"0051340841600Great Strong Coffee- Highly advocated!!I give Tully's an AAA+ for marketing a great coffee. When you drink Tully's it tastes good from the first sniff to the last drop and leaves a pleasant that was real Coffee after taste.
If you like Sumatra you love Tully's French roast K cups. Please note that some people do not agree with me but to each their own. It's what makes the world an interesting place.........
392683392683B007PA34CEA3G5VR2YYD882GMona0051340582400Great coffeeI am a great coffee lover and am constantly searching for the perfect cup that I can brew at home. Tully's French Roast is at the top of the list with my K-cup brewer. The coffee is delicious, great dark roast taste, and I do look forward to each morning great cup of coffee....Each night before I go to bed I am excited to get up the next morning to my great cup of coffee.....
392684392684B007PA34CEA2GZ3RYHGPXR2UTom "Tom"0041340496000Cheaper than StarbucksComparable flavor to Starbucks and cost much less. I don't know why anyone would buy a 12 pack. All flavors are good as well.
392685392685B007PA34CEA1SC1DDV2P3ZOUAnne M. Chapman0051339632000Good french roastI've tried several different coffee's and this is the best so far. If you don't like strong coffee, then this is not for you.
392686392686B007PA34CEA3W2R4URLBO5LQbigmuddy0031339286400Ok for the priceOk not as good as Starbucks French roast but less expensive. Sprinkled a little cinnamon and added cream. That helped.
392687392687B007PA34CEAN1XSVFF4V6G7Sbeck0051335225600Best K cup for coffee lovers!My husband thought the Keurig coffee maker was just another gadget, only to be used when guests wanted to make their own choice for flavored coffees. When I purchased a small box of this extra bold coffee, he said it was the best coffee he has ever had...home or in a restaurant! I purchased this larger box, and he said, "Why don't we put the Keurig in the kitchen, and put our 12 cup coffee maker away"! He is now having less cups of coffee...enjoying it much more...and absolutely no waste!
392688392688B007PA34CEA3FDF44ESPF7H4J. A. Huestis "cat lover"0051334102400Tully's Coffee French Roast K-Cup for KuerigThis is one of my husband's favorite's.I found it to be less expensive than at GMCR so got it here at Amazon.It shipped quickly and I was very pleased with the order.I will be ordering more soon! Thanks
392689392689B005GDTZO8A29YQ3Y5UHRH3MJonathan M. Berman "Kitty Safe Network"2251325030400Some of the bestThis product is by far one of the best cookies this universe has ever known. Tiny TRON discs of delicate and balanced crunch and chocolate that ebbs and flows like a dream landscape, reality becomes liquid candles and you are the wick... set yourself ablaze and eat these cookies.

They really are the best cookies, I'd place them side by side with those LU Cookies Le Petit Ecolier, The Little Schoolboy which can also be bought here on Amazon.

Why settle for boring cookies when you can eat the best?
392690392690B0008VKBEQA2OBDNQ5ZYU1L8Diana De Avila "MS Gkygrl"0051223424000Great Cat Food for Indoor CatsOur cats (all 5 of them) are indoor and although we work on exercising them a weight control formula is a great product.

Wellness is one of the only brands that all 5 kitties seem to tolerate well. A little more spendy but worth every penny. I can even smell the blueberries in the formula.

I get this autoshipped through PetFoodDirect and they are fantastic.
392691392691B001HTI6BIA2ZSC81MXLBELXL. Shirley "Laurie's Boomer Views"3351265846400Excellent In Cereal Or A Smoothie..Dairy Free!...Westsoy brand soy milk(in choices of Plain and Vanilla at Ralph's grocery stores) is one of the only brands so far, that I have found that has an unsweetened choice.If you have a Trader Joe's market near you, you may also find their own brand in the unsweetened variety. I try to stay away from sugar and I have a really really bad relationship with dairy products, and started using this several years ago. I have found that almost anything I used with milk, I can use this instead. The only time I prefer milk is in my coffee, and even then I use "Lactaid", which is a lactose free milk. Coffee-wise, I like the creamier consistency better, and the soymilk tends to break up in coffee and it's not pretty.

I use Soymilk in my cereal, both hot and cold, and it's a wonderful replacement for milk or ice cream when used in a smoothie, with some ice and fruit(or any flavor you want to add.) Works great as a glass of soy with any meal.A refreshing taste, that, after a while you may even think is better than milk. The Vanilla, which is naturally flavored, gives just a hint of flavor to make it a little different then the plain for a little variety. But the Plain is good too.

Ingredients are simply: Filtered Water and whole organic soybeans(vanilla flavored has also natural flavoring added)

Nutritional Info:- It's a a great source of Protein, with 9 grm. per 8 oz. serving,and 46 mg isoflavones, it also supplies 4% calcium and 10% iron in each serving. Per serving it supplies 90 calories(original flavor), 4.5g Fat, 0.5saturated fat, 0 g of trans, 2.5 polyunsat fat,1g monosat fat. NO cholesterol(this is always a big plus for me),30mg sodium 300 mg potassium 4 gr dietary fiber and 1g sugars (not added but coming from the ingredients). The only thing it lacks is the Vit D that is added to milk, so you may have to check around and find another source for that of something you like.

Packaged in a carton with an easy pour recloseable spout, it has a pretty good shelf life(several months at least), and should be refrigerated once it's open, at which point it is usually good for about a week to 10 days. At the time of this review,I thought these 64 oz cartons were a really nice deal, but then I saw the shipping cost- yikes!. But prices change and a better deal may come along so compare at time of purchase. I'll still go to Ralph's for the 32 oz cartons for now.

For dairy free diets, Westsoy is a good, healthy choice.
Remember to breathe, eat healthy and enjoy....Laurie
392692392692B001HTI6BIA2CXO0D97AZK0QNatalie Barnes3411324339200THIS PRICE IS A HUGE RIPOFF!!!!Trader Joe's stores sell these cartons of soy milk for $1.99 each. If you bought eight of them, the total would be $15.91. YOU do the math! I am SHOCKED at Trader Joe's and saddened that any customer paid this price.
392693392693B001HTI6BIALVE8MTFU3LEJAmazonNutriDoc0021345939200Product quality and packaging not worth exorbitant increase in price.This product was last on the shelves of local markets for less than $4.00 per 64oz box. When I last ordered through the online vendor, other than Amazon, the quality of packing was not sufficient to withstand the direct order of smaller units (4) for the 64 oz box. The product arrived with boxes leaking or the seal no longer air-tight.

When picking up at the stores , it had leaked on the shelves, the boxes were often dented and damaged, no longer airtight and did the same when shipped to my door.

Finally, I made a larger purchase locally of as many as 6 boxes of 64oz, however today as I opened the last box well within the freshness date, it had begun to form 'skins' of yellow soy, most likely the fatty portion of the bean.

This has been really disconcerting since the original product, Westsoy Original Organic Unsweetened Soymilk, was delivered without any additives, at an affordable price with a quality that was excellent. Now, it appears that Amazon has become one of the primary, if not exclusive distributors of the products, without managing the quality.

While the price is going out-of-site, the quality and packaging is not keeping up with that price.
This company and Amazon for that matter, need to take a better look at their market and meet the demands for quality co-measurate with price.
392694392694B001HTI6BIAOCJVTOCJEFQYratzrule0051344729600great soymilk for corn/nut allergiesOne of the few brands that is both corn and nut free, the only downside is that the price on amazon currently is a lot more than I pay locally, however, if you can't get this locally this price might be worth it to you. It is a very good item if you have food allergies.
392695392695B001HTI6BIA4AKLUD4LRTWNkimdairyfree0051316304000Heart healthyTastes great - and I just saw it listed on the American Heart Association site - so that means the American Heart Association certifies it.
392696392696B001HTI6BIAOMFVLCO0PLG1Jo-An Goldsmith0551286928000Soy MilkSoy Milk, I've bought this before and when you run out you have to order more.
392697392697B004JR2SXMA1HKHBXA1E0VXAS. Siegel0051339372800Good dealMy wife and I have been looking for a box of inexpensive Shabbat candles. Our local shul didn't have these Neriot candles and other places online charged as much for shipping as the cost for the candles.

These were a great deal, 4 boxes here for the price of 2 elsewhere, plus free prime shipping. They arrived quickly and the box we opened look good - no noticeable broken candles or other damages. The boxes look a little different from the photo, but the brand is called "Menora - The Candles Word" with a PO Box from Tel Aviv, which I assume is where these were made since it doesnt list any place of manufacture. The box lists the candles as kosher.

You need to burn these in a special glass, and we haven't lit any of these to confirm the 4 hour estimate, but will report back if the time is much less than 4 hours.

So far, very glad to have found these on Amazon. 4 boxes will last us at least a year, probably 2.
392698392698B0040WG1XEAQEQS5LG6W42MM. Timmins0051341964800This is one of the best!I have ordered several teas from Elmwood Inn and I like them all. They are full-bodied and rich and very satisfying. This is one of my favorites. The lavender adds just the right overtone to the Earl Grey.
392699392699B001EO7NS8A2HZ22Q7X45QSTAndrea Pennington "Icon of Beauty, Vitality, ...2251201737600Yummiest Popcorn EVER!This popcorn is one of my favorite sweet treats of all time! I must confess that I do watch what I eat, but when I want to enjoy something delicious and chewy and over-the-top good, I EAT POPSALOT POPCORN!

The Clandestine caramel corn is so rich and tasty - not like other popcorn that are just overly sweet and boring. Then, the geniuses added CASHEWS, not just boring old peanuts, and WOW! I am in Love!

If you want to send someone a special treat for Valentine's Day, Hanukkah, to make up for something you did wrong or whatever, BUY THIS POPCORN!
392700392700B001EO7NS8AIWOQ280B2T92J. Burkett1141256515200stand behind their productWe ordered some cashew caramel corn and we were not pleased with it. We contacted the company and they sent replacements which were wonderful. They do stand behind their product.


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