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450484450484B004W312GWA1I2HTQZUTINC7S. Ahmad "laevanay pakhtun"11313437792003 grams/pack not the usual 4 gramsWhile xylitol is good each packet contains 3 grams leading to believe this cheaper than the alternatives. Its not because competitor products contain 4 grams of xylitol per packet.
450485450485B003D8O3YUA2FQGXZIH0LSA6mervfromOz0051350777600Cheesymite is greatMy friend in Usa loves it.
The extra flavour of the cheese makes vegemite palatable to her taste buds.
Eventually she will like Vegemite I hope!
450486450486B003D8O3YUA3P6YKHASW10BPMidwifecf0051347667200ScrumptiousSo lovely to be able to get Cheesy vegemite - my passion. Thank you. Try it with poached egg on toast. Or with crispy bacon on toast. Scrumptious. Thank you Amazon - improved the quality of my life!
450487450487B003D8O3YUA1HCM6Z50LHF3Zsharon benson0151305676800chessybiteI first tasted this product while recently on vacation in Australia. This product had more of a cheesy taste than the one I tasted in Austraila but was just as good. This is the only web site that I know of that sells this product, hope that it remains available to the American public, job well done. I would give this product 5 stars. I did purchase this product thru making it amazon certified.
450488450488B002JW8WYSA19KBN7DRB4MGBFabric Girl0051340928000AWESOME!I do love wild rice and I've tried most, if not all brands. This one stands out. Has a delicate nutty flavor and a firm texture, with long grains. And Organic! doesn't get any better than this!
450489450489B001EPPKCIA24N037OEO57BUFred Morenberg1151244332800Flavor inhancerI like this onion soup as well as other OSEM products such as vegtable beef and mushroom soup. I don't actually drink them as soups. I use them when I cook and the recipe asks for an added soup. These products are loaded with flavor enhancers. That's fine, because that's what I am looking for.
450490450490B001EPPKCIA3PLKJPY92RSUISandra Marmar0051333843200marvelous seasoning!No longer available locally. I use Osem onion soup in all meat dishes and a lot of other cooked main meal dishes. It is a must have seasoning for any kind of soup. I was so glad to find it through Amazone.
450491450491B001EPPKCIA2N8HPU6WGE87YC. Sewell "evergladesbeing"0051298505600Osem Onion Soup and Seasoning MixThis is a GREAT soup base. Can be used by itself or in conjunction with stews and soups.
It is an Excellent flavor enhancer for many of your creations.
I highly recommend this Soup base for your many uses.
450481450481B005TXZWW4A222QDLD443UW6Elizabeth L. Hoskins "electronics junkie"2251338163200Sweet nectar of the godsI first experienced this in Rome, Italy and it was love at first sip. Don't even think about mixing it with anything. Keep it in the freezer and sip it slow and cold and feel the warmth spread all over your body. Yeah, it's that good. Enjoy!
450482450482B005TXZWW4A1ZL04RPLEBWCRCandle "Candle"2251326758400Great Stuff!Absolutely delicious after dinner drink, you just have to be careful not to drink too much! It is very smooth and tasty! Serve chilled!
450483450483B000VPWWICA2NY8YRUTRWB0Y:Jury Duty:0021342828800Eat at Your Own Risk...Too risky for me, so I never ate this stuff and threw it out. Lesson learned: if the ingredients are not listed here on Amazon, check another website for the ingredients BEFORE buying the product.

Here are the ingredients: Corn syrup, sugar, cream, coconut and other natural flavors, carrageenan, propylene glyrol, alginate, soy lecithin, vanilla, white food coloring (titanium dioxide), salt, modified food starch, xanthan gum, guar gum. Processed in a facility that uses nuts. Keep refrigerated after opening.

I gave it 2 stars because the product did arrive quick.
450492450492B004IGYQUWA852I21I0KLM0chinagirl33431141337817600Try itI would recommend trying this. I like it. The chocolate is great. The marshmallow is not the typical "American marshmallow" that I am used to. I like it. It has that marshmallow feel to it but also has a bit of a crunch to it... almost like a light cookie crunch. For some reason it's fascinating to me. I'd love to know how they get the marshmallow center to do that... This product is something I will buy again.
450493450493B004IGYQUWA2B51BPGEDHRWQMary1151335052800This Polish box was made from the Gods.When Polish relatives would visit my house when i was a kid, they would bring five boxes of this heavenly chocolate covered marshmallow made from the gods. I craved that stuff day and night.
450494450494B004IGYQUWA14YE5A5DFHXVVEvileatinggrasshopper1151323648000Addictively goodIn my opinion, this is some of the best candy out there. I usually buy some Philly and give it as gifts. At home, if you want a box for a specific day, you have to hide it. Everyone I've given a box of it to, ends up hooked on them. Seriously, try some. Every flavor is delicious. There's also a decent amount in each box. It's double layered.
450495450495B005Q5SWMWA1NR6J75XIGKXRbevyofapls "kickdesignmeditatelaugh"1151327017600Great for LOTR fansMy nephew who is a 28-yr. old unabashed LOTR fan loved receiving this as a gift. The likenesses are well done, and it's just so fun.
450496450496B005Q5SWMWAJQAO3975307GEmC0021344297600DamagedIt said that the set was new, but it was obviously opened. The plastic was damaged as well as the box. The product itself was great, gave it to my boyfriend as a gift, but the quality is less than satisfactory.
450497450497B005Q5SWMWAH2JX4BT4VGFUS.Ursula C.0041336694400LOTR Pezthis was a gift to my son, and the comment was " were did you find that" that he had never seen this set before he seemed to like it
450498450498B005Q5SWMWA1H1MTCE9G3YO8Alliecat280051331337600LikeGreat item for a collection, Excellent as a gift......My boyfriend loved this when he opened this on christmas...... Need to have for the "Lord of the Rings" Fan!!!!
450499450499B005Q5SWMWAQG0FIBITHEZZJecca991241326326400OverpricedMy husband wanted this gift for Christmas, but they were out of stock at Books A Million. So I ordered it on Amazon. The following week I was shopping at Target it and found the PEZ dispensers for $7.00 cheaper.
450500450500B005Q5SWMWA157TEI9T3L3IHJoe1251322006400Entire set of PEZ dispensers that's great for a LOTR fan!This is a PEZ Collector's Edition set that is numbered (out of 250,000 produced) and contains eight key characters from the phenomenally popular Lord of the Rings movie trilogy - Bilbo and Frodo Baggins, Samwise, Gamgee, Gandale, Aragorn, Legolas, Gimli and let's not forget Gollum. The PEZ are very nicely detailed and come in a box displayed against the background seen in the movies.
450501450501B005Q5SWMWA3GWHXMG9LYG0GPatrick811251320969600I love Pez and Lord of the RingsThis PEZ set is really cool, I am a collector of the Lord of the Rings saga and this is one of my favorites. My buddies also saw this at my house and were instantly jealous. I always get great things on Amazon!
450502450502B005Q5SWMWA3BSSA6M7AK8LHgem0131335484800"new" item, package had been openItem was supposed to be was open and dispensers had been removed before...was disappointed, because this was said to be new and is a collectors item...otherwise was in good shape.
450503450503B005Q5SWMWA3C8IEA5SI69DMScruffybean7180251323820800Great set but can be bought cheaper elsewhere!I bought this set at Bed, Bath & Beyond last night for $19.99, plus I used a 20% off coupon. Brought the set down to around $16. Glad to have saved close to $8 off of the retail price on Amazon. I love Amazon, but I also love less-expensive! Cannot wait to give this set to my fiance for Christmas!
450504450504B004S07FSSAYB4ELCS5AM8PJohn B. Goode "JBG"0051347926400Excellent!I didn't ever think I'd like chili from a can, but during a desperate rummage for food in the pantry, this was all I could find and I tried it. I'd have to say it was very good.

So how do you review chili? I would say it was quite substantial (not watery), mild in spiciness, the beans were not too soft, and overall just quite tasty. The texture was just quite good. And being chicken chili, it wasn't as fattening as the beef chili.

After finding that I liked Stagg's, I proceeded to try their beef and turkey chili, but in the end found I only liked this one.
450505450505B0046IGR0EA1CT8XH53M1WBWMellie1151345248000Didn't miss a thing!I have just recently gone Gluten Free. Friday night has always been pizza night in our house so I had to find an alternative. My search is over! I made a Mediterranean pizza using this crust mix, it was the BEST ever! Thanks Namaste!
450506450506B000I3RLWEA35SGYGJJJS4JZMichele Harris101151200182400Delicious and easy!I have only used one bag so far, but I put in a 2-lb salmon fillet glazed with an apple juice reduction and the results were so delicious that my family of three ate the entire fillet in one sitting. Neither my husband, nor my daughter have ever even liked salmon before. It was incredibly easy, the directions are very clear, and best of all: no mess to clean up!
450507450507B000I3RLWEA3BEKTVNB82KFERose Carthane "Rose"7751215648000great trick and delicious for ribs or brisket.I've lived in apartments with no outdoor space for years-- but can always get nicely smoked foods by using these bags. True, your entire home will smell like wood smoke, but not such a bad thing (you can always undercook a bit, take the meat out and finish it outside the bag if you don't want a strong smell to linger). The times for cooking and the recipes included on the inside are right on target every time, you really can't go wrong. Makes wonderful brisket-- I let it cool after cooking, slice it, and then add sauce and reheat. My friends and I agree that the poultry/fish bags aren't quite as good.

The first I tried was a similar import from William's Foods, but they no longer carry these. Wish I could get them locally, but this works!
450508450508B000I3RLWEAHONMX0O3P92HC. Lipinski4451205193600EASY TO USE GREAT SMOKEY FLAVOR!!!I have been using these smoker bags for several years. the first time I used them I bought them from my local Cub foods grocery store. i however now just order them on line since I can get them year around. I have used them on the grill, but mostly inside in the oven. I use them mainly for smoking ribs and turkey legs. They always come out perfect. Everyone compliments me on the flavor and tenderness of the meat. I usually finish them up on the gas grill with barbeque sauce for that perfct taste. I have given these away to friends nd family and they are now using them. I would be really surprised if anyone tried them and didn't like them.


I used a smoker bag to make incredible pulled pork. I used a 6 lb pork shoulder and seasoned it. Placed in the smoker bag at 225. I put mine in the oven at midnight and let it slow roast till 7 am. I was afraid at this low heat it would not get smokey enough but it was perfect. I pulled the pork apart in the juices from the bag and it was as good as any pulled pork I've had.
450509450509B000I3RLWEA21H1SDMZOMKEYAmazon addict2251251504000Excellent!!To the person who rated this low to due getting just 1 what you order. Very unfair to rate a product 1 star due to your own error.
The bags are great!! So far I've only tried the alder one which gives a lighter taste than the mesquite.
*Read the instructions WELL on the INside of the cardboard*
I bought a 4-pack of rainbow trout from [...] and rubbed kosher salt inside the fish a couple of hours before cooking. Preheated oven to 475F, placed 1 large cubed zucchini and the 4 fish inside the bag, folded closed and placed on a low rack. Lowered temp to 375F after 15 min and continued for another 25-30 min (3 lbs of fish) = perfection! My kids were crazy about eating "fish tummy" and this couldn't have been any easier to cook or easier to clean up.
A very light smoke lingered around the kitchen, but nothing that I'd need to even open the windows for. If the smell is a problem, use your bbq (instructions include oven, coal or gas grill).
Too bad the price is such a rip off...these are available for under a buck in Finland.
450510450510B000I3RLWEA3SVPAA3Y874IVRhonda M. Dore1151293926400Smoker bag is great! Transaction was great! Thanks!These bags are incredible. We use the hickory smoke bag. The food comes out tasty, tender and with virtually no clean up. I recommend them highly. We love them.

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