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401221401221B004KUV136A2AEXVTPLEYHLSarah S.1151332892800Best ever!These are the very best gluten free outs out here. They taste better than any other outs I've had. And the people at the company are super nice, friendly and accommodating, too. I've been buying from them directly for years.
401222401222B004KUV136AGQ38TLCG679XSherlyn1151330560000CreamyI like these GF oats better than regular oats, they are real creamy. I add a handful of sliced almonds and dried cranberries for more flavor. I will definitely purchase this brand again.
401223401223B004KUV136A189O78ZV9H65Nelzbieta24341151328486400Really liked these oats!I recently started eating gluten free oats so these were the first I tried and they were very good. I will definitely be buying them again!
401224401224B004KUV136A2AOD7254MCKSHtravel-weary1151327449600Hurray!AT LAST! Organic is really important to us/gluten free is essential. There are so few gluten free hot cereal products available, and my family does not care for most they have tried. So glad to find this. Very easy to make, nice texture and flavor. Add some organic raisins or berries and a bit of coconut milk and no sweetener is required at all. I have not tried baking with them yet, but can tell from the texture of the oats that they will make great cookies.

Oatmeal raisin used to be my husband's favorite before being diagnosed with celiac, so maybe I will surprise him for our anniversary in a few days!
401225401225B004KUV136A3RR2P5IS3DGPRDr. M. A. Dixon "hyper-observant"1151325462400My favorite 2011 grocery Amazon purchase - best tasting GF oats on AmazonI have purchased every gluten-free oat product available for sale on Amazon and this by far is the freshest and tastiest. Easy to wiz in your blender or food processor for freshly ground oatflour - a nutritious and delicious flour that is fiber-rich.
401226401226B004KUV136A1P33B16LILRSTS Nair1151319760000Love itThis is first gluten free oatmeal that I have had that tastes like oatmeal. I like the taste and texture and cooks in about the same time as a regular oatmeal does. Also like that it does not have any added sugar. Haven't tried it in cookies yet.
401227401227B004KUV136AGTUYCLV92PA6Judi J.1151318204800Way Better Than ExpectedI don't even like oatmeal, never have but I've been following the Gerson Therapy (as much as I'm able) and I decided to try this. In fact this brand probably was mentioned in the book.
Believe it or not it was not gummy, which is my biggest complaint about oatmeal. Also I actually liked the flavor. I would buy it again and I have recommended it to my friends.
401228401228B004KUV136A3OPUMECXP3ESCL. Sommers1151318118400Finally!I have not had oatmeal or my beloved oatmeal raisin cookies in two years, since shortly after my celiac diagnosis. Although there are companies that offer GF oats, GF HARVEST is the first, to my knowledge (and I've looked everywhere), to offer ORGANIC, GF oats. Since we eat an organic, as well as GF diet, we haven't been able to enjoy oats.

Until now. I waited impatiently for these to arrive, and they were even better than my memories! The taste was rich, nutty, and delicious--even without the raw cream and maple syrup. The texture was a little softer than I like, but it was still good. Prior to my celiac diagnosis, we preferred rough-cut oats, which keep a very hearty texture after cooking. These oats did disintigrate a little, leaving a softer, more porridge-y texture. The texture was in no way a deal breaker though.

I also made GF oatmeal raisin cookies with these. I soaked the oats in whey for a day (to make them more digestible), then dehydtrated them in my dehydrator. I ground some of the oats into flour and kept the rest whole for the cookies. They were incredibly good. My non-GF husband loved them as much as I did!

I know I'm lame for being so excited over oatmeal (although I bet a lot of you celiacs get it!), but I can't recommend this highly enough!
401229401229B004KUV136A3T7GZZY1XSHU3RavenRoadFlyer "RHH"1151317340800You will be happy with this oatmeal.I'm on my second order and really like this oatmeal. It cooks right up in the microwave (about 900 watts and 5 minutes), and I mix it afterwards with ground flaxseed and chia seeds and some super green powder for a breakfast that lasts. Highly recommend it for anyone sensitive to wheat or gluten. Really glad it's available here, enjoy.
401230401230B004KUV136A2DT5V7PG47USIPatience1151313971200Finally! GF oats that taste normal!I've spent way too much money and time searching for GF oats that didn't taste sour, rotten, and bitter. Finally, the search is over! These are oats as they should be: nothing but yummy goodness.
401231401231B004KUV136AETQA1RY6798Confused Truffle1151311552000Best GF oats. Ever.They cook easily/nicely, they make great oat flour (blend in food processor), they have a light texture and great flavor.
Don't need any other kind of GF oats.
401232401232B004KUV136ASA3JSA83VEOChristian Kubick0011350086400Newest batch not properly cleanedFirst I must say in the past I loved these oats, the newest batch is not edible its full of hard yellow shells that get caught in your teeth.
401233401233B004KUV136A3643PGL1V9Q7Lrubytuesday "rubytuesday"0051347667200Great oatmeal.I love oatmeal in cooler weather and tried these Harvest Gluten Free Organic Rolled Oats. I am not gluten intolerant but thought I would try these as something different. They are super simple to make and taste great. I find they seem to have a fuller body and bit of a texture to them. As I'm the only oatmeal eater here, the big bag goes a long way.
401234401234B004KUV136A1CYUS7ZN303OUJoanna Russell0051346630400Gluten Free AND Organic!I'm so glad these exist! I haven't been able to find any other place that sells gluten free oats that are also organic!! They are very smooth and have a good taste.

The only downside I've found is that they do seem to contain some hulls. More than any other gluten free oats that I've tried, unfortunately. In one serving of oats I always find at least 3 hulls, but usually it's more like 5 or 6. I'm sure you could just swallow them, but I don't like the texture while chewing, so I just spit them out.

I will keep buying them, though! I like the taste, and like I said earlier, I haven't found any other place that sells gluten free, organic oats.
401235401235B004KUV136A2CFESTECG07PQSteve James "Steve James"0031343433600Taste good but bad consistencyI used to get these oats when I first started eating GF. However after eating steel cuts oats for a year or more I wanted a break and went back to rolled oats. These oats taste good but have a consistency not unlike mashed potatoes. One reviewer described the oatmeal as "creamy." I don't think oatmeal should be creamy. I want my oats to "fight back" a bit more than that when I eat them. I have ordered GF oats from and will re-order from them when my current order is finished.
401236401236B004KUV136A2GL70AZ8MWXI3PaulRevere0051312156800Excellent ProductGlad to have found this item. I prefer organic oats and gluten free is fine, too. This product is fairly priced, tastes great and comes in a resealable bag.
401237401237B004KUV136A2R04WT6T5B3JORobert1241329955200Very good GF breakfast treatThis is very good but takes some getting used to consistency wise. Gluten makes oatmeal thicken up and this stuff seems to get a little watery. But it is still a great product and if you sweeten it a bit, it is quite delicious.
401238401238B000EMRRHSAKC4IP69Q5J72D. B. Crow "A Fan"4451281916800Coffee-Mate Hazelnut Powdered Coffee Creamer (Pk of 6 15-oz Containers)I have been using this product for some time from grocery stores and have found it to be very flavorful.

I recently ordered the product from Amazon because of the ever increasing prices of the product on my local grocery store shelves. My order of 6 each of the product was well-packed, promptly shipped, and because of the no-shipping-charge-policy of Amazon for this quantity, was well below the unit cost at my local grocery stores. I am well satisfied, snd will order again when I have used up the product, if there is no price increase.
401239401239B000EMRRHSAJ32LCSULR8AFRalphy "Barb"3351236902400Love this creamer!I love Hazelnut creamers and this was exceptionally good. I like getting a carton because I run out so fast. It's the only way I will drink coffee!
401240401240B000EMRRHSA1715E7KBTIXU4kitty central "Jean"1151309392000good pricethis is a really good thing to do if you drink coffee and use creamer. The price with subscrib & save saves you almost a 1.00 a container. try it you'll like it and its deliveried to you
401241401241B000EMRRHSA3793VYJLC1B57Louise Madeline0051350259200Excellent product, Excellent priceI was very pleased to find a brand name at such a good price. I am very happy with the purchase.
401242401242B000EMRRHSAS1FCKNKY95IDJuli A. Lee "JingleJL"0051341446400AmazingThis is absolutely wonderful. My grocery store doesn't have it so when I saw it on the AMAZING Amazon, I ordered it. I have ordered it ever since and will continue.
401243401243B000EMRRHSAGR6NXP9R8D66S. Edling0021321920000Your product photo and description do NOT match. I thought I was receiving SUGAR FREE as the photo shows!Incorrect photo of product, shows SUGAR FREE but rather they ship you regular... sad day for a diabetic but a good price for someone who can use it... just not me.
401245401245B001EQ5GGMA3JV071KO43Q5XJeff Pittman "Jeff"5551287619200Just the best. What else can you say?I am not a salt person - I'm on high blood pressure meds, yes, but have never been a big fan of salt except on french fries and onion rings (which I allow myself only infrequently) anyway. It's hard to find good quality nuts of any kind that are unsalted. These are first quality AND unsalted. I eat them out of the can when I can't resist, but I mostly use them in stir-fry concoctions (the bottled sauces I use generally have way too much sodium all by themselves). They are excellent with shrimp or with scallops. Good stuff and the AMZN price (plus no tax and no shipping) makes them much more reasonable than local stores.
401246401246B001EQ5GGMA3ITWZ85QT9UY2S. Albert "ssayeuxbrun"2251301529600FRESH!!!!!Love this order!
The nuts are Fresh!
Not Salty!
Just Right!
Each can holds a lot of nuts!This was surprising and very pleasing to the senses!
Will order from this seller again!
401247401247B001EQ5GGMA2UAMHNWYFTERYlove energy3451290729600Unsalted Macadamia Nuts, Mauna LoaI buy this for my parents who are happy to find unsalted macadamia nuts. The salted versions are usually way too salty for their tastes.
401248401248B001EQ5GGMA3O9H969Z41NHCtbone130311320537600these are good.. but not $38 good!these were $24 a few months ago... now they want to price gouge us for $15 more!

ill pass. i hope these rot on the shelves : i mean that in the nicest way possible.
401249401249B001EQ5GGMA348FO74GKXLUUbliss0311305849600the price is too highThe price is too high compared to our local costco store. The local costco store's price is $14.99 for 24oz. It is about $0.62/oz. And the produce quality of amazon is worse than costco. I would never buy this produce from amazon again.
401250401250B001FPT5E6AZFFBLURKWDT9Red Fox0051341964800Mirabelle JamThe Mirabelle was very very good. I would highly recommended that if you haven't had Mirabelle to try it. I use to make it from the trees we had in our backyard when we lived in France and this is every bit as good.

I have never seen the fruit in the USA but I understand there are some tress here in Florida.

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