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452071452071B001M1ZW72A8O12DCHIADYULovey "Model T Widow"0051255996800Vibrant colorsThese colors are gorgeous. Each of the electric colors come out rich and vibrant. The orange and green look fantastic on my halloween cupcakes. I especially loved the easy to use squirt bottle top. Less mess, clean up and dye on your hands. Great product.
452072452072B001PNJJTYA25OGQSPLKZZ6XTropical Breeze0021268179200Not so greatThis dip mix is too salty, and it tastes more like onions than anything. You can achieve the same results from a package of onion soup mix and some sour cream..... I used it once, and the rest of the container is sitting in my cupboard. Don't bother.
452073452073B005GWST5UA11I1I9QLMAM1AS. Power0051345161600Delicious and healthier alternative to other fried chips. Nice cheese flavor.I recently tried these, after usually sticking to the Black Bean Sea Salt flavor. These are certainly different from that flavor, but just as enjoyable. The cheese flavoring is the perfect flavor for my pallet. I won't switch to these from the Sea Salt ones, but will definitely add them to my chip rotation.

Since these are fried in oil, they are by no means a health food, especially if you are focused on calories. That said though, they are an excellent snack and a much healthier alternative to potato chips or corn chips.

The main thing that surprised me about these chips is how good they taste. To me, they taste just as good, and are just as fulfilling, as the other salty crunchy snacks that I tend to munch on in the evenings. I enjoy them plain out of the bag, and also find that they are good with salsa or dip.

I wish the price was a little lower on these and wish that the bags contained less air and more chips, but otherwise I think they are great. I highly recommend that you try them. The pricing here on Amazon, is usually about 30 cents per 6 ounce bag cheaper than what they charge at the local grocery store, HEB. Specialty stores like Sprouts and Whole Foods charge even more for them.
452074452074B00348D8G8ALZ6ZNT6D5S2YMichael R Stamets2241304294400A Great ProductGreat tasting, versatile, mild. Goes well in soup, stew and stir fry, but it should be added to other things in the meal, rather than served alone. I had hoped the pieces would be larger, which is why I awarded only 4 stars.

Eating exceptionally high portions of Hijiki every day can cause problems because of inorganic arsenic. I eat modest amounts less often, and am not concerned.
452075452075B002MQN5ZMA3MA2VY8C2F6GEMonica Pfizenmaier "Monik"4451259280000Really originalThis is the authentic panela, just be aware that the package contains just one unit of the standard size.
452076452076B003MUB1FSAVS1PF8UGHILIJohn Barlow0051344902400delicious burgersBought these at Lowe's to try. The burgers turned out to be some of the best we have ever eaten, let alone cooked ourselves. Followed the directions, but not the recipe, just made plain burgers. Very easy to do
452077452077B000ILI61QA175MHOF0B0OS7annehart3351257638400Yum!I love most of Kernel Seasons popcorn toppings. This one is great, it tastes just like you would expect. It is really good by itself or,if you want, mix it with caramel on popcorn. It is also good on apples.
452078452078B000ILI61QA10PMWH4G6ANZTK. Glass "KennyMeist"3341250899200seasonalisciousThis is definitely the way to spice up plain old popcorn. For these popcorn seasonings I would recommend plain popcorn. Do not use any buttery popcorns because the butter flavor is too strong and takes away from the sweeter seasonings.
452079452079B000ILI61QA626N88RW70HVB. Lentz0051334275200Really good Kernel Seasons flavorThis is my girlfriend's favorite, of the ten or so we tried. My second favorite, behind Kettle Corn. It's exactly what you would expect. Adds just a little sugar and flavor to your popcorn and the taste is really good. It would also go great on a variety of other things like toast or desserts. Definitely include this in your Kernel Seasons flavors.
452080452080B000ILI61QA3G05VPPT2GD84Kevin0051333152000AwesomeThis is a family and friends favorite. We have tried almost all of the different flavors and this one is great. the price of it here will make it easier to keep in stock in the home!
452081452081B000ILI61QA2JUZJXO5VJ28NPaul T. Goldman0051327536000good productThe price when you buy a box of 6 is less than half the price of the grocery stores. Tastes great.
452082452082B000660LZMA107ZAYC4MMN0CD. L. Russell "tea lover"1151194912000best tea everTwinings tea is the best bag tea on the market today. I like orange pekoe tea. This tea has a natural sweetness and a beautiful ricj brown color. Alltea is a great company with a fantastic customer service policy. They want you to be happy with their product.
452083452083B003AP7CNKA27PHVK99Q39EHC Sullivan "theater designer"3351316390400AWSOME!!!This is the best tasting protein drink on the market! Just make sure to open the top, THEN close it and shake it well. Otherwise it could end up everywhere...It is has a great taste with low calories (which helps those of us that stuggle with that)
452084452084B003AP7CNKA12NVN06AVWMY4griff4103351299283200Best on the market!Who else packs 50g of protein with only 3g of sugar and still makes it taste fairly good? No one. I'm a big Muscle Milk fan but the same size only has half the protein, so it was a no brainer to switch over for me. If you're serious about working out then you're already putting your body through pain and misery so drinking a less flavorful drink with everything you need is not going to bother you. In my opinion its awesome for the amount of protein it packs, so if you're serious about adding lots of quick and easy whey protein to your diet after workouts, this is the drink for you.
452085452085B003AP7CNKA24ROK4GQTDXGVD N3351284854400Tastes great, stays coolThis is my favorite protein drink. In general, I prefer canned protein drinks to mixed powder, and this has the smoothest feel. Another reviewer compared it to Pepto-Bismol, which is true in terms of texture -- it's thicker and more syrupy than most protein drinks. But the taste is rich and about as real as a ultra-low-carb protein drink can get to chocolate milk. Really convenient to take to the gym, and the aluminum bottle stays cool longer than others. I reload a 12-pack of these every week for the house.
452086452086B003AP7CNKAK6Q0H55WWCR7George J1151324771200THE BEST, NO DOUBTIv'e never done a review for anything on Amazon, but this drink honestly convinced me to write one. I always drank Muscle Milk and one day at my gym I tried this. I've been drinking ABB PURE PRO ever since. It tastes twice as good as Muscle Milk, and has DOUBLE the protein. Low in sugar it tastes great, no joke iv'e never drank a protein shake before in which i wouldn't mind drinking this regardless of the benefits. YOU MUST TRY THIS haha
452087452087B003AP7CNKA36ZSY7CXI3T6Qmwhite0051346025600Great Protein for Your Money and the Taste is Great too!I have to say that I only tried this on accident and it was a great accident to find. I was in GNC looking for something else, when the 50g of protein and only 3g of sugar caught my eye. The cashier told me to shake it up before drinking. Not a good idea. Like the other person that reviewed this, you should OPEN FIRST, THEN CLOSE AND SHAKE. It went all over me because I shook it first. I have been drinking Muscle Milk prior to this and considering you get way more protein, the taste is good. I am looking to gain weight and I drink this after I workout. Also, for cost comparisons, this is no more than most 40g of protein drinks.
Also, on another note, if you are not on a multi-vitamin, you need to check out Animal Pak-original. It is an incredible multi-vitamin for people working out-the normal multi-vitamins do not cut it.
452088452088B003AP7CNKA16W6FT1094WGFD. Sauer "D.S."0051344729600A good deal outside the gymI bought these protein drinks because I'm saving over one dollar per bottle compared to the price at my gym. I don't really like the taste, but I think that most people who consume protein drinks on a regular basis for muscle gain sacrifice a little comfort for what they get in terms of nutrients. 50 grams of protein which is not just milk/caseinate protein (cheaper and less efficient than whey), but a mix of milk and whey protein. At the same time, and even more important in my opinion, only 9 grams of carbs and 3 grams of sugar, which means a very low glycemic index compared to tastier protein drinks which are sometimes full of sugar (this drink has 3 grams of fiber which helps counteract the effect of the 3 grams of sugar). Carbohydrates and sugar in particular make your insulin level rise, make you hungrier and lead to more fat storage.

So this drink doesn't taste great, but is an excellent and relatively cheap choice for muscle gain (complementing training and good diet). A much healthier option than cheaper or better tasting alternatives out there which are full of carbohydrates and sometimes full of sugar.
452089452089B003AP7CNKA2KQYPQDGIRQVZNutMegRN0031343692800Strange, But Not Bad!I wasn't sure what to expect, with this, but it's not bad. I would agree with other reviewers that the texture is rather similar to Pepto, but not the taste. Honestly, the taste is oddly reminiscent of root beer... The combination of taste and texture gives the impression that they made a root beer float with chocolate ice cream, then let it melt...
452090452090B003AP7CNKA1J2OM0SNSMZ2SSpeighty880111329609600TerribleBeen looking for a great Ready-To-Drink shake, so I have done a lot of research and testing. This product was ranked low on my list because the tatse was bad and it had nothing really in it except protein. For those looking for a shake with everything and a awesome taste I would recommend Phase III Recovery. That is my opinion but do your research before stocking up.
452091452091B003AP7CNKA3FD7M8OLHDF48cjb7620311279411200DisgustingTastes almost exactly like Pepto-Bismol. Disgusting. Please note, however, that this isn't a review of its effectiveness or quality as a protein supplement as I couldn't even make it through half the bottle.
452092452092B0088QFUY4A6FES16DBM9S8Christie0051347840000ADORABLE!These lollipops were the perfect addition to my one year old's Very Hungry Caterpillar-themed birthday party! We used them as party favors and couldn't have been happier with how it all turned out!
452093452093B002PHJID6A3IIVK7EYRAFRIChristine Hayashi1141264636800delicious but disappointedThe comice pears were delicious, ripe, and large. However, the photo displayed eight pears, and I assumed we would receive eight pears. I was disappointed when we received six. Perhaps I didn't read the description thoroughly.
452094452094B000SANT3CA16LVDOMH5BN84Nancy Shanteau3351308960000Best Iced Tea Ever!I've tried lots of iced teas and this one outshines them all. I brew this as a sun tea - putting it in a jar with 3 quarts of water and leaving it in the full sun until the color is deliciously dark. It usually takes about 3 - 4 hours during the summer here in CA. I refrigerate the tea once it's brewed, and the flavor lasts up to 3 days, if the tea lasts that long. Everyone here loves it and drinks it fast! I don't think it needs any sweetener, but I usually drink my tea black, and the fruit flavor makes it quite sweet enough for my taste.
452095452095B000SANT3CA2ADHGZFMMMPO7stlrich1141301011200Excellent flavorExcellent flavor. You might add a little bit Stevia to sweeten the mix. Also please try the Hibiscus Tea from Davidson
452096452096B000SANT3CA14KI9BQNPYJSQDeb0051251158400best iced teaI keep this tea on hand for gatherings or just for my husband and I to have for ourselves. It's really the yummiest iced tea I've found. I brew it in a small pot of boiled water for the recommended time. While brewing I'll dissolve some honey for added sweetness. I'll then add the cold water after the honey (or sugar) has dissolved and chill in a pitcher in the fridge. Great for parties! Everyone always loves it. I just bought this 6 packs to split with some friends who love it too.
452097452097B001688FE8A5AFPULK2PWMNDavid Krivoshik5551244419200A Rare Unique Mustard worth searching for...I first received Zatarian's Creole Mustard for my birthday over two decades ago from a friend in New Orleans. It is unique, not really having a strong mustard taste, almost like a horseradish/mustard if you can imagine. When their factory was wiped out by a hurricane, they e-mailed customers from a remote location with updates on their facilities, employees & product availability. I HATE MUSTARD AND NEVER USE IT ON ANYTHING but I LOVE ZATARAIN'S CREOLE MUSTARD unconditionally. I have carefully packed over a dozen of these bottles in my suitcases when I traveled on business to the region. Now I purchase a dozen on line at a time. They keep PERFECTLY for OVER 1 TO 2 OR MORE YEARS beyond the date on the bottle if they have not been opened & the vacuum seal is intact.

Try a bottle if you like horseradish or spicy 'dark' mustard you will become addicted to it as I & many others have...
452098452098B001688FE8A1VZXLQXB022STTimothy P. Young0041339200000This is good stuffThis is a good mustard. Basically, take your standard whole grain mustard made with white wine (a personal favorite), and replace the wine with vinegar. It adds a sharpness, a certain piquancy to the mustard in general.

While the flavor gets swallowed up in more traditional applications (burgers, dogs, etc.), when taken solo as an addition to a good mustard sauce or as a solo condiment for pastrami, it shines like you wouldn't believe. Also makes a wonderful bun spread for Carolina-style pulled pork.

Definitely worth your time and good for your taste buds.
452099452099B001688FE8AJLPS4A9HGOQKPatricia Schroeder0051318291200Wonderful Creole mustardI'm from New Orleans but am living in San Diego now. I have managed to live without most of New Orleans' wonderful foods, but have to have this mustard. One of the ways it is at its best is with mayo and a fresh tomato slice on a sandwich. Once you taste it that way you will have to have it. It makes wonderful salad dressings too.
452100452100B000NSI75OA38GHJYNAME9OXjd2331313625600shelled vs shellsI should have gotten the shelled seeds for sprouting - Didn't know better - other wise service etc was great

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