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398461398461B0026KP4GCA3NGKY50YIK8VQSimons' Mama595951265673600Oh thank you.Tearing your hair out? Toddler exist on crackers and air? Do you have nightmares, wake up sweating at night, because your tot isn't taking in the food pyramid # of fruits and veggies? Have no fear. Peter Rabbit is here.

I don't feed my kids in the car. OK, I'm lying. But I try really, really hard not to. Who in their right mind would hand their toddler a freaking pouch of goo, and say "have at it"? No sane person.

I do. They latch onto these things like a deranged octopus and go to town. Not a drop left. Not a drop spilled. We're talking a 15 month old and a 28 month old here, people. If that's not impressive to you, if that doesn't soeak highly of this product, you obviously do not have children. And if you don't have kids, you can still enjoy these slurpy delights. My husband, The Skeptical Parent, took a swig and said "oh! It's just fruit. Like, it tastes like, you know.. fruit." Yes buddy. That's the point. Yum. Enjoy.
398462398462B0026KP4GCA3R663BGUW99V8E. Pianfetti101051245715200Awesome!!! So convenient and yummy!My kids have tried all three flavors of the Peter Rabbit Organics Fruit Pouches and they LOVE them! I have a 16 month old and a 2 1/2 year old they went nuts eating the fruit pouches. It was really easy for both of them to figure out how to squeeze out the fruit so it wasn't messy at all. I love the portability and no choke cap but most of all I just loved watching them eat them since they get so excited. My littlest started sobbing when I took the pouch away when it was all gone and my oldest wanted another one when he was done! Highly recommend and I plan on ordering more! My only wish is that they sold a variety pack on Amazon.
398463398463B0026KP4GCA21TJAJM82UC5K. Hazen6641276732800Perfect for school lunchesJust stick these in your freezer and pull one out each morning when packing school lunches. Perfect smoothie at lunch time. Great flavor without all the junk!
398464398464B0026KP4GCA3KEAXXWSQX8RGR. Ahouiyek "Richie"5541248393600Finally, the readl deal...Finally a kids snack that actually tastes like real food. I have serious 'all-organo-eco-natural' fatigue but this product tastes real, is the right sweetness without that fake flavour so many kids snacks have. I never give anything top marks as I always think things can be better but this is the best stuff I've seen so far and mu nippers like and they are super fussy! Little hard to get hold - are they new?
398465398465B0026KP4GCA1JK1YJFV69CLXRebekah4451248048000What's better than a Squeezie?These are amazing. The package makes my toddler really excited to eat them, they taste great, are portable. . .what more could you ask for in a snack? My daughter likes them so much I can use them as a reward to bribe her to do just about anything. I need more!
398466398466B0026KP4GCA3NF5Q5Y153NDLMomi1151332892800Favorite Flavor!Tried all flavors and this is the best one. Also love Mango, Orange Banana. Won't buy Apple Grape again. It tastes like plain apple sauce. Buy these for on the go snacks for my 2 year old. All the kids love it!
398467398467B0026KP4GCA6BTBKU66X6ISaria1151312070400my baby loves it!it's 100 percent fruit. no sugar no water.
my 16 months baby loves it.
i ordered it again.
398468398468B0026KP4GCAKHMLCAQ57OMID. Toia1141269216000Good for older children tooAs I read through this product information it seemed more for toddlers than for older children. My 9 yr old daughter and I were at a kids event and she was told to pick one Peter Rabbit Organics - I thought it was a juice pouch at first - and one bagged snack. My daughter loved this fruit snack. Squeezing fruit into her mouth was fun to her. I like the fact that it is pure fruit and good for her.

We kept the empty pouch as a reminder to buy some. Months later, we finally did and she is enjoying them. The product is a bit expensive compared to buying some fruit but I would definitely recommend Peter Rabbit Organics fruit snacks to children of all ages.
398469398469B0026KP4GCA3EHN0J4K7EWKLL. PRESCOTT1151249948800My kids can't get enough!These are fabulous on-the-go snacks that my kids LOVE! We've tried all the flavors and they are all favorites.
I love that they are healthy, portable and not at all messy. These Peter Rabbit organic fruit pouches have become must-haves on all our outings and in school lunches, I highly recommend these!
398470398470B0026KP4GCA1FQSSLJ72JRBTCelenaMarie0051347321600The Yummiest One!My four children ranging from 4 to 7 all really like Peter Rabbit Organics squeezable fruits. It's fun, delicious, and natural. We are huge fans of Peter Rabbit and I have to admit, I was excited when I found these. My kiddos have tried Strawberry & Banana; Apple & Grape; and Mango, Banana, and Orange. Each of my children had a different flavor... which worked out perfectly and told me that all of them are equally delicious! But, on a side note, this one was MY favorite (yessss, I tried it!)
398471398471B0026KP4GCA2D1IYADC9M44Jshannonbslb0051345420800Very good productVery good price for the product when purchased with the subscribe and save! Very tasty too, my little one enjoys them!
398472398472B0026KP4GCA3CVHM4DY1NUAAGael T. Holmes0051339459200Finally a company that doesn't use citric acid in their pouches!Thank you for not using corn derivatives (such as citric acid.) Your products are one of the few that we can feed to our child.
398473398473B0026KP4GCA27P9SDST3XWEKLocaLada "live rich"0041316563200Great taste, great snack, but a little expensiveThis tastes great, and I would give this 5 stars, except it is a little too expensive. At over $1.00 a pouch, it costs too much.

It's a great-tasting, low-calorie healthy 70-calorie snack though.
398474398474B0026KP4GCA2U9WQXAWM06LPGretchen &0051307664000Yummy, nutritious & portable
398475398475B0026KP4GCA2UQJV7OELHQP0david m0041307145600delicious!great all natural product. ingredients: organic bananas & organic strawberries. Can't go wrong. Would prefer a little cheaper price though.
398476398476B0026KP4GCA3T9OBY0BW6HFZE. Franks "ekf2003"0051301356800Yum!My children & I have sampled a couple of other brands of squeezable fruit. One they loved, but only comes in applesauce and another they all disliked (the one that comes from someone's kitchen.) These, however, were a big hit! My kiddos are not toddlers, but I'm still looking for fun, easy ways to get fruits and vegetables down them. I'm taking them in my lunch as well. I only wish they had a variety pack.
398477398477B0026KP4GCA2M1VO790ELY5TJ. Macgeorge "COLHARTEDBIOTCH"0051297814400awesome for fussy toddleris your child fussy? wants to it themselves.. this is the trick non messy and is great for them all organic no added sugar or water!! awesome my son loves these and thats great... love these have tried so many different ones haven't found one kind he doesn't like.
398478398478B0026KP4GCA2KIYHQIUKRJP8Kevin Braun "kb"0051296000000my four year old loves them. petfect snackI believe this are very healthy, taste great and convienent
My four year old asks for them all the time, way better then candy. They are much better then the sugar filled fruit at the store. Twist off the cap and your ready to go! This is one of those products that are so great you cant say enough. Anything so easy yet so good for your kids deserves the best review.
398479398479B0026KP4GCAVDS9CNPV9FY9J. Henson "Jackson's Mommy"0051296000000My Picky 3-year old loves it!The list of food that my son likes could fit on a postage stamp, but he loves this stuff! You have to be careful when you order from Amazon. One particular seller lists a 10-pack for $39.95! which is a complete rip off, keep an eye out for the $16.50 offer.
398480398480B0026KP4GCAUURY71YGVNUQLIKEUS0041296000000Great TreatI purchased Peter Rabbit the first time at a coffee shop while on the way taking my son to school. He loved them! I love that it was healthy for him. So I now buy them and keep for when we are out and about. Now we have a better choice instead of giving him some unhealthy. It's prefect snack and filling........
398481398481B0026KP4GCAUJ5SM7ZNJTV0A. Suttles0051289779200A favorite part of my preschoolers lunchGetting fruit to school in edible condition (according to my very particular preschooler) is quite a challenge. I'm so glad we found these "squeezy fruits" as we call them. My daughter gets them in almost every lunch, and I don't feel bad sending them with her. It's important to me that things be organic and not have added sugar. I was actually surprised to see that these purees also contain only the fruit listed. It's not applesauce with a bit of strawberry and banana tossed in. It is strawberry and banana.
398482398482B0026KP4GCA14YTAOQPG2OZTRosa Weston0041287878400Great flavorI think these might be for kids but I really like them too. The flavor is very robust and they store for a long time. I highly recommend these if you are suffering from snack boredom and want to eat healthy.
398483398483B0026KP4GCA39X8777WA7LD9Jennifer L. Lash "Jennifer"0051279584000great productThese fruit squeezes are a healthy on the go snack which is invaluable for toddlers
398484398484B0026KP4GCA1NKRKMVYYB1EGHappymama0051277424000So Conveinent!This snack is a great idea for families on the go. Our child loves that he can carry it around and feed it to himself. It tastes great and makes me feel confident that I am providing a nutritious snack.
398485398485B0026KP4GCA3HRB68B5DYTV1Deb0051276646400Great portable and healthy snack for toddlersGreat product. Pricey, but I try to tell myself that fruit and my child's nutrition is one place where I SHOULD spend a little extra (sure it's easy to give him some sort of cracker or processed food in the car that costs pennies, but is that the right thing...)! I compared many of the different "pouch fruit purees" on the market, and what I liked about this brand and flavor is that it's 100% banana and strawberries--not diluted down with applesauce. Not that there's anything wrong with apple sauce, but I feel better about the price knowing that it wasn't mostly applesauce that I could get way less expensive out of a jar. Organic strawberries are expensive, and yet one of the fruits most important to buy organic (because they harbor so many pesticides). My son sucks down these "smoothies" in no time--kind of hilarious. The only drawback I see is that they are technically pretty high in sugar. Of course they are natural fruit sugars, but it's sugar nonetheless. But I think that's a pretty low "con" as I really can't complain if my kid's getting natural organic fruit in his body.
398486398486B0026KP4GCA1WZ7QHXPKIJ6E. Smith0051262649600So tasty and healthy tooMy 16 month old has been enjoying these for the past few months and she loves them! I've tasted them myself and they're very yummy. I like that it's a bit different than the usual applesauce. The only problem we have is that sometimes she likes to shake the tube and drops go flying everywhere. If I keep a close watch on her though she's usually okay.
398487398487B0026KP4GCA1PEML25KUGVAEThe Santanas0051248912000SAVED OUR SANITY ON A 4-HOUR PLANE RIDE!(Because we tried all three, I wanted to post these on each pouch page.)

YUM! Our 17 month old daughter loves them. When we heard about these new pouches, they were a _must try_. We couldnt decide on a fruit combination, so we ordered a case of each. This worked out well, because the order qualified for amazons free shipping. They arrived very quickly in easy to open cases.

We consolidated them to a box in the pantry so we could get to them faster and because those pouches can kind of slide around. :) Our daughter is all about choices right now and so we let her decide which one she'd like to try first. She looked carefully at each of them then said "NANA! ARN! BUH-NEE! HOP! HOP!" and so chose the Mango, Banana and Orange...and it remains her favorite of the three (although, she would never give up the others if offered).

Now, the plane ride...we recently took a trip to visit grandma from San Jose to Austin - a 4+ hour airflight that we were somewhat nervous about. We packed our fruit pouches and other goodies. It became a special treat as we rolled out to the tarmac and then took off into the sky. She happily ate and when she was done, sat quietly and contently looking at the pouch...pointing at the bunny and the orange and the banana, (we told/showed her there was a mango too).

When we ran out of pouches, we went to the whole foods - but they were not yet available there. They did have another brand, which we reluctantly purchased because unlike the peter rabbit pouches - the cap was so tiny, it could be a serious choking hazzard should it get into the hands (or mouth) of our little lady. The combination was also different and she didnt really care for the other kind as much.

Though she cant say alot of words, she does sign quite a few and she runs to the pantry, points and signs "more, please...more please!! please!!" Which is pretty funny to see.

We took some video the day they arrived, I'll have to see if I can find it and post as part of the review.

All the best!
398488398488B008F8A7JIAXRGL5LJWGB6QShaiha0051350000000Tastes like a fresh peachI have fallen in love with this tea. It reminds me heavily of the peach tea that you can get from the Olive Garden that has fresh peach tea slices in the glasses. You get that same fresh peach flavor.

There is only one reason I didn't give this product a 5. To get this strong peach flavor, I need to use two of the pods for my iced tea glass as one pod only makes eleven ounces of tea. If they would make a larger pod for say 20 ounces of tea then I would be ecstatic.
398489398489B008F8A7JIA1P04T7TNLLJJ8J. Lockwood "long-suffering husband"0041349568000Warning: Peachy, sugary, strong!This review is under my name because that's the way the account is set up, but my wife wrote the following: If you go by the directions and use the pod, draining the results into an 11 oz. mug or glass filled with ice, you may find it undrinkably peachy and overly sweet. I mean, it doesn't "say" peach so much as scream it. I diluted it with a lot of water, and it was a little better. On my second try, I used a large, sturdy, microwaveable measuring cup to catch the tea, and ran water through the pod twice. If you've never done that, the easiest way is to flip up the pod lid and push it back down quickly without removing the pod, so it recycles. Then I poured half of it into a large unbreakable "Clacks" mug filled with ice. I suggest you taste it, and if you need to dilute a little further, just add a little more cold, filtered water. As the package says, putting hot tea directly into an ice-filled glass may cause it to crack. That's why I used a glass measuring cup that's resistant to temperature changes as well as a beer stein-type mug made from an unbreakable poly. Anyway, the results of my second method was enough iced tea for myself and my husband using a single pod. It still tasted quite peachy and wasn't over-sweet. I even got that odd "fuzzy" feeling on my tongue that I get from real peach tea, in fact. Seems to me that getting two glasses for the price of one makes this a good deal. BTW, if your tea turns a little cloudy, I should note that I've occasionally had that happen with traditionally brewed tea as well. (The tea in one mug did, the other didn't.) I forget the explanation for that which I was given years ago, but it doesn't affect the flavor.
398490398490B003U4M09CA1O4F81GWJE9HLConstance "SGS"0041347494400The mini-rolls fit most diets and the candy is darn tastyI can't believe I brought 5 pounds of Neccos into the house. Yes, Halloween is coming, eventually, but these will be long gone by then!

If you have not eaten Necco's before they are a thin hard very tasty little candy wafer with a variety of flavors like chocolate, licorice, and mint, and pastel colors. Being sensitive to artificial flavors and colors this is one of the only candies I can eat. This is likely not true for others with the same troubles by for me these taste great and don't cause allergy problems. Be mindful of your dental work. Yes, these are thin wafers, but they are pretty solid and from experience I've learned that crunching them in your mouth could break a crown or get stuck under bridge work.

These wafers bring back memories as they were one of the favorite candies around when I was growing up. As an adult it's really nice to be able to have these in the house with out blowing anyone's diet.

This mini-roll is just the right size for setting the right boundaries around portion control. I have one or two a day and that works.

These arrive literally in a 5 pound box surrounded by plastic. To avoid having having this box sitting in the middle of the dining table I dug up an old candy jar which looks must better as a center piece.

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