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505111505111B002YVNK8WA14B5B0A7MG6LWDawn Lee4451268524800Bought it fresh from Costa RicaI went to Costa Rica twice this past summer. On my first trip, I picked up some Volio coffee from a local store and brought it home to the states. It was fantastic. I went back a month later, but I took an empty suitcase with me just for the coffee and some Salsa Lizano. My supply is running low and now I MUST get more. It is hard to drink any other coffee now. It is very smooth and rich in its taste. I recommend this to anyone who likes coffee.
505112505112B002YVNK8WA113B56LO5C2YVKenneth R. Leibow "Kaptk"3351259280000Great CoffeeThe coffee was delicious. I believe Costa Rica grows the best coffee in the world. The price was reasonable for fresh coffee from Costa Rica.
505113505113B002YVNK8WAML2OSPDXGU17piper2251295136000good coffeei first bought this coffee in costa rico.the price was the same as on amazon i liked it enough to look on the web for more.i gave some to family members for christmas .free shipping would be nice and get me to buy more
505114505114B002YVNK8WAYGK8YHABEI5ANeil E. Hardy "Neil Hardy"0051318464000Great Costa Rican CoffeeI started drinking this coffee while on a trip to Costa Rica about 15 years ago. I liked it so much I brought back about 10 half kilos. After that begged friends and relatives to bring back some for my wife and I when they went there. It wasn't until recently I discoverd the sold this coffee on its web site. It is not generally available in the U.S.. The cost of this coffee, per pound,(including shipping)is less than most coffee in the U.S. It is shipped in .5 kilo bags which is actually 1.1 lbs. It is actually shipped from Costa Rica from a suburb of San Jose and takes about 7 to 9 days depending on where you live. Mine took 7 days and was shipped by a bonded carrier. Plan ahead.
505115505115B004N5FG5WA3TPP7AD8TO6AKatie Lin "bumpky"3341309737600Perfect little snack!My son loves these little multicolored stars. So far, we've tried to spinach and apple as well as the mango and sweet potato. He loves them both! They are the perfect size for his little hands and one of the first foods he started to feed himself at around 8 months.

ORGANIC. I chose these puffs because I wanted an alternative to cheerios and other genetically modified cereals. I love that these are organic and feature flavors that are both wholesome and tasty. I've tried them myself and they are yummy!

NO ARTIFICIAL INGREDIENTS. This is a must have for foods I feed my baby.

BPA FREE PACKAGING. I love that these come in BPA free and recyclable packaging.

CONVENIENT. These are perfect for on the go. We bring this with us where ever we go and its the perfect little snack for my son.

The only thing I can say thats negative about these puffs is that they go stale fast! My son is about 9 months old and doesn't eat a lot of these at once. It states on the packaging that they should be used within 1 week for optimal freshness. It takes my son about 3 weeks to finish a package. This caused me to give it four stars instead of five. However, I will still definitely try the other flavors that Plum has available!
505132505132B00063411AA2JRDDSCQU89A8Mommadog "Karla"202211238630400To expensiveI trained my chihuahua to a litter box when we got her at 10 weeks, she was 1 pound and at 6 months is only 2 pounds. I do not like that this is a paper product, paper does not break down as well as wood pellets.

I used wood pellets, I get 40 pounds for 5.00 and it last me 5 months. When Foxy poos I clean that right out. the pee soaks right away into the wood pellets. (get wood pellets at the hardware or safeway for pellet burning stoves)..So it never goes to the bottom. I put in 2 inches. There is absolutely NO order and I change it out about every 2 weeks.

But training a dog to use a litter pan is extremely easy!!!
505116505116B004N5FG5WA10BAU1962PTFUjenncowa1151308614400Daughter Loves the Super PuffsMy daughter really likes this product. She seems to like all of the Plum Organics products we've tried thus far so I would say this is a pretty safe purchase for those who haven't given it to their baby yet.

This product doesn't "fill her up" but rather helps her develop her hand mouth coordination as I put them on her highchair and she reaches for them and tries to feed herself. She is more skilled at feeding herself the Mum Mums but she is really making progress with the Super Puffs as well. They seem to be softer and dissolve more quickly than Cheerios which I fed my older two as babies...
505133505133B00063411AA2D3J98A8Z4XTChristina6651171584000works great for my poochI prefer dog litter to pee pads. This product works great for my pup & I love that it is more economical & not as environmmentally wasteful as pee pads. It absorbs odors extremely well & I only need to clean & replace the litter once every 7 -10 days!
505117505117B004N5FG5WA2EVUVG1MRLDK4m.lg "the prophet"1151307318400great product for baby!my 10 month old baby loved these puffs! first bought these from babies r us. wanted some safe, healthy finger foods for baby and thought these ideal. i also only seek out organic vegan foods. these have vitamins added to them and enough flavor for baby. getting some greens (which are highly important to eat for all ages) is easy!
505134505134B00063411AAFBV2WYCKUNS7Little G's Mom4441194393600Pretty good productI litter-box trained my small dog almost 7 years ago before there was such a thing as dog litter on the market. (I just used cat litter.) However, the problem with cat litter in my situation was that I kept the litter box outside and when it rained, the cat litter became a sloshy mess. When I saw that this dog litter had come out, I switched in the hope that my dog would be able use it even when it rained (especially during the rainly months -- when you might have a light rain every day or other day). This stuff is pretty good with the rain. In a light rain it will dry up with out much of a problem in the sun. In a heavier rain, the pellets absorb the water and become larger then usual but they do not create a sloshy mess. So my dog can use the box during or after the rain and then it is not so hard to clean out and replace the litter. I only have 3 comments with respect to this litter other than the foregoing: (1) the pellets, in my opinion, are probably a bit too large for dogs with small feet, (I would suggest that they be made smaller or at least more narrow -- it took my dog a while to get use to this), (2) cat litter that clumps really make it much easier to keep the rest of the litter completely clean (although this is not so bad but you end up using more litter because you have to scoop a lot out to make sure that you get all of the waste matter and liquid, and (3) because this does not have clumping properties you probably have to replace this more often because it tends to smell bad more quickly then kitty litter (about once a week). Otherwise, I think this is a pretty good product. I would definitely recommend it for indoor or outdoor use.
505135505135B00063411AA2TSCSF9F1TAYSRNP "RNP"2251204416000Works great!We have a Border Terrier and he was litter trained by the breeder. It works out great!!

1) It is very convenient, especially during bad weather or long work days
1) The litter can be messy
2) If the dog poops in it, it smells horrible
3) Our puppy has had a few occasions when he missed the litter box

Also it has been hard to train our puppy to go to the bathroom outside. He is so use to the litter box that he will actually "hold it" until we go back in the house and than go in his litter box.

Although we've had a few mishaps we have no regrets!! If you have a small dog or puppy I would definitely recommend this!
505136505136B00063411AAV86KNBSEY71SWendy N.2251194566400Great for the working doggie parent.This product is invaluable for those who must leave their small 4-legged friend at home a lot during the day or when the weather is too bad to take them out. I highly recommend this litter.
505137505137B00063411AA1F5GRT66HJHCPLux1131322438400Dogs are not interestedThis product does absorb all the smell but it also makes my dog lose interest, they wont pee/poo in it even when I put it where my dogs go potty, in fact they poo AROUND it.
505138505138B00063411AA22B5ZQQLEX71OCherie1151305244800never used anything elseI bought this nine years ago when I first got my baby before I knew if she would be prone to shredding or otherwise destroying puppy pads or some other "potty" option and have used it ever since - in three residences in two states. My dog is not a shredder or destructive in any way, so if there is any way to make a mess of this, I haven't seen it and can't imagine what it would be. When new, I put her in it every morning (she was too little to crawl in by herself) and she learned very quickly. It works great and no visitor has ever admitted to being able to smell anything from it, (if it is freshly wet and you are standing right over it, you pick up a bit of an ammonia smell, but that's it) so I think I would've been told by now if that were an issue. The "pellets" are about the circumference of a pencil and the slotted scoops work just fine. You don't have to be relentless about scooping every time it is used. The only possible downside is that a bag of it is heavy. My little one is accustomed to "going" outside if she is staying somewhere that doesn't have a box, so don't let thinking you have to use this exclusively deter you from giving it a shot. We walk outside just for exercise and socialization, which is especially nice if it is snowy or raining.
505118505118B004N5FG5WA3BBTE8YAL5E2PELA2370051323216000Yummy!We absolutely love these puffs! My little guy likes to snack on these and so do I! They have a nice slightly sweet appley flavor. They also have the best deal on these on Amazon.
505119505119B004N5FG5WA5NLJP5VG662Zdry skin4711310601600milk allergy alertI bought it since it's the only organic green I found. But when I read the label, it says: "produced in a facility that processes milk, soy and wheat". My son is allergic to milk and I thought I got something nice for. NO. Have to throw them instead. So be ware, if your kids is allergic to milk or soy or wheat, don't buy this product.
505120505120B004N5FG5WA397YONET317GXr defriend0151331164800Power Puff for Digestive Health Leads the Pack!Searching for a low-sugar wheat-free puff to offer my baby girls, I discovered Plum Organics with much joy. Clearly superior to all other major brands of baby puffs for digestive health, who's better than Plum for my family? I've successfully battled to contain a serious digestive disorder called Ulcerative Colitis for over a decade in part by special attention to diet. In that time I've learned even moderate amounts of wheat causes problems by creating an overgrowth of Candida yeast in my system. Some know this as a sensitivity to gluten or sugars, others suffer without realizing as so many foods contain wheat or high amounts of sugar. For me it's cumulative folks, a little in nearly everything really piles up. I notice my body getting too much as soon as I begin to heavily crave breads or sugars. Before you know it, that gummy gluten renders me 90% incapable of absorbing nutrition altogether.

Back to the Puffs... wheat is high in gluten, but the oat and rice based Puff offered by Plum Organics stands out with ingredients more gentle on digestive function. This is in addition to providing all the stuff HappyBaby remains conscious of, like sugar and vitamin content. Rice is gluten-free and minimally processed oat may be too, but many still leave it off the list of gluten-free foods due to typical cross-contamination issues with lots of wheat growing and processed alongside oats. Small amounts are ok with me anyway -- I'm looking for regulation rather than elimination here. So I'm happy to introduce all these foods to my daughters at healthy levels.

How about the sugar content? Super low, and only natural organic fruit, vegetable or cane juice is used (not corn-syrup as another reviewer erroneously reported -- [...]. And can we really get upset about a little blueberry or sweet potato juice temporarily staining a cloth when you account for their health properties? Regulate, read the labels for yourself and take joy in offering your kids a simple, low sugar, high vitamin, low gluten snack.

Oh and must say, I love that they're mainly just puffed air with a fantastic balance of nutrients. 1/2 cup or about 75 pieces per serving keeps my little dears engaged in motor development and feeding skills for a while without concern for dietary imbalance.

Bunch of facts, all packed up to help someone out there enjoy a little extra peace next time they offer Plum Puffs to their kids. Live well!
505121505121B004N5FG5WA2WVMJ2KLXZXC3OTLifer0141311465600Good product funny smell.
505122505122B004N5FG5WA14OBQ9SQVS6G3Kelly0211310515200Kind of smell weird and don't taste greatI am bummed to say this, but they have kind of an odd smell and my baby REFUSES to eat them. She loves other brands of puffs but these she just won't touch :( Wish I hadn't bought 4 package of them!
505123505123B004N5FG5WAZNSBRQ0DS8LKB. Bruster "okie_kansan"2611310688000SUGAR FOR BABIES = NO THANK YOU!As far as taste goes, these are great... but of course they are, they are loaded with sugar!!!!! Organic dried cane syrup sounds like it's okay, but it's just a fancy way of wording the fact that these are made with SUGAR. There are other brands out there (would name them, but do not want the credibility of my review to plummet in case someone thinks I'm "working" for one of these other brands) that sweeten their puffs with fruit juice, a MUCH healthier option over these Plum brand puffs made with sugar. I am disappointed that I bought FOUR of these... save YOUR money and look elsewhere for a healthier option for your child :)
505124505124B004N5FG5WA3B7Z7LVOM0ULGStephanie0321314748800Weird smellI like the idea of vegetables in puffs, because I'm concerned about my son getting enough veggies in his diet. I purchased these thinking they would be like the HappyBaby greens puffs he likes so much. These taste ok, but the smell is absolutely horrible. The first days he ate them I thought he had messed his diaper, and was confused as to why his diaper was empty. I then realized it was the PUFFS! The other Plum Organics puffs smell fine, but these are NAUSEATING!
505125505125B000IXWDFOA15G5ITZKKI5WZXtraSaltNLime1151334361600For that insane chocolate fixI bought this for my sweetheart for valentines day. He is a no fuss kinda guy. He loved it. He sticks them in the freezer and munched for weeks. Great value for all the bars you get. Chocolately goodness maximized.
505126505126B000IXWDFOA3G4A7L47T15H5Marsha Ambrose1151321920000grandchildren love themI love them, the grandchildren love them and I have spent much less than buying them retail at the local store.
505127505127B002IF239QAA394CGT3GNYHJust213121251257379200Almost like homeI am from Baton Rouge, LA and currently working overseas. I loved them. They weren't dry or too sweet, very creamy and had a good amount of pecans. I have had better when they are fresh or less expensive. For what it was worth and considering my options I am very satisfied with this pecan candy. One person here compared it to caramel fudge, if that helps.
505128505128B002IF239QA2O421DTA8J0RWDogs & Horses "Spanish Norman Horses"0051349222400Fresh and SUPER fast shipping from seller!Having returned from New Orleans and realizing I had not brought home nearly enough pralines, I turned to online sources for my addiction. These arrived in good condition, not broken up during shipping and they were fresh. Creamy and melty when you take the first bite and loads of pecans. The shipping was amazingly fast for a non Prime order and I will definately come back to order more in the future.
505129505129B000LRH7WQA1O74B4R4NPX2XAlice Jeanne Matsinger1111216166400no response from vendor!When I received the product, the item said "spread" and not "tapenade". So, I wrote email to parthenon and received no response to find out if this was the same. I mentioned the instructions on the jar also said I had to add oil every time used and wondered if this was also true. I will not buy from them again. Thanks but no thanks. Alice Jeanne Matsinger
505130505130B00063411AA2BVZHTC1RDKRJStephen Scott "S & J Scott"202041112832000Love the Doggie Litter System!During the frigid winter, we brought home two toy fox terrier/pug mixes, and this has helped out immensely! At 1.4 pounds, they were to small to go outside to go potty, so they could go in the litter pan anytime they had to go. We had very little difficulty in teaching the dogs where to go. It is ideal for us, because we work longs shifts and are not home on some days for 10+ hours. Great for those who just moved, or are about to move to new construction home sites--it keeps the dogs out of the mud and dirt! The dogs do tend to eat the litter, but it is not harmful, and their stool is not difficult to pass when they have digested it. And, as the dogs have grown, we have gotten progressively bigger with the size of the litter pan. I would not recommend this for a larger size dog!
505131505131B00063411AAEWZPF08ET35YFlannel Pajamas222341236470400Here are some hints to help you transition or make the best out of pellet training your dog.I can't really complain about a system that gives me peace of mind when I'm not at home. My dog is 10 lbs and 11-months old. I wouldn't recommend this product if you have a dog that's more than 30 pounds. I would say a miniature spaniel or small cockerspaniel would be the top sized dog you'd want to use a litter box with. But then again, if you have a large space like a connecting garage or a very large kitchen area and have space for an extra large tray, it could probably work too.

Although I don't use my litter box outdoors, I can see this as a useful potty aid if you don't want your dog to mess up your outside garden area. I'm thinking about adding a box outside because I don't have a lawn, and it's mostly concrete and dirt.

My dog still enjoys his walks, and DOES go poop and pee outside in the park lawn whenever I take him. He also goes inside his litter box, but it's not as preferable for him. He will still pee on my carpet when he's roaming around and not near the litter box. So my dog, even at 11 months old is not completely housebroken. He's not a very smart dog, so I don't think he ever will be housebroken. If you have a dog like mine, this might be your best solution.

If I know that he has just eaten or drank a lot of water, I bring him back to the litter box after a couple of hours (which is in my laundry room) and close the door for a while or wait until he goes. This is the only way to make sure he doesn't have accidents. If your dog is paper trained or pad trained, you should follow the "transition" instructions on the Purina website. My dog has only used the litter box since birth, but when he discovered the lawn, he never quite liked the litter box as much.

So here is the best way to use this litter.

1. Only line the bottom of the tray with a small layer, just enough to cover the bottom. This will save you A LOT of litter and cash in your pocket. The instructions wants you to put in at least an inch of pellets. I found it very wasteful and heavy to pick up and clean as well.

2. The second most important reason why you want just a THIN layer is because it's always best to replace your litter often. This makes for less waste.

3. When your dog pees on the pellets, they swell up and you can tell which pellets have been soaked. If you're careful, you can use a small scooper to clean that portion out and replace it with fresh pellets.

4. Also clean up poop out of the litter box on a daily basis or as soon as your dog poops. This will prevent a smelly room, and encourage your dog to go back in the litter box. My dog barks when there's poop in the box and tells me to clean it when he's in his room at night. (He literally drags me out of bed with his barking!) I just use some toilet paper to pick it up, and flush the poop down the toilet. This saves on biodegradable poop bags and again, puts a little cash back in your pocket.

5. If you bought the Petco Blue litter box tray, there's some tricky placement to consider due to the foot ledge that sticks out. Do read my review on the Petco blue litter box tray or remember these tips:

a. NEVER put the box flush against the wall. This won't allow your dog ample space to roam around the litter box before it actually pees or poops. This will limit the number of accidents outside of the box. Also, if you have a male dog with a marking problem, you will see lots of urine on the floor next to the wall.

b. Face the foot ledge toward the wall, (if your room is narrow and long like a laundry room...this is where we put our tray) and leave some space between the foot ledge and the wall for your dog to walk around.

c. Be prepared to sop up pee on the foot ledge. This will be a common place for your dog to have a pee or poop accident. Still...better on the ledge than on the floor. The blue raised circles on the foot ledge makes it difficult to clean urine. I have to fold up my paper towels and sop around the circles.

d. Always use a doggie cleaner on the foot ledge after you clean up an accident on the foot ledge. Your room will start to smell if you don't.

e. If you don't want to struggle with this seemingly difficult foot ledge, try the actual PURINA tray. I think the trick is to have a high edge around the tray, so the dog is not tempted to be partially outside the tray when it is going pee or poop.

f. Wash your tray every week or at least every two weeks. No matter how often you empty your pellets, the smell still gets on the tray itself. There just isn't a perfect sanitary system. I guess not having a dog is the perfect sanitary system! :-)

6. Pellet bags are heavy...especially the 25 pound bag. I bought a plastic bowl to help me scoop the pellets out and control the amount that goes in the tray. No one wants to scoop the pellets BACK into the bag from a dirty tray after the fact. Get the will actually save you money by controlling the amount of pellets that go into the tray, AND your back in the long run.

7. To avoid your dog from chewing on the pellets, especially in the wee morning hours when it starts to get hungry, leave some treats around his room a night. Be prepared to sweep up pellets on occasion. A bored and hungry dog, makes for a naughty dog.

8. If you are transitioning your dog, make sure you put some of his urine soaked pads or newspapers inside the box so he can smell it in the early stages. Your dog should adjust in about a week or two.

Good Luck!
505139505139B00063411AA2Z2THXZTAV4D0Kathleen Hagen1151294963200Second Nature Dog LitterI started using Purina Second Nature dog litter one day after I brought my puppy home from the breeder at 8 weeks old. Within 3 days he was trained to use the litter box. I thought this product was a bit expensive for litter. But I soon found out that it was worth it. I used various cheaper brands over a period of a few months in order to save money. Found that they weren't as absorbent and untrackable. But most important of all was the odor. THERE WAS NONE. Some that I tried actually stunk out the house and had to be thrown away immediately. I refuse to use anything other than Second Nature because I'm satisfied with the results.
505140505140B00063411AANU0MJATS8S3J. Lee1151208131200Dog LoverMy dog uses a litter box and although strange to most people, it is awesome for me. The price on Amazon is the same or maybe a little more than the pet store but the shipping was free (when I bought a bunch of items) and saved me the hectic trip to the pet store. Plus the bag is heavy, it was worth getting. In terms of the "quality"... I have been using Purina's brand for 5 years. They are the only real competitors who make/sell dog litter. My dog hates cat litter. The only complaint I would have is that over the years, the size of the pellets gets smaller which makes the litter not last as long. I liked it when the pellets were bigger, but maybe it's better for smaller dogs??

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