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451051451051B001E5DWZUA1DQVTTFY7WQRKSea Sol6651241222400HP sauce (brown sauce)My family is from Belfast, N. Ireland and we always used this when visiting. It is close to our A1 Sauce but so much better. It's very hard to find here so I was so glad to see Amazon carrying it! Great on all items you would use A1 and especially good on Beef Stew.
451052451052B001E5DWZUAFXZ4ZA1NBN6SA. Sanders6651239926400Yes please !!!Wow, great sauce, bangers and mash, breakfast etc. A Brit essential, a really great price, effortless shipping, plastic bottles... It doesn't get any better folks. No more trips to cheezy "brit" stores, no more puddles in the luggage. Love you Amazon XXX
451053451053B001E5DWZUA1BI413HIADDSDartflyman "artflyman"5551235433600Best Meat Sauce EverI have been using HP Sauce since I was a kid, many, many years ago. It is great that we can now get the real HP Sauce in the States. We could occasionally find a version made in New Jersey, but it was not nearly as good. I love now having it available through the Internet.
451054451054B001E5DWZUA2M010R02GVWYCThomas Litchford3351246924800MmmmmmmmmmmBottled love from the UK. This is a great way to get your HP fix if you can't find it at your grocery store, or if it comes in those annoyingly small bottles.
451055451055B001E5DWZUA1P1DEN1Y8XA3BArmchair Pundit "Armchair Pundit."2241286582400Ooh, You Are Saucy.With it's well balanced spices and deliciously tangy aftertaste this is what I like to put on a bacon sandwich.
Save the ketchup for chicken and fries.
It also lend's itself well to being an extra spicy kick to soups, casseroles and bolognese, just add whilst cooking.
I always have a bottle in my house, why don't you.
451056451056B001E5DWZUA8TAFB4YG1KOHDuane S. Cox2251250380800HP Steak SauceThis is a wonderful Steak Sauce and much better than A-1 or any other brand.
I have been using it for years.
451057451057B001E5DWZUA1IB4ERQMVIAX0bodawi1151309219200HP SauceHaving lived almost 9 years in England, and having an English bride, I became acquainted with HP Sauce. We have been using it since at least 1963. Our home is in a small town in rural Virginia and HP Sauce is not available at local outlets; therefore, it is extremely convenient that we are able to obtain in from Also, the price is comparable to that in military commissaries.
451058451058B001E5DWZUAJFIFGV91YD1Ifullafaith1151308873600HP for the win!This is exactly as ordered...thank you Amazon prime. :) I am not sure why people complain about the expiration date, other than they are unfamiliar with the system used in the rest of the world.
451064451064B001E5DWZUAMAJTQQFPJ1U0Ange2351309046400Love the sauce (hate the date)I'll start with the product itself: HP Sauce is wonderful! I described it to the family as being a cross between ketchup, barbecue sauce and steak sauce. They were skeptical - until they tried it. We've gone through 3 of the 4 bottles I ordered in less than two months. When we have guests, they look at the bottle like I imported an actual Brit and they're not sure what to say to him, but fall in love with it when they get a taste. I can get it at the local British foods shop or at World Market, but both stores have the New Jersey bottles, which don't seem to have the same taste.

The product is great - the delivery, not so much. Our bottles showed an expiry date that was way too soon, even using British dating (year/month instead of month/year). However, I know dating on sealed products is perfunctory at best - sealed goods can often last up to 10 years if unopened. Still, Amazon (or the seller) needs to indicate that they are selling close to date items.
451059451059B001E5DWZUA3TLHEBPXNIHCMSteven White1141303948800Good item, somewhat over-priced.I really don't quite understand it, it's a simple enough recipe I'm sure - but there is nothing to match it here in NC.

Amazon delivers this item quickly and securely, if should be noted that the date on the item is a "best before" date - not "use by" and more importantly is in UK format DD/MM/YYYY not MM/DD/YYYY.

My only complaint is that really this item is over-priced to my mind for such small plastic bottles, so not really much of a bargain - shame :o(
451065451065B001E5DWZUA3LK3RNCMG5FPOJohn H. Watson0051348790400Expiry DatesAll the good things said about HP are true - a unique product that knocks out the US brands. One reviewer was concerned about expiry dates of HP Sauce. A lot of my career has been in food manufacturing since before there were expiry dates. In the Uk, by law, you have to put on an expiry date and, by law, it cannot be longer than two years out. But some products go well beyond that. Sugar or vinegar based products hermetically sealed in glass or plastic are virtualy infinite. After several - and I mean several - years, you may with HP sauce see some slight coloration change, but no discernable change of flavor and DEFINITELY no food risk. Note canned goods are slightly different. They have an internal coating as a barrier between the food and the tinplate. The coating varies by foodstuff, but over time an acidic content can eat through and cause discoloration and bad taste - but given civilized storage this is always well beyond the expiry date.
451060451060B001E5DWZUA3DPOI7Y8VRF4WP. Aziz "Paul"1151301443200Best Steak sauce in the world, Brits have it right!I was introduced to this sauce about 25 years ago by a British friend, and I fell in love with the sauce. It is hard to find in the US, so Amazon had a great price, and I bought a bunch of it. Got it today, had steak tonight.. and mmmm mmmm good! You will love it, hint of Worstchestire, with some Malt Vinegar, and the sweetness of Tamarind, much thicker and better tasting than A1. Use it on everything, but steaks rock with it!

************ This is an update, to all those who claim the exp date is past or really close. Do you realize the date is not in the standard American format? That is why it looks wrong, come on folks, it is packaged well, and not expired. I am back to buy more, it went so fast!
451066451066B001E5DWZUA2FDWYB15QLS8RCyberChild0051346803200Same great tasteLove this stuff, it's a shame it is not sold here in the USA. I found this on one of my trips to Europe an man you can put this stuff on anything. Has a great taste an a nice after bite. Great product :)
451061451061B001E5DWZUA25TVY2M6RX1LTAdrian Rose ""legal eagle""1151295827200Nothing wrong with exp dates.....I've bought this product for EVER, both in UK and USA. The giant size lasted me 2+ years, opened. It never goes bad as it has a vinegar base which preserves(pickles) it.
I also eat Vegemite that has been in my fridge for over 10 years....still as good as new, and yes, I have POUNDS of Vegemite and loads of HP sauce.
BTW, it sells in Publix in Florida for almost double ...
451062451062B001E5DWZUA1R4U9YQRE685XJ. Shelton1151284595200Spot on!First off, if you have never tried this on a steak, do yourself a favor and order this right now and try it. You can thank me later. Seriously, after you try this on your next steak, you will happily go to your frig and throw out the Heinz 57, A1, Lea and Perins etc. because from now on, you know. You have been enlightened, you have come to the light and found truth and taste. HP is that good. Nothing else tastes like it, sweet, savory, tangy, just right. You will love it!
451067451067B001E5DWZUA9BWUH9XKZ2DQGUSR19 "JimE"0051346457600A taste of the old country !HP Sauce is my favourite "brown sauce" and this deal was cheaper then buying it locally at the supermarket, so what's not to like ;)
451068451068B001E5DWZUA1A81QZOKSEY5PKellie0051339372800Same HP sauce enjoyed by the BritishMy husband was thrilled when we could finally start buying many of his favorite English products through Amazon. Sauce is the same one found in grocery stores throughout Britain. Great that we can now get it here.
451069451069B001E5DWZUA3KL2ORPMNWGH5David in the USA0051336262400Awesome! Family loves it! All the way from England!!!OK, let's clear this up first - I am British and I grew up with this sauce. Now, in the US, it's great to be able to buy it. Like me, my 5 year old daughter prefers it to ketchup: she loves it and clearly has very good taste indeed!

Do yourself a favor and buy it now. Awesome...
451070451070B001E5DWZUA1AFWAEXR8AQB3meg0051333584000I <3 brown sauce!
451071451071B001E5DWZUA29Z08IM9ACH0XM. Micheo "Intergalactic Wild Child"0051332633600Ordered: 3/12 - Expire 1/13Just wanted to state that the product arrived snugly packaged as described. The expiration date was not an issue at all!
451072451072B001E5DWZUA2QW25D9R5SNNVJ. King0051331856000Good StuffI love this stuff. My shipment arrived 10 days earlier than the expected date, and with expiration dates of "1/6/2013" on the bottles, which of course is June 1, 2013 in American-speak. No issues there.
451063451063B001E5DWZUA28HJUJEBSIAV4Sarah E. Carroll1151273536000Family traditionMy husband was English and our kids grew up with HP sauce on the table . .
We have for years come back from Canada or Britain with loaded cases.
Now I can just wait for UPS and distribute to them locally. .
It's part of our family history and our taste buds thank you.
For those who haven't tried it it is somewhere between barbeque sauce and A1.
Perky and fruity while being also spicy.
451073451073B001E5DWZUA2KGDAC6NF7NVYCountryLady "country lady"0041325203200foodI wanted to try this for something different to add to food
It is a bit tangier than ketchup and a nice change at times
I would recomend it to others who like different spicies
451074451074B001E5DWZUA12EQIULBHM4HJHeather Tillemans0051324771200Lol all of the Expiration 1 Star reviews are wrong.Lol you guys that say it expires fast are wrong. It aaa on tue bottle that the date format is the european one. Mine
Says 1/9/12 which here would mean January but in europe it means September. I don't think 9 months is fast.
451075451075B001E5DWZUALRB0WJIPRFNSCarolK "CarolK"0041323475200Oh MyThis was recommended by my UK friend-he uses it on his cheese and toast. I thought I'd give it a try-oh yummmm. It's not for everyone but it does punch up the flavor for this quiet snack. It's a bit like worcheshire sauce or A-1 steak sauce but a bit more tomatoey. My hubby likes it on anything beef.
451076451076B001E5DWZUA2P3YK9QIXV1VUK-A0051322697600DeliciousMy fiancee and I loved this sauce when we visited England last summer. We've been trying to find it in the US to no avail. But this product was cheap enough, delivered quickly, and comes in four bottles so you don't have to worry about storage of a huge bottle or the product going bad before you can use it. We'll definitely buy it again when we run out!
451077451077B001E5DWZUA1FYIJO132OMI2Mauro Chiappe0051321833600An Alternative and Addition to A1 SauceI suggest that you keep some of this in your kitchen's cabinet even if you are an A1 user.
They are similar but not the same.
Great and historical product.
451078451078B001E5DWZUA6L6WFCOIDRWXshoecrazy0051319846400Love HP sauce!We discovered how much we liked this sauce while visiting London. It's great that we can get it at home!
451079451079B001E5DWZUA1DNEA0AXGQGT4Brian M. McCreery "BrianMcC"0051313971200PerfectAs a British Citizen this product is as ordered and well within sell by date and I have no problem recommending it
451080451080B001E5DWZUA3EUYVUXN464AJCompTIA certified0051302652800Brown SauceTo me, this sauce is like a combination of A-1, Heinz 57, and the old Lea & Perrins steak sauces. It's important to note the dd/mm/yy "best by" dates, but then if you order the four-bottle pack, you get to share with any British sitcom afficionados. I don't know of any British sitcom that doesn't mention "brown sauce", and this is the "real deal"! Of course, if I were to use this in my bangers & mash, I'd go through half a bottle or more at one swoop. Still, it'll happen soon, and I'll have to order more.

Refrigerate after opening. No added preservatives. Too bad they had to slap a US label on the side for nutrition facts. I'd like to see the EU standards and peeling the label strips those off. (I might have to use stamp-collecting techniques on the next bottle.)

As the bottle states, "Everything goes well with HP Sauce. It's great on your favourite foods including sausages, bacon sandwiches, and chips. Why not try on snacks like jacket potatoes or baked beans." While "jacket potatoes" are just baked potatoes for us Americans, and hardly a snack, what about using it as a dip for potato chips (not just french fries a.k.a. "chips")?

Oy, and there's no fat in the sauce!

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