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506614506614B005HH1JPQAMRMK86X3PKXDR. Thomasson1141336953600Light Delicate CookieThe Henry Lambertz Inc Cookie, Coco-Fluer is a very delicate and light cookie. The base cookie is coconut flavored, very thin and crispy. It is coated with dark chocolate and sprinkled with unsweetened coconut. There are just a handful of cookies in the package and way more box than is necessary to hold them, even considering trying to avoid breakage. The flavor is good, but O would have preferred natural coconut flavor rather than artificial in the cookie.
506615506615B004746TFUA33K4X0MQL5NF4D. Lynn Holt0031348963200Decent, not greatI have had to start limiting my intake of caffeine so I thought I would try different brands to see which one tasted the best out of all the ones available. This coffee just ranked adequate in my opinion. The best one I have found so far is Folgers. Of course, preferred coffees are so numerous and people's tastes are so varied it would difficult to rule any one out until they are tasted. IMO, Stewart's decaffeinated is just so-so.
506616506616B001EPPYJWACTIZXXOXOKPMJeff Landau "Jeff"0021349308800My mistake. I thought it was the beanI am used to purchasing Papua New Guinea locally, in the bean and fresh. And possibly not the dark roast? They run out periodically so I tried this. I found this product stale, lacking depth, 2 dimensional, and -very Strong-. Ok if the amount is controlled or mixed with another roast such as decaf Sumatra. I would not recommend this.
506617506617B000VK6TGIA145IN9FBZNSLJaye Faye1831252713600Guess I won't buy againMy dog seems to like this just fine and dandy. She's happy to eat it but I don't like the fact that it is so mushy. She's not a big dog and it takes her forever to lap the food up. Yes, I know, it's probably good exercise having to work to eat her food but I don't like to have to work to eat my food so I don't want her to either.
506618506618B000VK6TGIA17V9XL4CWTQ6GChandler11912051245196800Gold standard...Years of research on my part...When I found myself the owner of a dog so smart that I could tell her to unlock the car door and she could do it ( I kid you not, Biscit has the brain of a human 4 year old...) I began to look at animals differently...she truly became even more my my "baby" each day.

Now let me backtrack into the day I decided to begin researching dog food with this baby in my life...

I was a physician recruiter and had to visit a hospital in a town in Texas where they have more cows per capital than anywhere else in the U.S. in order to utilize them for human consumption. I had several tours of this town and found out by the owners of several companies that it was no accident one of the largest dog food manufacturers is also here. (It is not Newmans own...bear with me)

At first that sounds good to you, doesnt' it? That they must be using, for this other company, food grade meat in their dog food? Well, I personally, first hand, watched bull dozers pick up dying and dead cattle. I was proudly told how smart it was that THESE cows are then taken to the dog food plant. (remember, this is NOT Newman's Own, it was what lead me to find Newman's Own) (!) I had many conversations about they dont find out what's wrong with the cows. They are the cancerous, diseased, unhealthy cows that go into this other maker's food. I was appalled. And yes, I was told how great it was because they buy them for nothing from the cattle company and no they aren't supposed to...but they can and they were ever so proud.

Fast forward to a couple years ago with the dog food recall when pets were dying from diseased meat being in their food because of this very reason...cows with diseases so bad that it made pets die got into many brands of the cheap commerical dog foods.

The reason why Newman's Own was one of a handful of companies who had no recall? They are one of the few companies that use FDA certified HUMAN GRADE meat. See label.

Yep, they are allowed to put things that are not allowed to be eaten by humans in most other dog foods...unless you find a company that uses food grade meat. Most people dont know this!

Better yet, Newmans' own uses organic.

I'll be honest, I dont use this food all the time. I learned about it from someone who shows Pomeranians and uses this because her dogs coats look better because it helps their health. I actually make a lot of my dog's food after my day at the cattle plant that I unwittingly visited. But I am not always long on time and when I find myself there, I use these or a dry dog food that's organic and human grade from Flint River Ranch, another company a vet told me about.

Okay so on to my studies for the past 5 years in dog health. This became fascinating to me...many vets found that many health related issues with dogs began (or multiplied) when commercial dog foods began being made for convenience. Think about it...not only are they suddenly not getting food grade food unless you buy something like Newman's Own, but humans are told how bad processed food is, yet dogs eat the same thing each day, processed food. Many vets are on board to change this in spite of the fact that most veterinary schools are funded by the major dog food figure that out...

(p.s. in the old days dogs got table scraps...but these table scraps were in the days before humans ate processed foods with artificial ingredients and dogs eating the meats and vegetables were healthier than today when we buy special food for them! But bear with me...Newman's Own has changed all this!)

So anyhoo...the best place for info is to go to dog shows and ask about diet because health is studied here for coat and longevity and ease in litters etc when it's thier living and life. I have yet to meet a champion who eats commercial dog food unless it's organic with the balance of minerals,veg, good carbs, etc. like Newman's Own. Many also do a raw diet with veg and brown rice.)

Many of the minerals needed in the commercial brands are actually added then baked out and many have cornmeal as the main ingredient because it's cheapest...

if you look at the nutritional info on Newman's own, even if you don't care that it's human grade and organic, you will see that the balance of protein, vitamin, minerals, etc is ALL the exact measure now studied by dog health experts as ideal. This is hard to find.

So, should you, too, have a dog that is a member of the family, my 5 years of research has led me to praise the Newman's Own label (even for what I eat for myself in their other HUMAN grocery products!) and if you want to supplement this dog food with home cooked meals the best guide to curing your dog through a diet natural to what they need is Dr Pitcairn's book of natural health for dogs and cats. (get the most recent edition if you do; he updates them the more he researches.) He's studied this far more than I'll ever be able to and is a top vet who teaches other vets about what they dont learn in vet school: major PREVENTATIVE measures through natural diet.

He began his own quest when someone brought in either a wolf or coyote and he made the connection that whenever he saw wild dogs they didn't have teeth with tartar build up and so many health issues that our house dogs who aren't outside as much wind up with--then he started tracing back to when some of the cancers and skin problems etc began and it was with the emergence of commercial cheap dog food. Coyotes get veg from the tummies of what they kill, there are minerals, things they need from bones, there are things that naturally prevent tartar, fleas etc that we have removed from the diet of our house dogs. (my own dogs now have coats so shiny strangers comment each time I take them out...and p.s. we live in the woods and they have no fleas!)

I, personally, have helped friends CURE "health" issues in their pets that were actually food issues that their vets kept "treating" without ever suggesting they change to a natural diet. They spent tons on medicine for skin problems etc then at my prodding gave them GOOD dog food and "cured" them!

Newmans Own has taken dog food out of the profit center and into care. While it can't cure all ails as much as balanced vitamin enriched homemade food may in my opinion, it is a staple in my pantry. I also use Flint River Ranch at the recommendation of my vet who studies the same issues. He loves them both.

I am a raving fan.

and, p.s. no I have no monetary interest in this company which isI why I also recommended other food options and brands...but I care enough about animals to be long-winded due to my years of study on it.
506619506619B000VK6TGIA3PKD2GXWBP7W2Straight Shot292951208563200No meat by-products, good and safe, Turkey & Chicken Dog FoodEveryone knows about tainted pet food from China.

Newman's Own is a branding that I can trust, and this one is a real winner. Newman's is what I would make if I were making it for my own family, as in you can trust that it is great tasting, good for you and safe to eat. I'm very pleased that the Newman's line was extended from people food to pet food.

When it comes to moist dog food every single choice on the market has meat by-products except Newman's Own. My 3-month old puppy goes crazy for this, as well as for the Chicken-only Newman's canned dog food variety. In fairness he would probably go crazy over meat by-products too. While they *may* never hurt his health, I won't give him any, that lucky dog.

One other finding: When you open almost any moist dog food you smell "dog food". When you open Newman's Chicken or Chicken & Turkey you smell meat. It actually smells good. Imagine that.
506620506620B000VK6TGIAJ0KMUCSHSSMZKathie "ecclesias"202051198540800My little yorkie is 14 years old and developed digestive problems a couple of years agoMy vet gave him a prescription diet which helped him tremendously but he HATED it and wouldn't eat it until he just couldn't stand being hungry any more. With my vet's okay, I started mixing just a little of other types of canned food with the prescription but after a few days I could see he wasn't feeling well and his problems began to return. Finally, I picked up a can of Newman's organic and mixed that with his prescription. Not only did he like it, he was fine! I can't give him this alone - he still must have the prescription - but as long as it is at least half the prescription mixed in, he can eat it every day and he is fine! I was so happy! And so was my little dog!
506621506621B000VK6TGIATKC23BG2B0R7Dave131351282694400Certified organic liver for my dog! I'm very glad this product is on the market.UPDATE:
The company determined that the product I received was defective in some way. They speculated it got too hot during storage or shipping. They replaced it for me at no charge. Everything is good. The replacement food is great.

Here's my original review after a little editing, including further details of the resolution:

I have been buying the "Organic Liver for Dogs" from my local store. The consistency (firmness and uniformity) of the product had been good. So I ordered a case of it from Amazon. When it arrived, I opened two cans immediately, excited to give my dog some more organic beef liver. However, both cans contained small pellets of something (liver?) and water. It was nothing at all like the same product that I have been purchasing locally, even though the label is the same and it is sold as the same product.

I wasn't even sure if it was safe to feed it to my dog. The cans from Amazon are simply liquid plus a handful of pellets.

As I look through the reviews now, I see there is a consistency problem with Newman's Own Organics pet foods. Some batches appear OK, but some are not edible (even by dogs). I sense a serious quality control problem.

Unfortunately, Amazon doesn't allow returns of this product. I opened two cans. Now I have the rest of the case that I'm afraid to feed to my dog. I can shake all the cans and hear that they are all liquid plus pellets (as opposed to the firm liver puree that was in the cans I purchased locally).

UPDATE: I wrote the company and they quickly resolved the issue for me by sending me a new order at no cost. The new order has arrived now and the product is fine. It has the proper consistency. It looks exactly like the very good quality dog food that I was used to when I purchased this brand locally. So everything is resolved for me.

I give the food itself a 5 star rating. Where else can one find certified organic beef liver for dogs in a convenient form and at a fair price? I think this product is the best available to me at this time, so it has to be rated 5 stars.
I give the customer service from Newman's Own Organics a 5 star rating as well.
I have a few reservations about quality control, based not only on my own experience, but on what I read in other reviews here. Fortunately, the company will stand behind its product and resolve any issues. Therefore, the lowest rating I could give for quality control would be 3 stars.
Overall, I think I would rate the product 4.5 stars. Since the customer service was so outstanding and the product is the best I have found of this type, I'll round up to 5 stars.
506611506611B001EO5TSEA2FD0N9BA4RQLKM. hallman "BornOutOfTheBox"1151298160000Great tasting, vegetarian and quick!Made this soup and decided to jazz it up with what i had laying around (can of Rotel, celery, proscuitto, and Cannelli beans) which made it even better. It's great on it's own but if you want a heartier meal then you can embellish with whatever you have in the fridge. Hubby loved it and the kids ate with abandon. Doesn't get better then this.
506612506612B001EO5TSEA1D90ZIOLEBNDAMeromorphchick "Meromorphchick"1151243209600Delicious!Loved this soup. It's very hearty for a dried-mix soup, or any soup in general. Tastes great, low calorie, and vegan!
506613506613B001EO5TSEAAT669KMZECC2free4vr0041349913600Spicy shiitake soup lives up to name.It is rare to find spicy organic soup mixes. The FungusAmongUs organic soup folks have found a niche product and I for one am thankful. I like to "supplement" the mix by adding diced carrots, perhaps two medium carrots. Another time, I used leftover beans. If you like soup with a bold flavor, you will like this soup mix. Great with some garlic bread for a meal. Also have put some grated Swiss or Gruyere cheese on top of soup.
506622506622B000VK6TGIAS9BM0ZQOXMCYLarry202211281225600Must have been a contaminated batchWe bought a case of 12 12 oz cans back in April. Just now opened the first can. Wow. Consistency of vomit, grayish tinge, and a vile odor. Opened a second can -- exactly the same. No way were we going to feed it to our dog. Something was clearly wrong.

We've been buying Newman's Own dog food for the last two years (since we got a dog) and never experienced anything like this. Interesting to look back at the reviews here and see three from the April - May timeframe that sound like there may have been similar issues for others around the same time we made our purchase. Guessing there must have been a production run that resulted in contaminated product. We've reported the issue to both Newman's Own and the FDA.
506623506623B000VK6TGIA2416W8RO0W71CElizabeth A. Casatelli "Brown Dog"121251212451200Perfect Dog FoodMy Pomeranian has a very sensitive digestive system and I could never find a food that I knew would provide him both great nutrition, taste and no allergic reaction. Until this canned food ----- that is. He loves it and it is made so well. You can tell there are no fillers in it by the appearance and texture. In fact, when you read the ingredients there is only Turkey Brown Rice and Vitamins. I encourage anyone who is thinking about ordering this food to give it a try. Your pooch will be glad you did.
506624506624B000VK6TGIA2CE9CFMYZC084D. Louque "NOLA Loves Music & Saints! Who Dat!"111131269993600The Organic Beef Canned is Inconsistent....I've been buying the Newman's Own Canned Organic BEEF for my 9 year old Diabetic Rottweiler to add more protein to her diet since she has been losing weight since her diagnosis 3 years ago. During the last 6 months that I've been buying it, the consistency of the canned food has been all over the place. Sometimes it's quite firm and I really have to dig in with the spoon to remove it, sometimes it's a good average firmness, and other times it's extremely mushy.

Most recently, the last 2-3 12-packs I've purchased from Amazon or Whole Foods (at different times, not from same lot) have been so soupy that I could pour it out of the can and onto her special diet which is Honest Kitchen Embark. In the bottom of the can, half the time there has been a thick gelatinous layer and the rest of the time, it is a yellow liquid layer instead so it's pretty gross. I've been shaking the cans before I open them to mix it up before I pour it out.

I've decided not to purchase the Canned Organic Beef any longer. My dog has been having loose stools lately and I think it's from the soupy canned food.

I did buy some of the Newman's Own 100% Liver Canned at Whole Foods and the consistency was very good so I'm going to try ordering this one from Amazon next time instead. I hope the Liver Canned will remain the right firmness and consistency because I'd rather give my dog all meat without veggies or grain carbs that will affect her sugar levels. She gets some of those things in the Embark already.

Not sure if anyone else has had this problem with the Beef Canned but based on my experience, I wouldn't recommend this particular type of Newman's Own canned. I can't speak for their other canned food items.
506625506625B000VK6TGIANF0XRBISV40Mary Dias8851257724800Newman's Own pet foodI have an extremely fussy little Shih Tzu who won't eat dog food. I discovered she will eat Newman's Own Turkey and Chicken formula of which I found 2 cans at a pet store. After searching on line for a better supplier I discovered Amazon not only carries the food but would send me a case a month on an on-going basis. The price is the best I found and I even get free shipping. Every month I get an email allowng me to opt out of that month's supply if I wish. I am happy and my dog is very happy. I strongly recommend checking out Amazon's pet food.
506626506626B000VK6TGIA2XN14YWLGTW35P. Reeves8841241481600My dog loves itUnlike the other reviewer's dog, mine loves "Newman's Own" canned food. I gotta believe that if a dog won't touch this, the dog is not only extremely fussy, but not very hungry as well. Having this delivered to my door cheaper than I can buy it at my local supermarket sure is handy.
506627506627B000VK6TGIA3M32YMWKA2GP0L. Smith7751240185600SUMI LOVES IT AND IT'S GOOD FOR HER!After tiring of making my dog's food from scratch I looked for an all natural product. Everything on the ingredients label of this canned food is recognizable as real food; no "powdered protein" or other questionable substances. My dog loves it but to be honest I have to tell you that she practically inhales anything that she thinks might be food. I have the reassurance that this product won't hurt her. The turkey and brown rice from Newman's Own is also excellent.
506628506628B000VK6TGIA274M0XV1H9OG1Adam C4411273795200DiarrheaMy rescued GSD loves this Newman's Own; however, every time I feed this to her, every time she gets diarrhea. The first time I took her to a vet and after a few days of prescribed diet and med she got back normal. So I resumed her normal diet (this Newman's Own). Soon her diarrhea started to come back. I took no chance and immediately switched to home made boiled chicken and steam rice. After a few days her stools got much better. I gave this Newman's Own a last chance and... I just finished cleaning up my carpet.

I have no idea of why there are so many good reviews. Is my dog just happened to be sensitive to this or I got a bad batch?
506629506629B000VK6TGIA1Q3TATLNU613OCarol Damgen "cleversloopy"4451238544000Newman's Own for Puppies/Dogs Canned FoodI love this dog food. I eat very well myself, being a vegetarian for over 20 years and try to eat organically as much as possible. I did a great deal of research on commercial dog foods and I was disgusted when I discovered the amount of chemicals and pesticides they contained. I tried my puppy on many different natural dog foods and she would have gas and the runs with every type, but Newman's Own. So I am back to my first choice since she never had negative effects with it. Unfortunately it was a little hard to find locally, but now I can order it through Amazon and get it delivered every month. Thanks Newman's Own and thanks Amazon for making my puppy and I very happy :)
506630506630B000VK6TGIAEFJW05JUM8TBCarolita Johnson "newyorkette"3331324252800great food, but the seller is mishandling the merchandiseOur dog loves this food, but this seller keeps shipping me damaged goods. In each shipment we get at least one or two severely dented cans. This is not due to shipping. The box it's shipped in arrives without a dent. It's only inside, therefore, the dents are happening before they ship.
506631506631B000VK6TGIA3NZSW71OVUIBPRoxxxie3351238457600Greatest food ever!My dogs have food allergies and I tried a holistic brand and they would not eat it. I tried the Newman's Own dry food and they loved it so I decided to add a little of the wet food. This food is not your standard wet food it looks more like mousse. It isn't a jelly loaf with yucky bits like some others. My dogs love it and lick their bowls clean.
506632506632B000VK6TGIA1D7Z21SJGO1L6C. R. Turner "CT"3351237420800Excellent Product!I am very pleased with the Newman's Own Organics products - my pups all agree that it is very tasty stuff! Though my roommate has to leave the room every time I open the can (he is a wuss who makes a big deal about the smell!), you can tell just by looking at it that it includes many healthy ingredients. Take a look at the ingredient list and you can't help but be impressed! Great taste, organic,'s just a great product!
506633506633B000VK6TGIAESF2DN8QKYHMCarol Anne Rabe2231320105600Food is great, some cans came damagedMy Bichons love the food. And, the price cannot be beat. But, when I previously wrote about a can that came without a label, I never heard back. I have also had a problem with dented cans. Of course, if air gets into the cans, the food will not be safe to eat. Makes me wonder if they are selling "seconds." Would account for the great price. Would have liked to have heard back from them.
506634506634B000VK6TGIA3OXRFCJI67IMNBold Consumer2251308960000This one is an obvious winner at our house - for my lab mix!I offered my lab mix his new DRY dog food yesterday. He refused it. It was one of the Newman's Own dry dog food. No matter what I did, telling him it was a treat, holding some of it in my hand, breaking some of the in two so he might get a bit of aroma from it, nothing worked!

Then I read one of the previous reviews that talked about a dog or dogs having the same reaction until they mixed it with the canned food.

I had also bought some of the canned food for my large, slow-eating, finicky eater, so I decided to try adding some of it to the dry food. I opened up the can, noticed that he was standing by me all of a sudden, mixed it in with the dry food, and gave it to him.

Next thing I knew, the bowl was empty. But then I heard him licking the bowl, the bowl being drug all over the utility room floor!

Now, a few minutes later, he is telling me in no uncertain terms, that he wants MORE! That is an unusual reaction for him. He doesn't get more right now because he had quite a bit.

I'm grinning all over because this worked out so well for him. He's an older dog with somewhat fragile teeth, and I'm glad he's happy.

EDITED the next morning to say that he ate way too much and kept me awake all night because he needed to go out. I'll have to use better judgement for him than he is obviously able to use for himself regarding portion control. I should have added only enough of the canned food to give the dry food the taste he wanted. The whole can was WAY TOO MUCH for his system when combined with the amount of dry food he ate with it. Portion Control. I will have to keep reminding him, or in this case, I will have to make those decisions for him. He would never know when to stop if I left it up to him. EDITED weeks later to say that PORTION CONTROL has worked well. He really loves these little cans, better than treats, and he loves treats!
506635506635B000VK6TGIA1U03XI7AVUH57chikadee2231303689600Newman's Canned Chicken & Brown RiceI have an 8 year old Morkie who has been sick all of her life with Pancreatitis, Kidney and Thyroid issues, pre-diabetic status, ear and fungal infections, allergies, various tumors, and the list goes on and on. Recently, she had two severe cases of Hemorragic Gastro Interitis within a month's time, and I almost lost her...twice. My vet and I had run out of ideas to try; nothing seemed to be working for any length of time; hospitalization, IV's, all kinds of meds, etc. and I was desperate! I even stayed home from work with her because I was sure she was not going to make it through that day. It was horible, but I didn't give up even though family members hinted around the suggestion of putting her down. After researching everything I could think of, I stumbled on the thought that maybe her diet was the culprit. I began to search for a food that would fit all the criteria for all of her problems, and found Newman's Chicken & brown rice formula. She's been on it for two month's now, and ALL her symptoms are GONE! Bloodwork-GOOD, Kidney Function-GOOD, Thyroid-GOOD, Allergies-GONE. I cannot believe she's back to her old self and acts like a puppy again. I still give her meds for her Pancreatitis, but that's all! I contribute it all to her food, it saved her life, and all is well for the first time ever! Please, please look at what you feed your pets! I have found that very few commercially prepared foods meet the standards they brag about. Newman's definetely does! Thank you for helping me save my baby girl!!!!!
506636506636B000VK6TGIA1FDAX0HE987RACorinne2251283299200All beef wonderfulMy pug was having skin problems and after 6 months a vet tech mentioned it might be chicken and corn that is giving her problems. So I began looking for something else that was organic and was pleased to find the beef and liver from Newman's Own. The liver was not her favorite and was a little strong smelling for this vegetarian, but the beef was great. She loves it, I steam some veggies and mix them in, then put a dry food on top and she scarfs it down. I do wish Newman's would put out an organic beef treat and a dry food that does not have chicken and corn but am very happy with the beef.
506637506637B000VK6TGIA2S099BLER8VXVIngrid2251283040000Newman's Turkey and Brown rice formulaMy dogs love Newman's turkey and brown rice. I have been feeding it to them for about a year. I mix it with Flint River Ranch kibble so they have some crunchy food also. They are spaniels (a breed prone to allergies) and have had no allergy problems and have shiny, sleek coats. They are healthy and love the food. I strongly recommend it. It is a high-quality, human-grade dogfood.
506638506638B000VK6TGIA2NRH27AOL2GF5Karen2251280793600Even finicky eaters will eat it!My little toy poodle had digestive problems a few months ago and just didn't want to eat dog food. All he wanted was cooked chicken breast, and so, that's what he got (so he'd at least get some food into him).

Happened to find the Newman's Own canned chicken dog food, and he absolutely inhaled it! He finds it irresistible. I am so thankful this food is on the market -- it looks and smells like cooked chicken (which he likes), and has helped him get back on track nutritionally (which I like :-)
506639506639B000VK6TGIA14DM2WQAX9UGDGolden Happiness "Ligaya"2241238371200Great dog foodI've noticed a big difference in my dog's weight = she's able to maintain her weight, not gaining as much weight as when she ate dried dog food. And being a white dog, she doesn't get dark teary eyes when she eats only Newman organic dog food. I highly recommend it.
506640506640B000VK6TGIA1H7C9I1LX3PM7henrym1111333497600Newman's Own Organics Canned Dog Food is NOT made in the USAI was not aware of and was not told the country of origin when I purchased a case of Newman's Own Organics Canned Dog Food.. This product is made in Uruguay not the USA!! It made both of my dogs sick with severe diarrhea. Blue Buffalo was out of stock so I thought "Newman's Own" indicated it would be a good product made in the USA. WRONG!!!

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