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500248500248B000YUOWVOA1VX1OKXWUK3NChas6641268265600Convenient to use and tastes great!Since we drink a lot of coffee I decided to try this product. I use a bit of cream and sugar or Splenda in my coffee, while my wife uses cream only. She didn't mind that there was some sweetness in this product.

-- Easy to use
-- Tastes great and much better than powdered creamer (even Coffe-Mate)
-- Just enough sweetness to make my coffee taste good.

-- Container size is too large for casual coffee drinkers
-- Pump tends to clog after 1/2 to 2/3rds of a container
-- One-way screw top for pump keeps you from rinsing or cleaning clogs

I read most of the reviews here before buying this product. Because of info in the reviews, prior to starting use I modified the container top so I could take the pump off, if necessary for cleaning. As it turns out, about half way through the container, the pump started clogging. After cleaning with hot water, the pump worked all the way through to the end of the bottle.

I would be more likely to purchase this product regularly if it was available in a smaller size, or if the pump could be removed for cleaning out clogs.

Overall, I enjoyed this product and will probably buy it again in the future.
500221500221B001P8I4PEA3C40YYXVASXKLWalleyeFan3351251849600Amazing Results! Love it!I really loved the results that this gave me. The Acai Berry100 juice by Genesis is extremely thick, not watered down at all. It is not your typical tasting juice though. It is not sugared up or watered down, it is the real deal. So the taste is somewhat unigue, a bit getting use to I guess, but the results are amazing! The thickness is exactly what people are looking for. You can tell it is what they claim it is. I've seen other Acai Berry liguids claiming that they are 100% Acai Berry, but the liguid is so watery & watered down. I took this product along with Green Kamut & I got some awesome results, lost several lbs. I enjoy taking it with cold apple juice. I continue to take it & absolutely love it! Would definitely recommend to others.
500222500222B001P8I4PEA2GKWT9B4QI2HXbusymommy22241291334400RefreshingI really like Acai 100 juice. It really does make me feel more energized and gives me an overall good feeling. I actually do not mind the taste either, I mix it w/ grape juice or really any other juice that was in the fridge. I do think it is pricey though so I am currently debating if I will place another order. I ordered it because I wanted to see if it would help with weight loss and curb my appetite which it did not at all. However, it did give me increased energy so I was able to go a little longer on walks and exercising which did help me lose a few pounds. If price is not an issue, I would recommend using Acai 100.
500249500249B000YUOWVOA19XXJ5ZQCMA5BL. Wickline5531252713600Product great but pump clogs..... hard to free productI like this creamer a lot. Tastes good, and it's good for speeding things up a tiny bit in the morning. However, if you don't use this thing a lot (at least I think that's the issue) then it clogs up and it's nigh impossible to get the creamer out. Bummer! I don't think I'll buy this again, just for that reason alone. Though, I guess I could buy it and just place it in a container of my own to prevent the issue.....
500223500223B001P8I4PEA2179OPD42QLDOSidhu1151283126400Acai 100 by Genesis is goodThis is really a good product made by genesis. and it helps me to reduce weight. I'm giving this five stars for the fact that it seems to be processed properly, it certainly has no added sugars, and it came really quickly from the supplier. It does NOT taste like a berry or it's not sweet or yummy.
500250500250B000YUOWVOA250AXLRBVYKB4Nathan Beauchamp "ConsumerAdvocate"4431269993600Taste is ok, pump design is not that greatI've tried both Coffee-Mate creamer pumps in both Hazelnut and French Vanilla varieties as well as the original. We use them for convenience at our office as well as at my church. The creamer itself is approximately equivalent to what you get in the individual flavored cups you find at gas stations and some restaurants. It's nowhere near as good as the fresh stuff you get at your grocery store. Each pump is supposed to be equal to one mini-tub but I don't think it is quite as potent personally.

The main issue with these pumps aside from a compromise on taste is the poor quality of the pumps themselves. They frequently fail while the canister still has several inches of creamer still in it. Because of the nature of condensed creamer (thick and sticky) using the last 15-20% of the tub becomes tedious and messy. You either have to waste some of the creamer or sacrifice the convenience of of the pump--which is the main selling point to begin with.

We still use these pumps because there is no readily available alternative, but for my personal coffee I stay away from them and go for fresh creamer whenever possible.
500224500224B001P8I4PEA4Z8LCQ6RSFTRGravelGertie1151281830400healthy antioxidantMy doctor recommended I use acai juice and this is the brand I prefer because it's 100% acai. I do feel my health has improved as a result of using it daily.
500225500225B001P8I4PEA2VOFZGRFT0IDXL. Wright1151276473600Great antioxidantAcai 100 was recommended to me by my cousin. The day after I started drinking Acai 100 my skin was glowing. It is very palatable mixed with apple juice. I drink 1 oz in the morning and 1 oz when I get home from work. So far so good!
500226500226B001P8I4PEA3MEVAOKR2TVCWSimon Martin1151265068800Good stuffPricey but it's a great product and worth it to me. Of all the different formats Acai comes in, powder, pill, diluted drink, and pure concentrate, this is the way to go.
500227500227B001P8I4PEA1807OI45ZRKEMMichael Jackson1141264809600Acai 100I was skeptical at first because a few of my friends were really pushing me towards Monavie, but I could not afford $140.00 a month (or cheaper if I could get people to sign up under me). Monavie will not state how much of the acai berry is in each bottle, so I decided to find an alternative. This was the best I could find, and affordable as well. Didn't see results the first couple of weeks, talked to a sales associate who suggested to increase the dose to 2 oz. per serving (I mix with V8). That made a very noticable improvement in how I felt and was just starting to see a difference in curbing my appetite, then I ran out. At my local health food store, found the same product for about the same price.
500228500228B001P8I4PEA3C8DD1ZNHC9HNK. Walker1141258675200Very GoodI'm recovering from 5 months of chemotherapy and wanted something to help boost my immune system. Acai100 has helped my immune system to return to normal and given me more energy The juice is full of pulp and I mix it with orange juice to give it more flavor.
500229500229B001P8I4PEA3MOXTU12ZMH808HeartandSoul81151248739200Excellent ProductI am very happy with this product thus far. To date I have been taking for 3 weeks. I have noticed a huge difference in my skin, it feels so soft and looks bright and clear. Confirmed by my husband and friends. I am down 5 lbs but I can't say at this point if this is due to using this product. I can say that when I started the product my energy level was a lot higher the first week and has leveled out a bit since. I stopped taking the product later in the day because of this. Overall I am very pleased. I may try the freeze dried version next time to compare results but I like the idea of taking the berry in as purest form as possible. The product I received was a thick pulpy juice, tasted fine with a little grape juice added to sweeten.
500230500230B001P8I4PEA35KCQPK250UM1Harold H. Delk "vizsladad"1151236038400Top notch service - Super productI first contacted this company by email prior to placing an order and was astounded to receive a full and friendly reply within minutes. I still had one question which I had forgotten to ask so sent another email. I mentioned that I might not see the response for a while as had to take my dog to the vet as she was an elderly dog and was sick. When I returned from vet not only had my question been answered, but also found a nice note showing concern for my pet. I placed an order a few days later and was quite impressed that the Acai arrived ahead of schedule and was packed perfectly ... these are glass bottles so that's an important point. The product itself is actually quite tasty and seems to really work as described. My wife has showed a marked improvement in her circulation and energy level. Its hard to describe what it does exactly, but I feel much better since I started my "start the morning" ounce routine.

Bottom line: Naturally Vibrant Health is a company you can trust to give you a good customer service experience in a businesslike and caring, personal manner. I would not hesitate to do business with them again. In fact, we will become regular repeat customers. Oh, Meisje, (the dog, a 14 year old vizsla) is doing much better ... thanks for asking!

Harold (Roanoke, VA)
500231500231B001P8I4PEA1IT5PBKH30J84W. Wilkerson1151231718400The Best Acai ProductThis is the very first Acai product I used and continue to use today. Although sometimes I used Amazon Thunder. After a very extensive research on the many products available in the market I narrowed it down to Genesis Today. This is a very pure, thick mascerated pulp.No added sugar nor water. Not the best tasting acai product, but since you drink 1 to 3 ounces at a time is not bad ( use a shot glass ). I started drinking Acai for the anti-inflammatory properties and it works wonderful. It took away the huge pain I had in my hip area that I could barely get up in the morning. Tip: if the taste bothers you too much, mix it in a glass with organic grape juice.
500232500232B001P8I4PEA1YWF9LCMXAUYURobin Ferguson "Titian Tootsie"3451286064000Give Up the Pills - Use This!This Acai liquid form is what you want if you want to lose a pound or two each week & look much better in your clothes. Give up any pill type of Acai - this is what you want. You'll save a lot of Money in the long run & get results closer to what you've heard about. I've tried various Acai products for 5 months now - they don't hold a candle to this one. Personally you'll notice the weight loss more on your body than you will see on the scales. It really gets that gut fat - All my friends & family noticed & complimented on how much healthier I looked. And, I hate to argue with them. So in short - Acai works very slightly in pill form & really works in liquid - three capfulls in a glass of calorie free juice twice a day. You'll see results you're happy with.
500233500233B001P8I4PEA18TXFXL8GQQDILincoln Duncan "Link"3451283558400Awesome!DO NOT listen to naysayers, like people peddling their own products on here! (Mona What?) This product is definitely the real McCoy. Thickest I've seen around, and the taste, while not sweet, is not unpleasureable. The only thing I can liken it too, for myself, is the no-salt version of V-8 juice, and even more pleasant than that.
I have drank it straight, and also mixed it with Genesis Today Acai Juice thats sold at Wal-Mart. Excellent combination. The jury is still out on effects, as I have only taken it two days so far, but I am definitely not limiting myself to one ounce a day!!!
Thanks Genesis for caring about my health!!!!!
500234500234B001P8I4PEA2YHELMLWAKTB1Alic R. Worrell "book lover"3451270425600Excellent!I have been using this for about six months now. My niece sent me the first bottle. I have cancer and it does make me feel better. I am very crefu never to miss it in the morning. It makes it easier to start my day. Delivery is prompt and so well packer.
500235500235B001P8I4PEA1NF2VJGPW3APFD. Haidle "turbo"3441260576000num yumithis product is not the miracle that the acia berry is reported to be by some companys. this product does work! it curbs appetite, increases energy and leaves a pretty purple glow to your teeth.
500236500236B001P8I4PEA3IH8XF2U5GV8CL. Carlson3451248134400Simple cure-allWe were skeptical about taking an ounce of this juice a day. However, once refrigerated- it was quite tolerable. If in doubt, add an ounce to other fruit juices or smoothies. My grandmother, husband, and myself started taking this about a month ago. We're hooked. It's helped our indigestion, bowel movements, and has given us an overall feeling of well-being. I can't explain it, but when you purchase this juice- be sure to listen to the CD that goes with it. It's very informative.

Oh, and if you suffer from allergies/sinus problems like myself, you will find that this juice seems to keep my suffering to a minimal. Sounds too good to be true, huh? Well...we're going to continue taking it. It's been good for us.
500237500237B001P8I4PEAIDO42WZW3EEJJulia Rozenfeld "suburbian mom"2351237852800Great productI have tried at least 3 other brands making what they claim "Pure Acai Berry Juices". I take my hat off to Genesis Today's product - it, by far, tops all others I have tried. Great product, great benefit, definitely worth the money.
500238500238B001P8I4PEA3HDYPP5UPTMO7A. Valdes0051347926400Perfect and good priceI've been taking this product for about a year now and I feel healthier and more energetic than ever. And for this price it was a great deal.
500239500239B001P8I4PEACOUXWF9YLQ61Pinnacle230051344556800The best "detox" product out thereThis magic potion made me spit all the nasty gunk from my throat from smoking (mucus)
It made me detoxify my body at a rate better than the other antioxidant level berries. great energy from it as well
500240500240B001P8I4PEA2I82BXI3BBP1Skelleher10051335571200acai 100this product has done wonders for my hair and fingernails, and thru amazon it is alot cheaper than the natural foods stores
500241500241B001P8I4PEA3N07YVZRMN7OQJohn B. Yale "Johny"0051323216000Great Stuff, pureJust what I was looking for. Pure, unsweetened or adulteruated with a bunch of juice I didn't want. Keeps well in the fridge. Typical of Acai berries, it has solids and not a sweet taste. I mix it with my morning orange or apple juice. Makes the color weird, but cuts the sweet of the juices.
500242500242B001P8I4PEA2PFSD6QW0BUM8Darlene Brown0051314576000Gives me energyI am only 39 and I have had a problem with my energy levels for the past few years. They thought I had Lupas, blood disorders, etc. Anyways, I started taking this and a liver cleanse at the same time and I now have energy to clean, exercise, play with the kids, quilt, etc. I used to sleep for 10 hours and still feel horrible. After starting this, I can sleep for 7 hours and feel ready to go. I have no idea how it works, but I love it. This purchase was actually for my mother but she just started taking it so I don't know if it is having the same effect on her.
500243500243B001P8I4PEA28I5HXZHAI63Udeeds0051305072000packing nightmareThere was no bubble wrap around the bottles- they were just rolling around inside the large box. Only a few air pillows were in there.- lucky they didn't break
500244500244B001P8I4PEA3R77Q84Q7SSVSPat0111318550400Acai juiceThis was brought for my husband who drinks an ounce or two every morning. I purchased two bottles and they went bad before he finished them.
500245500245B001P8I4PEA1VX3FDFSVE3I3shibas0151277683200Acai Berry JuiceThis product is good, but expensive. I would like to see it on sale once in a while.
Good quality, would recommend.
500246500246B001P8I4PEA38R8WVWOHDR5Tpeacenic0211312502400Not the real stuff!If this was pure, 100% Acai it would have to be refrigerated or frozen. If it is not it means the vial fats which contain most of the good nutrients of Acai, like the Omegas have been taken out. Because of the healthy fat PURE Acai goes rancid rapidly if not refrigerated. The only true Acai I have found is a brand called Sambazon. They are also the leading provider of Acai in the nation and you don't pay these ridiculous prices either.
500247500247B001P8I4PEA245YCIUC1G2NNCarol Vickers0241290470400First timeThis is the first time I have tried this product, am not sure if it has improved my health as of yet. The taste is alright, it is better mixed with fruit juice, otherwise bitter tasting on it's own. I will continue to use this product in hopes that it will improve my overall health.

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