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501001501001B001E4S8C8AKV6VHB97RNT6Razeiel0051318032000No high fructose corn syrup.I never grew out of eating peanut butter nearly all the time as a kid and now I've got no reason to. Between the lack of high fructose corn syrup and a list of ingredients I can pronounce and about which I know a thing or two, I'm quite pleased. Unlike most natural peanut butters, this sits on my shelf without separating much more than typical peanut butter and the texture is superb, not grainy and dry.
501002501002B001E4S8C8AUM2MC7SQSQGGBookkitty0051317168000My favorite PBI love this peanut butter and I use it for all my peanut butter needs. In our family 3 prefer chunky, 3 prefer smooth. The chunky fans have gone through 7 jars (this is our second order). Skippy is the best!!!
501003501003B001E4S8C8A2IFDA4NXKNC3Kholly b0051311033600great value great tasteI love this peanut butter! The taste is smooth, creamy and never dry. I am never without a jar in my home It is very healthy without bad oils or trans fats. I eat it almost daily!
501004501004B001E4S8C8A18UVHCREY2RE2Rob R.0051310342400I like itI got this to satisfy my needs for frequent peanut butter. I am usually a creamy peanut butter eater, but the price of this was just too good to pass up so I took a chance. I've been enjoying this type and I am glad I have it a chance. It seems a bit more dry than creamy, but still quite good. Once I finish with these six bottles I will likely go back to my love of creamy... but I am happy for my experience and rate this item highly. Bottles (plastic) were sent well protected, were clean, new, and properly packaged. I recommend it.
501005501005B001E4S8C8A250ES3KRAFL9Pmooshoo "child dev student"0041309737600good peanut butterhard to find this peanut butter in stores, so glad to see it here for a decent price, thanks amazon
501006501006B001E4S8C8A9BI6ZJAGXNE9yehmonster0051308700800YumPeanut Butter. On a cracker, on celery, on a slew of different things. What's not to like! Skippy, name brand, great buy.
501007501007B001E4S8C8APB9XW5WCWQJCJuliaDoggieMom0051308614400Annette Funicello is Right!Dennis the Menace, Annette Funicello and Bonnie Blair are right! Skippy Peanut Butter is the best. It has a good nutty flavor and tastes like real roasted peanuts. The Natural Super Chunk is just like the ad says - No Hydrogenated Oil, No Need to Stir, No Preservatives, Colors or Artificial Flavors. It is a good source of Vitamin E which many of us need. According to wiki all Skippy peanut butter is produced in North American plants.
501008501008B001E4S8C8A1V7G6OGGW7AGATodd A. Hooper0051308528000Really Good Peanut Butter!I love to eat Peanut butter! I eat it on sandwichs, with apples, with ice cream, you name it, and this is some really, really tasty peanut butter.
501009501009B001E4S8C8A17DXUR9KF7FPGFani0041308009600GREAT TASTE - GREAT PRICEThis healthy and natural product is a staple in our home. Amazon offers great ways to stay stocked up at reasonable prices... on this product
501010501010B001E4S8C8A1ISFI6GPRRDHZR. L. Shagon0031302048000Love the taste but...I bought this for the low sugar content and reviews that talk about good taste. I understood it has some saturated fat (palm oil) and no trans fat, ok with me. It does taste very good but I did a comparison with Walmart's "Great Value" peanut butter and found some surprises. Wally's has the same sugar content, also has zero trans fat, is slightly lower in calories, is lower in calories from fat and lower in sodium. Tastes very good, sells for a lot less. I'm no nutritionist so I would welcome any reviewer who can tell mw what I'm missing and why I shouldn't go with Wally.
501011501011B001E4S8C8A30UXI3KH3WA51Jennifer D. Nickerson "J. Knickerbocker"0051294272000The best PB!I agree w/another reviewer who said that this peanut butter bridges the gap between Jif-type PB's & the kind you have to stir. While I personally prefer organic raw almond butter, my husband pretty much hates anything labeled "natural," "organic," etc. This is a great compromise. Yes, it contains sugar (only 3g), & yes it contains palm oil, but it does NOT contain preservatives or trans fats! Plus, Subscribe & Save cuts the price per jar to $2.65!
501012501012B001E4S8C8ALAN629D6EKQZMr helpful "JJG"0051290470400Creamie peanut butterVery good!! Enjoyed right out of the jar. Spread very easily onto the bread. Like the larger chunks. Very consist jar to jar. No need to stir.
501013501013B001E4S8C8A2WEP2CRAG2Y4Fbuywconfidence0051284681600Can not stand "100% all natural" this one rocks!I've tried to eat the 100% all natural peanut butter, many diff brands, found only 1 I liked, but then came across this one. Although its not 100% all natural, like most products like that only contain peanuts and maybe salt, this one too me still has few ingredients and no hydrogenated oils. I don't know how people like the "just peanut" peanut butter, but to each is their own. I'm huge into organics and all-natural, but just can't like the just peanut taste in peanut butter. I've gone through many jars within the passed 6 months. The only 100% all natural peanut butter I liked was called Richards, not sure if Amazon sells it, but try that if you like just peanuts as your ingredients. Good luck!
501014501014B001E4S8C8AJB5P7GVR0MT8Harry the Horse2521321228800CloyingHappy I got in on the proverbial party before prices skyrocketed (despite them using a very small ratio of peanuts to filler). Overly sweet, not very peanutty, and certainly not something I'd grab for more than $2/jar.
501015501015B001E4S8C8A2W60CY9RS05NET. Holley51411238025600Sugar is naturalIf you are anticipating peanuts, salt and nothing else, this is not for you. Sugar is a major ingredient as well as some type of added oil which I assume keeps the naturally occurring peanut oil in suspension (i.e., you don't have to stir this one to mix the peanut oil back into the peanut butter). Sugar may make this more appealling to the kiddie set, however. If you are mixing true "natural" peanut butter, try using a hand mixer with a single blade; hold the jar tight, and mix away and in 30 seconds you're finished (unless you didn't grip the jar tightly enough, in which case you have to clean the kitchen, too).
501016501016B001E4S8C8A29UDHP1O4ACV6R. Rau21011334707200If you don't care for your kids or yourself, then buy this !!I hate it when manufacturers chose to use misleading terms and try making the product more desirable than it actually is.
Yes, Natural it is, but not really when its got added 'natural' unneeded crap. Can't stand when some live-and-eat-by-manufacturer americans who couldn't care less or are ignorant upvote an unhealthy product. Unhealthy only because they add unneeded sugar and palm oil..heck they could have just added HFCS and these same reviewers would have given them 5 stars still ! Wake up America !! Get off the coke !! "NATURAL" my &&&
501017501017B001E4S8C8A1TLS799XT60YARobert J. Conger1911331424000NOT NATURALTo me "natural peanut butter" means it has nothing but peanuts in it. That is the way we get them from the ground.This is Skippy trash and lie. This product is not natural! It has added ingredients. They add Palm oil which is a saturated fat and is not healthy for you. They also add sugar and salt. ???always found in Natural peanuts............NOT!!! Don't buy this crap. Amazon should not sell this as natural. Now I don't trust Amazon any longer!
501018501018B001E4S8C8AJPCB6ZL1KOXOWilliamj Bostick82411231891200not peanut butterif you read the label closely , you'll see that this is peanut butter spread . . . .

so they can adulterate it with what ever they want . . . .

natural - ly
501019501019B002XOBIWUA1586DYCNWF1W8Teresa O1151264809600Will purchase from this seller againI love my new M&M dispenser. I can't believe I even found it. It's certainly a collector's item and will forever stay in a box on display. The service I received from the seller was great - quick and easy. I will purchase from this seller again.
501020501020B002XOBIWUA357NBLU1JPBSHCecilia Shoults "Cecilia Shoults"3411293062400UnhappyThis item was shown in the box, I recieved it with no box, for the price and being a collectors item I'm not happy at all with being ripped off!!!! This was a faulse advertised item.
501021501021B002XOBIWUA1VQC0MWX3V260Backnthaday0011340323200Unhappy - previous review sums it up"This item was shown in the box, I recieved it with no box, for the price and being a collectors item I'm not happy at all with being ripped off!!!! This was a faulse advertised item."
501022501022B0049NEIB6A1ZPTE9UDWROKAC. KING "mrsking48"1151322179200K-cups sampler packI really like that there are different roasts of coffee in the pack. It is tough enough to be restricted to decaf coffee. This way I can at least choose my coffee strength. I would order this item again.
501023501023B005SWHAWQAWH0BXZXZVTOSNelson1111344038400DiarrheaI cooked chicken adobo the other day and use this mix and my wife had a diarrhea. And today I cook pork adobo and use this mix and gave me a diarrhea. I will return those three extra pouch I bought. The taste was good but not worth it to have a diarrhea.
501024501024B008R9AG2IA4EXZ4GVN891MRob0011346889600concentration on bottle is wrong, bottle tip is poor for drop dispensingIn the description for Sucralite the concentrations stated is 1 drop is equal to 1 teaspoonful sugar. However, the bottle says 3 drops = 2 teaspoonfuls, which would be 33% less concentrated. I contacted the company and they stated that the online description IS accurate but that the labeling on the bottle is wrong. My unscientific taste test, compared to EZ-Sweet, suggests that they are honest as the sweetness does seem equal to EZ-Sweet, i.e. 1 drop = 1tsp.

More importantly, this bottle design is NOT ideal for delivering drops. I just addidentally put a bunch into a cup of coffee, ruining it.

Just ruined some more coffee.
501025501025B001EQ58ZQA22WZ9W519888ALynne0051324598400Great Cajun SeasoningThis has a nice flavor for just about everything and the "heat" is not overwhelming - although I have been known to add a little cayenne depending on the dish. Try tossing this with some EVO on some sliced (like fries) yams, sweet or red potatoes, cook in the oven at 375 for about 40-50 minutes - serve with aioli. I bought this once years ago and have not been able to find this large affordable size since. After several attempts to recreate or come up with a better alternative on my own (the ingredients are listed except the critical one "spices" is not defined!) I conceded and ordered more. Well worth it!
501026501026B001EQ58ZQA2FNJ0LJ9C3AW7Aristotle0051323734400Excellent SeasoningIf anyone has ever had the fries from the fairly famous restaurant chain "***** Guys," then you know what I mean when I say their Cajun Fries are spectacular. I bought the McKormicks Cajun Bayou brand seasoning to try to make my own fries.

The shipping was amazingly fast, I got it before even the estimated delivery date.
The seasoning tastes great. It's not quite like "the Guys" but I'm getting closer. I know they fry in peanut oil so I am going to try that next. I have also heard they double fry their fries. I am going to try to figure out how to do that.

All in all, an excellent product and seller.
501027501027B00513J4I0A1UIAONQFJC29TChocoarisu3341325721600I hate mussels......and I found out my cat does too. The quality is amazing. As you can see from my photo, it contains whole baby mussel meat. I would've given it 5 stars, but deducted a star because it looks gross, and my cat spits out the mussels.
501028501028B00513J4I0A3VXXNY6T0BO7ANatalie Blakeley0051349654400Hands down....pass the mussels pleaseAll six of my cats absolutely LOVE this food. All fussie cat foods are devoured by even my pickiest eaters.
501029501029B003ZWV5Z4A17HMM1M7T9PJ1Timothy B. Riley181851307318400Delicious spread that has the power to transform most sandwiches into a real gourmet treatSkillet is the name a popular Seattle area food truck owned and operated by Culinary Institute of America trained chef, Joshua Henderson. After working at a variety of top restaurants (including a stint as Head Chef at Beverly Hill's Avalon), Josh moved back to Seattle, bought a 1962 Airstream trailer and now serves gourmet food out of it to Seattle's night-time crowd.

Skillet's signature item is simply called "The Burger" and what really sets it apart from other deluxe, $12 hamburgers is a generous slathering of Henderson's own creation, Bacon Jam. When I first encountered this product I was so blown away by it's heavenly, bacon-rich flavor that I rushed to my computer to find out how it is made. This is from Skillet's website: "... we take a big bunch of really, really good bacon, and render it down...add a bunch of spices..onions, etc. and let it simmer for about 6 hours...give it a quick puree, blast chill it...and you have bacon jam..."

This stuff is great! It has a thick, spreadable consistency with hints of powdered chilies, brown sugar and vinegar. It gives a somewhat subtle but unmistakable bacon taste to whatever you spread it on. Hamburgers are a natural, but I have used it on paninis, grilled cheese sandwiches and a baked potato. This will be a regular item in my house. I should be able to use Bacon Jam for things other than sandwiches and I look forward to experimenting with this wonderful spread.
501030501030B003ZWV5Z4A221I9R7I92OROIRG425041323043200About the product and packaging/shipping which affects the productNote: I'm discussing the packaging and shipping issues here because I was not able to do so via Amazon's special feedback section for packaging and shipping and there is no way to contact Deals on Call LLC that I can find, but I wanted them to be aware of this. It is also relevant as it affects the product you may purchase for yourself or others--especially if you're having it shipped as a gift to others. I'm taking the time to write this to give you information you may want and to save you time.

Had researched this product online as I had seen it mentioned (with praise) on several TV shows, as a gift for my many bacon-loving friends. Was a bit concerned about whether or not it required special packaging (cooling, etc.) during shipping after reading some comments here on amazon and elsewhere. (My personal experience with items that require any sort of special cooling, etc. is that stuff arrives in unusable state. This is often the fault of the carrier, FedEx, UPS, etc. rather than the manufacturer or shipper.)

Called the company in Seattle (Skillet Street Food) and asked whether the product required cooling/refrigerating during shipment. Answer: No. (Information was not on website. Had also sent an email suggesting they add that information AND the nutritional content on their Web site. When it comes to food products, you can NEVER have too much information. I was surprised that I had not found it in the info about the product in the Amazon listing either.)

I then ordered the three pack (cheapest option price wise). Paid for next-day delivery and it arrived in less than 24 hours. Excellent.

Opened the smallish box. Now given the size of the three jars and the box, there was not enough of those packing pillows to hold it in place and it was clear that the three jars (placed inside a simple plastic bag and not fixed in place via any method) had moved around during shipping. Plastic jars not damaged, but they easily could have been from hitting each other during handling, etc.

The first thing I wanted to check was the seals as my research said that if the seal is broken, the product has been compromised and you cannot eat it (See info to come from the company.) Well, the lid on one of the jars was open and loose, there was some greasy film around the rim of the jar...and when I opened it, half of the seal was open and the jam was coming out.

Now, this is actually good news. It alerted me that the jar had been compromised and I immediately tossed it. (The seals on the other two jars were fine; no film; lids secure.)

Called Amazon customer service and explained what happened; it was unclear to me who had handled, packed and shipped the actual order--amazon or Deals On Call LLc. Still not sure. I requested a replacement jar, which they could not do, but they did refund me the entire amount so I could reorder another three jars, which I will do.

It is still unclear WHEN the seal came open and what caused it. Because of what I do in my "real" life, I'm a stickler about health and safety issues. Since it was unclear as to who did the actual handling, packing and shipping of the bacon jam jars for this order, and I could not contact the vendor (Deals On Call LLC) directly to relay the problem about what may have happened in shipping, I did ask Amazon to do so. And I'm sharing it here.

But I went a step further because this is the product of a small-biz in Seattle and having seen the web site for the company, where they actively solicit feedback, I thought it made sense to alert them to this issue so they could possibly alert the folks who buy from them to be aware that seals could come open after the product left Skillet Street Foods and was handled elsewhere (retail, etc.).

When I reached them (no annoying voicemail but an actual person responsible for the product who was professional and courteous), the person explained how units are checked individually to ensure seals are secure, before they are lidded and sent on their way. He also knew the vendor associated with this Amazon purchase, and could vouch for their reliable and professional service (which I assumed given their high ratings on amazon). More importantly, he said he would discuss the packaging issues

Net-net: Seals can open, but this is apparently rare. You should be alert. If the seal is open, air has gotten into the jar and the jam should NOT be eaten. (This could explain why some folks have had an issue with the taste while others are raving about the jam.)

>>Jars are shelf-stable until open. Once open, they must be refrigerated. There is a use by date on the bottom of each jar. You can freeze the jam if not opened and used by that date (good to know).

Again, this information is not on the Skillet Street Web site that I could find (as of this writing) and not here on amazon posting. It should be added. Along with the nutritional information and ingredients.

This is what is on the jar itself:

"Store it in the fridge, serve it at room temp and use or freeze by date printed on bottom of container."

FYI: Just reading that wording, it's unclear whether "store it in the fridge" applies to when you receive it. Or after you open it.

Perhaps the wording should be revised so it says. "Refrigerate after opening." As so many labels do, to differentiate from those that require no special handling or those that say "Keep refrigerated."

One should never assume that it's clear. Example: We buy pickles in a jar. They are shelf stable. Until we ordered a new kind. Imagine our surprise, when opening several days later, they were off. Our bad because we had NOT read the packaging which said: Keep refrigerated. It was delivered with other groceries when we were not at home or we might have noted that it was with the refrigerated items in our order, not the canned/bottled items!

Nutritional Data:
Serving size: 1 Ounce
Servings per container: 7

Calories: 80
Calories from fat: 60

Total fat: 6 g, 10% (Saturated fat, 2g, 9%)
Cholesterol: 10 mg, 3%
Sodium: 350 mg, 14%
Total Carb.: 3g, 1% (Dietary fiber: 0%)
Sugars: 3g
Protein: 4g

Ingredients: Uncured bacon, no nitrite or nitrate added except those naturally occuring in Celery Powder (pork prepared with: water, salt, turbinado sugar, celery powder, lactic acid, starter culture (not from milk), Onion, Balsamic vinegar (organic wine vinegar [from juice of organic grapes]; organic, concentrated grape must; organic caramel sugar), Brown Sugar (sugar, invert sugar, cane molasses), Water, Salt, Pepper.

FYI: that "concentrated grape must" is not a typo. I will google this as I am now curious what must is.

I can't speak to the taste of this as these are gifts. However, once my recipients report back, I will add this feedback.

Very impressed by Skillet Street Foods as the creater/manufacturer of the jam who appears genuinely interested in improving all aspects of product and delivery, and, as always, very pleased that Amazon could deal with the problem quickly and easily.

Would have been happy with just a replacement jar but Amazon went the extra mile.

Hope that the nutritional information and ingredients and the details about usage will be added to the Skillet Street Food online shop and to any listing/posting where this product is sold.

I'm actually surprised that this information is not readily available. A few friends told me that they will never order any food product without first seeing this information. Which means everyone is losing sales when a product like this is offered without the details. Plus, lots of folks might miss out on what many say is an incredibly tasty and versatile jam!

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