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400501400501B0089C9EXKADE2EB52R4JNCBibi0051340668800DeliciousThis tea is delightful, both in scent and flavor.
Love it specially, after dinner give you a sense of tranquility.
400502400502B0089C9EXKA41CEDED9SAUYFrancine0051340668800jasmine green teaJasmine tea is supposed to give you pretty dreams. And when combined with green tea, it will give you healthy pretty dreams. Love it!
400503400503B0019N87XEAS66VOYLSRMBNJeffrey Ziegler101051265932800Excellent SaltMorton should be commended for producing this wonderful salt product. On my Sodium Chloride Saltiness of Salt Scale (commonly known as SCSSS) this product ranks a full 10 which puts it right at the top of its class. And the packaging is first rate. I mean, a cylindrical box with a metal pull up spout -- it just doesn't get any better than that! I no longer use a salt shaker since it's such a kick to sprinkle it straight from the box. A dinner guest erred once and dumped about 4 tablespoons on her fillet mignon steak but it was her fault for not paying attention and being careless. I no longer date much as it has taken me years to recover from this trauma.

This salt has a great salt flavor. It is especially good when you want to add a salty taste to food. If you want to prepare a salt water gargle then just add some of this salt to water. Works every time!

400504400504B0019N87XEA1OCTGLD9EQLCCKellie1151330646400surpasses expectationsI had always bought the store brand salt. One day the only store brand available was of the free running variety. Because, like most Americans, I live in mortal fear of the dreaded goiter I thought "What the heck? I'll throw caution to the wind and spend the extra 10 cents." What a revelation! The metal pour spout has lasted through many pours-- a claim I cannot make of the lesser salts.
But it is not only that that makes this salt superior. I was delighted to find on the back of the package tips for being "salt savvy". Let's just say, I'm more prepared to "salt responsibly".
The package also promoted their other varieties of salt. I do find the claim that the sea salt is "harvested by the wind and the sun" a bit dubious. Really? No heavy machinery involved?
Morton salt was well worth the splurge. It gives me a little taste of how the 1% lives. A salty taste, that is! (Still, I would not go so far as to pay the roughly 1600% mark up of the salt listed here.)
400505400505B0019N87XEA11PTCZ2FM2547D. Mikels "It's always Happy Hour here"1141235952000Sprinkle Some FlavorSalt. It's one of the building blocks of life, and sprinkled modestly it makes a fried egg stand up and pay attention. I absolutely love how salt energizes and enhances flavor in foods, so I'm a big believer in MORTON IODIZED SALT. Why iodized? Because it contains iodide, a "necessary nutrient." Well. . . .okay.

Most foods these days are precooked or "heat & eat." They are already loaded with sodium. I save the Morton's for fresh foods. A baked potato. A piece of lean ground beef. Corn on the cob. Oh, yeah. Just pull up the nifty metal tab on the circular 26-ounce container and pour into your favorite salt shaker, then sprinkle away for a flavorful feast. But please: In moderation only. Your ticker will thank you later.
--D. Mikels, Esq.
400506400506B0019N87XEA19TFOERJ18S18breanna4621320537600why priced so highly???I've been using this salt since I was a child and for the love of God why is it that much cash??????????? can get this at walmart or pretty much any grocery store for like 89 cents!!!!!!great salt though but don't buy it from here.
400507400507B0019N87XEA2GE4Z54ANQRNEKris0041350777600Classic Table SaltThis salt dissolves very quickly in liquids and has a good salt taste without any chemical after taste. The product doesn't cake or clump together over time so no need to add rice, but I would try to keep it in a dry area anyway. This is not a coarse rock or sea salt, so it won't give "bursts" of salt flavor. It is very fine and great to add a consistent salt flavor to any dish.

Great for every day fine salt needs.
400508400508B0019N87XEA18HUPGFRSCCRFrrpv0051331337600Best SaltWe have not even tried any other brand for past 15 years. It is one of the best and just stock up few of these and comes for a year. Highly recommended!
400509400509B004VLSV5UA1SCQYLCP16AK3Original Larkin1151332115200Great product, good value!I bake gluten free and use a lot of brown rice flour for breads. I have always used the Bob's Red Mill variety. I used to buy the small bags (24oz) from the store but I was constantly running out and forgetting to buy more. These larger bags (48oz) are much easier to get a measuring cup into and scoop out the required amount of flour, and since I use so much it is handy to have a larger bag (I have never seen these big bags at the store). Subscribe and save makes this a great value and ensures I never run out. The box that this ships in though is quite heavy, so you might want to keep that in mind before ordering!
400510400510B004VLSV5UA2AV6EYCQ5OA30grandMOM1151325116800It's rice flour - what's to say?It's brown rice flour - what's to say? I do like that Bob's Red Mill packages their products in a box that can be opened, one taken out, and then the lid put back on. Carries the certified gluten free seal.
400511400511B004VLSV5UA1TZ5V3J0R8N3Elunchpackinmama0021348272000Good flour but beware if you're corn allergic.I loved buying this flour because it's so much cheaper than others I've tried. HOWEVER, my 3yo corn allergic son reacted to it everytime that I bought it. I switched to Authentic Foods and no reaction, same goes for Lundberg brown rice flour. I would not recommend this to someone with a corn allergy/intolerance.
400512400512B004VLSV5UA23695DU6I1CCAjulianne p diesch0051341705600My new go-to flour!Having only recently come around to baking gluten-free, I had grown accustomed to the hearty richness of darker flours. There was a time when I substituted whole wheat pastry flour for all-purpose flour in every recipe, to give a little extra color and fiber without compromising the performance of the flour in the recipe. Brown rice flour gives me some of that color that I've grown to expect when I look at something I've baked. Some of the flours or starches are so bright makes the final product look a little "pasty." The Brown Rice flour from BRM really helps give some depth to my baked goods. I love the value in the 4-pack as well!
400513400513B000Q2TJZYAYB4ELCS5AM8PJohn B. Goode "JBG"4451260835200Excellent!Cadbury's is by far my favorite brand of chocolate. I've tried all different types of chocolate from organic stuff, to imported stuff, to exotic stuff, to domestic brands to the very expensive stuff so it's funny that it's the proletariat everyman's Cadburys, which is in my humble opinion the best tasting.

It is not widely known, but Cadburys did not used to be available in the US. We had Hersheys and England had Cadburys, but fortunately Hersheys brought Cadburys over here, and I'm glad they did, because Cadburys chocolate is better than Hersheys. I think Cadburys is sweeter and smoother. But I think Hersheys changed the formula a little because I had a friend mail me a bar of Cadburys from England, and their Cadburys is a little less sweet and darker.

Cadburys with almond is one of their 3 regular offerings. The other two are Milk Chocolate and Fruit and Nut. Fruit and Nut is my favorite and Almond is next. I like the Almond bar because the nuts are crunchy; I have yet to eat a bar with spoiled nuts (which you sometimes do if you eat chocolate with peanuts) With the crunch you not only get gustatory pleasure but you get a textural pleasure from the mixture of something crunchy as well as something soft in your mouth. I have to admit that Cadbury's, which is tailored to the American sweet tooth is a mite too sweet and it isn't dark chocolate, which is "good" for your health. But who wants to live forever anyway? Chocolate is for pleasure, it's a hedonistic pleasure, if you're into health you should be eating sprouts and doing yoga, not eating this.

But taste is in the end subjective, all I can do is to ask you to try it. For me, Cadburys is the best.
400514400514B000Q2TJZYA1XVYH099MR9HNAndrea0051342396800Cadbury MY Favorite chocolate barThese are the best chocolate bars by far. My soster turned me on to these. I especially like the roasted almond bars!! I make sure to always have a bar on hand at ALL TIMES in my hoiuse!
400515400515B0002JGLN4A2JED4KXRSWSASharon Stillson "Sharon Stillson"0051285027200tastes great and help with congestionA friend came to visit and left a box of this tea. I searched all over Seattle and couldn't find it. Finally bought it through Amazon. It tastes great! I dink a cup at night and it helps my bronchitis.
400516400516B001QEAYK0A1S2KS7G8V2955cvr0051342224000Merick Mondo Bully SticksMerrick Mondo Bully sticks are fantastic. Our dog loves these so much. The difference that we see between the Mondo Bully (24 to 36 inches) and the regular bully (6 to 12 inch) is that the Mondo is a larger treat (circumference). Our dog seems to prefer it to the regular bully stick. There are some issues with Merrick products. In this case the 36" mondo has become the 24" mondo without a price cut. Also their taffy products was recalled a year ago.
400517400517B001QEAYK0AKGYV341V3N3LMichael Gorlin "TechMaster Mike"0051277856000Dogs love it.. this size makes it economicalSo, you can buy much shorter stix at the pet store that cost about 1/2 as much, and they last about 1/10th the time. This is by far the absolute best value in bully sticks. If you have a saw, you can cut them into smaller piece, if not, you can give even a smaller dog this size of a stick and they will take care of it. My coton who loves to chew on these sticks and is only 14lbs can be kept busy for over a month with one stick, now that's value!!! I highly recommend.
400518400518B000KOWXMYA29LO106WMW38MStan &0011348531200Not up to par
400519400519B000KOWXMYA2YMZM2WJS9C0LSue E. Ramsey "Sue E. Ramsey"00513165632002nd box and still goooooodAs I stated from my other review I really enjoy these tasty treats. I get a long lasting treat instead of a quick gratification of guilt. Sugar Daddy's have been around for a long long time and it's because they offer a great combination of sweet with caramel. I have backed off of eating one every day because I know it's not good to do so but when I do indulge I am completely satisfied. If I had only one change it would be for them to be a little softer so you can take a little bite and just chew the caramel taste for a while. A great treat but look at the price these days, I can remember when they were a nickle a piece well I am old as the hills :).
400520400520B000KOWXMYA2PFXWZO87A3JXCoby0051315094400CobyNice quality product! I am glad I purchased this product. Worth the price! The item is exactly as described and I do recommend this product!
400521400521B000KOWXMYA23X7453VUZFUYMariana0051303430400Delicious!!I love these sugar daddy's so much I am going to order again. I finally found this seller who is not only honest but also the quality is great. I have bought from other sellers and find the wrappers always stuck or hard to remove from the sugar daddy. Thanks so much!
400522400522B004BNUCAUA8R4P9XQOAJ6KStanley Pohl "Stan the man"0051337126400Twinnings English Breakfast Decaf Tea for KeurigThis is the best tasting decafinated tea I've ever tasted. In fact, it's one of the best tasting teas of any kind. Making it in a Keurig insures that it's the same every time.
400523400523B0000V8HTUA8P8KPVXCWV9RBryan J. Kautzman "BK"414751173139200The people at Hawaii Roasters know this is good coffee.Kona coffee is world reknowned as being some of the best in the world, and I can speak with experience knowing that this domestic blend compares favorably with some of the best.

However, I only ask those in Hawaii who farm and roast these beans to forgive me for saying that I think Konas are a bit overrated in the world of coffee.

Yes, these beans have a lot of flavor. The body is unrivalled. Everything is balanced in a way that is unique to the Kona bean, but there are no subtle undertones prevalent that make me like the Sumatran and Ethiopian beans so much better. The beans are aesthetically perfect in every way, and I only have to use about 2/3 the portion of what I would use to make my favorite brews, but this is where it gets touchy for me. I pay about $12-13 a lb for coffee that might not be better than Kona coffee, but I like it better. Hawaii Growers makes a mighty fine coffee, one of the best Konas I've ever tasted, but it isn't worth more than $25 a lb. No coffee is worth that to me, and I've tasted the world's finest.

Hawaii Growers is very competitively priced compared to other Konas, so if Kona coffee is the drinker's coffee of choice, then Hawaii Growers is a great choice. For someone who prefers coffee from other regions, Kona still stacks up well, but a purchase for me was to simply try something new rather than to look for a new regular.
400524400524B0000V8HTUA2C19IGNMKDQ6KShort on Time131341191974400For lovers of strong dark roasts onlyI'm a dark roast lover, but this was too strong for me - regardless of how I made it. I gave it to a friend who thought it was fabulous. So here's my advice: don't make it too strong - it becomes bitter, and if you're not sure you like dark roasts....go with the light roast here. Kona is traditionally very smooth coffee, and this is, but it's truly for strong dark coffee lovers.
400525400525B0000V8HTUA1AGAKI4MIFHO9John Hernandez101051074124800Look no further!I have been drinking coffee for well over twenty years and I have finally found a bean that suits my taste buds. I grind my own coffee so I have only tried the whole bean dark roast and it is the best I have had in years. If you are a Kona coffee lover than this is the end of the road for you. I have also made it the coffee standard in our office.
400526400526B0000V8HTUA2PSWW5K06KL29G. Bowman Jr. "GBJ"2251339286400SLAMM'IN SMOOTH & SEXY SUCCULENT!!!Don't know about you, but I don't always get things right. However, sometimes I get things smashingly right, so when I ordered this HAWAII ROASTERS 100% Dark Roasted Whole Bean 16 Oz Bag, and a "Toastmaster" Coffee Grinder---another Review on results were slamm'in, producing a cup of Dark Kona that was so smooth. When I topped off for a refill, adding a couple Tablespoons of "Patron Citronge", two Teaspoons of Organic Raw Turbinado, and Organic Half & Half, I got treated to a cup of Dark Roasted Kona that was sexy succulent!

The classy attractive colored semi-aluminum type bag contained rich aromatic, lusciously fresh oily Beans that entice you into wanting to transform them into the delicious beverage they yield. I can hardly wait for Breakfast tomorrow...
400527400527B0000V8HTUA2ECTXLQGULNVOBass = Hapiness "B.H."22513366080005 lbs later, still a happy customerAfter buying a pound a month for 5 months, I can comfortably say that my experience with this brand and product has been totally consistent. Hawaii Roasters dark roast has always arrived with a very recent roasted date to us, and the appearance and ensuing flavor have also been consistently awesome. My wife and I go through 2 pounds of coffee a month, so after the pound of Kona is gone, we usually get a pound of dark roast (French, Italian, or Verona) from Starbucks, or occaisionally look for an organic company to buy from. All in all, the coffee experience is superior to us with this Kona, and we enjoy freshly ground strong coffee. It seems no matter what other brands of coffee we try, opening up the bag reveals less aroma, and more bean bits and pieces. With Hawaii Roasters, its all whole beans with very minimal bean breakage. Our tastebuds like it, and I won't be venturing very far from this bag of beans until I have a bad experience or taste something better (which I don't see happening soon)!
400528400528B0000V8HTUA20PFS4QO9CWHOJane M. Hart2251291766400A wonderful brew and brandI normally steer clear of dark roasted coffee so I didn't try the Dark Roast right away after it was given as a gift. A short time later I opened the dark roast Kona, ground it and brewed it in my French Press and I was amazed. Absolutely no bitterness, no lingering heavy aftertaste. It had a touch of sweetness and its depth was so very smooth, yet still very rich and satisfying. Even after sitting a couple days it was fresh and full of aroma. What I've learned is to make sure there's no air in the package to maintain its freshness. It's worked beautifully and weeks later I'm still relishing the best dark roast I've ever had!
400529400529B0000V8HTUA1KAS6R5NZUD93G. West1131340841600Bag, torn when recievedThe coffee came in a big box with other items and was torn on one corner. I don't know if that would effect the taste or how long it was exposed to air. Long story short I expected more flavor.
400530400530B0000V8HTUA2PUI04JTQQDT6Nradv1151299024000Great taste - smoothBecoming a fan of this Kona coffee. The dark roast is tasteful and rich but there is no bitter flavor that sometimes comes with regular dark roasts. This i guess is kind of smoother, mellower.

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