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503851503851B000E60TMYA2DDBGQYVU9XB9K. Williams0051340928000Favorite DressingThis dressing is so good and good for you! My children ages 3 and 5 also love it. I also use this on veggie sandwiches instead of mayo.
503852503852B000E60TMYA3SNYQLGB787W5BeanS0411331596800YUCK!!!Was so anxious to try this product, wanted to find a super healthy dressing, thought this was it, BOY was I wrong, this is the worst dressing ever, YUCK :(
503853503853B000E60TMYA1DMCGS1Y1JY1Rcrystal moorhead1611323388800grossTasted horrible . It made me want to puke. Totally riuned my salad. What a waste.I cant believe I wasted my money on this and none of my friends that tried it liked it either.
503854503854B0043JMUTIA1JYBIA81NZ282Dio_K0031314921600good by priceyMy son looooves this stuff, but at $6 for a few ounces of snacks, we won't be getting it again. Well, maybe on his birthday.
503855503855B000GFWB24A26HI9BBCL53LNS. Moynihan "mombythesea"0041263686400Turkish RubI gave this to my Dad who had just returned from a trip to Turkey, along with a Turkish cookbook. He's enjoyed both as reminders of his amazing trip.
503856503856B002LN4KUAA1H7O0UED9MA2EAnoni1131323216000Strange...Let me just say that this tea is about average. I feel like the tea wasn't made to high standards, but then you have the fact that they're whole leaves. I think this creates a weird situation where you have a bad product of high quality. I'm a supertaster, so I will describe the product as best as I can. It has your typical oolong bass notes, but the higher notes are very grassy (sometimes oolong is sweet, bitter...etc etc etc, this is grassy). It has a fair balance between bitterness and boldness. Incase you aren't gathering what I'm trying to say... it's a very neutral flavor and doesn't really 'wow' me at all. The grassy flavor taste exactly like wheaties cereal (no frosted).... and that sounds stupid but when you try it you'll instantly make the connection.

So, in conclusion it's a plain tea that I won't really hold up high on my tea shrines, but it does have one last unique quality. It taste odd, but I can't stop drinking it. It's like raman noodles... you never say "man I can sure go for some raman", but when you are actually eating raman you make sure you eat every last noodle. It's like that.

12/10/11 EDIT: After drinking a few of these, I can say that it's a great tea to drink without anything added. I normally add sugar to most of my teas in some way or another (honey, sugar, guava), but I find that this tea is actually really good without anything added. I'm not going to officially change my 3 star rating, but I am tempted to bump it up to 4 stars.
503857503857B000W7R87OA7MXWFCWVXJZEH. Smith "Beautacentric"1251277251200FreshLove this wholesale club no longer carries honey roasted peanuts and this is a much better price than any of the other stores. They were packed well, received very quickly and very fresh.
503858503858B000W7R87OA12MQA7IMXZ7JTTV Freak "DWs Dad"1231252800000Good but could use a little more honey flavorGood quality product. What is missing is the honey roasted flavor. They are not as dry as dry roasted, but they don't have the hint of sweetness one would expected of a honey roasted product.
503860503860B000W7R87OA13GZCHAMKWYBTVikki Hallen "lizardwitch"0141256256000Not overly sweetEnjoy the size of well for parties. The peanuts are alittle less "honeyed" than I expected..taste good. Nice treat for the lunch bag!
503861503861B000G7V3LCA1Z54EM24Y40LLc22251249171200Awesome!Boy, are these great! They are especially nice if you have children since they're very easy to chew and they don't rip the inside of your mouth. They have a wonderful butter taste and quite frankly, ever since I've tried these, I don't buy anything else! Highly recommend!
503862503862B000G7V3LCA37MH7ICH80QOXKate McMurry "Young Adult Author"1151325548800Deliciously flavorful pretzelFrom the moment I tasted these delicious, fat-free pretzels, the excellent butter flavor spoiled me for all other pretzels. The snaps are bite size, and only 5 calories per pretzel. I like them with or without dips, and I often eat them instead of crackers with soup. They also have plenty of snap when you are craving a crunchy snack.

Warning: The butter flavor snaps are a bit pricey compared to regular snap pretzels. You pay a premium for the extra seasoning.
503863503863B000G7V3LCA36GF6PGK33X9Kmamat3611283990400out of date productvery disappointed, received product with expired sell by date - now I have 12 bags of stale pretzels
503864503864B000W73PH6A1LXR9L66ZFR86N. Walker "Searcher"1151302652800Need to reduce your salt intake?This product is simply outstanding. I purchased it as I have been informed by my physician
to reduce my intake of salt. My experience with Seasonello Herbal accomplishes that goal.
Soups, stews, salads, meat dishes, and even Popcorn are all enhanced using Seasonello. The salt reduction
is cut at least 50% a goal worthy of achieving for those who need to restrict their diet.
Give it a try I am convinced that you will not regret this choice.

Norman G. Walker
503865503865B000W73PH6A16W16G3HP8FO8J. Schutte "jen_schutte"0051330646400Spa in a JarWhen you first open a jar, you think you are in a spa with the herb mix and it smells so good! It also tastes wonderful! I use it on everything from meats to risotto to salads. I suggest that after you use a little bit, to shake it before you use it so that the mix stays mixed as after a while the lighter herbs and pepper can sink to the bottom and the end of the bottle can be a bit heavy on only certain things but to do a little shake simply restores the mix. I have gone through many bottles since my cousin turned me on to this and given many for gifts! It is really wonderful and my go-to jar so it sits on the counter with at least one in reserve (sometimes several as I give them away).
503866503866B000W73PH6A2EU1L0BT67NT7Bryan Sullivan0051314230400This stuff is amazingGo get a 2 inch thick cut, rib eye, or whatever your favorite cut is, shake on liberally - coat both sides to create a nice crust.

I also use it on grilled vegetables like asparagus, peppers, mushrooms, etc.
503867503867B000W73PH6A1PX724CFZ742VLauren "Lauren"0051305417600Seasonello Salt - the Best!This salt is terrific! Just the perfect amounts and types of seasonings to enhance practically anything on the dinner menu.
503859503859B000W7R87OA2A8KWCE8RKB9TDavid Glazer0151260489600Good StuffWith Planters you know exactly what you are getting and these are no exception. Good flavor..and trust me..they will be gone sooner than you expect...highly addictive.
503868503868B000EMM98UA1H80WDFOR94Q5Injured Panda1141287532800Surprisingly GoodI don't know how these things work. Black magic?
Just add water, microwave for 45 seconds, and out comes a cookie. No idea how that works, any cookies or brownies I've made need milk, oil, eggs, SOMETHING.

Regardless, it works well. Tastes pretty darn good, too. It's more of a cake type of a cookie than a real cookie but it still tastes good which is the main point, right?

As a note, don't over microwave these because the plastic will melt and the cookie will burn.
503869503869B000EMM98UA35WS5ABQ9GET0Loyal Amazon Customer0031341014400A Quick but Disappointing Fix for the Sweet-ToothAfter seeing these quick, single-portion snacks in the market I decided to order a large package to keep them in the pantry to satisfy those sweet-treat cravings. The product is disappointing in both it's size and quality. A slightly more generous portion would help to satisfy the late night snack urge; the quality is okay. I ultimately decided not to keep these in stock in the pantry - they don't quite hit the mark.
503870503870B000EMM98UA2D8R9EU2W7J6OJasmine P0051314489600Very Surprised That It Was THIS Good!It taste like a warm soft chocolate chip cookie and the extra fudge made it heavenly! I even poured some caramel on just to make it extra decadent! So delicious!!!
503871503871B000EMM98UA3DJNOS6VJUYS4PA Hill Lady0051287187200Great dessertWe love Warm Delights. They are individual desserts but we usually split one between us. It makes just enough to eat and since none is left over, no over indulging. Even if you do eat a whole one, it's better than being able to help yourself to seconds. They are easy and quick to make and taste great. Yes they cost more than buying a cake mix and making a whole cake but they take less time, no added ingredients other than water, and again, no left overs. I have been buying them since they came on the market and will continue as long as they make them. The variety lets you have a different dessert each day too.
503872503872B000EMM98UA19PI2MW9XCRMFS. Harris0011268870400Did not taste goodThe portion was small, did not fill the bowl, and did not taste very good. Not worth the money in my opinion.
503873503873B000EMM98UA3GA09FYFKL4EYFruit Loop1251158451200Skeptical at first, but won me over completely!I received this dessert as part of a free box of groceries sent to me by Amazon to introduce their new grocery store. I had not tried this product before, and wouldn't have picked it up in the store. A quickie microwave dessert didn't sound that appetizing at first.

Was I ever surprised! This dessert is indeed a warm delight, and tastes as luscious as any fudgy chocolate chip cookie dessert with drizzled topping that I've ever gotten in a restaurant. It was instant gratification, too, rather than the cumbersome mix-and-bake time of a conventional Betty Crocker mix. Stir it up, nuke it for a few seconds, and eat!

I tried this on a day when I was sick and wanted a treat, but was definitely NOT up to cooking. This is definitely a quick, convenient, tasty treat. I plan to buy more for lunches - a quick, freshly baked dessert at work is a wonderful concept. A young person could also mix it up quickly without having to bother mom, since it's complete with bowl.

Very economical, easy, tasty way to prepare a quick dessert. Can't wait to try the other flavors.
503874503874B000EMM98UA1XJOSJN6FHFO0Shirley Priscilla Johnson "Author/Reviewer -...0151165190400All Very Good!I have to say that to me and my family all of the Betty Crocker's Warm Delights are delicious and this one is too. It definitely tastes like a chocolate chip cookie but with a richer flavor. It's quick, easy to make and tasty. A great snack for young and old. Delicious! Give it a try.
503875503875B000EMM98UA1ECPRDKH9A3GWK. Thompson0121163116800no as good as it looksI thought this would be a lot better than it turned out to be very small portion and it does not look as good as how it is shown in the was okay not great
503876503876B0026LNGTSAEX0BZPNRYFYKFreeRadical ""121251274140800Best ghee in the worldGhee is more than an indulgence. Ghee can be viewed as an essential vitamin supplement (albeit, one that tastes really good). Ghee is especially necessary in a vegetarian diet in my opinion, but it can be a healthy addition to any diet.

Some research shows that ghee can even lower cholesterol.

I performed an extensive survey of the top ghee products available. I compared quality and value. Ghee is so important as an addition to the diet that quality should not be sacrificed -- especially because only a very small amount of ghee needs to be used.

The ghee comparison table can be found at this blog:

When I started this ghee comparison, I was primarily interested in finding the best value in organic ghee products. However, I learned that several of the products go well beyond just organic standards. It was a very pleasant surprise to find out that such high quality ghee products are available. It is also great to see that my two top picks are both available on (Ancient Organics Ghee is my #1 pick.)

Because such high quality ghees are available, I focused on understanding which product is the most authentic. Some of the ghees are much more authentic than others. The information in the table (link above) reflects that fact.

The focus of my evaluation is not gourmet cooking. It is optimum health. Therefore, I am concerned first with which ghee product is the healthiest.

I rank Ancient Organics as the very best ghee. It is #1. It is the healthiest product as well as the best tasting. The ghee is so good it is almost magical.
503877503877B0026LNGTSA3UMG415WTN9BUlearning&5551284854400One-of-a-kind ghee---It's SO delicious and nourishing!
503878503878B0026LNGTSA1JPJ6JREP8ID8mrskbg "mrskbg"5551271289600Ghee GLEE!!!!!If you love a rich butter flavor, this is THE Ghee for you. Made from [...] butter, the best dairy on earth, This concentrates the flavor so a little equals huge butter flavor. No refrigeration needed, perfect for frying, grilling, baking, freezing, any time you would use butter but would love to really enjoy the buttery taste, Please try Ancient Organic Ghee! Eggs, Popcorn, Shortbread, Lobster, Tortillas, Baked Potato, Veggies.....What do you like with butter?
503879503879B0026LNGTSAPWCOAVILK94BReal Named Person "wowzee"1151330819200Get only this Vedic Ghee for food !!!!I am very sensitive and observant to everything I eat and I am a very picky eater. I bought Ghee to practice spirituality better because Ghee is divine.

In Bhagavad Gita it says, "The senses are so strong that they are always anxious to have sense gratification. One should not cater to these demands, which are not necessary. The senses should only be gratified to keep the body fit so that one can discharge his duty in advancing in spiritual life. The most important and uncontrollable sense is the tongue. If one can control the tongue, then there is every possibility of controlling the other senses. The function of the tongue is to taste and to vibrate."

Control of the taste buds and rising above favoritism of foods and hence emotions and life situations to seek Bliss is easier when using Ghee. Ghee imparts a love-like feeling to each morsel of food you put on the tongue, the inherent taste of the food substance is amplified by the divine feeling of Ghee. But the taste buds do not retain the taste because Ghee renders them unable to do so. So if you are Blissful spiritual seeker and eat a savory meal with Ghee, you are able to hold onto this bliss feeling undisturbed after meal.

Ancient organics Ghee scores at the top, in fact it is the only Ghee out of top three in Amazon to have this love-like quality in it. I am thinking its because of the Vedic way in which it is prepared while Mantras are being chanted. Even the bottle label has Mahamritunjaya mantra and Gayatri Mantra written on it. It has a great smell that reminds you of pure love and the taste is not so strong, feels just right. It is easily assimilated into body and it does not feel like I just ate a spoon full of lard. The other two Ghees "Purity Farm" and "Grassfed Organic" caused a heavy bloated feeling especially in the heart area like whatever fat I just ate got deposited there instantly. If you are serious about getting Ghee for health only buy Ancient Organics. I went to their site and bought the 32 Oz jar for $47 shipping included and I think using a teaspoon everyday it will last me two months minimum.
503880503880B0026LNGTSA1R7JYPQWEXMYTD. Michael Sanford "Book Monger"1151321833600Best Ghee there isI have been trying the some of the numerous Ghee's that are available on Amazon and Ancient Organics Ghee is by far and away the best flavor, consistently good quality of all the others that I have tried. Most other Ghee's are very strong in flavor almost like the phony butter oil that you use on popcorn. Ancient Organics is not the cheapest, but it is the best. Ghee can be used in anything that requires butter. It does not contain salt. I use it on garlic bread, sautéing vegetables, frying eggs, etc. Since it is clarified butter, you find that you do not need as much when you use it. A little bit goes a long way.

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