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499745499745B000VVTTPAA2XO8LSTU8M7CPCeCe161651250294400best coconut oil -- in GLASS jars!!I bought this from their online site last year. It's a wonderful product. I use it mainly for skin and hair. Smells great like fresh coconuts. Not overly greasy like baby oil. Solid at cooler temperatures so bring the jar in the bathroom with you so that it heats up after your shower and pour it into a squeeze bottle (ketchup bottles works well). Apply after bathing like you would any bath oil. My skin is moist and smells yummy. Also can be used as anti-frizz hair serum.
I almost bought another brand on amazon because of free shipping, but glad I didn't because other brands come in plastic jars. I think glass jars keeps better. The oil I bought a year ago still smells the same. And if you buy at their site, you'll sometimes come across special offers like buy one get one free. Also, their site has interesting info such as why there's no such thing as extra virgin coconut oil. I bought several jars and gave one to my mom and my best friend's mom. That's how much I love this stuff. Just bought 6 more jars today so I won't run out. Planning to give away some jars to friends too.
499746499746B000VVTTPAA1804Z5697O7SXdjin141451285891200Gold Label Coconut OilThis Gold Label coconut oil has a unique taste. Every other organic or natural coconut oil I've tried has a very light, clean taste of coconut with maybe a little sweetness to it. This Gold Label type has a stronger taste, and not one I associate with fresh coconut. It's OK for cooking meat or vegetables, but I would not use it for any foods where I wanted a sweet taste (like on a sweet potato or in a fruit pie). I'm kind of baffled by the Amazon reviews of this oil in the 32 oz size which say it's bland and doesn't have as much taste as other coconut oils. Less coconut taste maybe, but overall the flavor is stronger. To me anyway. It's possible that since the product is hand made, the flavor may not be consistent between batches. I'm on my second jar and the first jar was so strong I thought there might be something wrong with it.

Gold Label Coconut Oil is made by a very unique process. Most other brands of organic coconut oil I've used have been cold expeller pressed in a machine that squeezes the oil from the coconut while controlling the temperature so it doesn't heat up and "cook" the oil. The Gold Label coconut oil is made by hand. From the Tropical Traditions website:

"The fresh coconut meat is shredded (wet milled), and then cold-pressed using the water from inside the coconuts to make coconut milk. The milk is then allowed to sit for about half a day, while the oil naturally separates from the heavier water. The oil is then filtered from the curds (coconut solids)."

More info at the Tropical Traditions website at [...]

I give this oil extra credit because it's a unique product -- I don't know of any other coconut oil being sold which is made by hand using traditional methods. But I don't think the flavor will be to everyone's taste.
499747499747B000VVTTPAA2IXTV4JNYLFTKAmanda101051194825600Tropical Traditions stuff is yummy!A friend gave me a jar of the Tropical Traditions coconut oil and also a jar of their coconut cream concentrate because I have dairy allergies. I just emailed her a huge thank you because both these products are good for replacing butter. The coconut oil is just like white butter (less salty, slightly sweeter, slightly coconutty) and the cream concentrate has a layer of the "butter" on top and can be used to make coconut milk. So now I have replaced two foods that I had to give up, milk and butter. You may not be that interested if you don't have diet restrictions but if you do, try this company.
499748499748B000VVTTPAA1UCF314IAU6Z1travellu "Knowledge Seeker"6651283385600Hair protectant!I love this product and use it faithfully on my hair. I am growing out a perm and wearing my hair natural. It helps stop breakage. My hair is now thick and healthy. I just ordered 2 more jars! The company website often runs specials. Great multipurpose product to have in the home. I even made an omelet with it. I am amazed and will be a fan for life!
499749499749B000VVTTPAA39KYLOPR9QZOJKenno5551318291200This fit 70 year old male loves it!I have been buying this by the quart directly from Tropical Traditions for years, waiting until it is on sale with free shipping and stocking up. We use it for cooking and as a skin moisturizer. We first began using it for popping Orville Redenbacher popcorn in a stir popper because it adds such a wonderful taste and smell to the popcorn and helps keep it crunchy. We sprinkle it with freshly ground pink Himalayan Sea Salt. It tastes wonderful, just the way movie theater popcorn used to when they popped it in coconut oil. We learned that coconut oil had wrongly gotten a bad rap for being a saturated fat, when it truth it is healthful, so I started finding more ways to use it. I like to make an oil saturated toast using a whole grain bread and browning it on both sides in a skillet - sometimes using olive oil instead or using a combination. It makes a quick, tasteful, and healthy appetite suppressant. The coconut oil makes it brown more evenly than olive oil as well as have a lighter coconutty taste. Sometimes I top it with a fried egg lightly cooked in the same oil. Recently I tried topping it with a dollop of strawberry preserves and topping that with a couple of tablespoons of chia seeds [which I recently learned are a "superfood" for health with calcium, fiber, and omega 3 fatty acids]. It was delicious and most nutritious! It also keeps the appetite at bay for several hours, which is just one more benefit. Have I mentioned that coconut oil does not turn rancid!

It also makes a wonderful skin moisturizer and I use it daily. For convenience I transfer a portion of it into a small plastic screw cap container for the bathroom and take it with me when traveling. I daily put a small amount under my eyes to keep the skin smooth and wrinkle free. Whenever my skin feels dry and itchy, I apply a small amount and smooth it in and the itch is gone. Solves the problem! [My dermatologist recently said, "You look wonderful!" Then repeated it.] Life is good...

This is my story and I'm sticking to it!
499750499750B000VVTTPAA174BBGE21P9NLC. Burns3351320451200This is the best coconut oil availableI have been using Tropical Traditions Coconut Oil for over ten years now. It is an amazing product and is great to cook with; it makes the very best scrambled eggs. I also use it as a skin oil when needed. Whe use it as the oil in our own homemade mayonause by mixing it 50/50 with olive oil. If I have eaten too lean in a day I'll take a table spoon or two to up my fat intake. The taste is very mild and clean. I generally buy it in 1 gallon tubs and then refill a one quart crock (with a lid) that sits out on the counter. It is available in 5 gallon buckets but I prefer the one gallon pails as you have sealed pails that will likely stay fresher longer.

As an aside, for those who are concerned with survival or food storage, this makes an excellent addition to your storage plan. One of the hardest things to get in a disaster is adequate fat. Coconut oil is highly saturated, around 92%, and hence is very stable and has a long shelf life.

I can't recomend this product highly enough.
499751499751B000VVTTPAASB2TLA3OKD8VLeslie wrona1151338940800This PRODUCT CHANGED MY LIFE! Length:: 4:38 Mins

I have been using TROPICAL TRADITIONS Gold Label Virgin Coconut Oil.
for the last two years, and it is the only one I WILL USE!!
Its two years ago when I first learned of Coconut oil.
I wish I had known of it much sooner.

Thru allot of research and studying it I discovered that
shows this to be one of the highest quality coconut oils on the market, having the highest levels of antioxidants.

I have since Day 1 been using it every single day on my entire Body and face.
I'm 51 years old, and I love the wonderful outcome from using this on a daily basis.
My skin has never felt and been so silky soft and smooth to the very touch!
Its amazing stuff I tell you!
I also am amazed still at how so many wonderful things you can use it for, teeth, underarms (yes underarms) hair (it heals dry hair)
oil pulling to take out toxic from the body. Many many more things.
This coconut oil has changed my life, I cannot tell you how many people I preach the wisdom of this product to on a regular basis.
This company not only houses such awesome coconut oil and other great products,
But the people behind the name is so giving and wonderful caring people!!
that should tell you how they stand behind their products!

One more thing might I add:

Tropical Traditions Gold Label Virgin Coconut Oil is a truly unrefined coconut oil!
Fresh Coconuts are used daily :)


The health benefits of coconut oil include hair care, skin care, stress relief, maintaining cholesterol levels, weight loss, increased immunity, proper digestion and metabolism, relief from kidney problems, heart diseases, high blood pressure, diabetes, HIV and cancer, dental care, and bone strength. These benefits of coconut oil can be attributed to the presence of lauric acid, caprice acid and caprylic acid, and its properties such as antimicrobial, antioxidant, antifungal, antibacterial, soothing, etc.

SIGNED: Lesli Rene Wrona (A number 1 Tropical Traditions fan for life!!)
499752499752B000VVTTPAAC352QIPM4UREM A1151330732800Best virgin oil ever!I hail from Asian continent... from a region where coconuts are grown and fresh coconut meat and coconut milk are regularly used in our daily meals (well up until I moved to the USA), and I can vouch that I haven't seen a more "virgin" tasting and smelling coconut oil than Tropical Tradition's!
Their coconut oil's aroma and taste takes me back right in my mom's kitchen in my country!
Two thumbs up!
499753499753B000VVTTPAA1MJLYANR6DQBJC. Tran0021349913600Disappointed....This does not have the yummy coconut smell like the others I've tried. I'm not sure if it's rancid or not. It also looks kind of yellowish instead of white like the others, not sure if this is normal. I guess I'll just use it as a skin moisturizer instead of cooking like I had planned. Won't be buying this in the future.
499754499754B000VVTTPAA1P14T37RI7N32GB0011349395200Smells Bad, Excessively Oily - Won't Buy AgainI was very disappointed in this product. I was expecting a nice coconut smell, but instead is was more like spoiled mayonnaise. In addition, it was excessively oily. If you buy this product, be prepared to sit around naked for about 30 minutes to let it soak in. I think it is overpriced and won't be purchasing it again.

499755499755B000VVTTPAA3PO5BN43BY08SLJM0021349049600VERY coconutIf you want to cook with coconut oil but don't want your food to taste like it.... this product is not for you. Each time I used this particular brand the flavor overwhelmed the food I was cooking. Ended up getting rid of it. I'll stick to my other brand.
499756499756B000VVTTPAAGTFK2CF0WTB3Jane Burnand "janie"0021339632000Coconut OilThe product had an "off" smell to it. Like perhaps the oils in the coconut were turning rancid. I was disappointed, I was expecting more of a pleasant coconut smell.
499757499757B000VVTTPAA3SX4EWAAKKINPdelakuru0051337644800Best Coconut Oil Ever!If you're looking for a Virgin Coconut Oil brand, Tropical Traditions is of great quality. This is my first time purchasing Coconut Oil and am very pleased with this product already. You can use this oil for almost everything. As a moisturizer and cooking oil.
499758499758B000VVTTPAAN3SW7ZA7EB1HD. Hyatt "Doc"0051336694400food productsI have read a lot of good reviews on coconut oil so I decided to get some. As with vitamins, fish oil tablets, etc, it is very very hard for me to actually tell if a product does it`s job as described, but I consume only what I have researched by reputable reviews. It can`t hurt you I would assume. It does liquify. It doesn`t seem work well as only, cooking oil by itself, if a lot is needed to cook something. I have even added some to coffee. It doesn`t mix with it well. My only problem with this is remembering to use it, as I keep it in pantry or over stove cabinets. I did get the best product I could discern to be so. How it was made, where, etc.
499759499759B000VVTTPAAOS7I66YJQ9AMLynda T.0051329609600Very goodI have read a lot of articles on the health benefits of this type of oil and this particular quality. We are enjoying using it. I thought my husband wouldn't like it, he loves it. Do research on how to use this product and the possible health benefits. As my doctor says, many things with health benefits have drawbacks if not used properly.
499760499760B000VVTTPAA3KPHBY04RMLUWChristine Campbell "krit"0051291248000Organic Coconut Oil at a Great Price!You need to try this oil- on your skin, in your food, you name it- you can substitute this high quality oil. The best of the best!
499761499761B000VVTTPAA3B86I1032MTQ3Adriana "Adri"61011291420800didn't like itI bought this coconut oil from the Tropical Traditions website. I hated the smell and taste of it. To me it tasted and smelled rancid, nothing like coconut. I contacted the manufacturer and they told me that for some people it does smell and taste different but the oil was good. I asked my mom if it smelled or tasted strange to her. Surprised me when she said she loved how it smelled, very coconutty to her. So I gave it to her. I have used other virgin, unrefined coconut oils before and loved them all but this one just was horrible. Maybe I have strange tastebuds.
499762499762B000FPYY16A3VA8CPQJ65FJOI. Dupoux "Life Optimist"0041259798400Very goodI bought the cookies for my daughter who loved them and want them for Christmas!
499763499763B002ER7SNEA115BQ2D8NI0MXRegina F. Carlisle "happy one"2611265760000sour punch twistsi am a fond shopper of amazon but this candy tasted stale and carefull what food or candy products u buy.
499764499764B0024STNYKA2H88GSKGCCXG7hekin "hekin26"0051348876800Great coffee - full/rich flavorThis German coffee is wonderful. The full flavor surprises given how mild this coffee is on the stomach. It is perfect for that cup of coffee in the morning and with a piece of cake in the afternoon.
499765499765B0024STNYKA1SZ4B0LQTO6BDIR0051298419200German coffee, second to noneOnce you have tried this coffee you will never go back to brand coffee they sell at the grocery store. The fine ground is superior and the taste is, too. I have also tried Dallmayr Prodomo which is superior.
499766499766B0024STNYKA2370GUYICI0HFJust Ask Me0051285891200Delicious!I LOVE coffee and this is among my favorite brews. I was lucky to receive a batch of this from a friend returning from Austria. I am ecstatic that I was able to find it on Amazon and can order it freely.
499767499767B000NMG93WA3IK5DM7171WCTAlfred Mancebo "Al the Tank"3341304380800Yum Yum YumI bought this item for my sister for her birthday... So i didnt get to see it arrive, but she called me up and told me how much she loved it. Its a cookies-n-cream lovers dream... I recommend this product. Go ahead, put a loved one in glucose coma. Just kidding.
499768499768B001E18YFCA25SAHFBY6AYAPBROOKLYNITE0051327104000Works Wonders!This tea is great and I find that it works best when I take it in the evenng before bed. I do not drink the tea on a regular basis maybe once every 3-4 months as a cleanse.
499769499769B007POUP0OA1ITLF81ZECHGJ. Shelton4511338422400True ChewsI too have rec the new formula for the True Chews chicken jerky fillets. It's smells horrible and looks more like jerky than dried/compressed chicken fillets. I will not buy this product again. I guess I will have to start buying Smokehouse. Beware, Smokehouse products may show made in USA (front of pkg) made in China (on back of pkg). There are Smokehouse products that show USA on both front and back. If your looking for USA always check the pkg both front and back.
499770499770B007POUP0OA2NDPK2PQ7KUKXwestval2351348012800Made in the USAMy Frenchie loves these. I have to hide them. I also love that they are made in the USA, not china. There is no bait and switch here. All the chicken comes from right here in the US (I checked the website) which makes me feel safer and I also like supporting local businesses. I'm hooked and so is my dog.
499741499741B000EDM70YA3QBUAVHF2X335Leslie0051342656000Regular user, great productHave been successfully eating Atkins/low-carb for the past few years so appreciate products that allow me to "go grain" occasionally without going off the dietary reservation. Also can use this product to serve friends who are not so hard-core in their eating habits, sometimes adding a portion of regular or almond flour to a recipe. This Red Mill product differs from specific Atkins mixes in the "whole grain" feature so it depends on the high fiber to provide low net carbs. Experimenting has shown me that a little extra egg can help produce the best texture; don't skimp on the leavening!
499742499742B000EDM70YA13NU7TL36FSDGRichard C. Burke3541252800000Carb-free diet goodThis makes being on a carb-free diet very helpful. I could not find this product in any of our local chain stores. It is a very good tasting baking mix for pancakes. Haven't tried the muffins. But at least I can enjoy something more that green vegetables and eggs.
499743499743B000EDM70YA2JK4RRBSWQW6IRani51111299369600NOT good for low-carbers!If you are actually a low-carber, you probably want to avoid this product. Read the ingredients list.... it just is not low-carb. All the reviews that say that they like the taste are not for you. If taste was the only criteria that matters, that would be different. But low-carbers make choices first based on whether the food fits their way of eating and only second on how it tastes.

If you are just avoiding "whites" because of diabetes or other health concerns, this may work for you and is a definite improvement over Bisquick.
499744499744B00374YB38A2YB42K7YQ5XW4AmyLake1151334448000Safe for Dairy and Egg allergies!LOVE THIS BUTTERY TASTING popcorn oil! This is safe for my egg and milk allergic children and tastes better than the popcorn butter at the movies. So happy to have found this!

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