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454741454741B001ELL5OYA2WDJO1DZCR11KJan Self0051325548800Wonderful coffee!!My son turned me on to this coffee and I love it! At work, we drink the two main brands of coffee but I'm not going to share my Ethiopian Sidamo with any of those clowns! I will definitely be returning for more! GREAT COFFEE!!
454742454742B001ELL5OYALIUBH6ZKW624paws0311247011200Don't like it at allI don't know what else to say; I couldn't even finish a can of it. Has some kind of "extra" taste that I can't identify and I don't like flavored coffees. Perhaps it's the variety or region? It's a medium roast, I suppose and I like espressos and dark roasts. Pretty can, so I guess that rates one star.
454743454743B000LRKOIUA28BFQ46IE43UOZoltanne Balazs21011265587200If you like to throw your money away get this.I was glad I found something we always had in Europe, well this can ended in the thrash quickly. I guess I just have to wait til I get back to find real chesnut puree.
454744454744B001XWRLREA27OPNET5OKMH9Peggy Sue Leggett2251270425600this is the best during winter months until you can grow your own fresh.Simply Organic brand is one of the best choices to have on hand until you can get growing fresh herbs when winter is over. Excellent flavor and you know it's good for you because of what's not in it.
454745454745B001XWRLREAG4LBEYRCWT9SRumPunch3421320192000Organically incorrectConsidering the extra that one pays for organic products, this product did not deliver. For one thing it did not pass my smell or taste tests. Thyme is a fantastic herb, and I expected the organic to be even more robust than non-organic. I understand that it is dried for packaging, but even so, I did not expect to have to "struggle" so much to extract it's aroma or develop its flavor profile in my dishes. Non-chef that I am , I have been around the kitchen long enough to know what I am working with when it comes to my favorite herbs and spices. This brand does not measure up.
454746454746B003PQURL8A21VIUWL12CNELvincy "Vincy"0011329782400DisappointedAfter reading the 1st review, I thought this hot sauce is hot according to this person. I was looking for HOT, (hot in the true sense of the word)sauce,so I decided to try it. I feel it was a waist of my money and I actually paid $10.00 for the one I purchased. On the first try, I had to pour 1/3 of the bottle on my rice before I actually got the taste of hot in my mouth.

So if you are looking for HOT this is not your pepper sauce. I sure won't purchase it again.
454747454747B003PQURL8A25NNAPAQLNWZHjhig0041310947200very good heat + balanceThis sauce has plenty of heat but is not so much as to take away the taste of the food. Use sparingly at first but it will tantalize your taste buds. Get it every time I go to Costa Rica
454748454748B002M55LVOA33LSKPD2BGCKISally B "home chef"2231273536000Disappointing!The store where I used to purchase black licorice-covered chocolate pieces (Lakrit's brand) doesn't carry them anymore, so I was glad to find something that I thought would be comparable. This brand, however, is not comparable in my opinion and is not of the same high quality as the Lakrit's.
454749454749B004344Q4KA6PNEFPXPQ1K2ChicChick4441318204800Love this coffeeThis is my favorite of all the k cup coffees.. Very smooth, full flavored. A little pricey, but very nice.
454750454750B004344Q4KA2T9EE04BSUAQZspinsmyrevolver0051347235200delicious!!!i am a huge fan of coffee. i usually get the gevalia imported coffee sent to my house, but when i tried this on the keurig omg i was in love!
454751454751B004344Q4KA367X7VQU5A021sharing0051346112000excellent mild tasty coffeebuying from amazon is a pleasure.....everything is delivered promptly and all in one piece....this coffee is mild and refreshing i enjoy it so much i also enjoy their white chocolate mint coffee, but it is not available....these are my two favorite coffees.
454752454752B004344Q4KA2XNOB1T796Y6BChibiNeko "Sooo many books, so little time!"0031340755200Good, but not the best I've hadI can't quite decide whether this is something I'd want to get again. It just seems that for every Van Houtte product I like, there's one that I don't. All I can say for the brand in general is that I recommend getting a sampler pack rather than lots of the individual flavors until you know which ones you do and don't like.

Flavor-wise, I can taste the vanilla. It's a little subtle at times, almost to the point where I would've missed if it I wasn't specifically looking for it. This isn't a game killer, as I actually don't like a strong vanilla taste with my vanilla flavored items. Those wanting something more pronounced will probably be disappointed. What I do like about the vanilla is that it doesn't taste artificial (what I can taste, anyway), which makes a big difference when it comes to whether or not I'd choose to drink this if I were to buy a box with this flavor in it.

The coffee itself isn't bad. It's neither awful nor extraordinarily good. It's firmly "in the middle". I'll say that while I wouldn't avoid this K-Cup in the future, it's not like the Kaluha K-Cups to where I'd purposely go out of my way to purchase it.
454753454753B004344Q4KA1QDKOCVOBQOBUA. DePollo "ViolinLibrarian"0041333756800Light, flavorful coffeeWe bought the Mr. Coffee 9oz Keurig a few months ago. My mistake started there. Most of the K cups are waaaay too strong for only 9oz, for my taste. Everything always tastes burnt. This french vanilla coffee is the only stuff I like in my Keurig now. It's a mild roast, with a touch of french vanilla. So, if you like lighter roasts with a hint of flavor, you will probably like this coffee.
454754454754B004344Q4KA2M9G989NVH7YGTeacher La La0011332892800Too much for watered down coffeeI bought this coffee since I love French vanilla dunkin donuts brand. Yuck. It was weak and tasteless. I just found out that dunkin donuts is releasing their own k cups. Hurray. Wish I didn't have those Van Houtte k cups to try to swallow down. Painfully gross.
454755454755B004344Q4KA3P84TZX9X1B3XKIMBUYS "kimbuys"0041332288000Not my #1 choice - but a strong #3I bought these for $9 for a box at 18 ct at Big Lots - nit from Amazon. I love them. Not an overly flavored French Vanilla taste - just a smooth cup of coffee. I prefer Starbucks and Tulley's - but for this price.
454756454756B004344Q4KA2TJG4N8LNJW23Blythe Dresser0041327104000One of the best k cups we've tried so far!I really enjoy flavored coffees so when we opened the 12 pod sample pack that came with our new Keurig machine, I was excited to find a sample k cup of Van Houtte's French Vanilla. It ended up being one of the best flavors we had an opportunity to try!

Van Houtte's French Vanilla is not quite as good as some of the french vanilla coffees I've had fresh brewed at local coffee shops, but it isn't too far off either. It's a very mild, but flavorful coffee with a smooth finish and no bitter aftertaste. I don't like extra dark coffees with lots of acidity, so of that's more your cup of tea, so to speak, this blend isn't for you.

I will definitely be picking up more of this blend and if you're in the market for a french vanilla flavored coffee k up for your Keurig brewer, this one is an excellent choice.
454757454757B004344Q4KA3EFALG5HYI4WNGary Denton "Liberal Anti-Authoritarian"0021325808000MehSampling from variety pack and what came with my machine - mild French Vanilla flavor and dark roast coffee. OK at first but seems more bitter as it cools. Your opinion may vary, I don't like the bitterness or the darker roast flavor. Recommendation - add lots of half and half and sugar.
454758454758B004344Q4KA1TV75OZDRAV53J. Lindell2411323388800No TasteI bought these k-cups at the store to try out in my Keurig single cup coffee maker, they are horrible. Absolutely no french vanilla taste at all, it's not just a weak taste, there is NO TASTE! And to make sure it wasn't just my taste buds, I made several more cups (using 1 k-cup per mug of coffee of course) for family members to see if they could guess what flavor it was, none of them knew and when I told them it was french vanilla, they were of course surprised since you can't taste anything at all.

I will never buy Van Houtte again, what a waste of money.
454759454759B001GKSHP8A1443FSP4OI9LWKaren1151313366400Chase Candy Co.'s Cherry Mash candy barsFor some reason, all of the usual stores quit carrying the cherry mash candy bar,so I ordered online. The product came promptly and without any melting, eventhough it was near 90 outside. It was packaged well with ice packs. Thankyou.
454760454760B001GKSHP8A12O4K16F4WS18M. Herman1151273104000Got To Have IT!These are wonderful and so fresh! After buying a box for our family I reordered another and surprised my sisters with a box. The only problem was they didn't want to share, it was a good thing the individually wrapped candies were really big! Cherry Mash was always our mother's favorite in the 1950's as well as ours...we are so glad to find it at Amazon. They still make it taste just as good now as I remember. Will definitely order more...maybe next time I will even get them their very own box of sure made them happier than flowers, I can still hear the excitement in my sister's voice when she called to thank me!
454761454761B001GKSHP8AWFA4158DDDWCMarney0031350172800DifferentIve never eaten these before. They may be an acquired taste. There may be maraschino cherries in the nougat mash mix but no actual whole ones. The chocolate covering has an unusual taste. They do seem to be of good size. One at a time should be enough.
454762454762B001GKSHP8A8P4D7BY5W1WMBarbara J Vance0051346198400Remember Cherry Mash?I actually didn't eat these when I was young, but my best friend did, and she still would rave about them. I ordered her a box for her birthday this year. She said it was one of the best presents she's gotten in a long time.
454763454763B001GKSHP8A2MNB77YGJ3CN0L. Mountford0051331856000A blast from the past ...I used to get one of these each week before Youth Symphony rehearsal. Dad would drop me off early on his way to work, and I'd hit the vending machine for my pre-rehearsal Cherry Mash nugget of deliciousness. We're talking 1963-1965, Kansas City, MO.

I'd given up ever finding these again - then spotted them here. They're just as I remembered! Good price, too. If you like a creamy bright pink cherry filling combined with a thick nutty chocolate coating, you'll LOVE these.
454764454764B007FRC6PIA183HTLVI9TSF8Jennifer Perez0051337472000Raspberry Crack Tea :)I love this tea. Tried it initially at a friend's home and instantly loved it. This tea is delicious. It's not a boring raspberry tea. the flavor is much more complex. Even with me trying to conserve it, I've been averaging 2oz a week. My friends and I jokingly refer to it as Raspberry Crack Tea. I especially love that this tea tastes great both Hot and Iced. Some teas just don't taste right both ways.
454765454765B007FRC6PIA2VU0P4LVI3VNNM. Duffy0051307318400Raspberry RiotCan't beat this for an afternoon pick me up - refreshing and caffeine - really what more could you ask for?
454766454766B0045H2YF8A1R06BFDS1P5HVM. Payne2251316995200Fabulous!If you are looking for a natural, non-sugar/ high frutose corn syrup product, look no further. This is sweeter than sugar so you use much less AND you don't get that 'sugar high' that makes you shaky hours later. Terrific flavor- can't wait to try the others!
454767454767B0045H2YF8A2WKTFB7XJ6QJLumma2241298764800It tastes good, but it taste more like vanilla then maple syrup flavor.When I placed the order, I thought it was a blend of Agave and Maple syrup with real vanilla. It turns out, it is just Agave syrup that is naturally FLAVORED as Maple syrup and Vanilla. However, it still tastes good on anything you want to use it. I've been baking with it, making candies and serving it with homemade fritters and doughnuts and of course pancakes. Oh also made Liege waffles and used it in the batter instead of brown sugar, it turned out great. I think Vanilla flavor is more prominent then Maple, this is why it is good for baking.
454768454768B0045H2YF8AJB5P7GVR0MT8Harry the Horse0131318636800MehWas expecting more, but not quite sure why. Not terrible, and at least there's nothing too sinister in it. Wouldn't buy again from anyone, but I'd imagine Amazon offers the best price for the trio.
454769454769B005VSRNPGA3HVPHIGJ0TJ4WFlyerbob0051337212800dogs loved thembeing homemade,which i think the were they just loved those bones. They love peanut butter anyway and i even took a bite. they were great. plus they are healthier anyway even if they are not diabetic.
454770454770B003194PBCA136BYILR08J32Angelkitty's Mom7731211760000Salmon Treats could be betterI've seen people offering these to their cats at cat shows, so I thought I'd try them on my cats. I learned right away that I have several issues with them: (1) They have kind of an off-odor, almost like turpentine. (2) My cats weren't impressed. They sniffed the treats, sort of chewed on them, then walked away. (3) The treats must be refrigerated after opening, which is not a huge problem but can be inconvenient at times. Try the chicken flavor instead -- the cats love it!

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