Amazon Fine Food Reviews

397111397111B008JBYX4QA2QNF6JI4VE5UMbill0051346025600Applaws Tuna and cheese cat foodWe got this cat food in London when we saw how much our daughter's cat liked it. Our cat loves it!! It's great that it is now available in the US.
397112397112B007QS5LPIA1K4RNVF0PTTUNPamelaSJS2221342742400NOT THE SAME MJBI have used MJB Colombian Coffee for years. We used to get it from the commisary, until they stopped supplying it about 5 years ago. So, we ordered it directly from Massimo Zannetti, the company that bought MJB. First, they reduced the amount of coffee from almost 2 lbs. down to 1 lb. 7 oz. Also, the flavor changed. It doesn't have the rich aroma that is signature to MJB Colombian. The taste left a lot to be desired, and it takes almost TWICE the amount of coffee to make a decent cup.
397113397113B005JAD1JSA2V3THN58CDZLCG. Chow0041350777600Made Life EasierMy Mother became a fan of this juice while living in Hawaii. Now that she lives on the mainland again it was great to find this on Amazon. I can keep her well supplied without a tedious trip to the grocery store and then the post office. Thank you Amazon.
397114397114B005JAD1JSA2MKF9970SC418C. Winther "chr1s60"0051345766400Great Drink finally available on Amazon!All of the Hawaiian Sun drinks are great! I have always loved them when I go to Hawaii and am always disappointed when I return home and am unable to find them for sale at a price that isn't ridiculous. Not only are the drinks great, but so is the price. I believe the price per can is only a few cents more than you would pay when in Hawaii. If you love going to Hawaii, this drink will take you right back to the beach with the first sip!
397115397115B005JAD1JSA3MH5NU9N59Z13Tom & Denise0051343779200Love it. You gott'a try it.We travel to Hawaii and have tasted this wonderful nector. It is a a natural drink with only added pure Cane Suger as a sweetener. Very good. Very tasty. This item is a great mixer for those Rum drinks you make. Try it. You'll find out what I am talking about.
397116397116B000F3SE7SA2UX08W68FF3IYE. S. O'Connor2251196640000Deeelicious!I first found these crackers in a store in Maine and picked them up to go with a variety of cheeses that I was buying for an informal cocktail get-together. When I got home to Virginia I could not find them at any of my local stores so began searching for them online. I found them here and bought some immediately. They are just as good as I remembered. I've used them with everything from Brie to cheddar, with fruit, on their own and with dips. They are thin, crisp and spiced just right. They hold up well with anything I've tried so far lending a great herby background taste. Try to find them in your local stores (I have found them in a few places recently) because buying online is very expensive.
397117397117B000F3SE7SA21IACDS73Z3BBlanche E. Bryant0041308355200Great taste!I had these crackers in a snack box on a recent Delta flight and enjoyed them so much I searched the internet to see where I could purchase them locally. Unfortunately, I couldn't find a store in my area that sold them. The taste is so good you can eat them just as a snack or serve with dips or spreads. I ordered the Roasted Garlic with Rosemay and also the onion flavored version (which I haven't tried, yet). Although some reviewers said their Wisecrackers showed up in bits and pieces, mine were in perfect shape.
397118397118B000F3SE7SA38S2EZU6UKWH7Sandra Arnold0051303689600Terrific, crisp crackers!I first tasted these crackers on a Horizon Air/Alaska Airlines flight from Burbank to Portland and I just had to find them so that we could have them at home. They don't disappoint! They are terrific with cheese but also perfect as a snack on their own.
397119397119B003EMXLNOA2WLZ0T95T4KMUDarla.LaTour4451309046400Hard to find cinnamon bears at a fair price!Are these on the endangered species list?? I used to be able to find these at several stores, but not anymore. Please note that these are not the weird, overly-gummy texture you find in Haribo gummy bears, worms, etc. It's much more substantial and more pleasant. The taste is prefect. I love the internet!
397120397120B003EMXLNOA3L6ZW38MFTAU7CS3451326153600freshThis product was very fresh. Dilivery was prompt and on time. I would order this product again. Amazon always has great products.
397121397121B003EMXLNOA6U3Z8WL2NL4LSusan D. Smith0011349481600NastyNastiest tasting cinnamon bears ever. Taste like ancient pot pourri. Awful texture and there is no labeling to tell you what the ingredients are.
397122397122B003EMXLNOA3PP4TTURU7NEBaj0041347235200ExcellentOrder was rec on time, cinnamon bears were not as fresh as they have been in the past, still good just not up there with the last order.
397123397123B0040VRJRWAKXP0JMDT42FGh4xdaplanet0051339545600Great price and great sweetenerI use this sweetener in my tea daily. I find one packet gives the same amount of sweetness as 1/4 cup of sugar, all without the calories. Lets me have sweet tea in the morning without the guilt of dumping tons of sugar in my tea.
397124397124B0040VRJRWA1L6Q8E1PNMN2GMary Ingram0051335657600Better Than Pure sugar any DayI have used Sweet n' Lo for years and there is no way I
could go back to putting regular sugar in my coffee, etc.
I like my coffee sweet and if I used regular sugar, there
is no telling how much I might pile in. Sweet ' Lo has
a sweet taste that is not fake and perfectly takes the place of regular sugar.
397125397125B000GZUBP8A13S959ZBAOU53CFB1151181260800WONDERDULThis is a wonderful product -- even if you are a staunch vegan. I add any green or yellow veggie (usually whole so it doesn't get too cooked) and the rice/seasong, and 16 minutes later I have a really delicious dinner. At the sale price, it's just unbeatable.
397126397126B0031TX6ZIA81FNGULOOGINJ. Brown0051330905600Light and buttery crackersLove these crackers for a satisfying snack. Good also with a little jam on top as a desert. You can't go wrong. They make a nice little gift, too.
397127397127B000XH8WQ4ASVUH0R7ZVWL6Rebecca R. F. Brown101031240012800tastes really good, but too expensiveOk, yes this chocolate syrup tastes great, and is raw and organic, but shipping is $10.50, and my own chocolate syrup made from raw agave nectar mixed with oragic cocoa powder cost $6.00 total no shipping, and it tastes just as good.
Recipe: pour raw agave syrup in a wide mouth container that has a lid.
add cocoa powder to taste.
397128397128B000XH8WQ4A333NFWVH3PBYHA. Felgner8851234396800Love itThis syrup is yummy. My husband likes alot of products containing High Fructose Corn Syrup. I refuse to buy it for him anymore, but it is hard to find natural replacements. This one is great, and we both like it.
397129397129B000XH8WQ4A32BX5L6PLL342Annette M. Hughart3351236902400To Die For Chocolate Sauce!!!This stuff is awesome and I wll definitely buy it again. Great on ice cream or anything else. It is even great to eat just buy the spoonful when you need to cure a chocolate craving.
397130397130B000XH8WQ4AX9C74E8XLKHILeslie Curtis "Cat Lover"4521238889600Too ThickThe taste is great, but it is so thick, you can't pour it, and can't get it off of the spoon. So it is not useful for trying to make chocolate milk, and it is a pain to use as a syrup for ice cream. This is much more like a fudge consistency. Would not buy again.
397131397131B000XH8WQ4A3POAWC2JPQQQPme1151334102400addictingTastes great! ...Just keep in mind that agave isn't the healthiest thing out there, google for more info. I wish they had sweetened it with raw honey instead. Oh well, you can easily make this on your own with raw cacao and agave (or like I said, raw honey).
397132397132B000XH8WQ4A1GON5NGOPZ56MErika Welch "Natural Mommy"1141277078400Makes the best Mochas EVER!This syrup is so thick and delicious - I have started using it instead of starbucks mocha powder in my coffee. It tastes so much better and is also healthy. The price is a bit steep but I don't use huge amounts every day so the price is worth it to me for a quality product that tastes so wonderful!!
397133397133B000XH8WQ4A25UTZ2I4XPDGHCH1151271203200Healthy Chocolate Fudge Sauce!I love this stuff! Delicious raw chocolate. The only problem is it's way too expensive. Better to buy it in bulk direct if you can or through a different source. Or make your own.
397134397134B0012FZMQOAXHHVZ662SRAHEric Vega "E A Vega"232351268611200Very good replacement for sucrose, but be warned...I began using Xylitol as a replacement for sugar about two months ago. Since then I have not consciously used table sugar in anything I have eaten or drank. As it was I was only using it for coffee in the morning, and tea in the evenings. Now I don't use table sugar at all. Xylitol is as sweet as sugar, and has a vastly different impact on your blood chemistry. I'll spare you the biochemical details, and suffice to say that if you are on a low-carb lifestyle, Xylitol fits right in.
That having been said, make sure you are willing to make a commitment to this product. Xylitol is not digested, but rather is consumed in part by the bacteria in your stomach. There is an adjustment period while you build up the suitable level of bacteria (good bacteria, mind you) in your intestines to consume this stuff. Until that time (and if you go on antibiotics you will experience this again), Xylitol can give you the runs, and gas. Once you are fully adjusted (takes a couple of weeks), then you will be fine.
As to this particular brand of Xylitol, it was very conveniently packaged in single-serving packs (4g) which makes monitoring your intake of this particular stuff very easy. I have to say that the shipping is very good. I had the product in hand about 4 days after ordering it. The retailer has brick-and-mortar locations local to me, but they didn't carry this product there. I have since ordered again via Amazon, with the same great shipping results.
397135397135B0012FZMQOAK43Y4WT6FFR3Bill Fleming "billfleming1"121411332374400Buy American, this product is from ChinaThere are two mainstream commercial sources of Xylitol - Corn and Hardwood trees such as Birch. Many rumors have circulated on the internet regarding the benefits and or drawbacks of either. Here you can gather the facts.

The structure of Xylitol does not differ between corn based and birch based xylitol. However, it is a fact that the vast majority of corn based Xylitol found in North America is imported from China. Almost all imported Chinese Xylitol is derived from corn.

Also a fact is that most commercial sources of corn itself are genetically modified. This is not true of birch trees.

The process utilized in making birch based Xylitol is envirnmentally green and sustainable, in fact the process often uses caommercial scrap that may otherwise be discarded.

So is Birch better than corn? You be the judge, each individual can make up their mind. Prices are almost the same, if the description doesn't say American birch you can assume it's Chinese corn.
397136397136B0012FZMQOA3V9WR7O9GCQDCWPB Consulting5551262822400Great sugar alternative, that's good for your teeth!Box of convenient xylitol packets perfect for on the go. Xylitol is a sugar alternative that is a sugar alcohol, but an organic compound. It is low calorie, lower than sugar, but not calorie-free.

It's about as sweet as sugar, and doesn't have the odd aftertaste of other alternatives like stevia.

It's great in coffee, or as an additive just like sugar. Plus, it does not promote tooth decay like regular sugar. In fact, xylitol based products like chewing gum are even supposed to help prevent cavities!
397137397137B0012FZMQOA2TS6E0GSO7ZL8sweetpea534451303948800sweetI got my order and I am very pleased with it. I am trying to stay away from regular sugar and getting this for the price that I paid was worth it. I intend on buying more in the near future.
397138397138B0012FZMQOA1R5XENSWYIVSERiogi "riogi"3351287792000Very satisfiedMy product arrived on time and just as expected it to be. It tastes like real sugar and the packets are large, unlike some other sugar substitutes.
397139397139B0012FZMQOA1DZ4LE7RUD9JFp "paula"2241311206400Works for meThis product leaves no aftertaste. It is not quite as sweet as sugar but in all other respects provides a clear alternative to additives that spike the insulin.
397140397140B0012FZMQOA1KJD0U0GT1TV0Mike Z2241272758400XyloSweet is okI have been using TruVia as a sweetner and decided to try XyloSweet since it was so reasonable on Amazon. Fortunately I do not have the digestive issues some of the other reviews mentioned with any of these products. I found the Xylo Sweet ok, but do still prefer the TruVia. Maybe its just my taste buds, but I would have to use two XyloSweet packets in my beverages to attain the same sweetness I got from one packet of TruVia. The taste was the same, once I put in two packets. No after taste with either product. For now, I will stick with TruVia.

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