Amazon Fine Food Reviews

398671398671B001D09KAMAUS545VE0P2J1Paul0051350000000Try frozenI just finished my second box of the dark choco cherry cashew. Im over in a hot box so I knew they would arrive somewhat melted, so I threw them in the freezer and they were amazing! If you have kids I dont recommend freezing them but if not you should try esp if they arrive melted they harden up (no mess at all).
398672398672B001D09KAMA2TKFP9YMPASASsammy38560051350000000Kind Bars from AmazonThe Kind Cranberry Almond bars are healthy for you and
are a good source of antioxidants. I use them for a
breakfast bar and keeps me satisfied unitl lunch. I also enjoy
eating them for a late night snack for it satisfies my sweet
tooth. I highly recommend them.
398673398673B001D09KAMA1ZP9Z1H6TF7HKKaren0051349913600The perfect snack!This is my favorite "flacor" of Kind bars. It has the perfect ratio of peanut flavor to chocolate and keeps me from snacking for hours!
398674398674B001D09KAMAKCN7CGKFDTVCThe Storyteller0051349740800Perfectly DeliciousI have been buying Kind Bars for over a year and must say each and every bar is wonderful. I use them as a snack or a breakfast and find it keeps me satisfied completely. The Almond Walnut Macadamia bars are perfectly delicious with whole nuts in every bite...heaven on earth!
398675398675B001D09KAMAORNEU9LISUOYJim W. Dollar0051349654400Great flavor, good buyWhat a Kind deal! You won't regret this way of being Kind to yourself! The variety is excellent--a taste for every bud!
398676398676B001D09KAMA1J78XCG7LGJ9JCarol P.0051349481600Ki Almond Plus Cranberry and Almond BarsI think this bar is exceptional because it contains such large pieces of nuts, even whole almonds, and cranberries.
This is a great "take along" snack as long as it is kept somewhat cool. If too warm it is somewhat sticky and hard to remove from the wrapper.
398677398677B001D09KAMA2B5INK0TSCGU9Maureen Doyle "catmosie0"0051349395200Super fantastic!These Kind bars have got to be one of the BEST! Whenever I am having a chocolate craving, a chocolate cherry & cashew bar will definitely fix it. They arrived in perfect condition!!
398678398678B001D09KAMA2POSXDNML7CPRjuell0041349308800good alternative for gluten free snackI really like these bars, the taste and texture are really good, however the consistency of the bars themselves are somewhat sticky. So I have learned to eat them when I can wipe my hands or wash them.
398679398679B001D09KAMAMKEJ1FF975P5M. Gianelli "voracious reader"565851253664000Nice snack that lasts!This bar has cranberries, almonds, and macadamia nuts (NOT bits and pieces!) as their main ingredients, in a soft honey-like glaze to keep it all together. I refrigerate them in the summer or they kind of "wilt". The ingredients are fresh, and the nuts are crunchy. What I really appreciate about these bars is that it really takes time to eat and enjoy them. Those nuts are meant to be chewed and not inhaled, unlike a lot of snacks that disappear as soon as you get the wrapper off. I can't eat one in front of my favorite dog, as this is one snack I am too fond of to share with her... much to her dismay. I think they are worth the cost, and I know they cost way more if you find them in a local grocery store.
398680398680B001D09KAMAP3UNMQ4PQ87YSylvie10711931282176000the Peanut barI was looking forward to receiving this order. Almonds, macadamias, and walnuts! Sounded delicious.
Then I tried one, and was puzzled. Yes, I could taste some almond, but WOW, the main flavor was PEANUTS. The ingredients list peanuts as the largest amount of nuts. This should be called the Peanut, Almond Bar. If one likes to have the main flavor of a nut bar as peanuts, you will enjoy this.
The quality of KIND products I appreciate, as well as the low GI, the natural properties, and having a healthier choice. But honesty in advertising and product would be appreciated.

I was disappointed with the deception, and the unexpectedly strong flavor of peanuts, as I purchased it for the nuts I like best, which were supposed to be the main source of nut protein.
Let's get honest KIND!
398681398681B001D09KAMA3GSZWOVHBAZ4OSarah Ducich12113721282003200Changed FormulaThese were a staple for my gluten-free teenager until a few months ago when she started complaining that they tasted different, not in a good way. We found out that the company has moved to a new factory/producer and that the formula has changed in some ways. The flavor is not as fresh and tastes more like processed food. We are really disappointed and are hoping that the company can somehow find its way back to making really great bars.
398682398682B001D09KAMA14R9XMZVJ6INBamf0001131351272067200Delicious and nutricious!I like protein bars conceptually - something to grab as you rush out - I go to a lot of 6 pm meetings, and plan to eat dinner when they end, but by then I'm ravenous, and I need something to hold me through them. So I've tried a lot of bars and frankly they range around mediocre, pretending to be something (chocolate!)that they are clearly not.

So what are these bars like? Great! Really delicious - full of nuts you can see and taste, not too sweet, as often these bars are, and it has protein! A happy find, we bought a box and will buy more, I can see it becoming a staple in our cupboards.

May 2010 - on to my third order, so this is a really great snack in our house. The protein really does help fill you up, it's a perfect snack, and all of us think it's delicious (though my son does prefer the macadamia passionfruit, this one has protein and that makes it a much better bar for me and my husband and our low sugar tendencies)
398683398683B001D09KAMAUCN1M7NPIHX1S. M.9951265414400Great barsThese are our favorite bars - not too sweet and all natural. We order them by the bulk every time. The cranberries give them a bit of a tangy flavor which makes them just right. The almonds taste fresh and crunchy. Highly recommend them.
398684398684B001D09KAMAY7PS9N341GHESWB9951262995200Mouth Watering & AddictiveThese bars are the best health bars I've ever eaten. They are are moist and sweet. My previous favorite was the KIND Almond and Apricot and I didn't think they could be outdone, but I was wrong. The Mango Macadamia are now the slight forerunner. I find myself craving these bars all of the time. The KIND company has outdone itself; bars that are yummy and good for you. What could be better?
398685398685B001D09KAMA3NFXPFK2E58B6C. Hasio8851255478400Great tasting healthy barThe cashew and almond bar is very tasty. I eat these whenever I am hungry and want a healthy snack. I noticed that when I eat these before working out, they give me energy too.
I love these bars! They are nice and chewy and crunchy with the nuts in it. Very tasty combination and I highly recommend.
398686398686B001D09KAMAN11XFDR3CZ6FAvalee Suneima "Avid Reader"111251255996800Kind Plus Cranberry & Almond BarsThese bars are delicious. Not heavy on the stomach with just enough sweetness to satisfy.
398687398687B001D09KAMA178DX34IA85M1K. Shih6651295222400Delicious!KIND PLUS Pomegranate Blueberry Pistachio bars are very delicious. I enjoy one bar and a glass of orange/carrot juice every morning. Dr Oz recommends that you eat protein within the first hour after waking; you will get protein from this bar. I really love the fresh taste and texture. 2012 UPDATE: I usually get bored with food, but not these bars! I still have my juice and this Pom/Blue/Pistach bar every single morning for breakfast. I don't kind-a-like KIND, I totally love it!!!
398688398688B001D09KAMA1MKS9SPR0RP0SJonnita Amonette5551328745600Peanut Butter and Dark Chocolate JoyI am new to the "Kind" family of products and ordered these bars after talking with a friend. WOW! These are amazing! They serve as a total meal replacement when I'm on the go, but still taste good enough to be considered a snack. I have now also tried the cranberry/almond (which are tasty, but sticky enough that I have learned not to eat them in the car)and the Vanilla Blueberry Granola and Cinnamon Oat Cereal as well. These are GREAT products and I recommend them highly. I've never written a review for anything before, but "Kind" words needed to be said!!!
398689398689B001D09KAMA2962SUPTU1US6linda in texas0051349222400kind plus blueberry+fiber barsthese are delicious, i take them to work as a snack to tide me over until lunch or as an afternoon snack.
398690398690B001D09KAMA5CISGCLH8L7BJason Hun ""0051349049600Great tasting!Mango can use more flavor but still great & the macadamia nuts in it are large & taste great! Chewy & crunchy! Best tasting fruit & nut bar by far! Reminds me of being back in Hawaii!
398691398691B001D09KAMA3DCGLN9CO4BEWNorit0051348704000Great Gluten Free SnackBest afternoon snack ever! I put these in my bag in the AM on my way to school/work. Great source of protein, and the product is natural and gluten free! :)
398692398692B001D09KAMA1RZ96GGRELTK2vickie B "Vickie"0051348185600Love it!Very good pick me up when you're on the go. Excellent taste, I eat one bar with 100% tart cherry juice.
398693398693B001D09KAMA1LZWXS353ANI9Carb-lovin' Celiac0041348185600Solid GF protein to have on handMy daughter and I have Celiac Disease and in our experience, lunch is the hardest meal of the day. When we are at home we are fine, but when we are at work or school, it is either difficult to find safe Gluten Free food or a clean enough location in which to eat that food without contaminating it by all the meals previously eaten there. We try to carry our lunch when possible, but we rely on safety net foods such as the Kind Plus Peanut Butter Dark Chocolate and Protein Bars to save us in a pinch or help us have energy to get home.
398694398694B001D09KAMA8T4BQZESWHIXR. Arnold "Philosopher Photographer"0051348012800Fabulous option for on-the-go snacks for those who eat Gluten Free!I used to regularly grab various brands of granola and meal replacement bars when I was too busy to eat a proper meal, but since becoming gluten intolerant I have found myself at a loss for what to purchase. Even seemingly innocent products would have hidden ingredients waiting to make me feel miserable. Anyone who is gluten intolerant (or is allergic, or has Celiac) knows how frustrating it can be to find convenient foods, despite the growing number of food producers who are aware and clearly mark their packaging as "gluten free".

Then, thanks to the bride at a recent wedding I photographed, I found Kind bars. The almond-cranberry ones were the type she offered me as a snack while the bridesmaids were getting ready, and I found them to be a fabulous mix of flavors and have a very palatable texture (perhaps a bit on the dry side, but it's a nut bar, so have something to drink handy). The amount of fiber and protein in these bars is quite filling even with the small portion size, and there are no worries about sugar drops thanks to the low-glycemic recipe.

I highly recommend these to not just those who are gluten intolerant, but also for anyone who wants a healthy on-the-go snack that will actually sustain you until your next meal. So far I haven't been disappointing by any flavors I've tried and just ordered a few I haven't seen anywhere in stores and look forward to reviewing those as well.
398695398695B001D09KAMA1ENHRW45AF7E1Robin R. Wicker "wickgeo"0051348012800Addicted to Kind barsI confess I am addicted to most of the Kind Bars. My first try of the Blueberry Pistachio bars sealed my problem They are delicious, fairly low in calories and I sometimes use them as a meal substitue and feel satisfied. Try them!
398696398696B001D09KAMA30UOBBJSKRCEYL. Harrison0051347753600Delicious snackThese are about $1.50 to $2.50 in the store, so I was pleased to find them on subscribe and save for $1.50 each or cheaper. Good quality, sturdy enough to toss in a purse or backpack, and pleasantly sweet without being overwhelming. Good substitute for candy when I want a treat. Filling enough to hold me several hours when I'm on the go.
398697398697B001D09KAMA11JLIHNU3LLU8sinjin0051347667200kind barreally good snack pricey but worth it get em in bulk start grubbin keep some in the car great for bike rides forget powerbars!
398698398698B001D09KAMA2V4LCCTNXQUPSTina J. Donovan "Tina"0051347321600These are the best!I love these bars and run out of them quickly. I don't feel guilty about this snack - they are tasty yet healthy.
398699398699B001D09KAMA1ASEUV2OH7JQPRachelle A. Dillon0051347235200Delicious, decadent food barBuy at Walmart 4/$4.27 cheaper than Amazon. A little more expensive than some other similar bars and well worth it. The quality and taste is exceptional. More like a dessert with nutrition and real ingredients. The cherry / cashew ones are wonderful too.
398700398700B001D09KAMA2PJYTDF5FRMAKB.M.0051347235200Excellent. Love the Blueberry PecanIt almost tastes like a mini blueberry pie. I just love this one. It is my favorite and I have thoroughly fallen in love with these.

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