Amazon Fine Food Reviews

501655501655B001PMCFLYA1OYABNV19ME5SKristiXS5651284076800Seems True to its titleAfter looking over the ingredient list on the website, which lists meat as primary ingredient, and also saw their comparisons to other brands by ingredient, this product seems to be a solid competitor among top premium cat food brands. Now for the next question -- does your cat like it! Mine did, and she absolutely refuses to eat cheap foods, digging them out of her bowl and batting them around the kitchen floor to let me know what she thinks about them if i try to feed them to her. The manufacturer has used one of the same processing plants that Blue Buffalo and Natural Balance used in the past.
501656501656B001PMCFLYA2Q5MLNDB59UNLkim2241335052800:)My cat has always had a very sensitive stomach. Even on Science Diet she would have diarrhea. Ever since changing to Harmony Farms her stomach has improved tremendously, and her skin seems alot healtheir as well.
I managed to get this cheaper at Stop and Shop in New England tho.
501657501657B001PMCFLYAFY0D7WEAIR0LJ. Wilder2251320537600Subscribe and Save a great value on a great cat foodI'm writing this review to add another strong voice in support of the quality and value of the Harmony dry cat food. Like the other reviewers, I had searched long and far for a food that fit my tough guidelines for healthy ingredients. I found the indoor formula Harmony cat food at my local supermarket, was impressed after reading the ingredients list and decided to try it on my six cats ranging in age from 1 to 15 years old. Each cat, without exception, took to the food right away. When I found the chicken and rice formula at Wegman's (40 miles away), I switched my cats to that because I was concerned that the indoor formula for outdoor cats might not be the right balance of nutrients since Harmony went to the trouble of developing two varieties. Once again, my cats took to the food right away. I feed them dry and wet food and decided to try the Harmony canned. In the past, I needed to mix some of the food I was trying to replace with the new food--but that was not necessary with the Harmony food. I've been a cat caregiver for most of my 59 years. I have never found a cat food that was so well received by my feline friends as Harmony. In fairness to the single one star reviewer in this group, I looked up the Royal Canin brand. I was not positively impressed by the ingredients list. Besides that, Royal Canin has at least 3 varieties of dry food--a protein, a smell enhanced, and a texture variety. Huh? I just wonder if all of the 1 star reviewer's 60 felines can agree on the same variety! On the point of the value of purchasing this food through Amazon's Subscribe and Save program, it is by far the best pricing I've found. Wegman's--again 40 miles away!--sells it for $12.99 with a Wegman's card--$14.99 without. Through this program, currently I can get the food delivered to my doorstep for $12.66--no more long drives to Wegman's and less expensive to boot!
501658501658B001PMCFLYA3I48O9KWFT476JULES1151327795200Good Quality Food Not Too ExpensiveI decided to return to a natural food for my male cat. He has the tendency to overeat and I battle to keep him at a healthy weight. This food has MEAT as the first ingredient; this is rare to find. It is also available at my local grocery store. Not only does he love it, my little adult female does too. She sneaks over and steals from the male's bowl when he has left some food. For medical purposes she is on kitten food, so I do not feed her the same food. I was hoping that with no fillers, my cat would fell more satisfied. I mix up fiber powder and water with the male's cat food and he is more satisfied and usually does not beg for more food. I just wish the company made a larger bag than 6.5.
501659501659B001PMCFLYA33BEM9UTUG8OIBarbara Grace Gifford1131324944000Not for every cat!One cat liked it (she likes anything remotely resembling food) but the other one didn't. Unfortunately, since it is easier to get food for both and not 2 different kinds, I have to go with what the finicky one will eat.
501660501660B001PMCFLYA2Y3WFNNFKDAFEWalter Boyle1151321401600Gluten Free and Delicious (or so my cats tell me...)We've tried a variety of different cat foods over the past year or so and this was our ultimate winner. One of our cats has some GI issues and while we never got a straight diagnosis, they appear to be related to gluten consumption. We had them on prescription cat food but given that there are 4 of them (and only 1 with the issue) this was getting expensive. We gave this a try and while the GI issues didn't 100% go away, they became significantly better (as much so or more so than when on the prescription food). Perhaps most importantly, it was generally healthy for all the cats and they all loved it.
501631501631B001CCU8AWA11X8JAE505FUMPNeidig0231302739200Please note that this is not a K-cup.Please note that this is not a K-cup. It will come up if you search for "K-cups" but it is a POD and will not work in Keurig Brewer!
501632501632B001CCU8AWA17C2P6KBYMBLKJonathan Kupferschmidt "Jkup"0311330128000DO NOT BUY!!!I purchased these pods believing they were k pods. I than went out and bought a single use kcup to use this coffee which smelled delicious upon opening, but than I brewed it. The coffee had an overwhelming smell and taste of cigarettes. Horrible purchase and horrible seller with no return not purchase unless you want Wolfgang puck cigarette coffee
501633501633B001CCU8AWA3G42P8TNHUBARbusylady0311301529600not correctly listed!Unfortunately,if you click on K cups on the left side of the screen these come up. They are not! They are are a non returnable item,so it is money wasted!!! I am so disappointed because it was so convenient to buy on Amazon.
501634501634B001CCU8AWA3MGSLLGRASN0QMargie Markus21011239408000are these K CupsPlease specify if these are K-cups. Very confusing. Don't know if they would work with my Keurig Coffee Maker.
501635501635B001EO6GNGA3VKYO4J4V0GPKNorma J. Goonan1151283558400Perfect poundcake MixThis so far, is the best poundcake mix I have used that is gluten free. Its tastes great, and it does not crumble or fall apart after cooking it and flipping it out of the pan, or when cutting the slices to serve.
501636501636B001EO6GNGA3N04FXWH1J1WJolivia0051234137600Need to eatI have not tried this brand before today, because in my B&M store it is 19.00 a box.(I still thought it was high for a cake mix on Amazon, but bought it anyway). It is really wonderful. I found that it made a reg. bundt cake and a loaf pan ( so many Wfgf mixes make a single layer). My bundt pan must be smaller because the first time I filled it too full and had an oven issue and this time I was able to fill a loaf , and a bundt pant 3/4 way up , and they rose right to the top of both pans. My family loved it enough to fight over who was going to get the last box for their birthday cake.. and I loved it enought to eat the whole piece , something I hae seldom done since the WFGF diagnosis . This is really yummy , and I will buy it again.
501637501637B006AWWKPAA2FAGIZ9C50XHKChatty Cathy "Moviegirl"0051328140800Pretty good dealIf you like sloppy joes and can't seem to get it right from scratch, this might be for you. The price of a little packet at the grocery store is $1.79 for about 1.5 ounces, so it makes this a pretty good deal. That is unless you find it on sale. I add a little ketchup at the end for the sweetness.
501638501638B00687TCUIAU3O6AKGABC6Cmaybelline0051335139200heaven on earthi have looked all over for this cherry hot chocolate drink, i first purchased a can on the army base when i was visiting my daughter, we found we could order the same can using amazon and we enjoyed the product so much we ordered 2 cans in case we have a hard time finding it again.
501640501640B0007OVVZMABO9XC36L8Z73Baron0051346284800LOVED IT!!!I was so excited for this to come in! It was fresh & I'm about to order more now since I just emptied the package! It shipped & arrived FAST as well! I was shocked! Thanks!
501641501641B0007OVVZMA36SVWIPEH29FBMike S.0051345075200Boy are these goodI bought a bunch and gave some out at a booth at a show. Big hit when people just saw the package - it brought back memories.

If you like licorice, you're gonna like this gum.
501642501642B0007OVVZMA2Q9VS5KJB9GP6thefra0051329523200Just plain awesomeLoved this gum. It was slightly, slightly stale when I got it, but still delicious. I still have some left (purchased it like a year ago or so) and its pretty stale now, but again, still flavorful. Love this gum, love this flavour, wish they made more of it more often, and that it was easier to get.

If you like black licorice, get this gum for sure. Makes a good gift too (if the person likes licorice and/or is nostalgic)
501643501643B0007OVVZMA17K7V1G4IL9RMElizabeth Hambright0051327190400Black Jack GumThe only and best place I found to get this old timey product. I send a case at a time to my son in law while he is deployed. Love it
501644501644B0007OVVZMA3UPX3LB55X0T3Oh Boy0051318550400Long-lasting flavorProduct was fresh, well packaged and was s taste of the "good old days". Longest lasting flavor of any gum I have ever experienced. I am hooked!
501645501645B0007OVVZMA1IDTDF1NEXT1CLAHaakon "LAHanson"0051281052800Black Jack GumGave away packages of Black Jack gum for our 50th wedding anniversary. This little gift was well apppreciated by the old timers.
501646501646B0007OVVZMA11ZV3E89TIFDIG. Paul Abernethy0041208736000Sweet NostalgiaA while back somebody sent me an e-mail quiz which asked which of the following products, names, fads, etc you remember from when you were a teen in the 50s. That person said that they remembered everything but Black Jack chewing gum. I did remember it and wondering what happened to it I put a search on the internet and to my surprise found that it was still around and available for sale.
So I ordered it from Candy Crate and it came very quickly which impressed me. I now have the pleasure of handing out packs of Black Jack gum to amaze all those of my age group. Love the expression on their faces.
501647501647B0007OVVZMA1SYIKQQRZ6435Richard Buchborn1251216252800ExcellentFast shipping, excellent product. My mother in law loves licorice and was so thrilled with this piece of her past that she wouldn't even share.
501648501648B0007OVVZMA1HRYC60VTMYC0Ace2451267401600I'm noticing a trend here...EVERY candy I have reviewed has been given 5 stars. I think that shows how greatly the value of sweetness is appreciated in this world!

I love Black Jack gum -- I never ate it when I was a kid-- I was too busy acquiring and devouring Chiclets and Clark Bars and Sen Sen and Sky Bars -- but once I tried Black Jack as a 13 year old going on 40, I tried it and LOVED it.

The wonderful taste is unusual, memorable, deep, lasting and luxurious. It doesn't die on you like some gums do.

AND -- if you put at least 2 sticks of this marvelous black gum in your mouth and chew them thoughtfully, you can WRAP THEM AROUND your front teeth and then smile at people - watch them laugh -- LOL!!!
501649501649B0007OVVZMAXULGC5MGWIZIZZZ0111309651200A year past expiration....After chewing quite a few packs and giving away even more to friends,I noticed that the expiration date was July 31, 2010.... that is coming up on one year past expiration. (today is July 3, 2011)

Despite the fact that the gum tastes fine, I can't leave a good review because of the lack of concern on the part of the Seller.

Black Jack gum is good, Selling expired products is not.
501651501651B0007OVVZMA8EU4TKGHO2SCht71311295136000expiration itemsvery unsatisfied with these seller i have it and expired date items how can they sell it ,........easy for them we can't check the expiration date from shopping on line.
501652501652B001PMCFLYADEFGEYL605GWPatricia Carrasco "tt83"4451314835200love it!i love this cat food for my cat! its the healthiest i could find for my budget. innova foods are too expensive but this cat food is not that bad and its very healthy. my kitty is very healthy and has the shiniest coat, and when i take her to the vet they always find her in perfect health. my kitty loves it and is not overweight at all
501653501653B001PMCFLYA2LMTZ8C185Q9OD. Sinclair3351309651200My cats won't eat anything else!I try to feed my 2 cats organic foods, with no by-products in it. This food fits my requirements. Plus both of my cats LOVE this food. They even refuse to eat moist foods of any kind now. Their coats are shiny, they are lean and energetic!! Neither one overeats this food. My older cat was always plump when fed the famous name brand foods. Her coat was dull and brittle. Now it's shiny and soft. I love this food too, because I could feed it to the youngest when she was a kitten and not have to look for another 'adult' cat food when she turned a year. I love that I can order it online from I find it less expensive on and I don't have to hunt for it in various stores. It's delivered to my doorstep. I highly recommend this food to all cat lovers! Just leave some for my cats!!:)
501654501654B001PMCFLYAB3G5JC77QCHWBillyBunter3351292976000My cats love this stuffMy cats were never very enthusiastic about dry foods - "premium" or otherwise - until they tried this stuff. Now they get quite huffy if I try to give them any other brand. It felt a bit pricey at first, but none of it goes to waste, even though it's been part of their diet for several months now. Highly recommended.

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