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451766451766B004CQ9ELYA35EUAEAOW2P27penny0011336867200poor experience!First, I use Proflowers always but am unhappy for the first time! Maybe b/c this is the first time I am witnessing the whole process but now I am afraid for all the times I used Proflowers before for others! Not only are my lilies in an awful state of bloom, honestly, they appear not even close to how Proflowers advertises them online. The photos are extremely misleading, maybe I am more upset since these were a Mother's Day gift! >w< Also, the customer service people put me on hold for more than an entire hour! Just be warned they are the slowest company if you ever need help. A cautionary tale...thanks
451767451767B004CQ9ELYA3EYLNZFI81FT4Marc David Johnson0011336780800Terrible delivery and even worse flowersThese arrived at 8:30pm and sat outside until morning and upon opening were HORRIBLE. The ends on over half of the flowers are black/brown and are dying. This is the single worst experience I've ever had through Amazon. Absolutely terrible all around (and I almost never write a review but felt I should to let others know). I will avoid ProFlowers from here on out.
451768451768B004CQ9ELYA1YPDR9ZP6FZZPjats0031336780800Hoping they came as showedI guess you have no choice when you live in Pa and My mom in Ga to take what is deliverd The photo show star flowers she got none I was told they are all white :( she loves pink
451769451769B004CQ9ELYA5KXOKT2EO3MUHai0051336694400Excellent service!My Mom loves it! The flowers are beautiful and fresh, the gift is wrapped carefully and the service is very good.Thank you! :)
451770451770B004CQ9ELYA1Q705P9TOZJ1URyan Albanese0021336694400Fast delivery poor productWhen my mom received these flowers some were already almost dead and the stems were already brown. They were not very fresh.
451741451741B0034UCJ98ASALOFU6V48J3MES0051290729600WOOF!My dog loves these things but, even at Amazon's price, she gets only one a day! I give her a size much smaller than recommended because she really chews her food; I wouldn't try that if she just swallowed without chewing as it could present a choking hazard. They do seem to help with dog-breath, which is miraculous with my pup.
451742451742B003052LZYARNLHIYTB1G28Roseanne M. Pickering "creative cook"3351313798400Vegan in a can!I was raised a vegetarian and have recently ventured into the world of vegans. I was also raised eating Cedar Lake Hostess Cuts. I have to say, that for a meatless, vegan cutlet these are pretty tasty. They're great to have on hand if I have other family members drop in and I need something tasty to feed a crowd of hungry vegetarians/vegans. And they can be prepared in a variety of ways. For people who are used to eating meat, they may take some getting used to in both taste and texture. If you are on a gluten free diet you will have to find another meat substitute since they are grain based, otherwise they're a great alternative to meat.
451743451743B004LL8JGGA1VV1HLNAFCFRVcoffee&2241315180800Nice clean chai tea,
451744451744B004LL8JGGA21YC6U1S1DPDQPrimrose Hill0051349913600Clipper is my favorite teaClipper is my favourite brand of Chai tea. I've tried several brands over the years.

I have bought the Clipper Chai in the UK frequently, and in the US only once so far (recently I found a single box of Clipper Chai in a small TJ Maxx store for a couple of dollars, and snapped it up!)

Apparently tea that is packaged for sale in different regions of the world, even by the same company, can have a different taste: I once wrote to the Twinings Tea customer service department to ask about the US and UK Earl Grey flavour differences that I was perceiving in their products, and they admitted that the Twinings US and UK Earl Grey flavours were different, because their flavours are modified based on what the consumers in each country/region seem to prefer.

In the case of the Clipper Chai, I'm not sure if it's my imagination, but their US-market chai tea that I got at TJ Maxx a few weeks ago might taste a tiny bit different from their UK chai tea -- or maybe that is just a function of the US-market tea bags' being sealed in individual packets instead of intermingling unprotected in a cardboard box, relatively open to the air, like most UK-market tea bags are. In any event, their US-market chai tea is very good.
451745451745B001F782GQA2IPQU6W7QZTQPSel0051322179200Nice full flavor brews you can feel good aboutThese are nice full flavor brews you can feel good about. It's hard to find fair trade / organic etc. coffees, and these are really great. Next time I'll be buying the Screaming Monkey blend, my favorite.
451746451746B003OPCLS2A2P87LJA2QA3G1John Taber0051346198400The Bean Coffee Company Decaf Columbian Excelso, Organic Whole Bean 5 pound bagsWe love this coffee, it has a good rich smooth taste. It also has a good coffee smell. We have it every morning it is well worth the money.
451747451747B003OPCLS2A2HRAU41CPCHPEHenry A. Barrett0041316217600very good decaf coffeeThis is a very good full body coffee, for a decaf it's a good choice. I prefer a dark roast coffee, this coffee is very close to what I consider the ideal roast.
451748451748B003OPCLS2A3042WJDYJ22S8Sunny Side Up "CoffeeBuzz"0041314230400Pretty goodI like a really rich coffee - this is not quite as strong as others so I use more beans but good flavor.
451749451749B003OPCLS2A323JBA3C6BW7ZLynnita0041302480000Good but strongThis coffee is good but strong. If you don't like it on the strong side, use less. I would purchase this again!

451750451750B003VYDESCAHWWT58FO5TW4Brandon Thomson3351337817600Great, and they don't stick togetherReally easy to cook. Boil water, turn off heat, add noodles, soak for seven minutes, done.

Much easier than thick rice noodles. Thick ones have to be stirred while cooking or they will stick together and not cook properly. Sometimes they stick even if you stir. These thin ones do not stick.

Cooking 3 boxes at a time seems to work OK.

We usually eat them with spaghetti meat sauce.

The boxes say, "Product of Thailand".
451751451751B003WEDWC4A3SLVKKFIOA9PEJames Harris1151304899200Hard Candy???These are great cough drops. Really seem to help me and my family. What I don't understand is why Amazon would list these under their Hard Candy department?
451752451752B003WEDWC4AFGYFJPCP27F3GringoViejo49 "GringoViejo49"0041347753600Good not he best, smaller than beforeThese are pretty good, I like Cherry more. Taste is individual. What I do not like is that over the years the individual unit size has become smaller, while the count remains the same. This is an old marketing tactic, I'd rather that the products stay the same size and that the Companies charge a higher price.

This particular provider will be a favorite of yours, IF you like a VERY SLOW DELIVERY!! They took much more time than expected. I will try to avoid them.
451753451753B004741ESWA1NP6NBFVN964GGrill Master "Grill Master"3451302480000Solid standardI used to eat this as a kid. As I've grown older the product is harder to find in my grocery. It has a slight sweetness to it and an overall good taste. I find this is a pretty good alternative to "flake" style cereals. It stays crunchier in the milk longer than flakes, even though I usually eat it dry.
451754451754B00838JA0CA3UI0X571XV68UB. C. Lujan1111342224000What!!!!These are super delicious! But can be found at your local grocer for approx. $2.00. What is up with the charge these people are asking?!?
451755451755B00838JA0CA1GGWEX2RW0IRWJ. Sears0041349395200Great tasteI don't understand the fuss about the packaging, cut it in the middle and enjoy, you squeeze it up just like a regular freez pop. These taste great with a nice variety of tropical fruity flavors. Current price is about $2.50 per pack, local big blue store has them just over $1 per pack.
451756451756B00838JA0CA1W3NH9WXYBB26Mid Ten Dude "The Dude"0011348617600Taste, but impossible packagingThe pops taste good, but the package is impossible to eat from unless one slices the top off with a sharp knife. When you get to the middle of the pop, you have to crush the remaining pop to get it to squeeze through the stupidly designed plastic middle.
451757451757B000HDOPU6AJR5T5RWN6IOQB. Weil2251292457600more than one use for OTCOTC oyster crackers have been a favorite since living in Pennsylvania 40 years ago. You put two of them in your hand and squeeze together to crack them into smaller pieces. Not only are they great for potato soup or chowder, but I frequently make a stuffing with them or my husband likes them whole, soaked in hot water until twice their size, browned in butter and scrambled eggs poured on top with ketchup. Not my cup of tea but he loves it.
451758451758B000HDOPU6A3UZXNM4ULZ7BODaisy0051332979200Far from homeI grew up near Philadelphia with these oyster crackers crunched up in oyster stew, a cheap dinner during the Depression. As an adult I saw them on bars where you crushed them with your hands to split them and donned them with horse radish. Great with a drink! Now I'm in Vermont and no one has ever heard of them. I get them from "home". Keep 'em coming.
451759451759B0026SKFD6A1OE9IKCR7H0DJM. R. Balco151511269216000Bad expiration dateCreamers had a very short expiration date. When purchasing 180 of something, I don't expect to use them in 2-3 weeks but that is when the expiration date was. Will not use this seller again.
451760451760B004CQ9ELYA1NK2SF59YKURDdaidai101051306368000GoodI was a bit worried about purchasing these online for Mother's Day on Wednesday night since I've heard a lot of things about this vendor not delivering, or that the flowers were not very good. However, my mom received this on Saturday evening right before Mother's Day, and she was very happy when the flowers started to bloom about three days later. They were very beautiful, and I am happy to see that this vendor really carried through. Great service, and great product!
451761451761B004CQ9ELYA3DBXSFIJQ9E3TD. Villaverde0011340582400If I COULD TELL AMAZON NOT TO SELL THIS ARRANGEMENT, I WOULD. VERY MISLEADING PICTURE!!!If you want to make a fool of yourself, and give somebody a reason to criticize you, order this "lilies for Mom" sold by Pro-Flower. I have never experienced such huge humiliation in my life, especially because I ordered this flower for my mother-in-law who lives in Florida. In the advertised photograph the lilies are beautiful and cute, of course for $42,58 which is what I paid on May 2012 including shipping, I wasn't expecting a huge and luxurious bouquet, but since I sent her a card with a $200 I thought of this as a "small and cute" extra detail for her.
She called me to say thank you, but I could feel something was off because she kept mentioning phrases like "I know you care about me and you always remember me and that is what counts" "...your intention is appreciated as always" etc. At the time I did not make anything out of it. Maybe 1-hour after, I received a text with a picture from a number I did not recognize, It was from one my sister-in-law (I married the youngest of 11 Dominican brothers and sisters 3 years ago) This particular sister-in-law who is not very fond of me -and I do not even know why- because I never speak to her but maybe one or twice in a year. In any case she sends me the picture saying... "Just so you know, this is what she got"
It could have been my perception, but I felt horrible, and like I did something to offend my mother-in-law
When I told my husband the whole issue, he said we needed to send another one right away to avoid any gossiping, so to make the story short, I found a local flower shop (remember this was May, 11th, 2012 around noon) and after the new florist was denying me the delivery for that day because it was too late, I told her my story and I guess she felt sorry for she decided to help.
I ended up paying over $120 for the last dozen of roses they had, a few other flowers and green mixture including shipping...(my mother in law said "you should have not done it, but this one was extremely beautiful, keep using this one, not the other")

Would you guess if my sister-in-law sent me the picture of the second arrangement? ...well, you guessed right...SHE DID NOT!

FYI: I never write reviews, and I absolutely love purchasing everything from AMAZON, telling everyone I can, that they should join the Prime program, subscribe & save, etc. As a matter of fact this is the very first one I write because I am too busy with my 9-month-old baby, a full-time job and trying to go back to college... If I COULD TELL AMAZON NOT TO SELL THIS ITEM, I WOULD. OR AT LEAST THEY SHOULD CHANGE THE ADVERTISED PHOTO OF THE ITEM, BECAUSE IT IS VERY MISLEADING.
451762451762B004CQ9ELYA2BQIT9H0M9S1Vadri0051339632000Excelente regalo¡¡
451763451763B004CQ9ELYA1W1N4RRBIAWKWZabrina0051339286400FlowersThey were great my mother got them in a timely manner and she was excited! When she called it she told me that she was the envy of work and that the other mothers were excited too.
451764451764B004CQ9ELYAIXJCCB2M97SKMatt0041339113600PerfectPrompt delivery, flowers slowly opened over course of next 3-10 days. Vase looks nothing like the one pictured (it was clear glass, square top) which is why I subtracted a star.
451765451765B004CQ9ELYAJBHBY6FHBP5NBenchernif0021337040000Good price, quick delivery, but poor results...I liked the price, and the photograph of the lilies are beautiful, aren't they?! The flowers were delivered to my mother on time, but after 5 days only one of the lilies blossomed, and the rest of the un-blossomed lilies are starting to dry up. Sad!

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