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398281398281B001EQ4IXOAJT9ZURX9MYDKR. Heaton0051251849600Fabulous coffeeThis coffee is so smoothe and tasty! I cant wait for the pot to finish brewing before I snatch my first cup! I purchase this coffee on Amazon's automatic shipping program which makes it even better!
398282398282B001EQ4IXOASDUHQBAVGN6MSherman D. Smith0041239408000Flavor of coffeeThe smell of the coffee is wonderful. However, when you make the coffee it loses the majority of the taste. It doesn't have the caramel flavor you would think it was going to have. I first had the coffee in one of those little packages you get that only makes about 2 cups. It had so much more flavor. The big package did not. Again, when you open it it smells great it just doesn't sustain that flavor when made.

Thank you...
398283398283B001EQ4IXOA14YGK4LQ2P5J1Steve Waddell "Steve"0021239321600Not very goodMy wife and I love caramel flavored coffee, and this just doesn't cut it. Perhaps it's the "truffle" aspect of the coffee? I'm not sure, but whatever it is, we ended up throwing it out after 1 pot.
398284398284B001EQ4IXOA29313797NGT9LEddie Wannabee1231226707200No more than 3!Been told and I should have listened, that any flavor coffee is never going to be as good as a regular kind. The fact that they are flavored indicates that no expensive coffee is used in the preparation. I learned this lesson and I am glad this particular kind, Millstone Caramel Truffle Coffee, Ground, 12-Ounce Packages (Pack of 2), is gone and out of our lives. Live and learn, and we all have learned not to buy flavored coffees anymore. Starting with the smell and then the taste there was nothing special to write home about it. We have graduated from those days to about to purchase a quality coffee grinder so we can enjoy beans which presumably is the way to go. In the meantime we are drinking Peet's Coffee, which in my humble opinion, is better than most Starbucks roasts. Please don't shoot me if you are a Starbucks fanatic for my only crime, if any, has been to attempt to find a good cup of coffee. One with body, gusto and why not?, class. Compared to the better coffees out there it is very apparent to determine that Millstone Caramel Truffle Coffee, Ground, 12-Ounce Packages (Pack of 2) is just average at best.
398285398285B001EQ4IXOA7AD0OXIP2K1WCynthia M. Lawson "cml1988"0151173312000yummy, but not cheapThis coffee is lovely! I add a little every AM to my regular in my french press and it makes a lovely wake-up treat! The price was high, I could have waited for a sale at the grocery, but I was shopping Amazon and bought it as a "splurge".
398286398286B0001CVDYOA2XRWY6BBRXE9HS. Sheets "Sheetsz"3351134604800Yah it's da TingTing is a great substitution for the everyday soda. I've enjoyed it several times while in Jamaica and now I can finally have it home.
398287398287B0001CVDYOA1FD28610ABA2Glenn Robinson1151161216000Ting IS JamaicaIf you've ever been to Jamaica, this is a great way to surprise the family with a cold one in the fridge. My Daughter loves it and it made her day! Great refreshing stuff!
398288398288B0001CVDYOA1WKFXRBKOFIVXSAK0051321488000tinging deliciousI learned about this in the rasta store in Philly then moved to Cali. I found out they sell it on amazon!!! booom send me a case! best soda on the market
398289398289B0001CVDYOAQECNWPOA9XIBM. Chirich0051312502400Grapefruit Explosion!Straight to you from Jamaica mon! This stuff is addictive. If you've ever been to Jamaica you'll know exactly what i'm talking about. Forget the ganja give me the TING! :D The product from this supplier is nice and fresh. I've bought from them a couple of times and the quality is superb. I still had a couple of bottles in the fridge that I bought a year ago and just opened one a month ago and it was still very tasty.
398290398290B0001CVDYOA3UM4U4LEW1JH5Red1maria0051308873600Ting is the bestMy husband and I fell in love with Ting while in Jamaica and its super hare to find ...but we got our shipment fast and was packaged carefully!
398291398291B0001CVDYOA2BRDXP4TW84SZJust Larry with my 2 cents0041291852800Nice taste of the islandsIt was great to find this drink on Amazon, after we returned from a cruise to the Saint's islands. When we want to kick back and relax, my wife and I share a bottle of Ting and remember the catamaran trip with the wind, the smell of the ocean, the music and the fun.

The drink itself would get a 5 star rating, no problems at all with the taste or packaging or anything along those lines. The problem keeping it from 5 star's is the shipping cost, it is way more than the cost of the drinks themselves.

If I could buy Ting locally I would, but we haven't found it in the Houston area. It means, unfortunately, that we won't be ordering this too often, since the shipping cost is twice the cost of the Ting itself.
398292398292B0001CVDYOA2MY8UL7KXVMH4Necey19670011287705600Neva Buy from them againI ordered 6 Ting sodas and everyone of them was flat...I called the company and they have yet to get back to me.
398293398293B0001CVDYOA82G34PJ0HIXLMarilyn Mercury0051259712000The best thing out of JamaicaI was hooked from the first time tasting Ting. It's a light grapefruit taste with a lot of "bite" to it. Tastes wonderful. Will give Coca-Cola a run for it's money. Coke and Ting are the two best tasting drinks in my book. Of course both are horrible for your health/body. But enjoy either once in a while. I just saw there's a Pink Ting! Would love to try that.
398294398294B0001CVDYOA3OJ7ZA0M6QL51Henry Fariss0051236297600Ting, one of Jamaica's Best!This is a wonderful product that I learned about while in Jamaica. I had to have some of it back in the U.S. but it is impossible to find. Pretty good price, but the shipping is just so astronomical on it. Good overall though.
398295398295B0001CVDYOA3NHKB9D4IWU3EJ. Holloway0051205020800Ting SodaA delicious and refreshing drink. I recommend it for anyone who loves the taste of grapefruit, and citrus flavors!
398296398296B0096BR9K8ARUI22H7DW0XMRobert E. Corbett3451298678400the best riceThis is the best rice I ever ate plump and great taste and texture. Forget about jasmine rice Calrose is the best by far.
398297398297B0096BR9K8A2DIWA02NZUMLEH. Che "cheberkeley"0011347753600Great rice, price is such a rip-offIt is a great product, however, who would spend more than 15 dollars on a 5-lb of rice? This is a total rip-off of the consumers who love this great product. Go to your local asian grocery (if there is none, drive 20 miles) and get it for less than 5 dollars!
398298398298B0096BR9K8AKNSMEH55B38SE. Deland2451291334400Our favorite rice for Chinese cookingWe were introduced to this brand of rice by our long-time favorite sushi chef. I don't make sushi often, but it's our go-to brand for all our Asian meals.
398299398299B005F3I95KA62D41SMFHUVBSumati Patel-Pareek0051326758400Amazing Buy!Great buy and loved by my son's 3rd grade class and all of his teachers! I purchased 30 bears which came in 2 perfectly packed boxes. I really appreciated the early than expected delivery. Great as a favor for any event.
398300398300B005F3I95KA206LQVOINVWBLwtcrescuer0051325203200Best teddy for the holidaysReceived just before holiday on a great lightening deal purchase. These were a huge hit with entire family as decorations that made their way into stockings. Great quality.
398301398301B005F3I95KA1LIOJ8YEOAZZCD. DAVIS0011324598400arrived badly damagedI have to agree with the other reviewer. Packaging was extremely insufficient and 4 of my bears arrived smashed beyond recognition. Why not just return you ask?-simple they were purchased with the expectation of giving as gifts. Since I was awaiting their arrival I did not purchase alternate gifts to give. Now with a few days left before the holiday I am forced to use what I can from the shipment and try to find alternatives for the damaged items. Would not buy again.
398302398302B005F3I95KAAX5STGKMCSYOTheQuibbler0051324339200Confused by other reviewI received the product today. None of the bears were broken, but there were one or two of them that had some of the peel wearing off(only marginally though). The bears were not melted either. They came in a Lindt Box with a cute storage for each of them, and had a plastic top as mentioned in the other review.

The chocolate was very delicious. I took one and tried it and it tasted just like a Lindt Truffle, albeit without the truffle goodness inside it. The bears are adorable and I will be using the majority of them for little thank you for teachers and friends. They all have an expiration date on them (for me, it was May 2012) and come exactly as the picture states.

I'd recommend the other reviewer to ask Amazon for a seems the bears were sent in a hot location which is why they melted. My bears came in 65 degree weather so they managed just fine.
398303398303B005F3I95KA12IYMZVJN7O2VEileen Ginsburg0011324339200broken bearsI thought giving chocolate bears would be great for the holidays but when they arrived half of the bears arrived broken or melted. The packaging was totally insufficient with only a plastic top on the bears. The candy was obviously not lovingly cared for and havoc reigned. Now I have nothing to give the kids. I would not order from this company again.
398304398304B0006GWXZSA3TJG0BT0ZDVWGRUHU "Eclectic"9951276128000Yum YUMBoxes are colorful and delightful, you'll want to save them to use again. Delicious treats for all tastes, salty and sweet.
398305398305B0006GWXZSA1JVHB94TKC6GPjan1111337472000ripoffI cant believe my darling sister in law spent all this money for this I loved the wrapping but when I opened it I did not get gourmet food snack dont waste your money. choc chip little cookies awful tasting some little chocates ok, you get get this stuff for about 10.00...
398306398306B002V0296UAPCZCWX7K82EZskobrin0051323648000Just as expected!Orange peel is a good quality, fresh. The package arrived on time as expected.
I will sure buy from this vendor again. The price is right.
398307398307B002V0296UA2NOXTG05AHVB3microtute0041296432000Amazing buyI got this on a gold box deal for $10, an insanely cheap price. I have a friend who uses candied fruit to make bread like hot cross buns with just a little fruit. She loved this
398308398308B0022N4BDUAXVXBXVQZ4U4VMom's Kitchen Table0011340928000WARNING to those with allergies!!!The manufacturer, Faerie's Finest, has confirmed with me, that there are "TRACE ELEMENTS" in this product that may cause an allergic reaction. I have been using this product for some time now and really like it and I wanted to make a peanut butter flavored cake for a friend who has allergies to peanuts, so I called the manufacturer as to what the actual ingredients are. I waited almost 2 weeks for an answer. I finally had to call them back and had to wait for the owner to reply later in the day. The person answering the phone read me the ingredients stating there were natural ingredients but this is NOT WHAT THE LABEL STATES. The label says ARTIFICIAL flavors. But she "assured" me it "should be fine"!! I waited to hear from the owner/manufacturer. When I got the call back I was informed that the ingredients were naturally derived and contained trace elements that may cause an allergic reaction! I am SO GLAD I CALLED! The labeling is not accurate and poses a severe health risk to those with peanut allergies. The product should be discontinued/recalled until proper labeling can be established. Otherwise - if you have no allergy to nuts it is a good extract.
398309398309B000FZWSKUA3I4ZYMOB0E0HWCameron R "Cam"4451170892800Fast and tastyI love this pasta! It only takes three minutes to cook and has a great flavor. I would prefer a 100% whole wheat pasta, but this tastes so good I will continue to purchase this.
398310398310B000FZWSKUA1PAGHECG401K1Chel Micheline "Chel Micheline"2251282953600so good! but not 100% whole wheat...Despite the fact it's not 100% whole wheat (it's got some semolina mixed in), this is a DELICIOUS pasta. This is probably one of the few pastas I could eat directly from the pot, without sauce or seasoning (not that I would, but I don't mind testing it while it's cooking....) It reminds me a lot of the fresh egg noodles I ate as a kid at huge family dinners.

Doesn't disintegrate or get gluey, and doesn't get that weird bitter or nutty flavor some whole wheat pastas take on. Cooks VERY tender and not sticky. Lovely with all sorts of sauces, and we also just toss it with a little oil and some veggies.

This pasta is great.

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