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450571450571B0017JARAGA2XWPJU2Y32SAZHoward N. Peters1151344988800Superb find!!!!It was wonderful to find these sausages after years of searching for Penrose in jars. They are exactly what I remember and I will continue to supply my reminiscent needs!
450572450572B0017JARAGA14OP7TZUC5UUUBrenda Mobley0051337990400DeliciousI really enjoy these little sausages and they came all in a box, individually wrapped and ready for lunch. Delicious!
450573450573B0017JARAGA23V36BZCDPWLTJames W. Pinkey0031329177600An OK Taste-Not Too Hot!!Either my taste has changed in the past twenty years or they have changed their process of how they pickle the Penrose Big Mama Pickled Sausage. It could also have been because of being vacumn packed instead of aged in the pickle solution of a jar. The taste was OK and it wasn't too hot! I do like the the idea of being vacumn packed for the convenience of shipping without the probability of a jar filled with the brine solution breaking during shipment as happened to me in the past.
450574450574B0017JARAGA3IRMV3H023YOXtrueblue0231318982400pleasedReceived as ordered..very good taste..enjoy them alot for a quick snack on the job. Gave it a three due to they are very very high sodium content. Enjoy in moderation.
450575450575B001716528A19C4WE5N9WJLUCentaurdb0051341273600Omaha Does It Again!Omaha Steaks remain some of the, if not THE best I've ever had. I've had just about every cut and size and I've never had one I didn't like!
450576450576B001716528A25NGPKL1L4QDMMettelise F. Ziegler "norwegian mamma"3751224806400qualityMy parents were very satisfied with the steak and I was happy with the delivery time.
450577450577B000UY0JIYA2GWW6ISN0GNQMAlan Roberts "Alan"9931244505600Good taste - a little blandThe can is well filled with good fillets of eel. The taste is a little bland - the smoked flavour is not very pronounced. Makes a good pate with some onion and capers
450578450578B000UY0JIYA1A21JD1OE4KMZSamdog8921250899200Canned smoke eel anyone ?So I bought a pack of ten cans of smoked eel fillets. I still have nine cans left. If anyone wants to buy them, make me an offer. They are OK. Taste like smoked herring, smoked trout or any other type of canned smoked fish. A bit mushy and not very interesting. Not much flavor and looks unattractive when put on a plate.
450579450579B000UY0JIYA1CCJ4DV8MUB9CHans G. Wenze4451286755200Smoked EelRoland smoked eel fillets are absolutely delicious. If you are a smoked eel fan, you must try this. Been trying to get smoked eel at local markets (Long Island, NY) but they don't seem to be available anymore. This is a great subsitute. Recommend strongly.
450580450580B000UY0JIYA1ZR2NJX5LRDP8Astrid van Beek2211317427200Yuch!I love fresh smoked eel, but this stuff is GROSS! Not recommended at all.The oil inside the can is musty and the fish falls apart.
450581450581B000UY0JIYA33JBYV8Z7NLCYPeter Hofer2241292371200Smoked eel filletsIf stored in the refrigerator give the contents enough time to come to room temperature, before eating the fillets. They are simply delicious, though they taste different from what I remember freshly smoked eel tasted in Germany, when I was a youngster.
If you like fish, you will love these fillets.
For a special treat I can highly recommend these eel fillets to any Gourmet.
450582450582B000UY0JIYAUXV4F9XZF9O2karin1121316995200tastei was a little disappointed,it does not taste like the eel i remembered.this is very muschi,i dont think i order it again.///karin
450583450583B000UY0JIYA27NNU7N8JL3Z1pentafail1111303430400real badThis is the first time I try canned eel. It was the worst eel i've ever had.
Another thing is that each 3.7 oz serving contains 50% daily fat.
450584450584B000UY0JIYA3S6TH7OGNG7PJCharlotte0041300665600Tasty, but NOT as pictured or labeled!These are really, really tasty, with just the right amount of smoke flavor. I think someone said they are ugly, but really they're not. Plus, they give your brain a great boost, so you feel good after eating them. The smoke flavor was just right for eating over rice, but in sushi (to make unagi rolls), the smoke was too overwhelming. For making unagi rolls, I'd recommend finding something that is not smoked, or they won't taste like sushi anymore.

The only thing is they are NOT as pictured. The case arrived, but they were packed in SOYBEAN oil, NOT cottonseed oil as it says in the product description. I called Amazon, and they were great about sending out a replacement, thinking it was just the wrong item shipped. But the new case arrived the same: different color label, and packed in soybean oil. This would not be a big deal for most, but I ordered these SPECIFICALLY because my husband is allergic to soy. I contacted the company (Roland), and the woman I spoke with seemed surprised at the discrepancy and promised to call me back with an answer the next day as to whether these were mislabeled, or if they're really packed in soy. She never called back.

So, these are tasty and great, but BUYER BEWARE they are swimming in SOYBEAN OIL. NOT allergy-safe.
450585450585B000UY0JIYA21C4UII3I2ZPYfwilli3551272067200SUSHI HITused this eel (not from China) to make one of my first attempts at sushi for my boy at Birmingham Southern. he loved it. made my day. used Morimoto's sushi rice recipe but next time will cut down on the vinegar and substitute some sake for it. a bit too much vinegar taste for me but i will keep the same volume of liquid that is cut into the rice after it's cooked.
450586450586B004T34P9GA3T54QLLOTOEX3amalgamate0011330646400Will Never Buy AgainI bought these discontinued at a local store, and now I know why they were marked so cheaply. They smelled like treated lumber and tasted just as bad. I didn't even finish 1 chip.
450587450587B001VNP7L2A2KC6KNII97KUArts Fan "Arts Fan"2251282953600Great Parsley FlakesAt last---a large quantity of organic parsley leaf flakes! Delicious and convenient. They are packaged in a large lightweight pouch.
450588450588B001VNP7L2AF7DZ97VNSEWNMichael L. Love "free is a verb"6851338249600A useful amount of tastey organic parsley!Parsley is one of the best sources of flavonoids on the planet. It is loaded with apigenin in the form of apin, and it is very difficult to get this much apigenin from any other source. It is roughly 10:1 gram for gram, so that parsley is pouring flavonoids. This ample supply makes it practical to add parsley using a large serving spoon or measuring cup. I recommend up to one cup of parsley daily, which necessitates a large supply, such as provided by this product.

I will admit that I am not an expert regarding parsley as spice, but I love the fresh green parsley flavor that is imparted by this product. It brightens and freshens every food that I have added it to, which is many. When I get a little more money, I will get more so that I can have some in storage. I am sure that it stores well, in a cool dark place.

I may write a parsley guide, so that I can provide recipes to use this much parsley. Apin and apigenin are not absorbed very well by the body, so it probably helpful to use parsley with yogurt, cheese, and acid/oil emulsions in order to improve the absorption. Fatty fish, such as red salmon, is a often neglected source of healthful oils. Citrus and vinegar work equally well for the acid. Be sure and add plenty of fresh ground pepper as well, which is very flavorful, but also likely to aid absorption. Until the time that I am able to write a guide, you can check my blog, which is linked from my profile page.

450589450589B001VNP7L2AR0LU80K8QCRSReni1151335744000Perfect qualityProduct arrived in perfect condition. Have used it many times already and have yet to see any brown crumpled leaves. Boy is there a lot of it! Would recommend!
450590450590B001VNP7L2A36WGHR8TO5DKTGoldwave "shopper"0051348012800Fresh, Lots, Well PackagedKeep in mind, if you've never used dried parsley, that it is a little different in scent and flavor than fresh parsley. All herbs are; we all know that. Just mentioning it just in case. :)

Having said that - this is excellent "fresh" organic dried parsley.

My biggest joy here was the giant 1 lb. bag (one of those Mylar foil packages, not just wimpy cellophane). It's nearly impossible to find dried parsley in anything but a tiny jar priced as if it contained gold.

Fresh parsley is of course awesome. But it's not always easy to get healthy fresh parsley at a grocery store. "Fresh" produce is usually well over a week old. It was probably harvested and left to sit for a long time before being loaded into a truck (or even a shipping container for a train or sea voyage). Then after days in transit, it's unloaded at a distribution facility and shipped again (or unloaded directly at your store, if you're lucky). At the store it's unloaded and left to sit outside while they get around to putting it into the back of the store. There it sits while it's processed by your local produce people, who finally put it out for sale into the produce section. There, it sits further until/if someone buys it. And then, it probably sits in your car and then your refrigerator for even longer. That's pretty abusive to a little herb plant.

So having dried herbs available as an option is definitely worthwhile. Parsley goes well with pretty much everything but sweets.
450591450591B001VNP7L2A1EX9QCHRDOZ6ZJudi0051334016000Very happyI live out in the country so whenever I can buy in bulk, I do. I froze what I couldn't use and it still is as good as the day I bought the product.
450592450592B0009EHNXEA1JK53CKC5SLZ1Frank S. Parma "Sharon"3331206316800yeast package was oldI have tried these bread mixes before but this time the yeast package was old and the bread did not rise like it should.
450593450593B0009EHNXEA2TCQHWQZ2ZHO7T. S. Crites "apteacher"1151211587200Bread mixes turn out great!This variety of bread mixes was great for a little wedding gift. I made a basket with flavored butters, butter spreaders, and these mixes. I received rave reviews!
450594450594B0009EHNXEA1DSOXI06BJ4ZWMaria F. Kline "ANGELICA"1151210291200Nice seller-great item!the bread mixes are perfect-i made every single loaf and they came better than perfect...thank you
450595450595B002K3FFRIA1JVZE35LFQ0PFHanK "HanK"1151314489600Natural balance vegetarian formula dog foodMy Corgi had badder stones. We put him on vet formula dog food. He turned bright red and got sores all over his body. I was very upset. I took him off the vet food, Did some research and found this miracle dog food. We add a small amount of cooked chicken to it and to my relief and amazement he turned back to perfectly white skin and all his sores are gone. This dog food is a true life saver!!!
450596450596B002K3FFRIA2ZZLEWQWV3TSFFrance Roy0041334966400Great product but my dog doesn't really like itWe are vegetarian and would love our dog to be but he doesn't really like this food. If we mix it in with his Beneful he will eat it but not on its own. Still great idea for a dog food. Wish there were more options to try...
450597450597B002K3FFRIA3FGVNVERPQUAUSusan J. Rainwater0051328918400My dog loves this food!My dog has severe food allergies. She loves this food and it seems to be very good quality. It smell kind of funny, but she loves it and thats all that matters.
450598450598B002XUNNE0A3DPQLR4M6INKHGone to Ebay2211294444800Taste like cardboardTrust me, I'm not picky, I will eat anything, and I love 99 cents bargains ;). But this cookies
are cheaper than the 99cents cookies, it taste like sugar coated wet cardboard. Go to your local
99 cents store and get expired cookies, trust me, they will taste better.
450599450599B002XUNNE0A3EA4UZ8DK7S7Fred80890051345593600dont let the low price fool you.oh my gosh. these duplex creme cookies are very good. i found these in a 13 oz pkg at a DOLLAR TREE store. if this store is in your area, please try these today. these are suprisingly not half bad!
450600450600B004N5CGV4A36ZMQWLPBX5HZjpc0051350000000Great Food for Cats with GI issuesMy cat loves canned food, but after an ounce or so she has screaming diarrhea. I've tired every food known to man (and cat) without success. BUT, then came Best Feline Friend canned cat food. I've been using the formula with aspic and my Stella can finally enjoy her canned food. She enjoys every variety of BFF, and I limit her to one 3 ounce (any more than that and she has GI upset) can daily and she's fine. This is quite an improvement over all the other brands we've tried. Two thumbs up for Best Feline Friend.

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