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399481399481B003ZA46X4A2EJD332VVWGYZRay0051350000000SIMPLY AMAZING!My wife came home from the market with these today. This evening I was looking for a snack and opened the bag. I nearly ate the whole bag in one sitting. They offer a terrific combination of sweet, salty, and crunchy. **CAUTION** Highly addictive!!
399491399491B003HB8D7QAGICQ6RU5LFDBJ. Maxfield586911302480000Kirkland Pine nuts from China give bitter "pine mouth"Steer clear of these pine nuts imported from China. They have been implicated as the cause of "pine mouth" a nasty bitter aftertaste that lasts for days or weeks after eating the nuts. Everything you eat has a nasty bitter aftertaste. My spouse and I both suffered symptoms after eating from a bag of Kirkland Pine nuts. I though I was sick but a search of the internet made the connection.

Pine nuts imported from China, like the Kirkland brand, may contain an inedible species, P.armandii. Here is a link to a scientific article on the topic from the "Journal of Toxicology"

399482399482B005H9UKZYA1BAGYA2CR9LCUGrandma0051341273600Our dogs love thisOur dogs get very excited when I get out the Kongs and the Stuffing. The container is easy to use with the different toys.
399492399492B003HB8D7QARE11X11MQJZDC. J. Gasser0051341273600Can't even find them at Costco!You really can not beat this price, well you can but you'd need to go to an ethnic market in a large city. All the Greek, Italian, Lebanese markets and more sell them in bulk.

I am almost out and figured I'd pick some up at costco but they were not selling any! It would be a total bummer but I remembered I can buy them on Amazon! Score!
399483399483B004S07GMSAMRMK86X3PKXDR. Thomasson1151310515200Great addition to a mealThese are crisp, spicy sliced pickled carrots. They are medium hot with a great spice mix and are slightly sweet. They are packed with strips of jalapeno and onion. Very good alone or in a salad.
399493399493B003HB8D7QA1O7QKSOGIIAWIl s sims0051338854400Yummy!Pine nuts are really expensive where I live. I was very happy to find a product that is affordable and fresh tasting. I will definitely purchase these again.
399484399484B004XTCZ52A22JXVN4LHMELRNostalgiaQueen0051311724800Fabulous!Mix 3 Tablespoons of this relish with a can of chickpeas for a delicious humus hat your guests will love.
399494399494B003HB8D7QA1GNGTXJPXIFP8Alex Gorbatchev1251343174400Great flavor!Loved these, very yummy, cheaper than Safeway. Didn't have any problems with pine mouth (I think this is individual thing and has nothing to do with this product specifically) Strongly recommend!
399485399485B004XTCZ52AICP13RRU55YLEllery Davies "Ellery (at) StarBus (dot) com"0151304812800International taste sensation!I discovered Patak's Brinjal Egg Plant Relish in the 1990s, before the label was sold to a UK food conglomerate. At the time, it was called Patak's Brinjal Aubergine (or Bringal Pickle Aubergine in some markets).

When the company transferred across the Atlantic, the new owners chose to abandon this little gem in favor of Patak's other chutney's and mint pastes -- all of them terrific. But for me, it was like losing a best friend. Talk about COMFORT food... I called the new owners at least once a year begging for a return of ambrosia.

For me, it was like trying to break a drug addiction, but in this case, there was no methadone in site. It's difficult to describe a flavor in a text review, but let me try...

Some of us like our pastes, sauces and relishes *HOT*. (This one is modestly rated as "medium"). But when recipes add chili or other heat, it is far too easy to drop the ball on the other flavors. Would you like some sweet, spicy & natural flavors dancing amongst the tangy heat? Do want a flavor that makes you close your eyes and praise the designer for giving you a tongue? If this describes you, then this is as close to paradise as it gets. Next, let's talk about VERSATILE. I spread this baby on everything (the word "spread" requires artistic license. Some firm eggplant chunks are as big as your little finger!)

Do you have to be Indian to eat this relish? Heck no! I'm a mid-west raised, New England Yankee. But this little jar of heaven has become one of my raison's d'etre (Translation: "reasons for existence"). To be fair, you have to love Indian or Mediterranean spice. It's loaded with chili, fenugreek, coriander, mustard and turmeric -- and especially fresh garlic (definitely not roasted or denatured!). And of course, it has just the right amount of heat. The basic flavor component is a bit like fermented raisins or rum w/raisin, though I doubt that there is any alcohol.

Verdict: 6 out of 5 stars. (That's not a mistake. It's THAT good!)

Want a sanity check? Sure, why not! Write to me:
ellery (at) starbus (dot) com <-- Please look for email challenge
399486399486B0018CLK7QAJTNSXPF7PXFAAmy R. Nix "Aspen74 - just another bibliophile"0131334448000If the Dog Won't Eat It...I have a 4.5 year-old beagle who is extremely sensitive to corn and somewhat sensitive to both wheat and rice. I fed her Pinnacle brand dog food for a long time, but when stopped carrying it, I had to find something new. I ordered the Nature's Variety brand dry foods in every flavor over the past year trying to find one my beagle would enjoy. While eating the Nature's Variety, she was healthy and had no food-related problems. The ingredient lists on all of the different flavors available are very good. It is a high-quality, high-scoring dog food.

My beagle hated it...and for my beagle to turn her nose up at ANYTHING edible is really saying something. With great reluctance, I have stopped ordering this brand because I don't just want it to be good quality food. I want my dog to enjoy it, too. Her meals are her greatest pleasure in life, and so I will be trying to find another retailer with the Pinnacle brand (which she thrived on, as well, and actually enjoyed eating).

Summary: Kioko the Wonder Beagle thrived on this food, and we tried each of the varieties/flavors without digestion upset (it's designed to be interchanged like that), but she simply did not like eating it.
399487399487B000XR6IVKA2K12OJLEV1LBM. Thompson2241310428800Nice kit for the experienced bonsai gardenerIf you are looking for a gift of a bonsai for someone who knows how to care for bonasi this is a nice packet with the video and all. The pot is very nice as well. But remember that a juniper is an outside plant that needs to winter outside so unless you are giving this to someone who knows what they are doing, it will probably be dead in a year or so. Of course you will still have the pot....

Seriously though this plant should only be owned by someone who knows how to care for outside bonsai. If you are looking for a gift for someone without bonsai experience it is better to stick to a ficus or schefflera.
399488399488B000XR6IVKA2Q5I86LGJ7RREJ. Jackson-Forsberg "jjf"0051338595200Quality Juniper bonsai at a reasonable priceNow that I understand something of bonsai basics (i.e. treat outdoor plants to a life outdoors so as not to kill them!), I've decided to begin this hobby / art form with a Juniper bonsai. After browsing the great variety of Juniper bonsai trees available on Amazon, I settled on this plant because I thought it had a pleasing shape, was described as having "full" growth, and comes in a distinctive stoneware pot. For the price, $38, it appeared to be the most mature and well-styled tree that I could find, and I didn't want to spend significantly more for my first tree.

I ordered the bonsai on Monday (which, granted, was a holiday). The bonsai shipped on Thursday via USPS Priority Mail. This struck me as somewhat slow processing, and I would recommend to the seller that they ship by USPS only Monday through Wednesday to avoid live plants sitting in mail processing facilities over the weekend. This is a tip that I always follow when I ship live plants, and it ensures that plants shipped anywhere in the contiguous 48 states arrive in the same week they were shipped. Fortunately, my bonsai arrived on Saturday, so it didn't have to spend a dark day in a box. This, however, is my only even slightly negative comment.

The bonsai itself was larger and more full than I had expected. It stands close to 11" in an approximately three inch deep pot. The pot is a lovely silvery green which perfectly complements the juniper foliage. The bonsai does not appear to have been freshly potted in response to my order: the trunk feels stable within the pot, implying good root growth, and the bonsai is potted with a rock and established moss. The pot was labeled with a sticker to identify which view was the front, and the bonsai was shipped with a small package of organic fertilizer. Bonsai from this seller also come with with a "Thriving Bonsai" DVD. I have not yet watched the video, but I appreciate the care that the seller extends to the bonsai novice. This seller clearly wants the bonsai to be properly fed, appreciated, and cared for in its new home.

I am very pleased with my purchase, and would highly recommend purchases from this seller.
399489399489B003O7DXTGA3ORU003K27LRFSunny TooR0051321142400The real deal authentic flavorextremly happy with this (Laziza tandoori)spice.Just follow the direction on the pack valla juicy/tandoori chicken,even my guest were so surprised they dont believe me that i have cooked this chicken , they say you must have order it from the restaurant.
399490399490B003JH0KMOA11YOTONCPRQ9SSH0111325635200Does not tolerate shippingI ordered two boxes of 12 cans each. Amazon poorly protects this product in shipping. Of the 24 cans, 9 of them were dented and damaged, some in each box. I've ordered canned items one other time and got the same results. So I had decided not to mail order canned food again. Well, I did. This time, I've learned my lesson. Dented up cans risk being compromised.
399495399495B003HB8D7QA9G0V590F5OC5D. Oade0151349827200Exceptional qualityI've been eating pine nuts all my life. It's really difficult to find this level of quality at this price point. If you love pine nuts, do yourself a favor and try these !
399496399496B003HB8D7QA11MM62MMT8TVEcarlyn lehbs0151348099200why pay more?This is a great product! You can buy pine nuts just about anywhere but this is the lowest price I could find. They were delivered as fresh as I could hope. I use them in lots of recipes and salads but especially in Pesto. I grow my own Basil so the price of pine nuts was important. I will be buying the larger size since it did come in a resealable bag. Also nuts can be frozen without loosing their freshness. Why pay more for a product which is no better than these? Thank You Kirkland!
399497399497B003HB8D7QA1P2BAXH11PVW1larry blackburn0151342396800Kirkland pine nutsExcellent value. Great tasting, fresh pine nuts at a fraction of the cost in regular grocery stores. What a treat!
399498399498B003HB8D7QA3R9DK5P36PLVWMichael Bobrowski4851314230400Great price, great qualityBest price on quality pine nuts you will find anywhere. This is a Costco item (Kirkland is their brand) and I see it in my local Costco regularly. I used these to pake pignoli nut cookies. They worked perfectly.
399499399499B00017LEXEA3OQFWMCMYYO4ME. Charvat202041171152000A CaveatThe popcorn itself is yummy, just be warned that we had trouble popping it using our air popper. The kernels were too light and would blow out of the popper before they were popped. It's great in the microwave or a pan, but maybe the larger white or yellow would be a better match for an air popper.
399500399500B00017LEXEA1KHOI0WVQRI2JMatthew Brown "mwbrown"202051151539200Great PopcornI won't claim to be a professional food taster ... I just know what I like and don't like. I don't like "yellow" popcorn, I don't like microwave popcorn, I like the "white" popcorn cooked in a pan. For my "popping style" the Baby White pops great w/o lots of hard kernels. 'nuf said.
399501399501B00017LEXEA1U3SYIJ2RRBDGJM131341170806400Keep poppin!This is really good. Tender, a little sweet. Easy to make in the Whirley Pop, and excellent with some Cheddar & Spice popcorn seasoning!
399502399502B00017LEXEA1X37RPYOJLQXSLinda S. Mcewen "Linda"131441108771200TenderI was a little concerned to buy the popcorn, as you never know what you are going to get. But I did and I am glad I did. The popcorn is nice and tender, pops easy, great taste and hull-less. I have moved from the microwave popcorns and glad I did because of this product. I like the fact the the popped corn is small but great!
399503399503B00017LEXEA3KPT4FF3J91W4Keith Shepard "Who cut the cheese?"222711169683200Shipping is INSANE!!!I love the popcorn, but the shipping costs are INSANE!! A total rip off. Wabash Valley Farms or Amazon or whoever is charging the shipping is out of their mind. 5 Stars for the popcorn. Minus 4 stars for the terrible cost associated with shipping. Argh...Yes, the popcorn is tender and luscious, and it melts in your mouth like you're eating cooked grasshoppers, but come on!!! Can't you ship this product for less?

Shipping the 6 pound bag is even worse. *sigh* Too bad really.
399504399504B00017LEXEA1KHOI0WVQRI2JMatthew Brown "mwbrown"7751205020800Our Favorite PopcordWe like the much harder to find "white" popcorn over the more common "yellow" popcorn and Amish Country Baby White is our absolute favorite. We usually order 3 of the 6 lb bags 'cause we go thru it so quickly.
399505399505B00017LEXEA17VSUQ3HCBZVRDonald D. Olson4451268438400good popcornI love this popcorn. Only downside is the shipping and packing. Cost almost as much as the popcorn. Need to pack it better. Bag split and a bunch of loose popcorn falling out of the box when the guy brought it to my door.
399506399506B00017LEXEA1N5CS6SNE8GLUNic4421233792000Too small, too much shell & not enough white fluffy partI purchased the baby white by accident. We usually get the medium white, which is great. The baby is so small when popped that the taste and texture of the hull shell really overwhelm it.
399507399507B00017LEXEA2MRABCJV61EAHMarathonGirl4421208908800Tasty popcorn but kernels too small for a hot air popcorn popperTasty, small kernel popcorn. However, too small and too light to be popped in a hot air popcorn popper. The kernels are blown out of the popper before they are popped.
399508399508B00017LEXEA3ENX1Y48DJQVKJack Welch4431171670400Small popsThe gourmet corn is smaller kernels than I like so would probably not buy it again. But with their special oil and the Stir Crazy Popper every kernel pops every time.

I will probably return to good old Jolly Time.
399509399509B00017LEXEA3GKMWN4QRGIDTM. Lashley "Hawkings is Junk"3351294704000The BestThis is the best popcorn i have ever ate. I use a Whirley Popper to pop my popcorn. When you eat this baby white hulless you will never go back to any other popcorn. I gave my Orville Redenbacher's and Walmart popcorn away..To many husks. You just can't beat this popcorn. It tastes sooooo good even my puppy loves it.
399510399510B00017LEXEA1TL8ME5TPUM2YMartha S. Morthland3351223510400Amish Baby White PopcornI first had this popcorn at my 84 year old cousin's home. I thought it was so tender and delicious, and I wanted to buy some for myself. I found it on believe it or not!!! Anyway, I ordered 6 pounds of it. All 6 pounds are now gone. This popcorn is REALLY good. It is different than other popcorns I have eaten because the kernels are small and very delicate. I consider myself a pro when it comes to popcorn because I have eaten it every night since I was a little girl. I usually eat my popcorn 1 kernel at a time, but since the kernels are so small, I ate it by the handful. My only complaint is that it does cost a lot to have it shipped. I wish I could find it locally so I would not have to pay for the shipping costs. If you like popcorn, I highly recommend it.

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