Amazon Fine Food Reviews

454707454707B001II480GA1Y91AXTNDEIWWD. Clanton "ebayaholic"2331299456000I love bacon!I saw this item on tv and as one who tries to eat healthy, I don't eat bacon often but I love it. When I saw no calories, I thought it was a godsend. I have tried it. It's not bad, but it's not bacon. BLT's are definately not BLT's with it. It is too salty for that. I do think it is fine to add a little flavor to your cooking but it seemed to have more salt than bacon flavor. As excited as I was to get it home to try it out, it has remained in my cabinet rarely used. I love bacon...REAL bacon...but this will do in soups and veggies.
454708454708B001II480GA2619NGD5F63Hjames winfield "james"2341246665600ok flavor, too much like bacon bitsok flavor, tasted too much like bacon bits. i got it on sale and an extra $10 off. that made it worth it. regular price is way too high
454709454709B001II480GA1XMIONG1MXNHTPartyTimeMentats0021349222400Meh...It's a great idea for a product but I hate the taste. I think it's cool that it's kosher and has some nice ingredients, but the original I tried was gross.
454710454710B001II480GA2U7PYGR9JH3IKApril0051347840000Love it!Everything is better with bacon. Will keep 2 and give 2 for stocking stuffers to share the joy this year.
454681454681B0029NMDJMA2X2C6HVA45QDBIt's you not me "Cindy"0051319068800Great for spoiled pupsMy shih tzu would only eat Cesars. She gobbles it up like real steak. Unfortunately, it i not nutritionally the best option for your pet, but a great treat. Its not that great of a value here but, with a gift card, it was not a problem. quick shipping.
454682454682B0029NMDJMA376Q8PHJN4W0ALiza Sauls "thingamajig"0021309132800Junk foodIf you read ingredient labels, you would know this is basically cheap by-products, calcium CARBONATE (chalk) and a bunch of additives, colors and preservatives. NOT a healthy diet for anyone interested in good nutrition for their pet. BUT...our 18+ tiny rescue mutt isn't long for this world and has taken a liking to this doggie junk food above all else. It was either cave in and buy it, or she was going to starve. But don't get your healthy young pet hooked on this slickly marketed product, designed by Mars to use up the waste products that aren't good enough for human consumption. There are much better choices that will provide better nutrition at the good pet specialty stores!
454683454683B0029NMDJMA38WPLBU8HE5LTLinnnie130051276560000Dogs Love theseI have two westies and a maltese. After trying many brands of canned dog food that my dogs would not eat we finally discovered these. All three of my dogs love this dog food. They enjoy many of the different flavors. The trays are not large but are just right for one serving for dogs about 20 pounds and under.
454684454684B0029NMDJMA2IUBJJBH9PF9RJ. Raney0051262822400High QualityHigh quality dog food, I feed lamb as it is easier on their disgestion, I highly recommend this if you have small dogs..
454685454685B0029NMDJMA9101KNY0S3H2My 2 Cents "A penny for your thoughts"0051239580800Terrific for picky dogsI have a 5 lb Maltese who eats more like a cat. He eats until he is full and walks away. Dry food is best, I am told but it so.... "dry". I don't want to give him human food because I'm told I shouldn't - but also because he eats so little, I want to be sure he's healthy. My solution has been to buy Cesar by the case from Amazon (auto shipment) and mix it with his dry. I buy dry food for small adult dogs, mix a scoop (1 cup?) with 1/4-1/3 container of Cesar. I mix it with a for or my hands (so he doesn't just eat the Cesar and walk away). He gets the benefit of dry food for his teeth etc and the tastiness of Cesar's wonderful flavors.
454686454686B0029NMDJMA2JDMB10GVFEPBRafael Martinez "Ralph Martinez"0051181433600One of many safe productsThis is one of the best and safe products made in the USA
454687454687B0029NMDJMA23FADCNBIE0VFVirginia Lent0141324598400My dog loves this foodMy Westie Suki loves this food. She had been eating it for most of her life (3 yrs.)
I ordered the food from Amazon because even with shipping it was cheaper than our local supermarker or Pet Smart. Suki eats 2 cans a day so I needed a lot!!
454688454688B0029NMDJMA2S5KW8XROWB0HGloria Young0151296259200Cesar canine mealMy 10 year old maltese if very picky when it comes to eating dog food. Since starting her on this product she has "cleaned" her bowl each day with no problem. I also like the packaging; it is very easy to store and select one meal without having to sort through a pile of dog food.
454689454689B0029NMDJMAOKOJADJQ9UC7Arthur M. Shields0141275696000My Little FriendThe Duck seems to be the only food my dog can eat without getting sick, but it's hard to find, so when I find it I buy it for him.
454690454690B0029NMDJMA3V9TR2U1KISVKSarah19891411274227200Very poor quality little real meat
454691454691B0029NMDJMA3V9TR2U1KISVKSarah19892611274227200Very poor quality little real meat
454692454692B0029NMDJMA1Z0RN2GEZBNV7J. Williams0311296345600Crazy people buy this!I bought this because it was on sale, and I was helping my mother-in-law save money. She feeds this garbage to her dog three times a day. He is addicted to it and won't eat anything else. Dry food is much healthier. This stuff runs her 70 cents a pack at wal-mart. That is almost 850 dollars a year just for this garbage. Table scraps would be better than this garbage. You are nuts if you feed your dog this stuff.
454693454693B007XARNIMA14FR3U0FQPAENpratz0031351123200Hot!It tastes hotter than other gari products I've tried, but it's not a problem for me since I like snacking on hot food. However, the plastic bottle is really fragile and easily breaks, so it needs careful handling.
454694454694B001II480GA20AZ60KW8ECZMDorothy Rosa "flyawayhome"687451232150400Really does make everything taste like bacon!Like so many others, we love bacon but must avoid it for health reasons. So when we heard of this product -- and its companion spread, Baconnaise -- we ordered every flavor made, for ourselves and for gifts to family and friends, from Amazon and from the company website.

We weren't disappointed. Every flavor is authentically, satisfyingly "bacony". And despite the name, it's not at all salty; low-sodium versions are available, which means bacon lovers (even vegetarians) can satisfy their yearnings without the health risks associated with heavy animal fats.

BTW, one thing we especially appreciate about Bacon Salt's makers (two high-tech guys who, over a meal, confessed that they'd always wished everything could taste like bacon, then funded their venture with $10K won on "America's Funniest Home Videos") is their "Operation Bacon Salt," in which orders shipped from the company to APO addresses sell for half-price. It's refreshing to find a firm that will not only ship to APO addresses (not all do), but will actually do something generous for our men and women who serve in the military. It's a cool (and legal) way, too, to get that lovely, bacony flavor to military personnel who serve in countries where bacon and other pork products are not permitted.

Try all the flavors. And try the yummy Baconnaise, too; it comes in regular and "lite" versions, and lets you make a low-calorie, low-sodium, zero cholesterol BLT that will just about make any bacon-lover's day. It's also wonderful on a baked potato.

We have no commercial interest in the company, and do (and will continue to do) most of our shopping on Amazon. We're just big fans of Bacon Salt products, happy to see their products available here.
454695454695B001II480GA2WIU7WIJGBJM2N. Place "government war slave"182251238025600the greatest spice everthis is the best thing to have when you are stuck on a limited diet. it is exactly bacon flavored, not kind of or sort of, but spot on. a must have for popcorn snackers.
454696454696B001II480GA2ELZB6I84GV07Willie3351303689600Bacon SaltGood stuff! I bought the four pack sampler... Original, Natural, Smoked, and Peppered. The Peppered is my favorite as it has a nice black pepper flavor, but there really isn't a big difference in the flavors that I can tell for the other three. I still really like it and eat all four on about everything I can think of... including popcorn. I do wish that it had a stronger bacon flavor and a more discernible difference in accompanying flavors though.
454697454697B001II480GA2QQ5043U6WPZ2A. D. Oltmann91241264032000fair (to good) subsituteSome reviews will tell you this is the best spice others will say this is fake tasting. To me and my bacon-loving-wife it's a fair substitute. If you use this "salt" you will get a bacon flavor and you will get a little salt. This product will give you a bacon flavor. The dishes I have used it most in is my baked potato soup. The soup turns orange, but I do get a bacon flavor without having to add bacon. This can be a good substitute when bacon is not around. It will not take the place of bacon in all cooking. The part of the bacon that adds the most flavor is the fat. This can not be mimicked. Also, one of the things bacon adds is texture.

As I have said: good substitute. It's also a good novelty item or something for the in-laws to talk about during supper.
454698454698B001II480GA1FI509VYA8AIPMary K "SANTA MARIA CAT PERSON"1111344902400Has MSG.Did not use. Description said no MSG. Read label when received, contains MSG, all four.
Not worth getting a migraine, will give to someone who is not bothered by the MSG.
454699454699B001II480GA2RGJD4S31XW8Ldenny481151334448000Bacon lover's delightAs a vegan, it's great to have the taste of bacon without the sin. Great in soups and other dishes where the essence of bacon helps. I love it in navy bean soup, blt's made with smoked tofu, etc. We've ordered it twice now and it doesn't stay around the house for long.
454700454700B001II480GA1HZHZ9XH5RR7NMattie "Mattie"1151331078400Great Stuff!These add the taste of bacon to just about everything you can add them too. I don't find them over salty when used sparingly. All four of them in the sampler said "low sodium" on the front label. I guess if you add a lot to whatever you are using it on it would taste oversalted. I like it tossed into potato salad or on a fake club sandwich of turkey, tomato, lettuce and their Baconaise.
454701454701B001II480GA1YQ3H6O9676FEBuBoNiC NATE "No Exit Records"1151329955200ExcellentI am so glad this company/product exists! Each flavor is great in it's own way. I originally tried another one of their products, Baconnaise, which is also good - but for cooking these salts are much more versatile.
454702454702B001II480GA3CQUEW1OK6EPDKimmer3451305072000Love them!!!!Our family loves bacon and we love all four of these flavors of bacon salt! My husband doesn't tolerate MSG so he uses the Natural flavor. So glad they have that option for him. We love this salt sprinkled on popcorn and cooked vegetables. Excellent for weight loss as you get the bacon flavor without the calories.
454703454703B001II480GAZXKAH2DE6C8APatricia A. Autrey3431296864000So soI'm not sure what I was really expecting when I ordered these, but they don't seem to live up to what was said about them. They sort of have a bacon flavor, which is nice. But, it only works when I am able to get the stuff out of the container. It tends to get clogged.
454704454704B001II480GA2E7AFQGL1GK7Zsnack mas71031264032000Pretty good, but not perfectI was pretty excited when I heard about Bacon Salt, and I couldn't wait to try it. Unfortunately when it arrived I found it having too much of a fake MSG flavor. When tried on french fries, it tastes exactly like BBQ potato chips, not bacon-y enough.
454705454705B001II480GA1WL0YIM49ZXPZAren Tigs81221308787200Incredible DisappointmentExceptional service, I can't deny that. It took only a day to deliver.

However, the end result is incredibly disappointing.

Looking at the ingredients should give you pause. After sea salt, the largest proportions are garlic, paprika and onion.

As another reviewers have said, it hardly tastes at all like bacon.
It's more like the dust you get at the bottom of a bag of Barbecue flavoured crisps.

Perhaps my hopes were too high because of all the hype.

Anybody who says a bacon imitation product tastes like bacon is talking out of their arse. They have either never tasted bacon, never tasted the product, or are paid very generously to write these reviews.

Still, I spent $15 on half a pound of barbecue seasoning. Might as well sprinkle it on exceptionally bland food. Shame it goes stale in two years time.
454706454706B001II480GA1AQ5TLL8SYQ5TN. Gold "trismegistus"6921263945600Doesn't make anything taste like baconbecause it isn't bacon. It tastes like Baco's, which don't taste like bacon. I fail to understand how anyone who really loves bacon can be satisfied with an imitation.

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