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451471451471B000BF54O6A1L5TA5UQF7EWEJ. C. Danko0051309132800We really like the convenienceWe bought a case from Amazon in February and will be subscribing soon. We eat a lot of Morningstar soy-burgers so I had respect for Worthington right away. I had been adding dry soy to my home-made vegetarian chili. Now we use the Vegetarian Burger in my chili, spaghetti, enchiladas and lasagna. The first time my wife used it for spaghetti she said it looked like dog food. We use it once or twice a month and we still refer to it jokingly as "dog food". The VB has not much of its own flavor which is typical of soy products so use spices liberally. I like the convenience. I can turn out a big pot of chili with about 20 minutes of preparation and very little mess. Saute peppers and onions, add diced tomatoes and beans, pop in the Worthington VB, add the chili spices, simmer for as long as you like.
This product is not for everyone but it works for me. We have a ready supply of burger substitute that requires no refrigeration, minimal preparation and has no possibility of the kind of contamination that sometimes pops up with ground beef products. We are not strict vegetarians. We use soy product for the convenience and health benefits.
A tip: to get all the product out of the can just open both ends and push it out.
451472451472B000BF54O6A324KT19A3RD5TGerald S. Bull0051294185600Great Diet FoodI started dieting from 211 lbs and got down to 179 before stuffing myself over Christmas, so I am back to 187 lbs 1/05/ I just received this product and am very pleased. I only had about 1/4 of a can with some lima beans, and I am still full and satisfied 5 hours later. Usually my stomach is grumbling about that time. I just heated it up and it was a little plain without "fixings" so I added some ketchup and mustard and it was very tasty. I can't wait to try more dishes with additional ingredients and am thrilled to have found a new delicious diet meal that seems to be working. Amazon also makes ordering easy with Subscribe and Save shipments
451473451473B000BF54O6A3QJT4ZPC09HGMA Customer0051291248000VersitileI mostly used this to make taco meat. I also tried it in chili and it was good. The flavor is good but mild. It has a nice soft texture that's perfect for making meatloaf or salisbury steak. I like crumbled and fried Redi-Burger best as chili, taco meat, etc. because it has a savory flavor.
451474451474B000BF54O6A1SXD4GARSRYO1Kathy Robinson0051269388800Great Meat AlternativeThis is the second case we have ordered. I am a vegetarian and always looking for a protein meal. This is a flexible product that can be used in many ways. We have used it in sauces and in meat loaf. I mixed it with green peppers, onions and garlic and heated it in a skillet. I recommend it!
451475451475B000BF54O6A1T6LXVZ9OSL0EB. Roberson0051240444800Great meat alternativeI've been cooking with this product for many years and never get tired of creating great meals with it. Highly recommend!
451476451476B000BF54O6A2298C6FPW8YNVH2O Jet0051235260800Worthington BurgerI absolutely love this vegetarian burger. All others I have tried don't even come close to this one. For those who are not vegetarians, don't expect it to taste just like hamburger. I haven't been able to convert the nonvegetarians in my family because it doesn't taste exactly like hamburger nor does it have the same consistancy. For me, it's a winner!
451477451477B000BF54O6A2F1FY5342OLPRW. Smith0051235260800Good product :-)This type of vegetarian burger is both tasty and versatile. The taste isn't fancy; rather, it's unpretentious and delicious. As for being versatile, you can slice off a portion of it and fry it as hamburger; or you can slice off some, break it up and add it to rice, macaroni - or even off-the-shelf products intended for hamburger (in other words, something like Hamburger Helper or its store brand equivalent). When you use Super Saver shipping, it becomes even more cost-effective because the shipping cost is included in your purchase - and, during a recession, every penny counts.
451478451478B000BF54O6A1S2YTVZAS362VKatie0051234656000FantasticFirst I ordered a case of Loma Linda Vege-Burger. It was disappointing--a whoooole case of disappointing. I thought that my memories from youth of how good canned vegeburger had been must have been overblown. Then I tried this Worthington Vegetarian Burger. This is exactly what I remembered. The big problem is I can't stop eating it. I love eating it straight out of the can! The texture is great, the flavor is great, it crumbles nicely--easy to use. Calories are moderate as well. Good imitation meats help me resist eating the real thing, and this product is perfect for me.
451491451491B000QU3JM0AOOGACWQSEJDURed0141335052800Not badnot the best, but it has all the right flavors without having to reduce or grind 9 spices. or go to Thailand.
Get the Red can, best all around flavor with the Thai pepper kick.
451479451479B000BF54O6A88QNRREGIPXKG. Pinterich "Diver Dude"0051231804800Great Veggie FoodThis is one of my favorite and most versatile vegetarian foods. Tacos, chili, burgers, roast, toping, good for many things. Some might say it is a little gassy though I do not notice it.
451480451480B000BF54O6A3TIACCF9FM8PBREPTAA "REPTAA"0051227139200it is like ground meatit is like ground meat, so you can use it in many dish's... it about as good as it gets for ground meat vegan style but salty.. i like to use it in rice dishes which need some sort of salt...
451481451481B000BF54O6A2OEPPOBT9EWK5LoveToRead0051218153600Burger Substitute.I use this stuff in many things. Lasagne, Hamburger Helper, spaghetti sause, etc. My meat-eating husband loves it. I'm from-birth vegetarian and didn't know that it was imitating chopped animal until I attained a certain age of understanding. At any rate - I highly recommend it. Most delicious. Use it in anything that you would use hamburger.
451482451482B000BF54O6A2BFKCU8JSSDLZveggie lover "veggie lover"0051178928000Wonderful and very versitileI use this all the time in cooking. I make chili and taco filling with it. I use it to make a vegetarian meatloaf, browned to go in spagetti or on pizza, make a Vegeburger mix with it and so much more. Great flavor and texture. It is extrememly versitile. Tender, yet just the right amount of chewiness to it. I've used this product for years and we are so glad to find it available on Amazon.
451483451483B000BF54O6A1CEMGD1RQIV2LJoel0151215388800Make best Veggie BurgerI love the products by Worthington and the Burger is a great product and my wife uses it in tons of dishes and I love my subcription ordering.
451492451492B0043380HAA2W8Q6JLWFLUTHJersey Girl Maria2211303084800The Walnuts Were Old and RancidReceived the 2lb Bag of the FISHER FROSTED WALNUTS a month ago. Today was the first opportunity I got to taste and use them. Much to my surprise and disappointment the nuts were old and rancid. What a waste. Do not recommend.
451493451493B0043OGJK4A3AXB0V25VOSGSJT212151288656000Impressed againI first tried the Pineapple flavor and was waiting to try the Original to cast my final rating. I'm still very impressed. While nothing beats a fresh coconut, this is a great alternative. I'm a coconut water addict and consume anywhere from 1-3 cans a day. This adds up in $$$. For people like me, who drink coconut water everyday and use electrolyte replacement mixes in my water bottle when i'm biking, this is a dream come true. My kid actually loves eating the powder straight!

I recommend this product for people who love coconut water as much as I do, are aware of the environmental impact shipping coconut water around the world, packaging waste, want it all the time (like me) and like the convenience of the powder. For purists, stick with the fresh coconut. But for price, flavor, environmental impact and convenience, CocoHydro is awesome!

Thanks CocoHydro for making this product! It's a great creation!
451494451494B0043OGJK4A3DWO2POFW0JDND. Frischling111141289088000Much better than the Raspberry Pomegranate flavor!!I reviewed the first flavor I got, the Raspberry Pomegranate a few weeks ago, and found it to be a product I could not recommend.

This one however, the unflavored instant coconut water, is much better. It almost tastes like normal coconut water and I will recommend this to friends.

I don't know why they put dextrose in this, but alas, nothing is perfect.

This other reviewer, he seems pretty gung ho on the pineapple flavor, so I'll try that one next, when it's available.
451484451484B000BF54O6A1M4PZ1NCCVJTJ. Duning "Saoirse"21421223510400Worthington VegetarianWhoever Worthington Vegetarian uses to ship is a very POOR shipper!
Over HALF (6) of the cans of Burger I received were DENTED. I
am too nervous to use them. What I have used is not the best Vegi
product I have tasted. The Texture is pretty close to real meat but
WE really do not like the flavor. I have to OVER season it with a lot of
Heat spices or mix it with real meat for my son to even nibble at it.
The entire reason I paid soooo much $44.00 for it was to help convert my son away from real burger. Forget that! He'll never trust me again.
So I will Never trust Worthington again.
451495451495B0043OGJK4A1QDQPGRONFKX6Danielle N. Culler "1Cor13:8"9951292889600Great Alternative to Hydrated Coconut WaterI have tried several types of coconut water since it helps treat my stomach ulcer condition. This stuff is better than all but one product as far as taste but comparable to even that one (VC). However, this is so much cheaper and it takes up less area to store (yes, I use that much)! They recommend adding 1tbsp to 8oz of water but to adjust to desires taste. I highly recommend trying this product!
451485451485B000BF54O6AD0C1GH80CZXOTeresa T. Coyle "veghead"11211221868800dont buywhen u open it, it looks and smells like dog food! i have not had the guts to taste it yet!
451496451496B0043OGJK4A3DAJJ2U9P2WF1Kat6651299283200Excellent option for coconut water addicts!I have a potassium deficiency and have found coconut water to be an excellent addiction to my diet. I even notice a slight energy boost after drinking it. The flavor is just slightly sweet and coco-nutty with a faint saltiness like most sports drinks have. It's really easy to pack a couple of tablespoons into a Tupperware or small zip-lock and shake it up with water after a workout. The product dissolves quickly and easily leaving the water slightly cloudy. Overall CocoHydro is as good if not better than packaged coconut water (I compare it to VitaCoco Original). The environmental impact of using a powdered product is much less than the tetra packaged waters. I have even subscribed to a monthly shipment so I won't have to drive to a health food store 45 min away for my fix.

Bottom line, it tastes great, it costs less than other brands, and I will be buying it for the foreseeable future.
451486451486B000QU3JM0A17HMM1M7T9PJ1Timothy B. Riley181851305072000One of my favorite "fast food" products!I have been using this brand of curry paste for decades. I usually picked them up at Korean or Chinese markets and at a really good price. I found them to be incredibly useful for a wide variety of dishes. A really quick meal could be made by mixing the paste with coconut milk over low heat. I could then add it to cubed browned beef, chicken, tofu or shelled shrimp, diced potatoes, tomatoes, onions, garlic or a myriad of other ingredients. When served over Jasmine or Basmati rice I would have tasty meal for my family in less than 30 minutes. The curry pastes can also be used for more complex stews and curries or even as a rub for a roast (I like to mix the green curry with a little grainy mustard and rub it on a chuck roast.)

About 3 or 4 years ago this product (and the others in this line) started to get harder to find. I have heard this same complaint from friends of mine across the county. I could purchase something similar, but not the curry paste that I was used to. I am so happy to have found this product on Amazon. The price is just a little more than I found at the ethnic markets, but not very much. I will buying this here on a regular basis from now on.
451487451487B000QU3JM0A1H9YTY1H5L9AFDave Davidson101151309046400The Secret.Do you like eating at Thai Restaurants?
i do, I am also a Chef, and I know a quality item when I see it. These pastes are amazing. very very authentic, and more than likely the same as what is being used in your local Thai place.

The Yellow curry is just out of this world.
451488451488B000QU3JM0A263ZEDYD50VATsbmiller5551326672000WOW!A friend gave me one to try and boy was I in for a surprise! These pastes are fantastic. Good bye thai take out menu! These are so easy to use and delish! I can't get them where I live, so thank you amazon!
451489451489B000QU3JM0AH4I7800CN2S8peabee3351346025600Fine curries!These are damn fine curries -- restaurant quality taste. I simply mixed them with a can of light coconut milk, added tofu and a bunch of veggies and !voila! -- tasty dinner good enough for company. Not for wimpy tastebuds. We will definitely order again.
451490451490B000QU3JM0A3VGBMF01OQJZ3Manasi0051346889600Takeout at homeThis is the best curry paste ever, just add coconut milk, vegetables or meat and done. Not too oily, not too spicy and fantastic of vegetarians or vegans as this doesn't contain any shrimp paste unlike other curry pastes. I add mushrooms, bell peppers, boiled egg and peas to the red curry, paneer cheese and corn to the yellow and chicken or fish to the green for a super quick meal.
451497451497B0043OGJK4A1OZBI4KLZXWKFAngela Hong6651295049600Better than expected.I made 10 servings instead of 25 suggested and it came out pretty good.
for 10 servings (10 cups of water), I'm not saving any money vs. RTD coconut water but it would be handy to carry when traveling to other countries where there is no coconut water available.
Thank you!
451498451498B0043OGJK4AVBIZYP7CO1SBKaren8911295568000Does Not Taste Like Coconut waterIf you're looking for a powdered version of young coconut water this isn't it. This tastes nothing like the tetra packed coconut water and it tastes nothing like fresh young coconut and also has a weird after taste (probably because of the dextrose). Absolutely disappointed.
451499451499B0043OGJK4A1JUDGRANRJ91C. Bell "C N."2251323302400cocolocoOnly coconut water I like! It is convienient and tastes really good. Get it at Whole Foods for under $10!!
451500451500B0043OGJK4A1N85NGWKHCEK6N. Jay2241321920000Surprised.I had tried one other coconut water product on amazon and was not to impressed with it's lack of almost no coconut flavor. Coco Hydro on the other hand is probably as good as it gets for powdered coconut water. This one actually does taste like coconut water, it's a light taste though, but defiantly noticeable. This isn't as good as something like Vita Coco though, but about the same in taste as Zico coconut water I'd say. It's not bad at all. The nutritional content is very impressive and completely identical to that of Vita Coco and Zico.This product contains dextrose which is the same as glucose and is actually the only sugar that is good for the body and works in the blood to feed your cells, and be rest assured, this dextrose is not from corn, its made from tapioca. Mixability of this product is superb, add water, stir, and like a minute later its all mixed perfectly, I still like to let it sit for about 5 minutes though. The package recommends 1 tablespoon per 8 ounces but I found that the coconut flavor is just to light for me so I do a tablespoon and a half and thats perfect for me. All in all a great product, I would give it 5 stars if I didn't have to use more then a tablespoon per 8 ounces, It costs a little more doing it that way and I'm going for a cheap alternative. This is still cheaper then regular coconut water though even though I use more. I personally think this should be priced at $8.99.

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