Amazon Fine Food Reviews

502321502321B001QE96CWA1B661VFC7GAIXShelby W0051264118400Great treatsDogs love them. Even though they are kind of expensive, they don't have a bunch of fillers.
502322502322B001QE96CWA28B394KRW26SYjoseph overbee0151341792000My Dog Boo Loves This TreatI liked the price of the product and my dog Boo surley loves it! I think that the cost of the shipping and handling were way too high, quite a lot more than I paid for the product, which did not make it as good a value as I was hopping. According to the alert I recieved tellling me of the price!I would diffinetly order it again if the price and shipping cost were fair. As I said earlier my dog Boo really loves his chicken treats especially Jerky, but he was real keen on the Plato treats as well!
502323502323B001QE96CWAKHWS5A7H8V7TD. Denissov "Denissov43"3711300579200Dodgs did not like these at all....A very strange treat.. dogs did not like any of the varieties we tried and I ordered three different varieties.
Not a 'strip' but a baked 'cookie' that was really very hard and more of a chunk of something backed, not meat looking or smelling.
Just really weird and I would never buy them again! save your money and buy the Chicken Jerky treats at WalGreens that are a bone fide strip of chicken and dogs love them! these are chunks of mystery material and not at all appetizing.
502324502324B000087BJ3A3HPCRD9RX351SSpudman2251264723200Wellness is Good FoodWellness is a food we like for our dogs both because of what's in it and what's not in it. Why does it cost a little more than some other foods? Think about what's not in it. No meat-by-products. No wheat. No corn. No white rice. No artificial colors, flavors, or preservatives.

Our bichon had been having major problems with itching and skin allergies. Our vet suggested we put her on a bland diet and gradually introduce foods to determine the cause or causes or her discomfort. One day an employee at a local pet store suggested we try Wellness with whitefish and sweet potato. I wasn't sure about feeding fish to our dogs but gave it a try.

The switch to this Wellness formula was a great success. Evie loves the flavor of this recipe and eats it eagerly. While on the Wellness diet her itching and scratching decreased tremendously. If you think your dog may have food allergies that trigger itching and excessivve scratching, give this Wellness recipe a try.
502325502325B000087BJ3A1EPQ4A6PGVQA2S. Davis "everydaysaholiday"1151235606400Healthy Natural Dog FoodI like the idea this dog food is holistic with limited ingredients. This dog food is human grade. I picked this Wellness food to help my dogs with allergies. Their fur and skin look great with no dry itchy skin. No tummy problems either.
502326502326B00474GX5QA3HEQAEX3OD6WNlaura s riedell0051329004800best dip evermy niece introduced me to this dip mix a few years back. Unfortunately I could not find this mix in my home state so I was happy to find it on amazon . I top it off with peach salsa and it it a hugh hit at partys. enjoy!
502327502327B0051NHI7EA1QB7NMFDALJD8chrisannad1151317168000The fattest beans make the best desserts!I adore Rodelle Vanilla Beans. They are the plumpest beans I have ever seen, and give an incredible heady flavour. These beans yield a huge amount when scraped because they are so plump. Your desserts will definitely show that you used real vanilla beans! Then the scraped pods can then be used for making wonderful vanilla sugar!
502328502328B004M6HS4EA25GKMY2Q4DYLCCP1151307923200Amazing if you are wheat dairy and nut free!I highly recommend this product. I am dairy nut and gluten free so it is very hard to find anything resembling regular milk which I really miss. My kids also love this. Amazon, if you read this, please consider putting this on your subscription. I would subscribe to all 3 flavors!
502329502329B004M6HS4EADJERX1H4GA1AJoan M. Patterson "bluejmp"0051323129600DeliciousnessThis is a delicious more healthy way of drinking a chocolate drink. I have shared it with my aunt and sister in law.
502330502330B004M6HS4EA2SB4D16AW2L1XDiona Kozma0051323043200SOOOO delicious! :-)My son has some allergy issues so I am trying to get him off dairy. This chocolate milk is amazing, and when I need a choco fix I go right for this box as well! I would buy it on subscription.
502331502331B004M6HS4EA3DKBTVPPFHVR1MrsSerdin "Chai not?"0051315440000WE WANT SUBSCRIBE AND SAVE!!CP is right! So Delicious 6.5 oz is TOTALLY worth being a Subscribe & Save product! I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE this stuff!
502332502332B002HMUL0IA24SMUE7730Z1KW. Collier "Peripatetic, Veteran"4551265760000Its pretty much the same as normal pastaGreat for most people that are trying to control blood glucose impact of their foods by controlling digestible carbohydrates.

This stuff tastes the same as regular pasta. Just be sure to read the label on your pasta sauce so you don't inadvertently take in a lot of sugars via the sauce, or better yet, make your own.

A few things to be aware of that I have discovered:

Don't overcook it!

Don't put cooked pasta in the sauce and heat it - that is, do NOT pour the sauce into the pasta and mix it up in the pan and heat it! Cook and drain the pasta firs according ot the directions ont he box, THEN plate the bare pasta first (possibly tossing it lightly in olive oil) and only then pour the sauce and other toppngs on and serve immediately.

Again: Don't put the sauce, meat and cheese on the pasta until you actually plate it and serve it.

I've found if you "re-cook" Dreamfields "angel hair" pasta in normal (acidic) tomato based pasta sauces that it does hit my blood sugar a lot harder than if they are put together at the last minute. Same goes for overcooking it (aside from the fact that any pasta that's overcooked turns to mush). My guess is the extra heat or acidity causes the "sequestered" carbs to break out and become available for digestion.

All in all, this stuff in incredible, and tastes no different than most other boxed pastas, and doesn't cause the blood sugar spikes and weight gain that the normal pastas do. I bought a case of it, and have some of the other types of Dreamfields as well.
502333502333B002HMUL0IAJE9WAB5KZSC2Cynthia Snowden1151309392000Fret no more!Here at last is a low-carb pasta so good that you will be able to enjoy your favorite dishes whenever you wish. [My concern is low carb eating to lose weight; I can't address the blood sugar situation.]
But a major bane of a low-carb diet has been the necessary elimination of pasta. And we all know that whole wheat pastas just aren't the same. Well, Dreamfields is just the same. Welcome back, quick, easy, delicious pasta meals. A jar of that wonderful Costco White Linen Collection Marinara Sauce, 2 carbs per 1/2 cup, and a quarter cup [cooked] of Dreamfields pasta, and: Bob's your uncle! You have a lovely dinner, with a simple salad, and the next day your weight will not be affected negatively [don't eat any cake, though!].
Happy days are here again!
502334502334B002HMUL0IA3OTHS7P04A9WULorraine Healy0051344902400GREAT Pasta!We love this pasta. We don't have any blood sugar problems, but like to limit our carb intake. Dreamfields is great tasting pasta, but you don't have to pay a fortune for it. We have an imported pasta we like better, but it's $8-$9 for 12 oz. at a gourmet shoppe. We like this ALMOST as much, it's low carb and MUCH less expensive. I can heartily recommend you try it.
502335502335B002HMUL0IA15LB2WJA95JNLE. Toth "anelaine"0111277856000insulin resistant diabetics bewareThis product tastes great and, I'm sure, is the great white hope for MANY Type II diabetics...just not me and probably others like me. I am quite insulin resistant and a couple of hours after my meal of Dreamfields my blood sugar was 149.......4 hours later it was 229 with NO additional food of any kind. I found out later that this is a known issue with this pasta with some insulin resistant diabetics. I feel that the Amazon page for this product should say that as should Dreamfield's website. Just thought someone should warn people. (But it tastes great)
502336502336B000LBUGO8A3UGMVYVG27GYGsmsteffy8951211760000Fantastic tasteI tried the Argan oil after watching a documentary on TV. I originally ordered it 1) by curiosity (I wanted to see what the hype was about) and 2) because of it's alleged health properties.
I was amazed by the taste. I will never revert back to olive oil, EVER! The antioxidant virtues are really an added bonus for me, my salads have become amazing and very special. I love the nutty flavor!
I also ordered the raw version for my skin and hair, and its equally as amazing. My skin has recovered its elasticity and radiance.
502337502337B000LBUGO8A3EONLVO7MQ0GClaurie johnson1151330732800Best customer service everThis is the best example of customer service I have ever seen. My bottle of oil got broken in transit. No ones real fault. The immedietely sent me a new bottle and were so kind about it I was simply amazzed.
502338502338B000LBUGO8A1LZ7Q2NGQ23FKElizabeth J. Novick2351260403200Argan oil fanI traveled to Morocco a couple of years ago and experienced Argan oil for the first time. It was wonderful. I put it on broccoli, rice, bread, salad, the list goes on. I love the taste and the health benefits. Very, very special.
502339502339B000LBUGO8A3TK9PVRBES66Ideedee11110051346025600I love this oil!!!!I love this oil, I have lost over a hundred pounds since I started using it about a year ago and have not changed any other diet or exercise I use it on my skin and hair it is amazing what it does it gets rid of all wrinkles and it makes hair beautiful, full and long in no time. I thought it would just be greasy and the same as all other oils but it is not. It is like a health and beauty miracle in a bottle like the fountain of youth.
502340502340B000LBUGO8ALLRL0XZJZKFCartemis0121345507200misleading advertisingWhen ordering this product I was led to believe it shipped free. I was billed
almost $ 5 .! 2ndly, 2 items are pictured whereas I received only one. Not
withstanding the health properties of this oil, I believe it is much overpriced.
I suggest buying somewhere else.
502341502341B000GP7732A3T8JKPLQPI85ARhaysa Feliciano0021350950400Don't waste your money on this!I usually don't write these but I had to for this item. I bought this as a present for my nieces. It arrived today and my sister sent me pictures of it and what was inside. I was very disappointed when upon seeing the pictures I saw that everything that was detailed on the item page as being included was not.

Item was not as described and I contacted Amazon and the rep "Taniya" initially just gave me her opinion on the matter instead of a real answer to my question. I asked if I had to call the company directly to just have the missing items sent. At no point did I ask for a replacement or a refund, just wanted the missing advertised items. After I expressed my dissatisfaction of her reply (her opinion) to my question a refund was offered only if I placed the order again. This did not resolve my problem at all. I am very disappointed at Art of Appreciation Gourmet Gift Baskets and Amazon customer support.

So don't waste your money on this item. You can easily buy all this yourself for $15 or less. Lesson learned.
502342502342B005DVUX08A29N66WIWNN8JKOne Reviewer0051348963200Still "Mmm-Mmm Good" After All These Years!I typically like to make my own soups, but when I want bean with bacon soup, I buy Campbell's Bean with Bacon. I can't seem to replicate the flavor of this, and prefer it to my own version of bean with bacon soup. I've been enjoying this Campbell's flavor since I was about 12 years old when I first had it, and it's still one of my favorites.

This comfort-food-feeling soup has a hearty flavor and density that keeps me full for hours. In the thick broth, there are little soft bits of bacon, as well as tiny pieces of (soft) carrots. The main attraction of this soup, the beans, are plentiful, have a great flavor and are nice and soft. Nutrition fact wise, the total fat per serving is only 3 grams of fat, calories per serving 160 grams, protein: 8 grams and 5 mg of cholesterol.

Not only for the great flavor and protein, but also because this is a relatively healthy soup, I recommend this to anyone that needs food every now and then :)

As a side note, it's a nice little bonus that each Campbell's soup can has a 5 points "Labels For Education" label which is worth actual money (5 points = 5 cents) to participating schools.
502343502343B0001K5KKOA1X56CYW5YOKDARicky M. Fowler0051257379200Highly recommend Blood Orange SpreadI highly recommend both the Blood Orange spread and the seller. The spread is very flavorful and goes well with so many different foods.
502344502344B002MGPQNQA38G9OBUJNXM1ULaika Lou0051347494400Delicious thirst quencherAfter a long flight, I arrived in Moorea, tired and thirsty. Weather was very warm and humid. At the lobby of this 5-star hotel where I was staying, a smiling hotel employee at the front desk handed me a beverage. One sip of this cold, refreshing, drink and I just had to ask what it was. It tasted like freshly squeezed lemonade, without the tartness or after-taste of sweetener. She then left and came back with this bottle of Teisseire Lime from France, a product which I was not familiar with. I insisted on buying an unopened bottle to bring back home. Upon returning to the USA, I immediately hunted for this product and found it on Amazon. I promptly order several bottles in Lime, Strawberry, and Grapefruit flavors. All were delicious, and I will definitely continue buying them.
502345502345B0083T5TAQA1QOSXWYPRTBMOJoanie Antinetti1111326326400Not what expectedThis shipment was not as expected. Yes, there were 24 k-cups. However, only 3 were flavored! This was advertised as "24 ct flavored coffee sampler". Additionally, 5 of the k-cups were decaf although a 24 count decaf sampler was a different item order choice. Very disappointed. Will not order this again. Certainly not up to Amazon standards.
502346502346B0083T5TAQA1GHMIJP484PQOMande1111325894400DisapointedI ordered this for a christmas gift for my mother, and was so upset when I recieved the box. I can appreciate the "eco-friendly" packaging (stapled shut paper bag), but it was completly unsuitable for a present; I ABSOLUTLY would not have ordered this if I had known. I was so disapointed with the variety also- many of the same one, and gross flavors. It's like somebody picked out all the ones they liked and shipped off the rejects. I dont even want to waste any more money shipping this back. Buyer beware.
502347502347B0083T5TAQA3BDAKYE0AZ8TOC. Smith1111325203200Gift Wrap available? Really!!!"We repackage k-cups into a new bag. We use a recyclable and compostable bag that is eco-friendly." So how would they "gift wrap" the crumpled and stapled brown paper bag in which these arrived? I bought these as a gift, expecting a box or company gift bag as the eco friendly container. Mediocre collection of coffees that could have found while dumpster diving. That's what the presentation leads one to imagine. Will not be giving as a gift and probably won't use them. Go to a local market instead!
502348502348B0083T5TAQA29U88JGAXP6IGAsh1151325116800Very happyDespite all the negative reviews I took my gamble ordering this variety sampler n I'm very happy with the variety I received. All flavored coffees
502349502349B0083T5TAQA64914SITZ91Uspartapatty1121323820800Definitely not all Flavored coffees!Six were Green Mtn breakfast blend decaf(ugh,obviously not what I consider 'flavored'), 3 Green Mtn Colombian Fair trade Select (not flavored), 3 Donut house cafe blend (flavored? not specified), 3 Green Mtn Hazelnut (yay), 3 Green Mtn pumpkin spice, 3 Green Mtn Gingerbread and 3 Newman's Own extra bold Melange. I don't regret trying these, but it's very unlikely I would buy again because of the unflavored coffees they included and the fact that 6 of those unflavored were decaf. Arrived safely, loose in packing box.
502350502350B0083T5TAQA3G8UEK3MLWRCWMoreWishes1141323648000Good Variety for My Coffee Lover!I ordered this for my husband as he wanted to add a bit of variety to his morning coffee experience. We received a nice variety and although the packaging wasn't the best, it was
as described by other reviewers. Overall we were both happy and I would order it again. If you plan on giving it as a gift--just remove the cups and put it in another package. It isn't that big of a deal LOLOL

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