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452454452454B000J2IB2IA3T7CA3973MOFBCal Teckie "scientific artist"0051254528000Siberian Huskies Favorite Treat!Have 3 rescued Siberians and this is their favorite treat. They want to know if they could buy duck flavor in bulk to save money, or if Dogswell could make a treat in possum flavor? (Just kidding.)
452455452455B000J2IB2IAPZBQQ8TZLLHDdebbyloch0051207267200dogswellDog enjoys all of these treats by dogswell.I especially like how they incorporate vitamins and herbs.
452456452456B000J2IB2IA20OHFOHV12LBLDana0051202515200Great productMy dog absolutely loves these treats. We hike every weekend and run every night and he gets these after as a treat and to help with aches. He will do anything for these.
452457452457B001UKBYY0A1CO98DARQNGD5Alex0051254960000Best Lindt Chocolate Bar Ever!!!I tried many Lindt chocolate bars, and this has to be the best one. I thought that the Cadbury's Raisin & Nuts was the best one until I tried the one by Lindt. The Lindt milk chocolate is one of the best in the industry, and the size and quantity of raisins and nuts is very proportional. I prefer to eat this chocolate bar after it has been in the fridge for at least 10 minutes, because it snaps better in the mouth. It also taste great at room temperature. I recommend this chocolate bar to anyone, especially to those who enjoy milk chocolate.
452458452458B000GZUFHWA1CGIUL5NIQM73slimybisquits1131311897600Not a great valueThe soup bowls arrived cracked and couldn't be used. Defeats the purpose of the grab-and-go meal. The taste wasn't anything special, but wasn't horrible either as long as you didn't use all the flavor packet (way too much salt)
452459452459B000GZUFHWA25JROTU0YWU4OGwen5751251849600Yum!I eat this almost every day for lunch. It has a hearty broth and is vegan/gluten-free. Definitely tasty and worth the purchase.
452460452460B000GZUFHWAG8K92N37MT27Garnet0031341878400Nice Flavor for an Instant SoupOut of all of the Thai Kitchen Rice Noodle Bowls, this one is by far my favorite when it comes to the flavor. The noodles don't get mushy and the broth is nicely done (for something you just pour hot water over). It even has a little bit of a "zing" to it.

Not sure it would rate high against real Thai food--what packaged food would?--but for something that you can snatch up on the way to work and have something easy to make and hot to eat, its great. If you want soup you can use more water and if you want noodles, just use less. Plus its gluten-free!

The sad thing is that I can't find the mushroom one in the packets rather than just with the bowl. Yes, its handy to have the bowl already when you go camping (which I've done), but I'd prefer to have the option. Hint! Hint! And its not just because the packets are cheaper to buy, but if you want to make this at home I'd rather heat it up in glass than plastic.
452431452431B001SAQ546A3NIQK6ZLYEP1LMichael Valdivielso131451251158400Great for you....With 130% of the daily amount of Vitamin C and all natural, this is the drink for you. Just one warning, it is not sweet. In fact it is very bitter. But remember it is pure tea, very little added. No sugar or sweetener has touched these tea leaves before or after they were brewed. So be warned! Otherwise goes great with food or by itself. Make sure to drink it chilled and enjoy!
452432452432B001SAQ546A2ZE8BSZ5MMEOPJasmine "Uniquely Yours"7851255219200The best instant GREEN TEA!Delicious and full flavor of green tea! Antioxidants galore! I really enjoy drinking the dark green tea, as the other reviewer noted, it is not sweet, but nonetheless quite flavorful.
452433452433B001SAQ546A2GU7SQOQWFUU0BG2241270425600a favoriteThis and the white/green mix are my favorites. I'm waiting for an additional discount to order again, a little pricey for me.
452434452434B001SAQ546ANILZOBA16DVIAndy1151335484800Good taste!Real Japanese kind of tea in the States! Subscribe it!! it's a good deal!

It's bold tho. Make sure you can take it. LOL
452435452435B001SAQ546A3UKRIJOI5HLD3Tealover841151332115200Great tea! Very healthy! No sugarI lov Ito En's Oi Ocha, howver, they used to have the 2 ltr size ones. When will 2 ltr size come back??!
452436452436B001SAQ546A1EGVIZ11J3EKLJudy1151326844800so GOODI love this green tea the most of all I've tried. The darker just seems to taste richer, gives me more energy than any others, always the same great quality, from a fabulous company and Amazon helps out the $$ by offering the subscribe and save. I totally gave up diet drinks, lemonade, etc. after tasting this wonderful product. Highly recommended.
452437452437B001SAQ546A38GNOGPJIYGMKDyer93801151314748800Oi Ocha - Tea Please!I love this tea. It's a perfect energy shot in the morning or at the end of the work day. There's a nutty delicious quality of the dark green that I prefer to the lighter Oi Oicha. All three versions (Jasmine, Light and Dark) are good to have in the fridge.
452438452438B001SAQ546A2HUIUCJ83970ZH. Ma "semei"1151288310400I like itIf you like Chinese or Japanese style tea, this unsweetened tea is the best choice. Its stronger than other ones, no suger, Oulon tea flavor.
452439452439B001SAQ546A1WPJBA67MIDQ9Evelgest1151284163200Simplicity at its best.Simply put, this is green tea at its finest, not that crap American companies try to push.

I have purchased this brand in its 2 liter variety at Japanese supermarkets for years now. If you've drank the original green Ito En Oi Ocha, this is the stronger, bolder, older brother, and it does not disappoint. The lighter variety has a subtle, mellow, nutty, and delicate flavor. While I enjoyed the light, this dark green tea just sings. All of the same flavors in the light, but magnified. It is the quintessential drink without the sugar and artificial ingredients we unfortunately see today in American supermarkets. Let's also not forget the anti-oxidants.

Remember to always keep it refrigerated, and enjoy it with ice.
452440452440B001SAQ546A1GWQ87BT8850JJ. Bohumil1151280707200DeliciousI really like this tea. It tastes quite similar to Sencha Shots which are also very good. The 16.9 oz bottles are perfect.
452441452441B001SAQ546A2ZFA3M0ER1N3TStephanie Stepp "Stephanie"2331322784000Dark green tea no longer dark...I have been drinking this product for about the last 6 months. Was really trying to do something good
for my health and get that little extra caffeine punch that I look forward to mid afternoon.
I noticed with my last shipment that the tea was no longer dark green and the taste was off. I agree
with the previous reviewer R.Harary that ito en messed up a good thing. Was planning on signing up for
direct ship as I was drinking one a day. Would drink more if it was in the budget. Guess its time to
move on...
452442452442B001SAQ546A1MRDO6OKWZ1AZTimmy S0051346284800Another Keeper...Well the labels now say "Made in Japan". This tea has a very complex nutty flavor. It is loaded with tannin meaning it is astringent like a young Cabernet red wine, so much in fact sometimes it will affect your speaking! Ito En used to make another Roasted Green tea version in the rectangular bottle but for some reason they stopped making it. I kind of liked that one better. I rotate between this and the mint and the original green tea on a daily basis. They are all good. If you need some sweetness you can add some agave sweetener after you open the bottle. A teaspoon is roughly 20 calories and is plenty sweet, which is about how much you will put in to the rim after you open the bottle. Enjoy.
452443452443B001SAQ546AP5ZGJOY7LY8Dkona0051337558400This is real Japanese tea!This tea is bitter-tasting.
The meaning is high-class Japanese tea.
It is the best for drinking in a relaxation , a lunch break and morning.
If you looking for real Japanese tea try this!
And if tast too bitter for you add watter.
452444452444B001SAQ546A2U1BYEK28NS3FAuntie Sandy "Hooked on Books"1251327795200Tasty, low-cal antioxidantThe BEST caffeine blast at the office when you don't want to drink coffee all day. No coffee breath, good for you and yummy!
452445452445B001SAQ546A25ZQQBYSHLIAZR. Harary "TheRalphieJ"1251322524800Back to Japan production! Very Good stuff!Edit- I am leaving my original review, but now adding that since moving back to Japan, the tea is perfect again!

I have been drinking this Tea daily for about 5 years. It had a robust earthy flavor that was the perfect for somebody who likes strong dark tea.

My last 2 shipments came from Ito En in a new Eco friendly style bottle- great! Why not save some plastic? Then I tasted it. It was awful! Not as strong, not as tasty (unless you like the Vitamin C taste to shine through in your tea). It is no longer made in Japan (a decision that might be blamed on the earthquake but in reality was in motion before the earthquake hit as is evidenced by Tea's Tea production being moved there a while ago).

I have cancelled my subscriptions (one for the office one for home) and will be buying my tea at a local Japanese supermarket until they move production back to Japan.

I have found that Suntory makes a dark variety for the Japanese market that is imported here by a company in Queens, NY.
452446452446B001SAQ546A34AN2MBCQ5JQTkamishiro71211319587200Japanese Green Tea, not really JapaneseShort-changed. If you look at the label, you'll see that they've packaged and sold to you the "Product of Thailand."

Thanks for deceiving me, Amazon. When I buy this Japanese product from a Japanese company, I expect JAPANESE Green Tea.

Never again; not until they fix this.
452447452447B001SAQ546AXVHRVLXLQ6O9Tea drinker5911330819200NOT JAPANESE. It is from ThailandThey should really put the origin of the product in the information. It is from Thailand. I was drinking the Jasmine tea from Ito En and noticed it was from Thailand so I switched to this one. Well, what a suprise. It too is from Thailand. No Thanks.
452448452448B001SAQ546A2BRBXOK24FA1OIchigo0251328400000After the earthquick, they ship the tea from TailandThe quality hasn't changed. But you don't have to worry about the "radiation problem in Japan."
Some Japanese companies recalled couple products due to the radiation but this is NOT one of them. Still it's nice to see how Japanese care about their customers. They ship the products as usual immediately after the earthquake. Now it's coming from Thailand so you don't have to worry about the radiation.
(I have this review for someone who may concern.)
No Japanese friends noticed the difference. Ah, the bottle is hard to open now. That's about it.
452449452449B000J2IB2IA1W233V4PUB1QPOnly the finest "Expect the best"6611278460800Dogswell Duck Strip poisoned and killed 1 Std. Poodle and sickened 4 others. They are made in CHINA. Beware and be very careful.Always trying to give holistic, natural healthy treats to our dogs, but this product has the words "Made in China" in tiny letters. Our dog became ill. Vet suspected poisoning, tested for and found that the liver was failing. At autopsy, poisoning was verified. 4 other dogs were also sickened by this product. Be very careful. Trust treats made in China and you are taking a huge risk that no one wants to take with their beloved pet.
452450452450B000J2IB2IA2902TWRWIE3NFL. Barnes1151181779200Dog Ratings, not Mine!This tasty, healthy snack for your furry loved one, is a good choice if you care about what you put into your dog's body. They love it & it's really good for them!
452451452451B000J2IB2IAMEJYID9R9D0VT. Tatum2351171756800GREAT product!This supplement has transformed our 14-year-old Poodle. She has gained back much more mobility, is more active, and we can tell she feels much better. I cut it into 1 1/2" strips and give her one every night at bedtime. We LOVE this product!
452452452452B000J2IB2IA1X7G6V6GX4K44K. Johanson "Malka of Napa"0011299283200China made Dog TreatsBoth my dog and cat got sick eating these dog treats by Dogswell. My cat, smart enough after getting sick refused to eat anymore, but my dog of course wanted more each day. After a few days of eating one piece each day my dog had blood in her system. I had a vet bill just to tell me that she had a gastro. infection from something she ate. Instead of taking the prescribed antibiotics I took her to a Chinese Medicine doctor and got her an herbal treatment. After a few days she was fine.
China, unfortunately has been a very poor and dirty country and also not controlled by any healthy system to prevent problems. Their doctors know this and do very well after thousands of years treating diseases from this condition. If I would not eat this treat, if I am afraid to eat it, I will not give it to my pet and I certainly do not want to pay for two doctor's bills for the cheap treat again. Either I get more expensive and healthier or treats or I simply give my pets the chicken or duck pieces I eat as treats.
452453452453B000J2IB2IA1IRUR5QHZQX39HOOCHIEMAMA0051295222400A CLASS A COMPANY TO DEAL WITH !!I ordered the Duck Strips for my dogs and the package went lost, I contacted the company and without any questions they replaced the shipment. This is a Class A company with a very good product !!!

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