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212191212191B000CNB4LEA6A3VZKPA9YCGRPG "R"1131349654400Zico 33.8 (6 pack) Leaking issues.. bewareHad leaking from 4 of 6 containers. the top caps seems to be weak part that it easily breaks.. amazon did refund the leaky ones.. but I won't order these..again.. Don't want to take another chance on leaks.. although these taste better than the plastic resealable ones at 11oz.
212192212192B000CNB4LEA164T5JV1OJIMDlove2dance1111349568000Bad News! FYI! The only coconut water that is MADE FROM CONCENTRATEI've tried C2O, Vitacoco, and Naked coconut water. All of them contain one ingredient:100% natural coconut water. However, ZICO is the ONLY coconut water that is 1) Made from concentrate and 2) contains added "Natural ingredients". At trader joes, Zico costs about 2 bucks, which is the same price for C20 coconut water and Vitacoco which both do NOT have "natural flavors" added to it and are NOT from concentrate. The packaging advertises "30 percent less sugar"...well that's because they took out 30% of the coconut water and replaced it with water. It was so nasty that they had to add "natural flavors". Do not buy this brand. When I was a little kid I used to suck on my water squirt guns and the taste of this coconut water resembles that-like plastic/water with a small hint of coconut water. The other brands are so much better and are actually natural. For the same price, go get a coconut water that is not from concentrate. My favorite is C20.
212193212193B000CNB4LEAL5PSFY5B7Q2ZMichael de Castro1111348099200Leaky ItemsThere is a problem with the way the manufacturer attaches the spouts to the actual box of coconut water. There is always one box out of the six pack that is leaking. Today the coconut water was leaking through the actual box it came in. I am cancelling my Subscribe and Save to this product.
212194212194B000CNB4LEA11R1IA3Y91WS6Little LuLu1111346630400Container top problemsI love the product itself, but I do not like the container at all.
I have a garage with a large refridgerator in it, I fill it with
coconut water, so while working around the yard, I get refreshed
with a cold drink . I opened the last case and the top looked funny,
but i poured a drink and took a drink , it tasted funny , not like the
others.later that day got real sick. Looking at the other tops, i saw
they were not in tack. and poured out the products in that case, as
they were all alike, (I have the 6 containers still and if I could send
them back I would for a refund. I would not purchase this type of container
212195212195B000CNB4LEA1H73NW4DTNR1OAmazon Woman1111344297600Fake.This is the product that rocked my world... In a bad way. After buying this I realized that some companies (and people) will do anything for a profit - like rip off their fellow man. Here's how....

Zico used to be real 100% coconut water. Now, after conglomerate Coca Cola bought them, it's dumbed down: it's now part coconut water (juice) watered down with H2O (water) with unspecified "natural flavor" added so you are tricked into thinking your coconut water hasn't just been seriously diluted. Why? It's cheaper! They save money by cutting it with plain water. But it wouldn't taste the same, right? That's where the flavoring comes in.... To trick you.

Zico wont actually specify how much they water it down but you can guesstimate simply by their ads.... They brag this product has 30% less sugar than other brands. Ok, that means this is likely a 70% coconut to 30% water mixture. Do you want 100% coconut water or 70% coconut water in your bottle?

This isn't the ratio nature intended by the way. And if that means 30% less sugar (ie 30% less actual coconut water in the bottle) it also means 30% less electrolytes than you should be getting from a 100% product too. It's just logic.
212196212196B000CNB4LEACE2UV64BSIM0bbrown1111343606400Really bad taste : (I was expecting this to taste as good as some of the other coconut waters and what an unpleasant surprise!!!! I cannot even finish one bottle UGH!
212197212197B000CNB4LEA1LJDO5BMZ5BBDS. Nelsen1151340496000Potassium Explosion! Cholesteral Marvel!I used to not like Coconut water. When I was in Thailand in 2005 I had a fresh one sliced open and could barely put it down. Years later, by forcing myself to love it, I now am addicted. You can learn to love this stuff. And with its many muscle revitalizing and cholesterol healing properties, you can too. Coconut water reportedly has a unique long-form cholesterol that helps regulate bad cholesterol, among other healing properties. Not a low calorie food, are you kidding? This is nothing compared to juice, tea, soda, etc.. The only natural drinks that have it beat on calories are black coffee and tea. This product is not from concentrate and tastes delicious. If I could afford it, I would only need this one drink for life and I'd be happy.
212198212198B000CNB4LEA37XC5PH84JEOLucianaMachadoMKimonos "LucianaMachadoSimon"1151340323200As good as the other ones that I also gave 5 starsZico is very good, but not better than the other ones I gave 5 stars. I've tried 5 brands: "Zico","Real Coconut Water", "O.N.E", "Coco Libre" and "Vita Coco". 5 stars to the 4 first names and 4 stars to "Vita Coco". The first ones taste equally great, so, just compare the prices! "Vita Coco" is less sweet and doesn't taste as good; but it's usually much cheaper, and not bad at all!!!
212199212199B000CNB4LEA3NBRHDRGPM1H5Pretty girl1151339200000Mounds bar in a bottle!Fantastic and delicious after a workout! This is probably the best electrolyte replenishing drink on the market! Coconut water is even better than intravenous fluids per some medical literature I have read.
212200212200B000CNB4LEA3PD59RDWNV5SCC Tull1151338336000Chocolate coconut water scalpersThis new flavor of Zico is delicious - silky and chocolate-y without the gag-inducing traits of some of the other fruity flavors. Great as a post-workout substitute for chocolate milk or a banana. My little case ran out quickly as my husband discovered it and loves it, too. However, I went to re-order the same exact item and was shocked to see that the price of a 12 pack jumped from $21.51 to $53.95!

Come on, Amazon, really? This is obviously a hot item at the moment, but you're letting your sellers get away with blatant thievery! What a disappointment.
212201212201B000CNB4LEA2YKLEW942F1UBCamrea1151338249600Price jump on-line... can't find in stores,... what happened???I love this drink! Tastes just like Yoohoo. Sadly, I saw the price jump and figured I should just buy it at my local Whole Foods...until I realized I can't find it there anymore either!! I don't know if it's being discontinued or what happened but I hope to find it again soon (and not for almost $60 a box).
212202212202B000CNB4LEA2ZJF1KM6GHR9XHootmon581151337990400Zico Pure Premium Coconut Water - NaturalThe family takes daily as the product tastes great. I've found that taking the young coconut water has a real calming effect on the stomach and helps with my digestion.

The price & value is super!
212203212203B000CNB4LEA3R06QHVM26CAMJennifer K. Falk1151335398400Tastes like a Yoohoo!I was so hesitant to try coconut water because so many of my friends have hated it. But I decided that I'd try the chocolate in hopes that it would be better. Wow! This stuff tastes just like a Yoohoo and has a similar consistency. Absolutely delicious. Had to come to Amazon to buy it in cases right away!
212204212204B000CNB4LEA1IWTNE15TMUW6David D "Dave D."1151335139200A great product made betterI have been drinking the regular and fruit flavored Zico Coconut waters for a few years, and they are good, but the chocolate is wicked awesome!
212205212205B000CNB4LEA3VQWVXLXX08CMVicky1151335052800Awesome!My boyfriend and I both love coconut water and have been trying different brands for a while. We decided to stick with Zico but it doesn't contain extra sugar or other fruit juices like some of the other ones that we've tried. What I also like is the fact that I can subscribe for the product through amazon to get the case sent to me every month! This definitely takes the hassle out of going to the store to get it and I think it's set at a great price point. We've been going through our case so fast (we're pretty active) that I've increased my case count to 2 every month!
212206212206B000CNB4LEA10QUY14I0ZYFLKetty1131334966400Tastes oddly like watery skim milk...I tried Zico in the plastic bottle, never in the tetra pack.

Zico in the plastic bottle tastes like watery skim milk with a really really slight hint of coconut flavor. If you ever tried Taste Nirvana coconut water before, Zico pales in comparison. Zico is less sweet and saltier version of Taste Nirvana coconut water. I've also tried VitaCoco. Compared to VitaCoco, Zico tastes creamier than VitaCoco and doesn't have that sour taste.

However, in all honesty, Zico tastes like skim milk and nothing like real coconut water from a fresh coconut.
212207212207B000CNB4LEA1VRQ81WJ1UF0HMHoppy "Margaret"1151334448000Yum-OSo good, so filling, and hydrating. I'm not a fan of plain coconut water, so this is a good substitute. I signed up for subscribe and save and just love it. It's a great addition to any household, dairy free, and all the benefits of coconut water. I can't wait to try it in a smoothie!
212208212208B000CNB4LEA28RWOFYR4KCPNJO1131327536000Prefer the original flavor because the Mango tastes fakeI've always enjoyed the original Zico coconut water, but thought I'd give some of the other flavors a try. The mango flavor really jumped out at me because I love mangoes and thought coconut and mangoes would perfectly compliment each other. Unfortunately, the Zico drinks with "natural mango flavor" taste like someone dropped a mango flavored hard candy into my Zico drink. It's not terrible, but that's definitely NOT the refreshing flavor I was hoping for, especially after a hard workout! I think I can manage to power through the remaining 11 drink boxes I bought, but I won't be wasting my money on this drink again.
212209212209B000CNB4LEAY1EF0GOH80EKNatasha Stryker1151325289600Perfect drink while pregnantThis is a wonderful beverage to enjoy daily while pregnant! I am 6 months preg and started feeling dizzy/lightheaded. OB said to drink more liquids but I still have morning sickness and liquids before 10 AM dont stay down. I tried several different coconut waters and found this Zico chocolate, ONE with guava and Naked plain to be the three I prefer. This Zico chocolate is my favorite! It is good in the morning when milk is too heavy and fruit juice is unappealing. I feel much better after a couple of weeks drinking 1-2 coconut waters a day in addition to as much regular water I can stomach. It is an expensive habit, but prescription anti nausea pills or going to the ER from dehydration is more expensive.
212210212210B000CNB4LEAIULGU2YP8PT3wendy trackim1151324512000Refreshing & HealthyThis item is tasty & healthy!!! I mix it with my green vibrance mix for a healthy breakfast! It is great after a hard workout.
212211212211B000CNB4LEA24NDM8VZ4VNU8L. Beeler1151322524800PerfectI received my case of Zico Coconut Water within the two days advertised by "Amazon Prime". It was interesting to me that, what with the free shipping, this was more than a dollar a bottle cheaper than I buy it for in the grocery store. It came double boxed. That is, there was a compartmentalized container with the liter bottles carefully packed within, this box was surrounded by air bag packaging and packed within a larger sturdy cardboard container. Great packaging.
My wife uses this product and her comments follow: As to the taste. I found I prefer Zico over the other brands as it doesn't appear to have any "hidden" sugar added to hype up the taste. My previous brand, Vita Coco, did not declare added sugar, but it did leave that sugared drink after taste in my mouth and was noticeably sweeter.
I cannot say that I particularly like the taste of coconut water, but it has the nutritional potassium I need in my diet, and is easier to keep around than bananas and has less calories.
212212212212B000CNB4LEALFNP9D2BIRE0Rosie G111132096960063 One Star Ratings So FarThis is the first time I have tried this product. I have never had the original formula so I can't compare it to what was a highly rated product. At first the taste is somewhat pleasant but not very natural tasting and then there is a lingering aftertaste. I will not buy this again and do not recommend it. I want to try other brands. I think I will enjoy it because coconut water is not very sweet, low calorie and high in potassium.
212213212213B000CNB4LEAUEVTSKJFPVZRzebrastripedgum1111317772800coconut water with a splash of plasticI bought two cases of ZICO in the plastic bottles, they were SO gross. =[ Every sip tasted like plastic. I tried one from each case, same result. I've had a couple ZICOs in a plastic bottle before and they were fine but these two cases I got were really bad. The one in the tetras taste a lot better.
212214212214B000CNB4LEA2GO0AIHB846UXvinny1111315872000Couldn't take the tasteFirst sip had me feeling sick! I'm not sure if it is because I just don't like Passion Fruit or because I don't like Passion fruit and coconut water. I really wanted to like this flavor but luckily Amazon gave me a refund so it wasn't too bad of a deal for me. I'll stick with the delicious chocolate flavor :).
212215212215B000CNB4LEA3B9QZNGAOZSXHS. B. Simkins1111315267200DISGUSTING!This is so gross. Zico should be ashamed!

My reflex pulled the bottle back before too much got in my mouth after it hit my tongue.

We gave the rest to my sister to put in her work fridge with a sign that said, "Healthy but gross"
212216212216B0036Q6DSSA23DM7YB07HSJBJudith252551278806400OverpricedThis is a good product but way overpriced here. Just got the same thing for $9.00 at costco.
212217212217B0036Q6DSSA283R92W48KJW7N. Marr121251300665600Love this stuff!!If you are used to the dark brown, coarse ground flaxseed, do yourself a favor and try this golden flax. Wonderful!!! I got it a week ago and have already tried it in smoothies, bread, muffins and oatmeal. It is very finely ground, which makes it all but disappear. Much better than what I was eating before! And the value was far greater than the grocery store. Highly recommend!
212218212218B0036Q6DSSA1W3R1N2ZS6FTBMike R101051300320000Good valueGood quality, and cold-milled to preserve as much nutrition as possible. Only complaint is that the ziptop stops working once it gets flax in it, but I just put it in a freezer bag and stash it in the freezer.
212219212219B0036Q6DSSAHKP9HDJGI6SCDean Craft7731314921600closureThis is a good product. A bit overpriced at the cost as you really need to shop around. The one thing i do not like is the zipper closire could be built better. too many times, i have thought i had closed it well enough to find it popped open sitting on the shelve. Can't keep "critters" out that way. It seems that the milled flax is gatting caught in the seal and prevents for a proper seal. They need to revamp this seal.

Not sure if i will buy it again as i have transferred the product to a quart size jar that i can screw on the top. Lose the product info (i went and taped it to the outside.) but I know the seal stays that way.
212220212220B0036Q6DSSA3PXHSWHX7HA94LA VET143351314748800good valueA LOT for the price. Good quality. make sure to freeze it when it arrives. the clear window on the package makes it go bad faster. As long as its in the freezer it will last.

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