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396871396871B0006BHPE2A3M8L2L7WE4DQ7Chris Lee "krazyboi"91241159315200They're delicious!!The sampler box comes nicely wrapped with Leonidas printed wrapping paper and tied with a bright neon green bow. The sampler box came inside of a foam container, which I assume they used to keep the temperature stable.
After taking the sampler box out of the foam container and opening it, my nose was greeted with the most heavenly scent of chocolates.
The box is divided into two compartments by a white cardboard sheet. The bottom compartment is packed full of different chocolates, and the top compartment holds the rest in order to make it 1 pound.
I took all the chocolate out and organized them into flavors and was quite dissapointed that there weren't any Cinnamon flavored ones in my sampler. That's the reason I gave this sampler only four stars. I also got a whole bunch of Nibs, and barely any Dark, Milk, and White.
Nonetheless, the choclates are mighty tasty. They seem very fresh. My favorite so far is the 72% pure origin Sao Tome and the white chocolate.
396872396872B0006BHPE2A1RXV9YWOJWSM1Oliver1151329177600Delicious chocolatesThe chocolates arrived right on time in a nice insulated styrofoam package. Inside that package was a beautifully wrapped box of chocolates. All chocolates were intact and looked great. A nice mix of milk, white, and dark chocolate truffles. My wife enjoyed this Valentine's day treat.
396873396873B0006BHPE2A3EXWV8FNSSFL6Daniel G. Lebryk1131303948800Not Great - Expected Heaven Got AverageBeautiful packaging, gorgeous little squares of chocolate, but disappointing texture and flavor.

Leonidas did an amazing job packaging this little box of gold, there was no way the final gift package was going to be harmed in any way. The cloth ribbon and beautiful wrapping paper covered a wonderful gold cardboard box. Inside was arranged the prettiest little squares of chocolate. The romance ended after I ate this chocolate.

The box contains a somewhat random assortment of seven different chocolates. Each piece of chocolate is six grams, and the box should contain exactly the same number of each variety. For reasons that are impossible to understand, there were only five orange and three Feuilletine chocolates; but over a dozen dark chocolates.

Why I was disappointed with these chocolates - the flavor and texture.

The nibs are dark 55% cocoa chocolate with little tiny bits of crunchy chocolate particles. The chocolate is slightly sweet, the texture is coarse, and it does not melt evenly. The nib particles seem like bits of coffee bean or sand in the chocolate - not a very pleasant texture.

The Dark chocolate is also 55% cocoa but much lighter in color than the nibs. Several bars in my box had bloomed - the texture was extremely hard, melt was very slow and uneven in my mouth. Overall the flavor was not great. I love dark chocolate. These squares were just not to my liking at all.

White chocolate is fabulous in the hands of expert chocolate makers. The version we are used to is almost all sugar and a really bad substitute. Great white chocolate is somewhat sweet, but typically has a very pure clean chocolate flavor and aroma; along with a smooth melt. This white chocolate should have been like the great version, instead it was exactly in the middle - a bit too sweet, and dull chocolate flavor. Fortunately, these seemed to be much fresher than the other chocolates in the box.

Feuilletine is a 32% cocoa milk chocolate with bits of wafer in the square. The wafers contain gluten. The chocolate is too sweet and left an oily film on the roof of my mouth. The melt was uneven. The wafers were a distraction, not enough crunch like a Kit Kat, but just enough to annoy the melting and leave tiny crunchy bits in my mouth.

Milk chocolate is 32% cocoa product. Like the Feuilletine, the chocolate is too sweet and left an oily film in my mouth. It also had a slightly bitter aftertaste.

Orange is a mix of dark 55% cocoa chocolate with natural orange flavoring. The orange is subtle, not overpowering. But the base chocolate is just not a good example of particle size, texture, and flavor. It had the same problems as the nibs and dark squares.

The best for the last, there was one decent chocolate in the whole box - Pure Origin Sao Tome - 72% cocoa. This variety is good, but does not rescue the rest of the box. At this cocoa level, the chocolate has to be really good; there isn't enough sugar to mask problems. Compared to some of the better high percentage cocoas, this is about the middle of the pack. Melt is pretty good, not perfectly even but not coarse. There is an initial good tart flavor that slowly goes away. The aftertaste is the biggest problem, a kind of dry powder and bitterness left in my mouth.

The molding on all of these chocolates was not good. Every square had bubbles or imperfections on the back of the square. If the chocolate is the correct temperature at molding and tempered properly, the back of a bar will be perfectly smooth.

I was truly expecting a box full of heaven from Leonidas, smooth, sweet, lovely chocolates that I could enjoy slowly. The packaging was beautiful; the contents were just not outstanding. Although not packaged as beautifully, but at the same price point I prefer Valrhona, Cote D'Or, Milka, Lindt, or imported Nestle.
396874396874B0006BHPE2AV4KI0QXERDVOAngelica Dimeo "serenity20"3451231200000my reviewthis made a great gift
and i got to try a piece and i must say they are delicious
and well worth the price.
396875396875B0006BHPE2A14HK3AFZ0FOX6K. Skelton "Katie in CT"3451201219200Great Gift- Chocolate fans will love!Sent one box to Maman who grew up in Brussels. She remembers these candies and enjoyed them. The other box went to family and they enjoyed them as well.

Makes great gift.
396876396876B0006BHPE2AFGRJRPX1QA54DaveAs0151328572800Dee-lishI am not a chocolate fan--there, I said it. But my wife worships the stuff, and Leonidas is her favorite by far. This works out well, since she only has to hide her chocolate from the dog.
396877396877B0006BHPE2A1CMV3PKUKW603S. Taylor1331294963200Just OKWe got these as an office treat with a gift card we received from a client. We are all chocoholics, & love to try new brands. These got really good reviews, so we thought we would give them a try. These chocolates were....disappointing. There is nothing special about them. They taste like every other grocery store brand of chocolate. Ghirandelli has much better flavor than these do, & I can pick that up local. If I had to do over, I would have picked something else. The chocolate wasn't bad, just not as good as I thought it would be for the price.
396878396878B0006BHPE2A2SM61LP86VDRRKilkerrin0211340582400Poor service.I requested a cancellation soon after I placed the order and long before they shipped. Their procedures are obviously set to take the money and run.
396879396879B0006BHPE2A328KN3ZW66QCOConnie Kang1531296086400RAWRthis lasted longer than the pralines so thats good. but that means it tastes worse ~~~~~. they tasted to ordinary that i couldnt even call em special. only ones that might be unique was the nibs or feuilletine. btw theyre from ny NOT BELGIUM. so they cud be rippin the ~~~ out of u.
396880396880B004A83DU2A1BI0BJL8RJGC3J. hammer1151339113600Best Tea Ever!While this tea is great hot, I always add two bags to black tea when making a gallon of iced tea. The blackcurrant and raspberry are my favorites and my friends are all converts now as well.
396881396881B004A83DU2A21Y57O1N5PF15PattieP.1151329436800Love this tea!I first found London Fruit & Herb Company Black Currant Bracer Tea at a local discount department store. After trying it once, I immediately returned to the store and bought two more boxes. By the time I needed more, the tea was out of stock. Not sure where else to find it, I turned to Amazon. Sure enough, I found a great bargain on what has become by favorite herbal tea. I add a little honey to it, and I enjoy a nightly cup while relaxing with my Kindle before bedtime. It has a very unique flavor, and when it's left to steep for several minutes, the flavor is very full and rich, and the aroma is wonderful. The price at Amazon is amazing, and buying six boxes at once means I have about a four-month supply! I have also tried the Blueberry herbal tea from London Fruit & Herb Company, and it, too, is excellent. For herbal tea lovers, I highly recommend this product!
396882396882B0071EBP2KA3B2KUZSV55NJTHealth Lover3351328572800Dark Chocolate Heaven with pure cacao nibsFell in love with these a while back and couldn't find them again for a while. Bought them for everyone at the office and they were gone in a day! This is legit - pure cacao nibs rich healthy dark chocolate... We tried them on ice cream for a colleagues birthday and were in heaven or just a natural pick-me-up in the afternoon.
396883396883B0071EBP2KA28S3TZ5FOMY7HJackie H.2251335052800These are so Good!I heard about these originally on a Doctor's show. They are very satisfying without having to eat very many and have relatively little calories. A deep chocolate taste at a price better than most. I highly recommend.
396884396884B0071EBP2KAN9P7LGCAYEJPleased grandmother2251334534400Great TasteReceived this on time, in fact, early. I was looking for an energy booster during the day at work. These chocolates were great tasting and did give me the boost I was looking for. I'll purchase them again.
396885396885B0071EBP2KA3SIZC600PA0AWmiss-honesty "Tiffany"1151335484800These are very tasty -- like dark chocolate covered coffee beans.These are much tastier than I expected. The nibs are small, like a fraction of a coffee bean, and covered in dark chocolate. They are crunchy like coffee beans and quite addictive. I used these, golden berries, mulberries and mango pieces to make an awesome trail mix. They should be considered candy. I like that these have more beneficial ingredients than processed candy with refined sugar. If you like chocolate covered espresso beans these are close in flavor and texture, just much smaller hence the entirely descriptive nibs. Just sounds diminutive doesn't it?
396886396886B0071EBP2KA1BZLVVQVELUZWTexas Dog Lover0041338681600Delicious way to get some antioxidantsI've reordered these once already. They're delicious and seem to be of high quality. My only complaint is that they're bigger than the Sweetriot or Trader Joe's version (in the little purse-size cans). I'd prefer the nibs to be a bit smaller, but that's a very minor quibble.
396887396887B0071EBP2KA3HKG72G4XVANNM. Brown0121338508800Never got to try itUnfortunately when this product arrive on my doorstep it was one big gooey mess. I was looking forward to trying it out, and liking it.
396888396888B0071EBP2KA1921EUFI0U519Aminah J0141332892800DeliciousnessI absolutely love the chocolate covered Goji berry portion. The raw berry portion, not so much. I wish they'd come up with a bag with just chocolate covered berries. Either way, they're still delicious and have become my new addiction.
396889396889B004KIAD64A3B1N6PSZECA81Sarah P. "Mom of 1"1151316217600Just perfect, not too sweet, just perfect and delightful!This is my favorite brand of organic jam. It tastes delicious to my family and it's the only brand I love. We've tried other brands, but always come back to this one. Love how it's perfectly sweet, not overbearingly like most other leading brands. I also like how it is fruit juice sweetened.
396890396890B008GG2N2SA1CLUIIJL6EHLUKilianS0051351209600deliciousGummi Frogs have been my favourite candy that I have ever tried. of course, they only came in 5 ounce bags, there are about 3 bags to make 1 lbs so not only do you get more in one bag but spend a lot less here. These are original haribo candy, not some replica from another company.
396891396891B000FBO9MOA1CF1EH4GG3R7PAlexander D. Jennings "Big Trader"8851178323200Deliciously different little wafer cookiesI'm a recent convert to Bahlsen cookies, and these little wafers are a standout among a product line that's hard not to love. The crisp. toasty, slightly nuttly wafers surround a very light, not-too-sweet creme layer; the combination is an incredible, multi-dimensional treat that would pair nicely with coffee or milk. The only thing I would think that would make this product better is a resealable package, but the wafers aren't going to last long once opened anyway. The package size is good in the sense that it's enough to share with one or two other people, but if you eat the whole thing yourself it's not an utter disaster ;)
396892396892B000FBO9MOA16IWM0NZWOP6XTPW4451201046400Great, healthy snackThese crackers are a great way to get whole wheat into your diet & into children's. They are low in fat & sugar, and they taste great. I haven't met a child yet who doesn't like them. The ingredients are good as well.
396893396893B000FBO9MOA2PF32UUERJXB8Susan Swan "reads-curled-in-covers"4451187913600DEEEEEE-FREAKING-LICIOUS!1. I love Amazon's grocery/makeup/cleaning products subscription service. It is only beta now, but I truly hope they will continue it.

2. This cookie is amazingly delicious. I like sweets that aren't too sweet, with just the right hint of sugar. These are cookies just like that. Like Creme Brulee -- barely sweetened, but if it is done right, the sweetness makes it the best food in the world. I'm not saying these cookies are Creme Brulee, but maybe they approach the creme brulee of cookies.
396894396894B000FBO9MOA1SB8CXAUIKT8XRex N. Mills3351186012800Light and Tasty!The Bahlsen Delobas are my favorite so far. Call them biscuits or call them cookies they are just plain good. Light and pastry like with a nice burst of sweetness from the red current jam. Try Them!
396895396895B000FBO9MOA2PBMSX1ATJSBDRene3351185753600Delicious!I had these cookies in Germany, but I had a hard time finding them in the US. I was amused to discover I could order them from Amazon. They seem to be most closely related to pecan sandies, but they're a little richer and a little moister. I wish it were possible to order a single box instead of 12, but I already knew I liked them, so ordering 12 wasn't really a problem. A bigger problem is trying not to eat them all immediately.
396896396896B000FBO9MOA1SB8CXAUIKT8XRex N. Mills3351184544000Very Good!Great texture and balance of sweet to butter is just about right. Adults and kids both love them. Recommended
396897396897B000FBO9MOA2RFJYQ08USWOGI. Katsman "ikatsman"7951168819200These cookies are $2.19 in my SuperMarketWe were buying Bahlsen cookies at $1.70-$2.19 at lockal supermarket until I found that they are $1.41/box here at Amazon!
396898396898B000FBO9MOA30RRKGW97HPR1R. M. Jansch "JBERTSIE"2251234137600JBERTSIESFAVSIf you love the heavenly combination of chocolate and orange, then this
is a cookie to try. Gotta have your coffee and treat everyday like moi.
Well this plays well with coffee. Yum gonna have some right now....
396899396899B000FBO9MOA3OVWPS6O2FNSIHeide Hlawaty "Sister of Science"2251217289600The Aroma! The Taste!The title says it all! These butter biscuits are DIVINE! Everyone loves them--my parents, my students, my colleagues, and, of course, me! You will love them, too!
396900396900B000FBO9MOARM30MN576O9MDebbie Darden2251203984000Best cookies in the worldThese cookies are fabulous. Flaky, not too sweet, fluffy not gooey layers. Small but not too small. Suggested serving size of 6 is good. Lots of things these days have completely unrealistic serving sizes. I know they have sat fat but I really don't care. I have been unable to find anything like them. They remind me of REAL bakery cookies.

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