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505531505531B000VTQB6WA3K62FAIWLPWGOWDO Photo1151303257600My dog LOVES itMy husband and I have a 3 year old chihuahua/ Mexican Hairless mix. Like many hairless dogs, he's prone to skin problems like dryness, irritation, and pimples. Our vet recommended that we try switching him from Eagle Pack to a grain-free dog food and adding a fish oil supplement. We swiched to Wellness Core (Poultry) a few months ago, and his skin has definitely improved. Best of all, he loves it!
505532505532B000VTQB6WA3ROJ8I48TI8MZSarah12341151289174400Excellent dry dog foodWe started our rescue dog on this food a few months after getting him. He was on a lower-quality food prior to that, and we also tried one other high-quality, grain-free food. The other high quality food seemed to have too many ingredients for him, his stools were not consistent. However, as soon as we got him on Wellness he did extremely well, his stools have been perfect since then, his constant tearing and tear stains have disappeared, and we get lots of compliments on his gorgeous coat. He never leaves any food on his plate, and he is a very healthy, happy dog on Wellness Core!
505533505533B000VTQB6WA3QDITMY3OOYRPL. BLOUIN1151275436800Amazing product! A+++++This is great food for dogs! My dogs usually weren't too enthusiastic about dry food, but they eat this stuff without any problems. I love that it is very healthy for them and grain-free with no undesirable ingredients. I supplement their food with salmon oil, so I'm happy to feed them this product, which has a reduced amount of fat. I also mix this dry food with other premium dry food or premium can food sometimes. I really enjoy providing my dogs with a variety of highly-palatable food that is good for them. One of my dogs had skin/allergy problems, and the healthy diet with reduced grains and increased omega oils has completely healed her skin and made her coat softer. This Wellness CORE Grain-free Dry Dog Food, Reduced Fat Recipe, is the one premium dry dog food that I mix with everything my dogs eat (with added salmon oil most of the time, although I did test them to see if they would eat it without the salmon oil, and they did). I highly recommend this wonderful product. A+++++
505534505534B000VTQB6WA3B9SZTLF6IWDUEphrem3451340668800NOT Produced at Diamond - Do Not be "Conned" by Other ReviewersThis is a great dog food and our dogs do very well on it. Particularly, no gassiness as with some other brands. Another reviewer mistakenly said that this food was made by Diamond Pet Foods, who have been experiencing product recalls. I took the time to email Wellness and asked them if this Core Dry dog food is produced at Diamond Pet Foods. Here is their official response: "CORE was never made at Diamond. We have spent the last 2 years expanding production at our Mishawaka, Indiana facility to bring the majority of our production into our own WellPet facilities. Our facility includes a state-of-the-art onsite quality and safety laboratory and advanced extrusion systems all designed to produce the most nutritious, high-quality natural pet food possible, with a focus on food safety and compliance with regulations. Our goal is to have all of our dry food made in Mishawaka buy the end of 2012. If the CORE is not made at Mishawaka it is made at American Nutrition or Vitaline."

So do not be duped by ignorant reviewers who are quick to spread misinformation and do not take the time to back up what they are saying. I hope everyone who has second thoughts now has them dispelled.
505535505535B000VTQB6WA29068J0K1GSWRDale3451327968000Great food, but better prices elsewhereMy dog really seems to like this food, and it treats her well. She has never had an upset stomach or anything from this. When I switched to this food vs a cheaper food, she shed a lot less and her coat is much smoother. But, I get the product about $8 cheaper ordering through petcarerx. I love Amazon and shop here frequently, but they are not competitively priced for this product.
505536505536B000VTQB6WA6OSDNASR0BVXMaine Colonial3451319932800The right stuffWhen we got our dog (rescue mutt) I did a lot of research about dog food, which helped me tremendously with how to analyze the ingredient list to find the right food. But doing that research still leaves you with a pretty decent-sized list of high-quality foods. I've tried several and our dog definitely has her own opinions. She was fine with some for awhile, but then got tired of them, Blue Buffalo being one example. Others she just turned her nose up at right from the start--surprisingly including Taste of the Wild, which most dogs seem to be crazy about. But the Wellness CORE original recipe has been something she's liked consistently for a long time now.

She's never had any allergy issues with this product, her eyes and coat look great, she has tons of energy and, thank heavens, no gas. In the fall and winter she eats windfall apples and the stench is beyond belief, so I'm grateful that the rest of the year the Wellness CORE keeps her gas-free!

If you're looking for a high-quality, grain-free dry food for your dog, give Wellness CORE a try.
505537505537B000VTQB6WA22T2IFBAUMVYEBecky0051351036800Tasty kibbles for my poochI have one picky eater pooch. On top of that, she has a sensitive stomach. That being said, this kibble is perfect. No harsh ingredients to upset her tummy, yet it tastes good enough that she wolfs it down. I love the fact that it is grain free, and I love that I can get it shipped on a regular basis!
505538505538B000VTQB6WAIF18M7YBOIGJBridget0031350950400confused by reviewsI am confused by the reviews for the different types of food from Wellness Core because they are all the same. When reviewing the Ocean Blend, it is the exact same review for the Reduced Fat and Original. I have had my 6 year old golden retriever on the Ocean Blend for 6 months and she has gained 10 pounds! Nothing else has changed in her life and I was even feeding her a reduced amount because I feel the recommended feeding is always too much (duh! buy more!). In researching the Reduced Fat option, I found no difference in the reviews. Seems odd. I will be going back to a Raw diet as she never had a weight problem while she was on it. I switched her because I honestly hate dealing with the Raw food.....but it obviously was a better choice.
505539505539B000VTQB6WA1JH27PI2MPQ80M. Lucille Underwood0051350691200Super - Top NotchThe dogs love CORE. My son's dog was given a choice of CORE and another dog food. He ate the CORE and left the other dog food in the bowl.
505540505540B000VTQB6WADL6LIYX03AQGMaria Liza DeMaio0051350172800My Maltese loves it!Sashie loves this dog food. For some reason, she tires of her other dog food I have tried. So far, she's still eating this one & seems to look forward 2 dinner time.
505541505541B000VTQB6WA18KR83EKNBPZ3E. MCNAMARA0051350172800Well Balanced MealI feed my small dogs twice a day alternating between the low fat dry and regular dry food adding a little bit of canned for additional flavor. I guess the clue that is is good is the excitement my dogs dipslay when I head their way at feeding time. I prefer the grain free food.
505542505542B000VTQB6WA1XEO0U9V7V6Z4greyhoundhappy0051350086400No more vets!I have been feeding this to my dogs for about six months. One year ago my female greyhound was dealing with a rash on her stomach and infections on her feet. I thought I was feeding her a quality dog food. But I was taking her to the vet almost every month. She took antibiotics for almost four months to get rid of the infections. This made her lose her appetite. Then I started her on Wellness Core. She loves it and so does my other greyhound and shephard mix. After six months my female greyhound has no infections of any kind and my male greyhound has a black, shiney coat. My shephard mix is happy and calm. All the dogs love this food. None have skipped a meal since I started using it. I am happy because I am going to the vet only for yearly shots. This dog food is great.
505543505543B000VTQB6WA11NMY7BK57T6Exue jiao0051348531200LOVE IT!my dog loves this dog food :) I think feeding my dog a good quality dog food is very important!
505544505544B000VTQB6WA12PCFKN5CDT97T. Martinez "Amazon Fan"0051346803200So Far This Dog Food Is A WinnerMy husband researched dog foods as we looked for one to transition our puppy => dog. Our vet encouraged us to go off the puppy food and because our rough-and-tumble aussie has a sensitive digestive tract we only wanted to do this once. He likes the food and amnz has a great price. We used a website that analyzes dog food on nutritional properties and we wanted to be sure the local "big box" pet supplier carried it in case we didn't get our order in time. It does smell fishy and that can be a bit rough for the morning scoping but that is really the only down side so far.
505545505545B000VTQB6WA17R4425GJTWO3ResearchGuru "ResearchGuru"0051346112000Wellness Core Puppy Dry FoodI spent HOURS researching dog food. I had it down to Wolf Pup, Taste of Wild, and this Wellness Core. WC was my last choice as I researched that some dogs can be allergic to chicken. I asked the vet, and she said it's true, but she wouldn't say it's common. She said to go with chicken and save the lamb and bison as alternatives IF she would become allergic. So then WC became my #1 choice. It's grain free which I liked. So we picked up the food, picked up our new puppy and started the half and half with the dog food the breeder was giving. After all the research I almost cried as I poured in the "other brand" (knowing how bad all the fillers/corn/garbage was in the other stuff). So we only went two days with the mixing, then I went to straight WCore. She did great (7 and half weeks at this point)! Never had any digestion problems, never had any loose stools. I am hoping for the miracle food that everyone is claiming that it will produce much better fur and low dander. We've bathed her 3 times in one week (I know, a bit compulsive) and she has no skin problems. She is a little over 8 lbs. now, and just moved up to about a cup a day. So they do eat less than the typical dog food. The "other brand" was recommending almost 2 cups while WC was right on track with what she was eating at 1 cup/ day (divided into thirds or fourths throughout the day). So I feel a little better spending the extra money knowing that it's lasting me longer than the typical bag of "other brand" dog food. Love that the ingredients are healthy! The only hangup I had was a comment I had read that their dog didn't like it. I wasn't spending sixty dollars to find out she didn't like it. I called customer service and she explained I would have a money back guarantee. So that sealed the deal. Our lab mix loves it, and we haven't looked back.
Update: She is now 9 weeks old and only needing a bath once a week. She no longer has that "dog smell". It has to be the food. :)
505546505546B000VTQB6WA193U3271AU3I5JimL0051345420800Wellness DOGHave been feeding our dogs this food for a couple of years now. Recommended by Vet. Dogs maintain healthy weight, and seem to have less alergies.
505547505547B000VTQB6WA13CU0SH63B15RMerry Bear0051344556800Excellent Dog FoodAfter trying several quality dog food brands we discovered Wellness Grain-Free CORE Original. Both Golden Retriever and Welsh Springer Spaniel love and thrive on this food with no weight gains, itching or allergies. They like it both wet or dry and never seem to tire of it. Expensive but worth having healthy happy dogs.
505548505548B000VTQB6WA1P91BNTGGDSG8Linda Gableman0051342915200A difference I can see.I recently switched to this food for my three dogs, an eight year old chocolate Lab, a ten year old miniature Dachshund and a one year old miniature Chihuahua. They all like it. The lab has actually left food in her bowl, but just because she is satisfied with less. She goes to her feeding eagerly but doesn't finish it all. The doxie has always been greedy, but now leaves the leftovers alone if I keep an eye on her. The littlest has been a free feeder from the start and may actually be eating a little more than before. The most important difference I see is their energy levels, the older ones are acting like puppies again. Their coats are shiny and thick, even the Chihuahua has thick fur now! I had hoped they would do well on a grain free diet, and this is even better than I expected. I have put this food on a subscribe and save basis so I will never run out!
505549505549B000VTQB6WA2JAUOU9RQ4RRUWilliam0051341532800Top of the line dog food.Nowadays I have my dog on the Raw/Prey diet. However, I still keep wellness in stock and handy on days where I cannot prepare her meal. The reason is simple, Wellness is top of the line dry dog food.

Taking a quick glance at their ingredients and you will see the major difference between Wellness and your average, everyday, popular and cheap dog food.

However, don't just take my word for it. I encourage everyone do their own research and read about all the great benefits and possible cons associated with Wellness.
505550505550B000VTQB6WAMW422EM35TXMJ. G.0051341532800Love at first bite for my girlWell, after several different tries at different foods, I finally did some research this morning and decided to try Wellness Core. I bought the Ocean one since my dog (a 10 year old smooth coat collie) loves fish. I really think that is why she has always loved to get into the cat's kibble... she likes fish!

She has allergies to corn and wheat I think. Her skin was always a problem for years. I finally started giving her fish oil and later olive oil on her food.

She has never liked any dry kibble I've given her, and I admit I've given her some poor quality foods not knowing it (Beneful, Pedigree, Nutrish...etc.)

Well, I went and bought the Wellness Core this morning, walked in at lunch and she FOLLOWED me, sniffing the bag (can she really smell it through that bag?)

I dumped out the Rachael Ray Nutrish that had been sitting in her bowl since YESTERDAY, and put 1 cup of this Wellness Core Ocean in her bowl. She went right up to it, took one piece out, put it on the floor and ate it... took another piece out, put it on the floor and ate it.. and then proceeded to put her head in the bowl and eat it all up! She then drank some water, went and lay down, and did NOT BOTHER ME while I was eating a turkey sandwich! Wow.

I am so hopeful that this food is the answer for her.
505551505551B000VTQB6WA1ZUOB4QMP8NRYBoxermom0051341360000Finally GI friendly foodWe've had an adopted Boxer for nearly 2 years and despite starting with great Wellness brand products that were corn free our boxer had horrendous GI issues. No amount of pumpkin, yogurt, oil, or fiber was changing things, and the vet was happy we came in for not infrequent Ova/parasite checks which were all negative.

After trying all of the Wellness brand combos we tried Core Fish and our dog loves the taste, and for once isn't the poop-ing-est dog at the dog park. It's not cheap and absolutely I'm sure there are other options for most dogs, but if you have a Boxer or sensitive stomached dog and are used to being the person with 5 poop bags all the time give it a try if you have the budget.
505552505552B000VTQB6WA39IPY0H49RTBXMurleen Goodrich0051337299200Dog FoodOur Heeler is 12 years old, and up to now we've always fed Nutro to her with excellent results. Lately however, with the onset of old age, she has gotten weak and listless and had to be coaxed into eating. One day I decided to try a new brand of food to see if it would at least help her appetite. I did my research and Wellness Grain-Free CORE food always came out with 10 stars. I bought a bag and immediately our dog began to eat again. I can't say enough good about the results of this food with our dog. She has energy again, and even though her endurance is what you'd expect from an old dog, she is happy and eager to go on short walks. The ingredients are top of the line, and it even has a pleasant odor. It was a lifesaver for our old pooch.
505553505553B000VTQB6WAFCG2VVY4XU3LThomas Wood0051337040000GREAT FOOD FOR ALERGIES!Our lab has developed an allergy to chicken over tha past 6 months. We have had a very hard time finding a food that does NOT contain ANY chicken or poultry by products! This one does not. It;s great, only warning is the fishy smell of it, but you get used to it after a while!
505554505554B000VTQB6WA4D3DTLY259CKAmazon Man0051336867200Healthy Dog!This is a great product. Although my dog would prefer some tasty wet food, my mind is at ease when he eats this healthy, grain free dog food. The best part about getting this dog food was that I didn't even have to get off the couch to order it and it was on my doorstep in 2 days with AMAZON PRIME!!!!
505555505555B000VTQB6WA2F5WXN22W59ZVDOG LOVER IN OHIO0051335830400GREAT DOG FOODThe Wellness grain-free dry dog food recently ordered from is very nutritious. My mini schnauzer never wanted to eat dry dog food until I started give her Wellness, which I had originally purchased for the newest member of our family, a Border Collie, who also loves it! The product was well packaged and came in only two days. I highly recommend it!
505556505556B000VTQB6WA2IWMK5SLEJT5XC. Sawyer0041333843200Good stuffAlthough my picky dog does not like this, all the other dogs that visit my home do. I dog sit so I like to have extra food for them just in case. My dog Snickers doesn't seem to like any dry food until another dog came to stay with us for awhile and he had Kibbles and Bits and Snickers loved it but the other dog ate all of the Core and wouldn't touch his Kibbles and Bits. So I gave the half used bag of Core to his owner. Core is made of very good stuff and just because my picky little Snickers doesn't like it, I would not hesitate to recommend it.
505557505557B000VTQB6WA3RNRXOM5J2C93Jeffrey E. Cornett0051332892800Wellnes Dry Dog FoodGood quality and our dogs will eat it. Many dry dog foods they just turn their noses up to.
505558505558B000VTQB6WA1HEQ4L5NCP9XNcoleen kelley marks0051332547200Wellness Core Grain-free Lo-fat dry dog foodExcellent, high-quality dog food for my sweet rescue lab mix who has epileptic seizures & must have extremely good-quality food. I highly recommend this food & this price is the lowest for a 26 pound bag. Cheaper than all of the local stores, with no shipping charge!!!
505559505559B000VTQB6WA3H5AGU8ZTYP0MCMK0051324252800Grain-free for low-activity dogsThis is a great choice if your schedule/budget/dog's appetite doesn't allow for raw food or a freeze-dried solution. If you're on this page, chances are you've read about feeding your dog a natural, grain-free diet to combat issues with your dog's health, most commonly skin-related. Many dogs have a grain "allergy," causing itchiness and rash, which is often wiped out by switching to a grain-free diet.

My dog doesn't do the raw thing, being an old man and set in his ways, and so he prefers kibble. I've personally never fed him anything but grain-free food, and hardly ever notice him scratching or biting at his skin. He absolutely loves this food, and being old and lazy having a low-fat alternative is great for his activity level. There are many grain-free choices out there, so I would personally highly recommend trying different kinds to see what your dog likes - I have to admit that I haven't seen many low-fat grain-free kibble products, so this is the one I went with. Couldn't be happier, especially with Prime shipping!
505560505560B000VTQB6WA2PYIZIZ2FTAL8Julie Greatorex "Julie"0051321747200Wellness Core Dog FoodI am frim believer in feeding my pets premium dog food. I have been through a few different kind, and Wellness Core is fantasic. I have a high energy Cardigan Welsh Corgi,and she loves the food. I love that it is not grained based, she has a very shiny, healthy coat. eats less, and has less stool. It is well worth the money. Amazon by far has the best prices on all dog and cat food, and most of it will qualify for free shipping.

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