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453511453511B0029XLH4YA33VPPWLPXMS4QWWTRAV1151282348800Robust CoffeeI like strong coffee, and jet fuel is one of my favorites. The Keurig individual packages ensure that the coffee always taste fresh.
453512453512B0029XLH4YA36CCV2B7XQGJKTodd K. Whitehurst "Todd Whitehurst"1151282003200Best coffee I have had for KeurigJet Fuel is the best coffee pod that I have ever had in the Keurig, and I have tried over 100 different flavors in the past year. It is the only coffee that I have had from the Keurig that tastes like coffee from a real cafe.
453513453513B0029XLH4YAY3WG3RH5ZKD1suechef1151281744000Finally!!!I finally found a k-cup that makes a delicious, smooth, robust mug of coffee in my Keurig B70 Platinum brewer on the largest setting. Jet Fuel it is! It arrived in two days, even though I ordered it with the least efficient shipping method. Thanks Amazon!
453514453514B0029XLH4YAD4T8W9AODYNIAnthony S. Sutherland1151281657600Found my coffee!Many reviews here saying the coffee was too strong or too much for them.
Well to all you that have to have girl coffee keep looking.
For those MEN out there ... this is your brew!
453515453515B0029XLH4YA27HVM9J0H6ZXSKH1151281398400The BombThis is great. We all really enjoy this coffee. It is great for the first coffee or last coffee of the day. What a flavor.
453516453516B0029XLH4YA4L0UD2AWHARTThomas W. Thorpe "Tom"1151281139200Very very good coffeeI had never of this source but the reviews (positive) are right and this coffee is a "keeper". The coffee is bold are really a "kick a__" blend at a good price for K-cup coffee.
453517453517B0029XLH4YA3LVB17PIBKDJXLorraine Wiley1151280966400Awesome BOLD coffeeOne of my top 2 favorites!!!! Timothy's Midnight Magic is my Top Fav but this brew is a great BOLD smooth coffee!!!
453518453518B0029XLH4YA3LEFBA606D549T. Beck1151280620800Best of the Dark RoastsJet Fuel is our favorite of all the Coffee People dark roasts. Bold but not bitter. Great way to start the morning!
453530453530B000VDNB34A16EIVIBBXFAQ0Craig0051348012800Big seeds with great flavorI ordered a 12-pack of these after reading many favorable reviews, and they've been as good as I'd hoped. The seeds are a good size - far bigger than you'll find with the David's brand - and the flavor has been consistently strong as I've already gone through several bags. They're very salty, but that salt combined with the jalapeno flavoring just enhances the taste.

After having snacked on plain David's seeds throughout the day, this product has been a big step up. I've been whipping through them, and I've already hooked a coworker on them too. I'd heartily recommend these to anyone looking for good-tasting seeds.
453531453531B000VDNB34A22J7VP6FCL13kevin0051344470400good seedsI have been eating these seeds for 3 years now and I can't keep enough of them around home or work. If you like spicy snacks try these, you won't be sorry.
453532453532B000VDNB34AZVRFRZN9TLUDisoh990011340755200this is my third order, same brand same package, but taste so differentThis is my third order within 2 months from Amazon on the Jim Beam Jalapeno Sunflower seeds. I went though average a pack a day for the first two orders, the seeds are not that spicy and salty outside, and so flavorful inside. It's so addicative and I was so happy that I finally found my favor snack. I gave both 5 star reviews on the first two orders.
Now this order I received is a totally different story, same brand; same package; but taste so different (the bad way) that I thought I ordered from some other brands. The package does say it's roasted by BIGs now, It's really Salty and spicy outside, but inside has no taste at all. I opened the first bag two days ago and still have more than half left. I dun know when am I going to finish all 12 packs of them, but I am sure I won't be ordering Jim Beam sunflower seed again.
453533453533B000VDNB34A1BE60JXE48CZ0Rebtor0051328745600My Favorite SeedsI have access to a military base and they carried these. I got hooked on them. I like the size of the seeds, they are bigger than David seeds. I really like the spicy kick they have. After trying them all other seeds do not have enough flavor. Unfortunately the base stopped carrying this flavor. I have been unable to locate it in any stores in my area. So now I am forced to order them online. Oh well, these seeds are so good, I dont mind. As long as I can still get them I am Happy.
453534453534B000VDNB34AULV9KY40HEEYKathy Zinn0051317254400Jalepano Sunflower SeedsI bought these for my husband because he is a fanatical sunseed eater. If you haven't tried them, they are full of flavor but also alittle hot on the tongue. The price was the best we found.
453535453535B000VDNB34A2YX7ZMUNKOJU6reverend keith0051316736000love themlove this brand of sunflower seeds. used to buy them all of the time. suddenly, they were not available in nashville. i begged stores to carry them. now i buy them on amazon. tasty & spicy.
453536453536B000VDNB34A1LWYF28ZP6VB9brian erline0051315872000not too hot!Received the product very fast and in perfect shape. The item is as described and has completely met and exceeded my expectations. I would definitely order this again and I'm glad I read all the reviews first. In response to the Negative reviews below, I have not found them to be accurate.
These seeds are huge and what a great flavor.
453537453537B000VDNB34A149KETI46LVE5HistoricalMysteryLover0051315785600Great, spicy sunflower seedsWe love these spicy sunflower seeds. The combination of flavors from the Jalepeno and Jim Beam is great. We often smuggle these into sporting events and people are always asking us which vendor we got them from :) We've ordered them several times from Amazon and they have always been fresh.
453538453538B000VDNB34A3KAH0PPRFHR4TKing Spade0051313452800Great FlavorI had found these seeds at a convenience store several years ago and hadn't found them since in any store. Finally thought to check Amazon and what would you know. These seeds have a flavor that is just unbeatable and at a great price.
453539453539B000VDNB34A1SPH33DEXL5I8J. Tye0051309305600Jim Beam Jalapeno SeedsWow! These seeds are larger than others I have tried and the flavor is second to none. I'm hooked.
453540453540B000VDNB34A6D2564DSDQZWR & A "Love to Cook"0051306800000If you like Spicy...This will be a favorite snack if you like spicy foods. They are fresh and are hard to stop eating. We really like them!
453519453519B0029XLH4YA2FS9CYCWC6HLWAnna M. Ligtenberg "AnnaLovesBooks"1151280534400Coffee People Jet Fuel K-Cups for Keurig Brewers (Pack of 50) [Amazon Frustration-Free Packaging]ASIN B0029XLH4Y - All right, I'm going to start by saying something negative about the Keurig coffee makers, which I will later explain better in my review of IT. Here goes: this coffee maker makes the weakest dang coffee in the history of the free world. You get a choice when brewing: itty bitty cup of semi-strong brew or sort-of-big cup of brown caffeinated water. This displeases me. I bought the thing because I love coffee and would like to mainline it but cannot. Now, I've learned to live with and even get around some of the deficiencies of the maker, but finding the coffee that makes the maker look good... tough job, but someone's got to do it.

Jet Fuel is fantastic. It makes Keurig look like the geniuses they ought to be. This stuff is strong enough to overcome the wimpy options of the maker and then some. It's not bitter, but it might taste bitter to folks who aren't hardcore coffee drinkers. To me, that "bitter" taste is sharp, crisp and maybe a little chocolate-like. This is the stuff to wake up to, the perfect morning jolt.

If there's a true negative for me, it's the individual cup issue, from the ecological point of view. You get a plastic cup with a foil lid and, inside, a small paper filter filled with grounds. It is, generally, thrown away as one piece. This means that the (unnumbered) cups, which may be recyclable, cannot be put with the plastics; the foil cannot be put with the rest of the foil; the biodegradable filter and grounds not only don't go into the composter, but they'll biodegrade very slowly, deprived of air, sun and water in their little foil and plastic casing. It's possible to take the thing apart and deal with the individual pieces appropriately, but that defeats the convenience factor of the maker. Someone's got to design a better k-cup, but I can't take points away from Jet Fuel for a flaw that all k-cups share. On the up side of the packaging, Amazon's packaging is awesome - not just frustration free, but 100% recyclable!

- AnnaLovesBooks
453520453520B0029XLH4YA35ZJSFWD2DRKYgophilly1151279584000best coffee so farI enjoy a strong bold k cup so that I can stretch the coffee to a mug. I have tried around a dozen k cups that have been given at least 4 stars and have found Jet Fuel to be my favorite. It is strong and has good flavor, but is not bitter like some of the others. I also enjoy Emiril's k cup.
453522453522B0029XLH4YASUIO8KC4VJOYAL1151278892800Good StuffBold tasting coffee, not for someone that dosent like a strong tasting coffee. I have bought this coffee a few time and I really like it.
453523453523B0029XLH4YA38989FEQ9065LJohn Gannon1151278115200Jet Fuel-fire up the engines!!!!I have tried all the coffee people bold varieties and I like Black Tiger and Jet Fuel. The Jet fuel is a little smoother and more distinctive in taste. Definitely my favorite!!! You can't go wrong with this coffee & Keurig is so convenient a winning combination.
453524453524B0029XLH4YATNZ6ZION5HI1.1151277164800the best coffee..the best dealI like strong black coffee. I like it to taste strong, have body, & wake me up. The way to make strong coffee is use more grounds per water, but that doesn't guarantee it tastes good . "Jet Fuel" tastes good & wakes me up. It seems at least a time-&-a-half stronger than most other coffees, is full-bodied, & is consistently, equally great cup after cup: I've had a hundred of them so far. It's my favorite. I bought 50 cups on sale for $20, but the regular price at the time was only $21! Since you'll probably only need one cup in the morning, it's a great deal. Also: It arrived less than 48 hours after the order was put in
453525453525B0029XLH4YA2C7AE8XPDHJ6ZM. Lavery "Diver Mike"1151276646400Best K-Cup EverThis is just the best morning coffe you can imagine.

Rich, robust and very strong, just what we like in the morning.

We get 100 of these per month on auto shipment, we love it.
453526453526B0029XLH4YA1TBJ9OI5GB08XL. DelRosario1151272240000Jet-Fuel CoffeeI ordered this coffee never having tasted it. I read the reviews and I liked the convenient packaging and the price. I really like the flavor, it is bold without being bitter. I like it more than any of the other K-cups that I have tried.
453527453527B003CSSZKEA17XHII27K9HO6cjgw0051347753600Giant Lightbulb with Chocolate Chip cookiesThe product is very delicious. I have ordered it twice and given it as a gift. The recipients also loved them and the container. The cookies are soft and tasty. Some of the best chocolate chip cookies I have eaten. The company also has a very interesting variety of containers. I highly recommend these cookies, especially as a holiday gift.
453528453528B000VDNB34A2XKEWOWAC080MTimothy M. Sehn5541207267200High Qulaity Seeds, Sweet Bourbon flavor5.0 out of 5 stars High Qulaity Seeds, Sweet Bourbon flavor, April 4, 2008

My work mates and I have been snacking on these seeds for three months now. We're happy to see they finally made it onto Amazon. There are two things going for these seeds: the quality of the seeds themselves and the interesting Bourbon flavor.

As opposed to an other non-premium brand sunflower seed, these seeds are far larger and thus "meatier". The seed inside is a satisfying size and the shells seem more moist and thus do not split into an unmanageable number of shards when split. The quality is on par with the "Spitz" brand from Canada for seed connoisseurs.

The flavor of these seeds is also interesting. Rather than deriving most of their flavor from salt, soaking the seeds in bourbon gives them a slight, pleasant sugary flavor which is then complimented by your traditional salty or spicy flavors. The sweet taste is unnoticeable at first but can be perceived with prompting. The main benefit is that the seeds are less salty than competitors and thus more can be consumed without getting a case of "dry tongue".

All in all, a great product and a great addition to the Amazon grocery catalog. The price is right as well.

Out of the three Jim Beam flavors, I think this one is second best. Hence the 4 star rating for this flavor. BBQ gets 5 stars and original also 4 stars.
453529453529B000VDNB34A38O4OZORWD5CUTexan "mannedspace"1151238371200Addictive!These sunflower seeds are incredible. They are not as hot as one would assume. My 10 year old bugs me for a handful too many times! Warning: once you try these, you will NOT go back to David's.

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