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403441403441B000V0FKUOA35HEYUM0FXQ2G. Siegler3351204588800Great SnackTasty, healthy, low in fat and all natural! Great product! We always have it in stock at the office. Thanks!
403442403442B000V0FKUOA1L177B236S592Wendy Samuels "Wendy"1141220918400Tasty, Crunchy, Fun!I'm giving it 4 stars just because these are a bit pricey and there's no bulk package to bring the cost down. That being said, these are tasty, crunchy, great for kids, and great for big kids who want something fun to eat without a lot of guilt. I've tried most of the funky monkey snacks, and like the carnival one the best because it's pretty much just fruit.
403443403443B000V0FKUOA1YELX1XVW5A9Uvdavisoh "Bargain Outlet"1151218844800Terrific!The Funky Monkey snacks are just terrific. I love all the varieties. They taste great. Great for adults and kids.
403444403444B000V0FKUOA2HT7VRW4RWGG4Melody Stanley "MelloMommy"0041272672000Great Toddler Snack at a Not So Great PriceMy twin 19-month-old daughters both love this snack and I will likely order it again even though I feel the price is a little high for the amount of fruit in each package.
403445403445B000V0FKUOAVHW75SFMFGLZPaige R Lapen0051267056000Carnaval MixCarnaval is my favorite of the Funky Monkey fruit snack varieties. It offers the biggest selection of fruit in one package (apple, banana, mango, papaya, pineapple). I like the crunch and the fact that there is no sugar added.
403446403446B000V0FKUOA1JQVAJFFMESZ8Runner Chick "HealthNut"0051265673600Worth the Cancer PreventionLove this mix, and with the freeze-dried process, the fruit has nutrients that dehydrated fruit doesn't. Full of antioxidants, and given fruit's scientific benefit to help prevent cancer, I think this snack is worth every penny, especially with the convenience since I'm always on the go.
403447403447B000V0FKUOA18I6UBBXX2GJ9Kathy0051263600000Another GREAT funky monkey productMy family just loves the funky monkey products. They taste fantastic and are good gor you. We have them around the house and when kids or adults need something to snack on, this is what everyone wants.
I recommend this product to everyone.
403448403448B007MECZUAA22YDTOK7TEW6SL. Jones "OCwildlife"0051348963200Real chicken white meat freeze driedI tried this brand because my cat had a tooth pulled and it was hard to bite hard food. This freeze dried chicken is white meat and easy to chew and swallow. I've never seen my cat react so favorably to a treat before! She goes nuts over this! It's not a soft food, but a freeze dried texture. It is a treat, not a substitute for food. But it's healthy and with no additives! Better value online at Amazon too.
403449403449B001KNPZXIA3CGRDJWL5TUX3D. Hart1141343865600Sweet StrawberryMatcha where have you been all my life! I mentioned in another review of Red Leaf Tea's Matcha tea that my discovery of tea is a very new adventure for me and that after reading rave reviews on Steepster about Red Leaf's eclectic selection of flavors, I gave it a try. I wonder now how I got along without it. I got my daughter hooked and recently had my son try it. He immediately ordered some for himself. After tasting it, it is not a question of "do I want to order some", it is more like "how much and what flavors should I order"! Trust when you look at all the flavors they have to offer, it is extremely hard to decide!
My second order came last week and I could smell the wonderful matcha before I opened the box! First up for testing was the Strawberry flavored match.
Sweet and naturally tasting Strawberry flavor. In an effort to lead a healthier lifestyle, I find Matcha tea to be so versatile. I added a teaspoon of Matcha, a half a cup of plain greek yogurt & a few fresh strawberries, a little almond milk & ice in a blender and I had a delicious healthy smoothie!
403450403450B001KNPZXIA3MP1HX3I3BTLDAwkwardSoul0051349395200Deliciously strawberry!Out of the gold foil package, the matcha smells like juicy strawberry, like smelling strawberry fruit leather or a strawberry flavored candy.

Prepared as a traditional cup of hot matcha, 1/4tsp of sifted strawberry matcha whisked in some 175f filtered hot water, the green tea comes out as deliciously earthy with no bitterness. The strawberry is bright and present, adding a hint of sweetness. The taste combined almost reminds me on when I eat strawberries too fast and I accidentally eat the stem or a leaf, which happens often haha!

Now my favorite part, making this matcha into an iced strawberry soy latte! I did about ¾ or 2/3 cup of light soy milk (ran out of milk), bit of sweetener, 1/4tsp of matcha and whisked it. The result: very tasty strawberry balanced with the taste of matcha. Even better than strawberry soy milk as it tastes just like strawberry candy. An amazing treat for under 90 calories!

Overall, very delicious if you are into the strawberry candy flavor. As a traditional cup it is pretty good, but even better as a latte. I suggest not to pass this one up.
403451403451B001KNPZXIA3J6TE3SKSYBUIDaisy Chubb (Ash-Lee)0051346457600Pure summer bliss!Let's get to the good stuff: as always, I fall in love with the first sniff. Cutting open the corner of the gold foil bag was like a flavour overload! The sweet strawberry scent was too good to be true - and happily for me, it tasted just like it smelled!!!

That can be rare in a tea, but I've come to learn that Red Leaf Tea sets their bar just as high as I set mine! That leaves me very rarely disappointed, and almost always happily surprised with the quality, scent and flavour! Strawberry was no exception!

(Excuse the amount of exclamation marks, I really can't help it)

I ordered by my usual parameters: Basic Grade Matcha with Delicate flavouring. One day I will invest in tins, but right now I have a system that keeps my matcha fresh - a mix of the tiny tins from DavidsTea (from their "Wall" teas), and freezer bags kept in a special tin box. It's pretty and I like it! I kind of thrive in a world of controlled chaos - it's either the artist in me, or the lazy in me! Probably both - but I thought I should share my "technique" since the tins are a hot topic these days!

On to the taste! I truly was taken by surprise. The flavour is simple but so effective that from this experience, I can't think of a better combination than matcha and strawberries. That's not to say that RLT has amazing flavour combos and super unique matchas - there is something just so simple, comforting and naturally delicious about this Strawberry Matcha. It's tangy and sweet - I prepared it first straight up with a bit of sugar, second as an iced matcha latte. The flavour was a mix between strawberry milk (I used to devour the stuff as a kid) and a melted strawberry milkshake!

This inspires me to get some good quality vanilla ice cream and whip it up in my blender with this matcha! I looove matcha icecream and strawberry icecream, so I can't think of a better combo for a homemade matcha shake!
403452403452B001KNPZXIA29P51TN9KKMU9Azzrian0051345593600Strawberry Heaven!You know this matcha screams summer and while I have been longing for autumn to get here for the weather this mix makes me feel like going down the street to our local fruit farm and grabbing up a bunch of fresh strawberries! Yes I am lucky to have fruit farms close to my home. The grassy matcha base along with the fresh fruity aroma of strawberries just makes me sit back and appreciate summer a little while longer. This would be SO GOOD mixed with some orange juice in a smoothie. This makes me want to just play around with this flavor and see what all I can come up with! I bet an actual cheesecake made with this matcha would be sinfully divine!
403453403453B001KNPZXIA378R8V3UEVLL6Guberinic Milena0051345334400Awesome!I love this matcha. I could rave on and on about the multitude of ways it can be served and the multitude of health benefits it offers. First, I tried it in cold water. Delicious. There's a real freshness from the matcha and a strong strawberry aroma and flavor. It tastes like a strawberry juice. Next, strawberry matcha in cold almond milk. Mmmm. This was excellent. It really brought out the strawberry milk flavour I've adored for as long as I've been aware of its existence. Really tastes like a strawberry dessert. Love it! Then, I decided to try it in hot water. It's still great! It seems a bit strange to drink what tastes essentially like hot strawberry juice and like it, but I deceive you not, my palate found it quite appealing. And finally, in hot almond milk? Mmmm. Very comforting. Warm strawberry milk.
403454403454B001KNPZXIA38RWVWOQPYJSALiberTEAS0051345248000Deliciously Strawberry!I absolutely love this flavored Matcha. Why? Well, first, I love Matcha: the bittersweet, creamy, vegetative taste with a hint of buttery goodness and all of its delightful nuances. Second, I love strawberries!

This flavored Matcha is a brilliant representation of both strawberries and of Matcha. Creamy, smooth Matcha with sweet, juicy strawberry taste. Together, it is a chawan full of berry goodness. The strawberry is very true to the fruit: sweet with just a hint of tartness toward the end, all that's missing is the seeds (and I don't really miss those!)

A real treat, any time of day. It's also great as a Matcha Milkshake. Add some milk and ice cubes to the blender, along with a tablespoon or so of the Matcha (I really just eyeball everything), and blend until smooth. It's really yummy, cool and refreshing.
403455403455B001KNPZXIA3OGYXV9S7MJHMRita Lonie0051336608000Strawberry Matcha Forever!Mmmm strawberries. I cannot begin to tell you how much of my life has been spent picking strawberries. As a child, I hated it, but now I remember it fondly...isn't it weird how that happens? So good...strawberry shortcake is the most delicious thing in this world. Especially made with fresh, sun ripened strawberries. As long as I can remember, my mom has had a row or two of strawberries in her yard. When we lived in Michigan and we had room to garden (and soil that was more than just clay), we had tons of strawberries. Tons! But then we moved to Tennessee, and the soil there was not as habitable, but she still managed to squeeze some delicious berries out of that red clay. So strawberries and strawberry flavored things that actually taste like strawberries always remind me of her and of that gorgeous garden she kept in Michigan. Of course, they also remind me of the time I was about 7 and picking strawberries in the garden when I felt some grass brush over my foot. I looked down to see a snake slithering over my foot. **shudders** I have never screamed so loud in my life. And thus a lifelong fear of snakes was born.

So the real question here is will this matcha be a snake or a shortcake?

Shortcake. Oh my goodness, shortcake. This smelled amazing when I opened the package, like creamy, sweet strawberries. Like, well, strawberry shortcake, to be honest. Guh, I just want to dive into it. I took it to work with me and my mind was blown by it. I kept getting distracted by how good it was. I love a good tea. I'm trying to figure out which six I want to keep in stock and this is a definite front runner. I think mixing this with a little French Vanilla would be out of this world. I love berries so most of my smoothies are berry smoothies...this will be an amazing addition to that particular mix. Now, it doesn't have that hint of tartness that fresh strawberries do, but that's okay. I'm in love anyway. It tastes like strawberry candy, but I know Red Leaf Tea doesn't use artificial ingredients, so I'm very excited to have this. Next time I'm craving a bag of strawberry puffs, I'm going to reach for this instead. Mmmm...maybe I'll take some of this to work with me today too!
403456403456B002Y1Z80UA31NK65672UL9NJOY DE LARA0051322870400Fabulous candyI received this as a gift. Lovely presentation. Beautifully individually wrapped, Taste incredible delicious. Bought one 24 count box as a Christmas gift and a smaller one as a thank you gift.
403457403457B000BL04V8A1PZBF4K3IFUP2D. Perry0041222992000Good Pigs ears for our dogThe pigs ears arrived in the specifed time and in good condition. They are nice sized also. We buy these from this supplier because we like the Natural/Smoked pigs ears with no preservatives and that they are processed close by in the USA.
403458403458B000BL04V8A2H72E76LZKW6EE. Clark0051200528000Dog favoriteThese pig ears are big and delicious (for dogs). We have 4 dogs and these are their favorite chews.
403459403459B00507FCGKA1OZR24QC5G5NYdarby140041347926400Jasmine matcha - light vegetal flavor - not heavy floralThis matcha smells like a nice light matcha. I really love jasmine so I had hoped that the scent would come thru, but it did not. For those that are not into a strong floral jasmine flavor, this is the jasmine matcha for you!
My first impression of this matcha was, "Where is the jasmine?" I opened up the pouch, preparing it for the tin that will keep it fresh. The small size fits perfect in the tin with a little wiggle room...enough to be able to get the measuring spoon in. I was unable to detect a "flavor" in this matcha. That of course does NOT mean it will taste bad, just not what I expected.
I always make sure to warm up my bowl and chasen under a bit under water, sitting in the bowl. My matcha does not cool down as fast when warming the bowl. All items ready...bowl, chasen, matcha, water and my sifter! I'm becoming a matcha pro now. No need to go looking for my tools, they were all handy. This matcha brings me to a place where I imagine sitting with friends passing around a matcha bowl contemplating our day. I would love to share this outdoors on a warm spring or summer day. Today is 60 degrees so I have to use my imagination.
First I mixed 2 oz of water with 1 perfect teaspoon of matcha. Once that was properly mixed I added a teeny bit of sugar and 6 oz of water. Last time I had a total of 7 oz and the matcha was bitter. After going back to my 8 oz I tried the matcha and still felt that it was a touch bitter. I added 2 more oz of water and a bit more sugar. I know it's psychological, but I feel healthier drinking this matcha! It's just so light and fresh and reminds me of a health food drink.
The smell of this matcha once mixed with water takes stayed the same, light and vegetal. I am now curious how the Pure Jasmine Matcha compares to this one. I was torn between them when placing my order. The quality of the matcha is very good.
I'm not sure if this matcha will make my keep cupboard. Red Leaf Tea has so many flavor offerings that I think I'll try those before going back to this matcha which doesn't seem far off my normal matcha. My plan for the rest of Jasmine is to mix it to my health food drink which is a vanilla base. I ordered the large size so I will save a bit for next spring when I can enjoy it outside.
To try Jasmine Matcha from Red Leaf Tea visit here:
403460403460B000UWBHUKA2SOSVF0GTHICBGrandma "Kay"1151317600000Great product, price and deliveryI was very pleased with the baby corn, good taste, great price, product was shipped and delivered quickly. I recommend this brand and, living in small town, baby corn is not available. made it a wonderful option.
403461403461B0045RGC42A1PS54ALFBIGXLMarie0051326499200MarieIn perfect condition. Well packed...growing nicely! Can't wait for fruit. Would definately buy from this vendor in the future. Arrived fast and without any damage.
403462403462B002X4CWY8A37SICXE18029GAli0051348963200Alcohol Free Gluten Free VanillaIt is a good produckt Iam using it for the last four weeks .It has very nice smell to it.
403463403463B00478O3MWA3ULLE57T5PJ5Croadhouse2251333584000Like homemade!Just bought 4 boxes. All were received in excellent shape! These are wonderful and only 50 calories a cookie!!!!! Will definitely order more when these are gone!
403464403464B005ZU1YIWA6CK9TRSV9Q0EM. Bradley0051329177600A Very Good Inexpensive Pinot noirI picked this up at Costco for $11.99 a bottle. Easily drinks like a $20 Pinot. I was surprised. It is the first Sub $20 Pinot Noir from Oregon (including A to Z and Benton Lane) that I have liked. I would term it smooth and more medium bodied than light bodied. A new low cost favorite!
403465403465B0054S0YTKAI9O3LP16V84MSimplynatural6651318809600great beans for the priceI am on a budget, and have to make things go a ways. These beans are best price for vanilla extract that is out there and I was very pleased with the product. PLus got to try some tahiti beans for free :)
403466403466B0054S0YTKA1AW7VZZZQIDN1Tara Martell6651316131200vanilla beansThese beans arrived and they were vacuum sealed and absolutely beautiful. They were moist and fragrant. I was so pleased!!!!!I would order them again in a heartbeat. I made vanilla extract with them and they were amazing!!!!! thank you so much!!!
403467403467B0054S0YTKAQMZB243LKSQGLLK5551334534400Making vanilla with great beansI had never made vanilla extract before, all the sites said to use madagascar beans. I ordered them, and they are great! Lots of "caviar" in them to make a nice dark vanilla extract.
403468403468B0054S0YTKA284QMYUSZD7L8D. Yoder4451328572800Quick Shipping, Product as Described, Very Happy Customer!I found this deal while searching for vanilla beans to make my own extract. I was a little unsure of ordering from them because there were not many reviews and the one bad review made me wonder.

A friend of mine and I decided to split a pound of vanilla beans, at that price if there was a problem at least we wouldn't lose a bunch of money. My friend placed the order on Friday afternoon and they arrived Tuesday morning. The beans arrived as described, vacuum sealed, moist and fragrant. Plus, they sent plenty of extra beans! More than I expected, actually. I have a batch of vanilla steeping right now and can't wait for it to be finished. As long as the vanilla extract I make turns out fine, I'm pretty sure we will order from them again.

So, to sum up...quick shipping + product exactly as described and pictured + bonus free beans = new loyal customer.

It's too bad the other reviewer had a problem with his order. I have to wonder if it had more to do with the International part of the shipping, such as the package being opened for inspection?
403469403469B0054S0YTKAJW1RBCKMV95LD. A. D. "veggie"3341326758400Lots of beans!!I received my vanilla beans promptly a few days after ordering. I chose to purchase 1 pound of the grade B beans for making vanilla extract. Though I did expect these beans to be a little drier than other beans, I guess I underestimated how dry they would be. It could be that I just haven't used vanilla beans before, though I have some from another vendor that were not as dry and they were old (maybe not grade B...I don't know). This vendor did include a tips card on making extract which may be handy for those making extract for the first time. I will have to see how my extract turns out as I will allow it to sit for a minimum of 4 months. Then hopefully some nice vanilla extract.
403470403470B0054S0YTKA3EUHQVLBD2TUORobyn3351323475200Great product from a great suppler.While I haven't ordered these beans thru Amazon I have ordered from Vanilla Products USA and will not buy from anyone else! They came in very quickly and are very wonderful to cook with and getting the free beans with every shipment is the best.. If you are not sure what to try, look for their sampler packs.. three different types in shipment.. Planning on buying more soon as I tend to put vanilla in everything now... I will not buy them from the store ever again as Vanilla products USA beats them all in price and freshness.

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