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452881452881B003D4MYLSA29B5G0PPLYXT9Rafi "Rafi"0041323388800Nice Blend of Chocolate and HazelnutWhile a hundred bags of tea seemed overwhelming at first, given my two-cup-a-day consumption, it won't take me long to get through. I drink a cup after breakfast and another after dinner. It is a nice, rich blend of chocolate and hazelnut that is very satisfying. It certainly curbs my appetite. Without it I want to keep eating, with it I feel like my meal has been complete.
452910452910B003D4MYLSA30DK18BD9IRGMRJ0051302134400Wonderful flavor!This is my favorite flavor of tea. I enjoy white tea more than the darker teas, and the mix of peppermint and ginger is perfect. If you enjoy any kind of peppermint tea or coffee (such as those served around Christmas) you will enjoy this tea.

The outer package is the pictured cardboard box, but the tea bags are individually wrapped in air tight packets (the little white packet shown in the picture) which are pretty enough for display or gift baskets. If you aren't sure about buying 100 at a time, look for a sample package on Amazon or elsewhere (though the Amazon prices are impressive compared to other ones I've seen).

The only negative I've seen is that a few of the tea bags have "failed." By "failed," I mean that when I combine them with hot water they sometimes expand quickly and purge a small amount of tea leaves through the stapled end of the bag. It's a minor distraction (only once or twice have I had to through it out), but it's probably a 4% failure rate based on my usage so far. No doubt part of the problem stems from poor technique on my part, but I haven't had this problem with other teas.
452882452882B003D4MYLSA3FH1ZWFZ83KNAJulie A. Richards0041322956800The only 'herbal' tea I will drinkMost 'herbal' teas I've tried always taste like warm Koolaid to me but this one is just perfect. Given the price, I've tried to find other, less expensive options but haven't come across anything that comes close. Having it shipped this way through Amazon *is* less expensive than going through Stash even though the packaging itself is listed as Stash.

At any rate, give this a try if you like lemon because it really hits the spot.
452883452883B003D4MYLSA1FX2WGZM7NNV8tiger iris lady0051321488000Love this flavor, very unique.I have a hard time finding this flavor except during Christmas. It is one of my favorite flavors of all time.
452884452884B003D4MYLSA37FN9ZKL1ELFCDDP0041321056000Boston MAArrived in a day - ahead of expected arrival day. Strong ginger taste. I wish it had more lemon taste. I wish packing was more organized. Best value for money.
452885452885B003D4MYLSA3AMM41MD04ARTutz3745 "utz3745"0051320710400Nice orange flavorThis is a favorite of mine. The tea has a nice orange taste, with a light spice taste in the background. The flavors are balanced,no single spice takes over.
452886452886B003D4MYLSA2OSDNFF217CAVyxter0041320019200Stash makes good teaI really enjoy tea and drink two or three 16 ounce cups a day, especially when it's cold outside. I used to drink mostly Twinings and Bigelow because hey, that's what they had at the supermarket. But I tried Stash a few years ago and have slowly switched to drinking it almost exclusively. They make wonderful flavours and have very reasonable prices. I particularly appreciate being able to buy 100 sealed bags at a time from Amazon, because that really lowers the price. And as long as you can set aside the minimal storage space, it isn't as though sealed tea bags go bad!

Chai Spice Black is my preferred morning tea blend. It has more caffeine and more flavour than the other teas I drink later in the day. It's tasty and smells good, and the tea is consistent from bag to bag (to bag to bag to bag! I've been drinking this stuff for a few years now. :)
452887452887B003D4MYLSASW6FE4PNBO3ERessa "graphic designer"0051319414400Soothing Fragrant and DeliciousWe recently discovered this White Tea with Chai spices and we have come to love it. The fragrance is spicy with cinnamon, nutmeg and cloves. The whole house smells amazing when the tea is brewing. Being made with white tea, we have it at night and it has been relaxing.
452888452888B003D4MYLSA27I714KJYVVWVMichael Casale0051318809600The only way to buy tea bagsThis is good stuff. It reminds me of the tea in an Indian restaurant. This has no added vanilla flavor. A previous brand I bought had vanilla but did not mention it. If you drink this kind of tea, this is what to get.
452889452889B003D4MYLSA2IMCL4WJNTT9PSheila0051318636800Best chai teaWhen my area grocery store stopped carrying this brand I was devastated. I was very happy to find it here.
452890452890B003D4MYLSA12AQEOUY3SNR2Melwel "melswel"0051318377600Exactly what I was looking for !I had a peach iced tea at a restaurant I frequent and have been looking for some to brew at our office. But every one I had bought in the past also had cinnamon and other spices added, which is not what I wanted. This is just a nice, smooth black tea with a hint of peach flavor and nothing else. Just what I was looking for. I make up a pitcher to keep on hand for iced tea and our guests really like it, as well.
452891452891B003D4MYLSA3P3TI0YTZ3J1MM. Williams0051318032000YumThis is the favorite tea of fictional character John Luke Picard of the Starship Enterprise (ie.Star Trek) and it is a favorite of mine! Fragrant and earthy, this fabulous black tea always make as if a comfortable old chair is embraceing me. Familiar, soothing, and inviting. Try'll REALLY like it.
452892452892B003D4MYLSA29QEY4JG1DDFNBestin Show0051317340800My favorite teaMy wife bought this after Christamas on a discount rack - it turned out being absolutely delicious. THE perfect blend of ingredients. Plus, white tea is known as the "supreme tea" with the most benefits and least caffeine of any type. I'm now buying it in bulk for work and drink a ton of it.
452893452893B003D4MYLSA1TCOHXK2VRDJLmarcus1026920031317168000Decent ProductThe taste of the product wasn't quite what I thought it was going to be. There is definitely a strong coconut taste that overpowers the mango taste. I expected more mango in the equation. However, with all expectations put aside, the tea is good.
452894452894B003D4MYLSA1VM35E026JQROLaura0051316649600very niceI am a fall lover. Anything that brings me to turning leaves, crisp air and pumpkin yummyness... This tea does just that. It's very good I like it with two tsp of sugar in the raw, just like a yummy dessert.. great to curl up and read a book with ...
452895452895B003D4MYLSA3PNF752MZL2SECourtney0051316476800Very Good TeaI love this tea, and most stash teas. This flavor I really enjoy iced and have only made 3 bags hot out of my 100 pack, which is now gone. Just a great refreshing tea overall, especially iced on a hot summer day.
452896452896B003D4MYLSA3PNF752MZL2SECourtney0041316476800Just not for meThis is a very strong mint tea. I love Stash teas and have had the merrymint and moroccan mint and really enjoyed both. This however is a little too pepermintly for me. If you really enjoy peppermint tea, then you will love this. I prefer the merrymint.
452897452897B003D4MYLSA3PNF752MZL2SECourtney0051316476800Absolutely deliciousI love this tea. It is yummy especially in the summertime as iced tea. Just overall delicious. The coconut flavor is not too strong but you know it is there and it makes for a great aftertaste.
452898452898B003D4MYLSA35MIRPK5LHRGZTiger880051311033600Not just for special occasionsI like mild tea. Currently, I have a box of Good Earth White Tea and a box of Stash White Christmas Tea sitting next to each other on the shelf. I thought I would drink the Good Earth Tea daily and the Christmas Tea as an occasional change of pace. Instead I find myself reaching for the Christmas Tea every day. It has now become my favorite tea (I just ordered a second box).

With most teas you want to remove the teabag after several minutes of soaking or the tea will get bitter. This tea is very mild. By simply leaving the teabag in the pot I get two or three cups of tea from each bag, with no bitter taste.

At a cost of only 14 cents per bag, every day can be Christmas!
452899452899B003D4MYLSA21OFO5SB43TAATwins Rock "Twins Rock"0051310860800A good buy.This is a good buy for sure. I'd recommend this for making ice tea, milk tea, or Arnold Palmer rather than having it straight as its citrus flavor is a bit on the stronger side in my opinion. It is still a good buy.
452900452900B003D4MYLSAQACCV984A1HFLara Croft0051309564800Yummy!I love mint tea and this was a good value. You can definitely taste the peppermint but its not overwhelming.
452901452901B003D4MYLSA2AKHSZYQ34T07fat_lip_3 "Gusto"0041308009600more pumpkin please!First off let me say, You get A LOT of Tea!!!
It wasn't as pumkiny as I had hoped it was.
Stash usually makes really really good tea's

I was sad to read it was decaf, something I didn't notice when I ordered it.
o well..

still good stuff.
452902452902B003D4MYLSA23YZC7L98ERHCS. Bolhafner0051306713600nom nom nomGot the Stash decaf green tea as part of a tea of the month birthday present. Loved it so much, tracked down and ordered the industrial sized box!!
452903452903B003D4MYLSA2N2WYSYIG6RPZK. A. Lennon0051306281600The best green tea is ChaiI love Chai. But, I know that green tea is healthy, right? Well, green tea, let's face it, often tastes a lot like grass. Stash's Green Chai is green tea at its best. It's a nice blend of spices that really does taste very much like my favorite Chai. So, go ahead, enjoy Chai and feel good about drinking healthy green tea too. Just let it steep a bit longer than you normally would for black tea, add some honey and some milk (or creamer if you're lactose intolerant like I am). MMMM.
452904452904B003D4MYLSA32Q7DF2O1CLO7jake's grandma0051306022400The best of the peach teasGreat flavor without being overpowering like the peach herbal tea is. We brew it by itself and also mix with 'plain' black tea for just a hint of peach.
452905452905B003D4MYLSAJFCXGI8GYYIXC. D. G. "shelbygirl"0051305590400Great Tea....I drink lots of both hot and iced tea. I have been buying the unit of 6 small boxes of tea, which means I have a cardboard outer box and 6 smaller tea boxes for the recycle bin. But when I ordered this large box of Stash tea, inside were the 100 individual tea bags, which means I have just one box to recycle. This is a great way to purchase large quantities of tea bags, and from now on I'm going to purchase my tea in these large boxes as long as Amazon offers them. It's much easier than opening and recycling individual boxes. As to Stash teas, well, they're the best. I love this white lemon, and have not been unhappy with any of their teas.
452906452906B003D4MYLSA1W8ZHJUNGRT14Heather L. Miller "country librarian"0041303862400vanilla nut creme black tea, decafI really enjoy this tea at night as a substitute to camomile. It's decaf so I don't have to worry about staying up too late.
452907452907B003D4MYLSA21BV03GDP4JN5Tez0051303689600Lemon TeaLove anything Lemon...this is decaf white tea. It is hard to find in any stores, so I get it here on Amazon. Good price - fast delivery. Great fresh light tea for summer.
452908452908B003D4MYLSA3S5414C0MJAB0TechDiva0051302998400Great TeaI have been drinking Stash tea for about 20 years and really like their teas. My first love was the Licorice tea and recently I have added a few more. This tea is light and refreshing and tastes like peppermint and ginger on top of a really clean white tea. Fabulous combination and a great stress reducer.
452909452909B003D4MYLSA3G29F1HRC5WT4Loving Patriarch "Loving Patriarch"0051302393600Delicious pumpkin Pie spiceI have not idea why this person would not like the pumpkin pie spice? What does this guy do during Thanksgiving?? The aroma is rich and very tastey. I have friends from India who recommended the flavor of Chai, so I tried it out. My very favorite tea! Why drink anything that is bitter when you can have sweet delicious Chai?

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