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396691396691B001EQ5FRWA1H2AUUT5FVYU6Niall O'hagan0051208995200Lyons TeaI love this tea. It is cheaper to get it here then in my local store. I don't even have to leave the house.
396692396692B001EQ5FRWAEYYJWN7ZWN0ZMary Alice Mcconnell0051208476800Lyon Tea BagsDelicious tea, I'm thrilled to be able to buy it on Amazon. I always bring it back from Ireland and was getting low. Thank you, thank you!
396693396693B001EQ5FRWA2UFBD0Q81IO1XJ. Mckenna0011204243200change in qualityWe've been drinking this tea for years and started drinking it in Ireland . Unfortunately, the quality of this tea has greatly changed. Most of the tea comes out bitter and weak. There is no longer a consistency or the quality of taste that Lyons has provided in the past. We are greatly disappointed and are at a loss as to keep trying new boxes or search for an alternate tea. Obviously something has changed in the processing and production of this tea and it is not for the better. We miss our great-tasting, deeply aromatic tea.
396694396694B001EQ5FRWA29D20YFHH5AE7Urbano A. Pineda0051201392000Lyons Pyramid Tea, Original Blend -POSITIVEThis order was received well packaged and fast. This is excellent tea and will not hesitate to continue buying same.
396695396695B001EQ5FRWA7MLC08SKMJDVTrish "Trish"0051199577600Best tea on the marketMy cousin in Ireland introduced us to this delicious tea while we visited him there. It is full-bodied, hearty, and marvellous even unsweetened. There is no tea to compare, especially here in America. I am so glad Amazon is carrying it!
396696396696B0052T96GSAC6CDB9KAFIJ0Steve "Spaceridder"1111336089600Smart Balance All Natural Rich Roast Chunky Peanut Butter 16 ozWatch out for this one you are only getting ONE jar of peanut butter! Not TWO as shown in the photo. It is very good peanut butter however. A very miss leading add.
396697396697B0045DQ9EOA2CHOTQZL4OA16Suzanne1151321142400Not just another mustardMy daughters and I discovered this mustard while wandering around the fancy deli section at Harrods in London, and we were so excited when we realized it was made in Ohio! This mustard has a lovely smooth but smoky (obviously) quality that is a terrific complement to almost any sandwich. But we also put it in homemade mayonnaise for a bit of flair, in potato salad, egg salad, or even stirred into tomato soup. I buy it by the case now and share it with friends.
396698396698B0063JAIPYA3CRHP0BF1GMZWSeahorse0021350777600Alice Tea BagsThe packaging of these tea bags is really nice. I haven't used the tea yet, but I don't have great hopes for it. It was pricey too.
396699396699B002KB7EVKA3TM2PVXMIYSR0thecoolcaptain5511297555200Not a good qualityI recently ordered walnut butter from Superior nut company. The quality is not good. They added peanut oil to walnut butter. The peanut oil not only spoiled the taste but is also not good for health. There was no mention of the product containing peanut oil in the product description. I will not recommend this product anyone.
396700396700B000MS5KG4A3IO17M947C57EEBE0131289779200Bought for Hair Loss.Bought this for hair loss, mixed with water, spread on scalp overnight.

First time (about 1-2 months of use) noticed a reduction in hair falling out.

Skipped a few months.

Restarted, but so far don't see the same results.

This could be anything, but am still using it as not many options out there.
396701396701B000FCDASCATXLDCXXEHRG0Frank Caniano0011340409600Cherry JellyI found this product online for my wife. It was listed as Cherry Jelly as the picture indicated.
I received the product in several days and was quite happy about the fast service.I opened the box and saw that the I was invoiced for Cherry Jelly. But, alas when I took out the jar they had sent me Sour Cherry Jelly.This was not what I wanted nor was it what I ordered.
I was told that because it was a food product, I could not return the jelly, nor could I get a credit.
Poor customer service....will not do business with Barry Farm in the future.
396702396702B0001KH6FQA3RZ2YHMY2OJ33R. Motto2251305244800good stuff!We used to buy a similiar (flavor) syrup until it became unavailable locally. Decided to search for it on Amazon and found this wonderful supplier. Delivery was fast and I was impressed with how well it was packaged. However, the best part is the product itself. I purchased it to use on pancakes and waffles and it is delicious! Then the other evening I decided to try it on ice cream. Just as terrific. What I'm talking about of course is the apricot strup. I hope to order other flavors in the future.
I highly recommend this seller.
396703396703B000EM6FUIAQ5DOLCW77FEEChristinaJoy "Christina"171751226188800A bit different, and wonderfulThese peppercorns are a beautiful rosy color, which clues you in before you even get a chance to open the package that they're not the peppercorns you've known all your life. When you do pull open the bag and inhale their aroma, you'll find they combine the scent of pepper with a wonderful fruity, almost floral overtone. It's hard to describe, and even harder to imagine until you've experienced it. The lovely part is that the flavor profile doesn't diminish in use; when I ground and steeped these Sichuan peppercorns for a dark chocolate mousse (grind finely, and steep in the heavy cream for 30 minutes before straining the cream into the chocolate) their vibrant peppery fruit/floral scent was the top note of the mousse. It was a memorably different flavor. Now I'm looking for ways to add them to more dishes, to see what new nuances they can impart to old favorites.
396704396704B000EM6FUIA1F6BHEYB7R6R7James Braley121231316044800Very fresh, but short weight.This came packed in 4 plastic bags inside a "Bubble Envelope". The weight of the entire package - unopened and undamaged - was 14.2 ounces. Don't know about China, but in the USA that's well short of a pound. Not going to bother with trying to get my money back, but you need to be aware of this.
396705396705B000EM6FUIAUU45LWKPAUO1Lee4451282089600Great PeppercornsI searched everywhere for these peppercorns and i stumbled upon them on and I was just thrilled to death and I will alsway order more of these, great product.
396706396706B000EM6FUIA3BSVMER6NG7QRKenneth Green4441273881600This product is of desired qualityThe peppercorns arrived just a few days after ordering. The husk is all there is, just like it should be. However there are a few of the black pits left, but the are very few. It is just like the couple of stones you find in a pound of lentils. I am happy with this product and will probably order other spices from this company.
396707396707B000EM6FUIA1BMQET3MD0GWASB "SB"2251336521600good purchaseI weighed the peppercorns upon receipt as one reviewer said he received less weight than the package was advertised. The weight was exactly 16 oz, the peppercorns are good, the shipping was quick. I am satisfied with my purchase.
396708396708B000EM6FUIA1OKSCYVZRDNU8HIK in PA "Loves Books"2251336003200Wonderful aroma!When I opened the package a wonderful aroma was greeting me! This was the first time I experimented with Szechuan Peppercorns. They are not really peppercorns but husks. You have to dry roast them for a few minutes then grind them. I used them in a oil based marinade for my chicken dish...very yummy and pleasantly unusual. Delivery was fast and the peppercorns appear to be super fresh.
396709396709B000EM6FUIAXMSBGCAMF2S6Sara Oppenheim1141338336000Not seed-freeAlthough these are said to be "hull-only," there are still a lot of seeds--so much so that I can't cook with these until I have sorted through and removed all the little black devils lurking amongst the delicious hulls. If you find that your dishes have an unpleasantly gritty texture, the seeds are to blame. Delicious, but not as advertised.
396710396710B000EM6FUIA2ZYU6P46NZ03PYML1131332028800Lack flavorI thought I wrote a review but it magically disappeared. Anyway, here it goes again. These peppercorns are okay but lack the punch of better ones I have had in the past. Those are hard to find though. You taste them in dishes like shuizhurou in authentic Sichuan restaurants, also hard to find.
396711396711B000EM6FUIA3DL511MHO62E8kitty reinbold1151322524800greatSzechuan peppercorns are different than anything within the usual American spice repertoire. If you haven't tried them before
396712396712B000EM6FUIAT050AMICV57Jmavis j.hintermeister "Mavis J. Hint'"1151303776000Szechuan PeppercornsMy, oh my, what a deliciouos aroma pours out of this bag of peppercorns. Nothing has the taste of a toasted Szechuan peppercorn. They arrived in excellent condition and very, very fresh. Love them!
396713396713B000EM6FUIA3B66EFJW9XF9Ususiespends1151302134400Szechuan peppercornsJR Mushrooms earned my undying devotion when they noticed I had clicked the order button twice and ordered two pounds of peppercorns. Just as I was realizing this, they emailed to ask if I REALLY wanted two pounds. Great Work! The peppercorns came quickly and are fresh and fragrant--and a lifetime supply. Since then, I ordered vanilla bean pods too. Also, good value and quickly delivered.
396714396714B000EM6FUIA3LF1ONVFERT1QOathead1151269302400numbing goodnessSichuan peppercorns are magical. If you've been to a good Sichuan restaurant you'll hopefully have at least one dish that has the great flavor of Sichuan peppercorns along with the strange and wonderful tongue numbing sensation. If you're interested in making great Sichuan style Chinese food at home, this is a must have ingredient. They come well packaged, and it's enough to last for along time.
396715396715B000EM6FUIANJDNFGY4EHCIB. H. Berg1151233100800ExcellentExactly as described and extremely fast shipping. Came two days after I ordered. Very impressed and very pleased customer!
396716396716B000EM6FUIA1K66K3J9E0NTEMary Jacobs0051337040000GreatI'm very pleased with my purchase of Szechuan Peppercorns. They are perfect. I don't use them every day but they are here when I need them
396717396717B000EM6FUIARYSDAZNRXN6GA. Crafton0051329523200GREAT Product!I ordered an 8 oz. package of, just wow...that is a LOT of peppercorns. Unless you expect to use these a lot, think about a smaller package! I may be using these in the nursing home.

My package arrived quickly, and was well packed. Looking at a previous review that insisted the package was lightweight, I weighed my bag of peppercorns upon arrival and it was exactly 8 oz. So I wouldn't be too concerned about a lightweight package.

These peppercorns are beautiful, with a lively flavor and plump appearance. They are not shriveled like many peppercorns. I used them to make Kung Pao chicken and ZING they about burned my face off! But in a good way. Such peppery, fresh, citrusy hot flavor. Love them!!!

If I ever run out (ever)...I will reorder from this seller!
396718396718B000EM6FUIA2JBGG8ZHICFPUAdventure Scott0051324339200Good Peppers!Peppers arrived in good shape, sourced from Olive Nation - checked the weight before opening because of other reviewer's concern and it was dead on at 8oz net, and the aroma/taste were very good. There are a few black centers still but it's much better quality than the local Asian grocery at roughly the same price. As someone else noted 8oz. is a LOT of pepper -- it may take a while to use all this up.
396719396719B000EM6FUIA1O95JWY92COCLmarcia e harbaugh0051323129600Szechuan PeppercornsThese are wonderful! I've had a recipe for many years for roasted turkey in a brine including these peppercorns. In the past I have just used black peppercorns, not knowing the difference. When I found these online, I decided to use the real thing. I am so glad that I did! My Thanksgiving turkey was so delicious and a big hit!
396720396720B000EM6FUIA2CBP9IPSHKYTCespadrille fan0051321056000Spicy flavorful peppercornsI bought these peppercorns to make Asian dan dan noodles and the noodles came out great. The peppercorns add a definite spicy flavor, very tasty for those who like spicy foods. Will plan to include these peppercorns in more dishes.

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