Amazon Fine Food Reviews

393361393361B005J3RG8CA3NLNHYYH317BODiane R Derby0031340928000No descrition of whether beans were ground or notWhen I found nothing in the product info to tell me if the beans were ground or whole, I called to ask. The CS rep checked and told me they were ground, but couldn't tell me what type of grind. Imagine my surprise to receive 5 pounds of whole UN-GROUND coffee beans. THE PRODUCT IS FINE. YOUR INFORMATION ABOUT THE PRODUCT AND YOUR CUSTOMER SERVICE IS LACKING.
393362393362B001TZU21MA3HHE9NE6T9UCYD. Clay Rakestraw "Clay Rakestraw"0051298332800Excellent Champagne VinegarI love Delouis Champagne Vinegar. It has a light, smooth flavor. I highly recommend it! Just wish I could find it locally.
393363393363B0014J7JBOA18I1XONNQ2IBCDaniela Steinbach2251313712000Exellent productI love my Galangal powder from Whole Spice, use it in many recipes instead of black pepper since I cannot have black pepper. I like the economic bulk package from Whole Spice. I keep a glass jar of the powder handy for cooking and refill it from the bag, as needed. I do keep the open bag and the jar in the fridge but you may not have to do that.
393364393364B003DVHGSCA3QOFK5CX2NAM5Leslie Stewart0051319846400good gluten free fairly "clean" dog foodI have searched for a gluten free organic dog kibble and so far this is the closest I have come. The organic kibbles tend to have oats in them. This food, since it is venison, I assume it is fairly close to organic. My dog likes it in addition to his raw food from Woody's.
393365393365B003DVHGSCA3OEZ2FDIJZCV5S. CUSHMAN "Healing Facillitator"0051315180800Organic high quality "raw" food dietGo to their website and read about New Zealands standards. It is all organic and their beet is not a sugar beet but a healing type beet. It is an organic holistic raw food. It is the first dog food my allergy prone min pin can eat and has stopped chewing her paws and ears have cleared up. However. feed less than recommended. It is more bioavailable. Her last dog food she got 1/2 cup per meal. I fed her the same and she gained a pound in 1 week. Cut back to 1/3 cup per meal 2x a day. It is very expensive but best quality ingredients and no fluoride. Most dog foods have fluoride in the bone meal and animal meal means ground up bones where the fluoride is stored in animals raised on fluoridated water. NZ meal is pure freeze dried animal and NZ does not fluoridate their water, use pesticides, herbicides or growth hormones/antibiotics. Dogs are developing bone diseases, bone cancers and cancers due to fluoride poisoning. Stop giving dogs fluoridated water, too(filters do not filter out fluoride. RO does). Google and find the food cheaper and sent to you free from some web sellers (petdirectdotcom)
393366393366B00411X7I6A2DY7U29446AKVtam121311303948800RIP OFF !!!!! DONT BUY FROM THIS SELLER!!!!!This product was not at all what was shown. Product not as pictured! Fruit snacks came in tiny packages not the larger bags as pictured. I would not purchase from this seller it was a total rip off. I was charged more then 10X what you can buy this product for at any Albertson's or Safeway Grocery store. Unbelievable!!!! They show a picture of the larger bags to make you believe you are getting 8 larger bags and then when you receive the product it is 8 small child size snack bags for more then $10 when they sell for a little over a dollar a box at your local grocery store. I own several business' and if I ran them this way I would be out of business in no time.

Completely disappointed!
393367393367B00411X7I6AVDVUFGRYLS2Kcat0051350259200Great snackI found these snacks while on vacation and thought they were great. The whole family enoyed them, went online to locate the product so I can purchase and add them to my sons lunch.
393368393368B000W7PUOWA3J21CQZG60K35Hsieh Pei Hsuan2251265673600Tasty!!My families and friends love Planters peanuts I bought for them.
It's a good bargain to buy them in Amazon!
393369393369B000W7PUOWASYVSKZROYOR7John2241262649600Tasty peanutsPlanters Honey Roasted Peanuts are delicious and fairly healthy. Makes a great snack. The 12-cans are packaged well in an open faced box with shrink wrap. Overall the peanuts are sweet, but for some reason they are not as sweet or as "roasted" tasting as the honey roasted peanuts you get on Southwest Airlines.
393370393370B000W7PUOWA2EC7QA31CFK4VP. Tubb2251205971200Planters Honey PeanutsIam very satisfied with the Planters honey peanuts, which is my second order. The price is excellent as is the delivery. I will probably purchase more of the same.

Patricia Tubb
393371393371B000W7PUOWAQQLWCMRNDFGISteven A. Peterson2341327104000What a nice snack!!I try to have reasonably healthy snacks. I think that this product qualifies. Peanuts are a pretty good food. This honey roasted version, by Planter's, has a nice taste.

The pluses: sodium is relatively low; fiber is pretty good. Down side? A bit more saturated fat than I would like.

But this tastes good. It is a lot better than fried snacks.

Overall, I'm a satisfied customer.
393372393372B000W7PUOWA23QVYY2D42PDZNickname Here0051347580800Great Peanuts, Not So Great ValuePlanters peanuts are awesome :)

The quantity sold here is not that great of a deal. Sam's club has many more peanuts for the money, probably about 3X better value per pound?!

So will I buy these again? No. Are they great peanuts? No doubt, but they are much cheaper bought locally in larger quantities. Peace out
393373393373B000W7PUOWA1DHRFS0EIARKRKuro570 "Chris"0051344297600Great snack!Gave out about 3 cans so far to friends and family and everyone loves them! Packaging is nice neat and sturdy as well. Great value too.
393374393374B000W7PUOWAKOCTZQVAFCOZJose0041334966400Good productIt is a bit sweet but it is an addictive snack. I Enjoy planters honey roasted peanuts. It is better than the original product.
393375393375B000LR0X4AA17GVZ5UMRF0XSOsama Sajid "os pwrshl"101011270080000show one thing - sell anotherI bought saffron advertized on this page from "GourmetFoodStore" - its not good and we didn't like it.
When I bought it, they were selling it as "AlTaj" Crown brand saffron which is much better in quality IMO. What I got was "Harvest of saffron" - the one displayed on the page now.
I had to send many emails to get a reply, I filed a buyers claim but the seller kept delaying their response and finally amazon close the claim as time-out -- hello amazon , you should have checked with me first

So my feedback in short
- I didn't like this "Harvest of Saffron. IMO Al-Taj and Gathering of Saffron are much better brands
- I didn't like the seller. So check other's reivew and feedback about seller before buying.
393376393376B004724AU8A3LV310JUJ3S9Whealth guy0051344297600Tasty Allergen free crackers!Good choice for Celiacs or those sensitive to gluten, dairy or other food allergens.
I especially like the extra cinnamon flavor and crunchiness factor of these crackers.
Ener-g foods is a company that continues the innovation in the alternative food market
Bringing all kinds of bakery items like crackers, cookies and breads to provide numerous
Safe and nutritional choices to people on restricted diets.
393377393377B005JY4CPGA2LS3Q8X3SN712sherryj50011334188800Hard as a rockI purchased the bacon, lettuce, tomato chesse ball mix, expiration date was October 2012. I opened it up and it was hard as a rock. Couldn't use it at all. A waste of your money. I have bought their products in the past and haven't had any problems. Called the main company, and they said it's made with natural things and more less it's just too bad. I could take it back to the store that I bought it but didn't know if they would do anything about it. Wouldn't purchase anything else from this company
393378393378B003VPJM3CA12BAN54QIOI0LCamille E Kempke0021310083200"Product of China"Seems like a smaller amount of tea per bag, and the tags frequently fall off. Made in China - I do not plan to purchase again.
393380393380B001EPPIYIAUA4RCP030A4QRixatrix3351312502400Delicious and Handy! (And ridiculously cute!)If you like the taste of strawberry Pocky or strawberry Yan Yan, you will like these. My fiance and I have an American palette, but we were hooked on Hello Panda ever since he bought the "Milk" (Vanilla) flavor on a whim from the international aisle of a supermarket.

They arrive in individual boxes packed in a display box (like at a store). The individual packaging make them easy to throw in a bag or purse on the go (easy for pacifying fussy kids too!), and the individual outer cardboard package means these creme-filled cookies don't get crushed by your water bottle. :)
393381393381B001EPPIYIA228F40V616MY3Amber Moreau1151301270400Yum~These cookies are great. The biscuit part is not too sweet and the inside is a nice vanilla flavor. The designs are super cute as well~
393382393382B001EPPIYIA1SDD92YHPVZRMHarold S. Freeman "stutac2"1151290470400Hello Panda Chocolate Cream Filled Mini Cookies.These little chocolate cream filled cookies are pretty darn good. I sent a few boxes with a friend of mine to take to work with her. The people she works with devoured what she handed out and they were asking for more. Looks like those folks will be placing orders with for more of these little chocolate cream filled devils. Thanks
393383393383B001EPPIYIA2B4GQ4QK1V5A0Grlbyzzk1151260576000Yummy!I bought these when I couldn't find the Choco-Koala cookies we usually buy. These are great little cookies and seem just like the Choco-Koala cookies. A light crunchy exterior with a wonderful chocolate center. They are small, so you can quickly chow down quite a few. Very, very yummy. Santa always remembers to bring some for the kids. Don't buy just a few boxes, get the whole case!
393384393384B001EPPIYIA2C8T71METYPIJD. Walker1151258070400Toddlers & Pre-Schoolers love them!I bought these for a Halloween party with a lot of 2 & 3 year olds. My kiddos treats were the hit, all the kids loved them and asked their parents for more. Several parents said they snuck some of the cookies from their kids and loved them. A fun snack for all!
393385393385B001EPPIYIAKPXK6OEJ5URKtgd2 "Cookies"1151249344000good stuff!these are by far the best cookies ive had in a long time, almost addicting for me xD
393386393386B001EPPIYIA140154YPYXX49Marie Holden "marieh1211"1251283126400Delishious and Kawaii!Saw it at F.Y.E. At there unlike Amazon it was only $3.00. It was worth buying after I tryed it out. Taste like a fortune cookie with vanilla filling inside of it. Love it and yes would highly recommed.
393387393387B001EPPIYIA1ZKYELIGGB3K9DH0911329868800Not for kids...These are made with partially hydrogenated vegetable oil
393388393388B000E3FKYOA1UQBFCERIP7VJMargaret Picky1151299888000Good quality organic dark chocolateRapunzel is a Swiss organic foods company and this chocolate is made for Rapunzel by Maestriani, a Swiss manufacturer of chocolate. It is imported to the U.S. by Hershey. The ingredients are all legitimately organic and at least some of them are sourced through Rapunzel's own fair trade program, Hand in Hand.

The dark chocolate has a clean flavor and is labeled 55% cocoa. Inexplicably, organic raw cane sugar is listed as the first ingredient which makes no sense if the bar is 55% cocoa. The texture is pleasant--it has a nice mouthfeel.

Each 85g/3 oz. bar is divided into 12 tablets.


Organic raw cane sugar, organic cocoa mass (100% crushed organic cocoa beans), organic cocoa butter, organic vanilla.

Nutrition Information

There are two servings per bar at 1.5 oz. each with 250 calories total and 160 calories from fat. Per serving:

Total fat 16g
Saturated fat 9g
Trans fat 0g
Total carbs 20g
Dietary fiber 3g
Sugars 19g
Protein 2g
Cholesterol 0g
Sodium 0g
393389393389B000E3FKYOA1V034KMB5IM27Bei Wu0051273536000good chocolateThe chocolate is very smooth. It has good balance of bitter taste and sweetness. I worried before I bought it that only 55% Cocoa of the chocolate may end up too sweet. But it's not at all.
393390393390B000E3FKYOA1T1YSCDW0PD25A. Wiersch0041235779200Pretty tasty dark chocolateI like dark chocolate and this is pretty tasty. I like the ingredients, that it is organic, and that it is made in Switzerland. I give it 4 out of 5 stars for taste and overall.

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