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450511450511B000I3RLWEA1JDKO7QZ8GPPOPamela A. Smith "dogmommy"3451228435200SAVU smoker bagsI love these bags. Make the best ribs ever. I put ribs in the bag with a dry rub according to directions. After about 1 hour, I take out of oven and let sit for 30 min. Then I slit the bag down the top, add a gooey sauce and broil or BBQ to brown. Moist, delicious---everyone raves as the meat falls off the bones. The whole process takes less than 2 hours.
450512450512B000I3RLWEA1WALGSFA8M8ACJerry A. Edelman0041308700800Smoker CookingThe Savu Bags were simple to use and gave our meat a super smoked flavor. Made cleanup easy and quick.
450513450513B000I3RLWEAAS353KFPRH0OGH1221298073600Received a SubstituteWhereas the Savu Smoker Bag is an excellent product, I was disappointed at the fact that the supplier decided to substitute without prior acknowledgement.
450514450514B000I3RLWEA3QQE28KDP8186Sharon Skewis1211295481600Hardly any flavorI followed the instructions to the letter. I cooked 3 pieces of salmon. They were dry and no smoke flavor. The price is too high.
450515450515B000I3RLWEA1XZWQODZH4DEFLizzie "Lizzie"1311300752000Don't buyI would not recommend in the slightest. It makes my whole house smell like a smoker (even with an air purifier running), the food does not taste like it is smoked and I've done ribs and chicken and both just come out mushy like they have been steamed. Don't buy it!
450516450516B000I3RLWEA1D7B5FIFWRE9QTanya Scott1411287705600Smoked the house more than the foodI bought this item based on such good reviews. I thought I would do some ribs in the stove using a smoker bag instead going out in the cold to use the barbeque grill, but what a mistake. I followed the directions exactly and all I got was a smoky house and smoky clothes. The ribs had a weird and faint wood taste not smoky like you get on the grill. YUCK! The ribs were the worst I ever tasted. I usually don't do reviews unless I feel it's necessary and this is one of those times. I really expected to have good results. I give this one TWO THUMBS DOWN.
450517450517B000I3RLWEA2FO7H52F5X3G6Sheree Smedley31011200960000smoker bags - alderThis was represented as 3 bags and was only one. I could have bought one bag at 1/3 of the price elsewhere.
450518450518B001F7E95OA338NGK967YAUATom Jefferson5521325203200"Organic" from China!Skip eating questionable food from China and demand USA grown food. You can get garlic grown in the USA at your farmer's market. You can also get it from farmers online and distributors such as: Or you can search under "garlic not grown in China" like I did. It does exist.

Please join me in encouraging Amazon to get an organic source of garlic that is from the USA; they currently have none. Let's help our own economy and not buy food from communist China.

UPDATE 1/14/12: carries USA garlic whenever possible, but they can't always find it. When I wrote the review, they had it in stock. I spoke with Greg, the CEO, today and he is searching for more USA sources. Just call to verify when you place your order.

Another way to search the internet is to list a state such as: "California organic garlic powder".
450519450519B001F7E95OA12SBVZP1QK9GMJohn Deal1151324684800This product is more like Garlic flourThis garlic is a powder not like any garlic I've seen. Its strong, but not bitter and blends well when cooking. I'm used to Garlic powder being more granular. This product is more like Garlic flour it is the consistency of flour. You should be aware of this in case this isn't what you're looking for.

Tastes like fresh garlic. This is a great value - Product comes in a resealable Mylar bag and should keep the power fresh for a long time with proper care.
450520450520B00329MA18A28RLTVE9YJBPWRonald Thomas5551262822400"This Tea should get the Nobel Peace Prize"This is a very good tea as far as teabags go...traditionally loose tea is always better quality than teabag teas, But this is the exception...being organic as well as the least processed compared to other teas(White tea is the least processed of all teas)...teabags impart a subtle paper flavor that loose teas are free of...these bags are a cut above other teabagged teas(the subtle teabag flavor is less of a factor in this instance)... and are an excellent choice in leu of saving money...It took about six weeks to finally get delivered, but it was worth the weight...This one is a no brainer...!!!
450521450521B00329MA18A305V2I73XDWVIWindica3451301788800such a special gem, this one!after reading the other reviews, i'm confused and don't think that anyone was talking about THIS TEA! (sounded like most comments pertained to prince of peace green tea, and don't have anything to do with the instant dong quai and red date tea that i clicked on...that being said, this is a remarkable's delicious, it's instant (so you don't have to wait for it to steep) and it's really good for you...i just love the taste of this, but then again - i enjoy the uniquely-bitter flavor of dong quai (but this isn't bitter, it's yummy!)...for those who don't know, dong quai is considered to be "ginseng for women" beceause it's very high in vit B12 and helps to keep women from becoming anemic (due the their monthly cycle) also is said to help regulate irregular periods, when used on a daily basis...that said, this tea is special because it helps to "draw one's energy" downwards (and the red date, adds to this effect in that red is the color of the 1st chakra) other words, this tea has aphrodisiac qualities and will create pleasnt feelings when taken before bed (and it's "good for you" and it tastes good and it's a snap to make) what's there to be quibbling about?
450522450522B00329MA18A3I4MWNLA68W2IFrank M Newell3441297814400After at least a year drinking this tea, some thoughts.My household has this tea stocked up at all times.. not to say it's my favorite tea, but it's my favorite day to day tea. We tend to drink Green Tea for its health benefits and as Green Teas go this one is affordable and fairly high quality for tea bag types. A few notes.. you have to be fairly careful about steeping this tea, it doesn't have a whole lot of tolerance from "crisp and delicious" to "overpowering and slightly off-putting". I guess I attribute that to the freshness of the tea. I'm not sure. I've had a lot different results with loose tea in a ball and some herbal teas. While this tastes good when you get it right, if you forget the cup for a few minutes, it's not forgiving. That said, that's the only real drawback to this tea. Yes. I've had teas I would rate five stars, six if I could. Yes, they also cost 5-6x more than this easily for a quarter of the amount of tea. Bottom line, if you drink a lot of tea, this is a good brand to buy. If you don't drink a whole lot and would rather buy something really high quality for the few times you do partake of it, I'd look elsewhere.
450523450523B00329MA18A356ALXAC5COJ2anknight0041350691200Good tea, very gingeryThis tea has a wonderfully strong ginger flavor. The bags come individually wrapped in foil packets. It steeps fast and the resulting mug of tea is murky and delightfully aromatic. I love it and will undoubtedly use every bag in the next month or so. The one thing I think anyone buying this product should be aware of is that they add stevia to the bags. I am usually not a fan of stevia (to me it has a bitter aftertaste) but it was not overwhelming here.
450524450524B00329MA18ARFW5OX658FE4Patricia Walker0051337644800TeaPurchased this tea because of recommendation. Product arrived well packaged and quickly. I am very pleased with this product and will purchase it again.
450525450525B00329MA18AOF7WSV460Q1MShang Wang0041280275200it is a good productI have tried this product before and I really love it. The price is fair and I enjoy it...
450526450526B00329MA18A19MMYMZO363KMLincoln County MT "Focused on pinecones"1241276214400Good tea wish it came in loose tea too.I am sensitive to Caffeine and supposedly the White teas have 1/3 approx. what Black teas contain. And about half of what the green teas contain. This probably varies all over the place however. Often a decaf tea isn't. If you want no caf you need to look for caf free teas and drinks. I find a kick to this white tea but it definitely is not as bad as some of black teas. My husband and I can't tolerate a lot of tannins and this seems to be high in them as the other reviewer mentioned it's astringent properties. But we temper that with milk or 100% Cranberry Juice concentrates as well as lemon juice or powdered. Good both hot or iced. Looking forward to making sun tea for ice tea with these bags. Look on the net this item is cheaper as are all the Prince of Peace items else where even after paying shipping which is usually reasonable. I hope they don't up the price just because everyone else's white tea is higher. I wish it was available in a loose tea too. A smooth flavored good tasting tea that reminds me of teas I had as a child and at Chinese restaurants. Beats anything I can buy in local supermarkets.

I did try the organic version and no way. This one is better for some reason. Stronger and overall a better product even the bag it'self is better than the organic's.
450527450527B00329MA18A3S6CGQ66CBDMRHansen M. Hsiung0141327363200good teaThe tea is good and fresh. We enjoy it. The shipping is fast and cost is reasonable.
I recommend this product.
450528450528B00329MA18A9X4THEY3SCR9jhuber6620030151304294400Nice ProductYou get enough in each package to make a good size cup of drink. It is consistent in its flavor and the amount you get in each packet. I have purchased it a couple of times.
450529450529B00329MA18ATSR8U805B2D1Norz Amazon "Nor"0141285891200Great herbal teaIf you don't have the time to cut up ginger and boil it for it's wonderful flavor here's an alternative. This tea is refreshing. True ginger flavor and punch is wonderful.
450530450530B00329MA18A1OOXWXA2L2R4UMike0311341446400Wrong Product wrong NameGold Prince has made a terrible mistake. There are two products. COLDAID and FLUAID. THey are different formulary. Unfortunately they display Fluaid picture on the Amazon website and their own website but the words are COLDAID. THere is a separate product for Coldaid. Regardless -- if you order the FLUAID on AMAZON you will get the COLDAID...the picture is not the product...the words under the drop down menu are they all default to the same product COLDAID. If you want FLUAID, which is the superior product, don't buy it from AMAZON or off of the sellers website. It is a mistake.
450531450531B00329MA18AXLEXZ750G5SEjenuwine0431287964800Bought at my local supermarketI found this in the organic aisle at my local supermarket. $[...] for one box of 100 opposed to 3 boxes being sold here with no shipping or waiting. I would just like to know if anyone knows if this is a good quality for being a bagged tea. I'm not a Pu-erh expert and I am looking for something as authentic as I can get without paying an arm and a leg. Can anyone suggest a good quality?? The only reason I gave this a 3 is because it is something you can find at your supermarket without buying a pack of 3.
450532450532B00329MA18A2RFDK0V0RR7HFLynn Solo1611306454400The worst 'tea' I have ever tried.I used quotes around the word tea because I doubt that the bags contain tea. I wouldn't be surprised if the bags contained ground up sticks instead of tea. I would not give this product a single star
450533450533B006JXEKQCA3D2JRAKP8HYODDavid L. Wesche "g maximus"0051350777600Great Healthy ProductsAll the Peter Rabbit products are great. They're healthy & convenient. I have them at work, on outings, and just at home to tide me over with something healthy. I can easily have them to supplement my fruits & vegetables, and as a snack to stave off my hunger so I don't binge on bad foods when I get 'starving'.
450534450534B006JXEKQCAOPZY43QQ1C2CAlice S. Rubenfeld0051342915200Great productAn organic product I keep on hand for my grandchildren. Was delivered on time from a reliable seller and I would reccommend to anyone who was looking for a healthy snack for kids that is easily portable to consider this Peter Rabbit squeezy fruit.
450535450535B000KEJMS2A2ZG13STWZ6D4MAndrea Johnson "moon girl"212241275868800Great hard-to-find product!Red lentils (Masoor Dal in an Indian grocery) can be hard to find outside of specialty stores, and Bob's are fresh, clean, and tasty. They make delicious soups with an earthy flavor and great texture. My favorite recipe is made in the slow cooker with onion, celery, tumeric, coriander, and cumin. It is so simple and easy but I can't stop eating it! They are also good cooked with rice as is common in the Middle East and India.
Some people seem confused about the desired consistency of red lentils. Unlike the brown or green lentils that most of us are used to, red lentils have had their husks removed. This is why they cook so quickly. This also means that THEY WILL NATURALLY DISINTIGRATE INTO A PUREE. If you don't like this "mushy" texture, then you should probably stick to lentils that still have their seed coats.
All lentils are a great health food with lots of vitamins and fiber and huge amounts of iron and protein, making them especially important for vegetarians. I would give Bob's 5 stars if they were organic. I'm also a little puzzled about 27 oz being chosen as a unit size. But you can't argue with super saver shipping!
450536450536B000KEJMS2A1VHR0CK5LTV9FK. Gonzalez161851171324800tastyBob's Red Mills lentils are my favorite legume. They have a slightly sweet taste and cook very fast- 20-30 minutes. Be careful not to over-cook them because they are very tender and will fall apart, still tasty though. The soup I make calls for sauteed carrots, celery, & onion. Add ham or sausage if you wish. 1 garlic clove, oregano, salt (if you haven't added salty ham), and optional hot pepper flakes. It is very hardy and filling. Caution: Lentils can be difficult for diabetics to handle.
450537450537B000KEJMS2A3SNT0Z38MTSWDL. Hauser101151270598400Delicious AND nutritiousBob's Red Mill Red Lentils are delicious. They are very different from regular brown lentils, with a lighter, less earthy flavor. Red lentils do not require any soaking, just rinse. High in fiber, they are superb in soups and appealing to children as well as adults. I highly recommend an easy Moroccan type red lentil soup with lots of fresh lemon. Google for recipes. Or Simply chop one onion and saute quickly in olive oil, add plenty of chicken or vegetable broth, a can of diced tomatoes (or chopped fresh), perhaps some chopped fresh flat-leaf parsley and juice from several lemons (I make the entire lentil bag at once because the soup goes fast in my house). The soup cooks on the stovetop in only an hour or so. Warm and tasty in winter, light and citrusy enough for summer. Red lentils freeze well. Fabulous healthy vegetarian meal served with whole grain crusty bread. Comfort food at its best. Try them!
450538450538B000KEJMS2A2B85M4TIHF7HKSean Kelly "Consultant"4541272153600Delicious if Mushy"Bob's Red Mill" is a name synonymous with healthy grains, and these red lentils are no exception. These are exceedingly tasty lentils that cook surprisingly quickly--too quickly, in fact. Definitely reduce your cooking times from other lentils you may have prepared, for the slightest overcooking of Bob's red lentils will break them down and turn them into mush.

Now, that mush is surprisingly tasty, and I wouldn't be surprised if you spiced them up and added some flour and eggs for structure and strength that you could turn them into delicious vegetarian patties for burgers. But if you like lentils with some toothsome feel and visible structure, then you might be happier with a different variety, or a different brand of red lentils than Bob's.

This 4-pack comes in a large box--be careful when cutting it open so as not to pierce the 4 inner bags.
450539450539B000KEJMS2A1CSNK5UQB4XUFShould Be Doing Laundry0051336867200So much better than regular greenish lentils, perfect for Ethiopian foodWe cook a lot of Ethiopian food around here, and the traditional dish mesir wot requires red lentils to really taste right. These cook wonderfully, taste great. I am glad I subscribed.
450540450540B000KEJMS2A1Y2CSLBIPOO3MSassafrass0051328227200These are sooo good!Love lentil soup and this is best by far. And I don't give 5 stars for something that isn't worth it.

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