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450751450751B0000V8IOEA2RZZLERZ1B5KZMichael1231296432000Falls a bit bit shortThe packaging is exceptional. I really did like the re-sealable bag. I have been buying coffee from assorted vendors on Amazon for awhile now and with the Super Saver shipping and no sales tax it's been a worthwhile experience. I just wish the roasters would all consider packaging that allows the customers to store their products as well as HI Roasters. As for the coffee, it was very flavorful, a nice chocolate overtone. But for my tastes it fell short of some lower priced Kona blends I've had and I think it's due to the light roast. If you're into a more aromatic earthy taste w/ complex mellow undertones the Hawiian Dark Roast is among the very best.
450752450752B0000V8IOEAK8SX8V6RUHJMPamela Caldwell4741302307200Old Drrrrrrrrrrrry BeansWhen coffee was being ground I could tell the beans were old and dried out, not a good flavor or or even much of any flavor at all, save your money on this company.
Call company and they made restitution.
450753450753B0000V8IOEAN9IRRHXMANCWJohn F. Moore2421289865600Not Worth the Money...I had been buying Lion brand Kona coffee and was quite satisfied. For some reason that has since escaped me, I decided to try the Hawaii Roasters coffee. I was very much looking forward to it, especially after reading through the Amazon reviews. When I opened the HRs bag, I was not captivated by the aroma as I am with the Lion coffee. I found the coffee to be bland and tasteless. Not objectionable by any means, but not at all what I would describe as flavorful. Perhaps I got an old batch or something, but regardless, I'm going back to the Lion brand.
450754450754B0000V8IOEA1YCQRG8DTUVBDJohn Morgan0111336953600Burnt and Stale, Not Medium Roast as AdvertizedThese allegedly medium roast Kona beans are stale and burnt like Starbucks roasts (Starbucks roasts their coffee just to the burnt stage in order to hide the fact that their beans are rancid), not a medium roast at all.

I strongly suspect that these beans are a few years old that were re-roasted, re-packaged, and sold on Amazon as fresh Kona beans.

When I opened the package, it smelled more like a chimney or an ash tray than a coffee.

I am very disappointed.
450755450755B0000V8IOEA2Y00L1N2C8F66April110121328227200Kona coffeeI say Kona coffee is over promoted and overpriced. The taste is way short of a great coffee.I cannot bring a well-balance taste out of this coffee no matter how I brew it. Don't waste your $$$!

Cross my heart, there are other excellent coffees which cost less than Kona.
450756450756B0000V8IOEA277K7JCAHGIA5Jordan0141321401600Worth the moneyNormally, the coffee is fantastic. This time, it was a bit stale, but still much better than alternatives. This might have been due to a slight tear in the bag during shipping
450757450757B0000V8IOEA39EMVJYPFC6NBSharon Im0151321142400Best coffeeSo, I was looking for a really good coffee because my dad is a fanatic about caffeine. I bought him this one, other Kona coffees, and even the outrageously expensive, highly talked about squirrel-pooping coffee from the Philippines. After many months of trying different kinds, my dad kept referring to this one as the "best." Guess I'll be buying this one from now on.
450758450758B0000V8IOEAOFAK4JN60PONRoot Admin0141264809600Award Winning Farm Roasted 100% Kona Coffee, Whole Bean, Medium Roast, 1 LbDelicious for what it is, being prepackaged...considering that it is not fresh roasted in your kitchen. Expensive as a full time enjoyment, but a nifty treat or gift.
450759450759B0000V8IOEA2GQNYHP4S9V6QStuart A. Watts1351290038400Smooth and flavorfullI bought the dark roast and am very happy. Nice and smooth with sweet after notes. I use a coffee press and ground my first batch with a blade grinder and was very impressed. Two days later I received my Hario hand crank burr grinder and what an improvement on a already great cup of coffee. I am really happy with both of my purchase's. If you like a strong bitter tasting dark roast, then this might not be the coffee for you. I like to change it up once and a while and really enjoyed this brand.
450760450760B0000V8IOEA1LFEW3P8N0AQPM. Russo "Musical Shore"1321286496000Really bad coffeeI bought this coffee so I wouldn't have to go out of my way to go to a specialized coffee shop. Big mistake. This is not strong, flavorful coffee, which is what I expect from 100% Kona. These beans taste like they've been sitting around in a warehouse for months, which is probably the reality. This is a waste of money, you are better off with Starbucks beans.
450761450761B0000V8IOEA2TSVF5UMNZYN1Dave Hall "Bluzman"0221293840000Very disappointedGot this coffee expecting good things as I had thoroughly enjoyed Kona blends before and wanted to "upgrade" to real Kona beans but was very disappointed in this particular product as it had almost no flavor. Just to be sure it wasn't just me I shared the beans with other coworkers who agreed it was short on taste/flavor and were surprised that it was "high dollar" Kona coffee beans. I started mixing it w/Gevalia and Starbucks to get some taste and that way it won't be a total loss. Maybe I got a bad batch or old coffee but I am not taking a chance on this product again.
450762450762B0000V8IOEA3W4MQPF01KC9SC. A. Freyer0251290297600Great giftJust received this coffee as a gift - it's a great coffee, lovely flavor and something I'll buy again as soon as this runs out.
450763450763B0000V8IOEA5NDZ4VDNNDMWYoung0321316736000What's the taste of Kona like?Maybe I am a taste disaster. I could not tell any difference between Kona and ordinary blend coffee.
I mostly drink Starbucks espresso or Starbucks Sumatra. Since I feel that Starbucks espresso tastes better than this product, I'd rather go back on Starbucks espresso. Also my friend agrees with me about the taste of Kona coffee.
Please tell me what the taste of Kona is like!!!
450764450764B0000V8IOEA2FHKY2I3EQHPKSteve Ostertag757751075075200I Just Had To......I've never written a product review before, but this is such amazingly good coffee I just had to say so. From the first sip I knew this was coffee like I had never tasted before. And in Seattle - where coffee falls from the sky like so much rain - that's saying something. I had planned to serve this as the perfect cap for a recent dinner party with friends, but it didn't last in my house long enough to make the dinner. So I'm back for more.

Now I'm wondering if the folks at Hawaii Roasters have any openings. I work can pay me in these wonderful, rich coffee beans!

450765450765B0000V8IOEA319KYEIAZ3SONMary Whipple596251126224000Worth every cent--a special treat for yourself or a friend.Pure Kona coffee, especially when it comes directly from the farm, is everything the coffee lover ever hoped for, absolutely as good as its description suggests it will be. The flavor is rich because farm-processed coffee never has the chance to get stale--the cherries are skinned and the beans are dried and roasted immediately after picking for maximum freshness and mellow flavor. They don't sit around over-fermenting while waiting to be processed (which then requires dark roasting to kill the "spoiled" taste).

Though pure 100% Kona is rare and difficult to find, this coffee is the real deal--a premier coffee which is among the costliest and most sought-after. If you are just browsing for coffee, take a close look at the label. For some strange reason, coffee can be legally called "Kona" if it contains just ten percent Kona beans (with 90% of the beans coming from unknown sources), and some new buyers are unaware of this. This brand of 100% Kona will justify its price and confirm everything you ever wanted in taste. n Mary Whipple
450766450766B0000V8IOEA3RLS30LZ10PK9J. Emerson "j_emer"869331269993600Not exactly what I expectedI bought this coffee after reading the reviews. I was disappointed. EVERYONE seemed to think this coffee was wonderful. I certainly would not rate it bad, but OK--not exactly what I was anticipating.

UPDATE: I received an e-mail from the president of Hawaiian Roasters, the company that makes this coffee. Since I was not totally satisfied with the coffee, I was given a full refund. While this coffee is not my favorite, I will say the company makes a great effort to satisfy the customer. Thank you, Mr. Krant.
450767450767B0000V8IOEA29ZK2EFBORU87Paul D. Calabrese "Yukonhawk"161651136937600Awesome Brand of Kona CoffeeI received this as a Christmas gift in 2005. This coffee is smooth, aromatic and makes an outstanding cup of coffee. It comes in whole bean form and a full 1 pound of it to boot. The best bang for the buck. Excellent value! Take my word for it and you won't be disappointed.

450768450768B0000V8IOEAX1Z5RQ1LWMM2j-rob-82121251227830400Aroma and Taste That PleaseI have never purchased 30 dollar coffee before so this was kind of splurge for me and I usually drink coffee that comes in 12 ounce bags at about a 5 to 7 dollar range so I wondered how much difference could it really be in quality. I was looking for some good holiday food and I read all the reviews and decided to go ahead and try it out and to my surprise I really enjoyed it and believe me I was expecting quite a bit for 30 dollar coffee. The 1st thing I noticed was the aroma when I 1st broke into the package and it wasn't the normal aroma I was used to when breaking into new coffee for the 1st time. The aroma was so much better and it was so much different and pleasing in smell that I knew it was going to be a great cup of coffee. With anticipation I ground up the beans and made my 1st pot and actually just finished it before this was wrote. I took my time drinking this coffee and I must say I have drank a lot of coffee in my time and thought I wouldn't be able to tell a difference but I found myself looking forward to my next cup. The taste was so fantastic and full of flavor that I really didn't expect it so I was really surprised by that. It was that good instead of with my normal coffee its usually just routine to drink it up even though its good its just not as good as this. If you are looking for some delicious coffee do yourself a favor pick this one up. If you are like me you might splurge every once in a while on food and even if you do it once you will find yourself missing this bag when its gone b/c I know I will. I still have about a whole package remaining and I think I will have to break down again later to get another. Though it is rather expensive I am very happy with this coffee.
450769450769B0000V8IOEA1EJ6J6N9I7W35Billy Hollis9931283731200Kona is the best, but this isn't the best KonaI've had several types of Kona, and this one doesn't rank anywhere near the top.

It's not bad, by any means. Kona is my favorite coffee by far, and I'd rather have this than grocery store beans. However, I've had Koa brand and Kona Mountain, plus Kona from Seattle Coffee purchased at CostCo, and they all beat this Hawaii Roasters. They're all about the same price too, some more and some less.

Kona tends to be subtle, but this was so subtle I'd have to call it a bit bland. Perhaps the darker roast would bring out a bit more flavor. I normally get medium roast for Kona to avoid the burnt overtones which can mask Kona flavor, but there just doesn't seem to be that much flavor here to begin with.

I noted another review that also complained about the blandness, and it's from roughly the time I bought mine. Given some of the other glowing reviews, I wonder if I just got a substandard batch.
450770450770B0000V8IOEA3CBN76RLH05T9Peter of Westminster "Peter of Westminster"6651163635200Wonderful coffee!This is truly excellent coffee -- the best I've tasted. It's a great value, too. I was paying more than twice as much for 100% Kona coffee at the smaller of the two big coffee chains. The chain store Kona was very good, but to my taste, this is clearly better. Most highly recommended!
450771450771B0000V8IOEA2SXUZQK4ZD50JScarlett4451193443200Fantastic coffee-worth every penny!This is an amazing coffee. My husband and I love it and have already ordered more. You can tell it's 100% KONA versus a blend-we'll never go back!
450772450772B0000V8IOEA10FL3TBQ7TI48J. King3321302480000average...KONA 100%?????If you think your going to get that awesome full flavor and aroma you bought in a coffee shop in Kona forget it. If you add the cost of this stuff(Hawaii Rosters) you can do better. It's just OK and is not worth the price IMO.
450773450773B0000V8IOEA2RWF7V1IENH0FI. J. Gilbert3321302134400Mediocre at best...Well, I have to stay that I was very disappointed in this coffee. I typically buy whole bean coffee from a local company, and I gotta say that I really enjoy that moment when I break the seal on the bag, and get that rich coffee aroma. So, always hearing that Kona coffee is the best in the world, I really expected a great experience from this - however that wasn't the case.

When I opened the bag, there was virtually no coffee aroma. I don't know if it's been sitting in a warehouse too long (expiration date on back was July 2011 - it's April 2011 as of this writing). The vacuum seal seemed okay - no tears in the packaging; so I'm at a loss to explain why the coffee seemed 'stale' . And after brewing my first pot, I gotta say it isn't a great cup of coffee. At best, it's a mediocre cup of coffee.
450774450774B0000V8IOEAJTJ65PH10DHQC. Burns5611327017600Stale, Quality not Commensurate with Price Point.Relative luxury items that charge a premium are subject to a greater degree of discrimination on the basis of commanding margin substanailly higher than that of more mid-stream, value or bang for the buck items. If you're going to spend $30 for a 16 oz bag of Coffee, the expectation is that the quality of the product is high to exceptional. My personal opinion, and that of several office co-horts, was that the quality of this product did not match the price point.

Our office purchased a Techni-Vorum Moccamaster, with a copper heating element, for ideal brewing. Bottled Culligan water was used to make the coffee. Under such conditions, the sweet flavor of Kona shines. This did not happen with this product. The consensus in the office is that the beans were stale.

One trick in the food industry to add margin is to sell products that are slightly aged, and a at least a little bit if not moderately on the way to expiration. This is the model that Trader Joe's operates under. The difference is with Trader Joes, you pay less for the product, so there is still some relative value in the purchase.

Pure Speculation: I do wonder if this is the case with this product. Higher Margin Product not selling in recession, gets older, passed off at disproportionately high price point. I can not know. What I do know is that I will not be buying this again. Again, while my experiences with Kona with other lines have been outstanding, this particular product was stale. Suggestions on other Kona lines appreciated. I am willing to pay up for good beans. If paying at this price point, the expectations are high.

Did have better Luck with Caffe Britt, which while a darker roast, exceptional quality, and good value at the price point on Amazon. Happy brewing.
450775450775B0000V8IOEA26XMNLJU1UYQDPhillip G. Webser "nswst8"5611300406400Not as described.Although I might not be a coffee connoisseur, I do know the difference between a smooth or bitter tasting cup of Kona coffee. This might be labeled Kona, I say that it has an awful bitter after taste for being Kona. I have gone back to one of the original Kona coffee listed under the Kona coffee counsel. It is comparable to the pricing of this coffee yet a much smoother taste that I like.

As stated above, this coffee is "Not As Described"
450776450776B0000V8IOEA1RF5WCX0KPAE7M. J Ricard "tech ceo"2211328313600This does NOT taste like the Kona coffee you buy at restaurantsI love Kona coffee. I have had it in Hawaii, and in nice restaurants in Chicago. I was very excited to see this coffee at amazon and quickly bought it at its high price thinking it was the Kona I have had before. Unfortunately, it is not. It tastes like a bad dunkin donuts coffee. It does not have that Kona taste at all. If I had a cup of it at Dennys, I would not know the difference nor comment about it. Keep your money in your pocket and keep looking, this is notit.
450777450777B0000V8IOEA3CDO2DA798B4UCarl "2241319328000
450778450778B0000V8IOEA2VRDAUYHE30Q8L. Claassen2231299110400You do not want oily beans.I was surprised at seeing a number of reviewers saying they preferred oily-looking coffee beans. My coffee roaster and other experts have always told me that oily, shiny beans are the result of the coffee degrading and going stale. Here is some advice from [...]:

"Shiny oily coffee being an indicator of freshness is a common misconception. Actually the oily surface outside of the roasted coffee bean is caused by a degradation of the bean when oils bleed through to the bean surface. This is caused by a dark roasting process or age of the bean. These coffee bean oils actually retain the complex aromas and flavors of the bean. If the oils are allowed to escape out of the bean the coffee will become bland tasting with a strong stale odor and it happens rather quickly.
Customers sometimes get confused when looking at a coffee bean and believe that if the oils are not visible on the outside of the bean that it is old and dried out which is not the case.
It gets worse. After a period of time, these coffee oils will then coagulate on the outside of the bean and in the bag or container where it is stored to give the coffee a more pronounced stale and bitter flavor."

Essentially, the cells of the bean are breaking down and releasing the oils which contain the flavor before you have a chance to extract them with your coffee maker. I admit I have had some dark roasts that were oily when I opened the bag, yet still tasted OK, but overall, oily, shiny beans means coffee either roasted a long time ago, or stored improperly.
I have not tried this coffee but needed to give a rating to publish this information.
450779450779B0000V8IOEA35PGRRI26DYDAlb2251296172800fantastic coffee!I'm a pretty big coffee drinker, but had never tried Kona coffee before. I gotta say, Hawaii Roasters Kona Coffee was the best coffee I ever had. The type of coffee you want to savor for the flavor rather than gulp down for the caffeine (which is really hard to do because it tastes so good, after your first sip you just want to keep downing it rather than savor it). I purchased my first package right before the holidays and it was a total hit with my family and friends. I am now totally hooked and strongly recommend Hawaii Roasters Kona to all coffee lovers.
450780450780B0000V8IOEA276KHV0G482SEP. Anspach2251289952000Excellent Medium Roast KonaWe have purchased Hawaii Roasters coffee before and while their Dark Roast is quite good I prefer a lighter roast. The medium roast Kona is exactly what I was looking for

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