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214501214501B004TES39IA1B9DC3S8N0PLMGA RN0051288569600Great ChipsThese are the perfect size for snacking or for taking with you to work. I love Kettle brand chips as they are Kettle AND Krinkle chips. Not too salty, not too peppered. YUM!
214502214502B004TES39IA3J171NBGIBYAWD. Mansfield "Book Addict"0041288569600Can't Eat Just One!Ok after eating Blair's Death Rain Hot Wing chips this is like eating a cracker. That aside, these are a pretty good chip, especially if you don't like `em hot and spicy. These are tangy, crunchy, and hard to stop eating.
214503214503B004TES39IA29QAGKTHZHPLMCanuta0041284940800Good flavorThese chips have great flavor as is but I am more into the buffalo wings flavor more than the bleu cheese flavor, but it's a combo that seems to work well, I probably would like it even more if it just had the heat and flavor of just the buffalo wing sauce. And you cannot beat the crunch on these.
214504214504B004TES39IA2S4SW2K51Q16JRandy0041284249600DeliciousI bought as a lightning deal because I needed a good snack at work. These are delicious.
214505214505B004TES39IA38MZTE6M6Y6RRBenjamin Wilber0051280534400Buffalo BleuI bought cases of the large bags of Buffalo Bleu, New York Cheddar and a medium sized case of Spicy Thai. The cheddar kind of tastes like pringles to me, but the others in my family really like them. The thai is really good, but they aren't that much different than barbecue chips with a sprinkle of ginger flavor. But the Buffalo Bleu IS AWESOME! These are the absolutely best chips I have ever eaten. The funny thing is that the bleu's were the ones that I thought I would probably regret getting. They are awesome. I will buy again. And again. And again.

I would suggest, though, if you get them to get the smallest bag size or else you will do what my family and I have done: finish a bag every other day. The smallest bag might be the most expensive per ounce but they will probably last longer.
214506214506B004TES39IA2PEC4HZ209QGPTRULY DIANE "TRUE"0051278028800Buffalo Bleu Chips are the very best chips - ever!These chips are hard to find in a small town so I have to order them. They are that good. Try them and you'll like them! Buffalo Bleu
214507214507B004TES39IA2QDOJFFLFGF18Michael Alexander "greenacres"0051271808000Love themLove these thick chips that look like real potatoes as well as taste like them. They are full of flavor and go great with any sandwich, The flavor is rich and bold and tastes great. Best part is that its not to spicey
214508214508B004TES39IA30ARMF3JEKEJYT-Bone "T-Bone"0041268870400Always delicious and always expensiveKettle chips are always delicious,though a little expensive considering they're just potatoes. WAY better than anything Frito-Lays puts out. It's a shame that the independent chip companies are dying out at the local grocers because Frito-Lays crowds them out, when the independents are so much better. Take a trip to your local Trader Joe's or Amazon to find good chips nowadays, and cheap too if you find them on sale here, cheap all the time at Trader Joe's.
214509214509B004TES39IA255ZW97CJPG98sgr0051263686400My favorite chipsKettle Buffalo Bleu has been my favorite flavor of potato chip since I first tried them. They have a little kick and a little sweetness.
214510214510B004TES39IA33K20V4DNLVRFS. Weiss "shwony"0051259971200A very tasty chip!These chips are crisp, tangy and a nice change from barbecue flavor chips. If you like spicy foods, you'll love these. The blue cheese is not at all overwhelming, just adds that extra "bite." The box of chips arrived well packed, nothing broken, and the expiration date was over 3 months in advance, making this a very good value, considering the 20% discount Amazon had during November.
214511214511B004TES39IA3KN3UXP20LY09Pawnurface0021251763200OK but not greatFirst off the krinkle cut chips are far inferior to the regular style kettle chips in my opinion. Secondly, the flavor doesn't really capture the taste of buffalo wings or bleu cheese. They taste kinda weird. It's probably not the best type of flavor to put on a potato chip, even though I love wings.
214512214512B004TES39IA2NHN5V5JE9JTHJ. Swanson "CCO"0051240876800Great flavor and textureA big fan of kettle-cooked chips since I was a kid, I tend to go around buying any and all brands and flavors I can find. As a result, Buffalo Bleu was on my list.

I was in for a real surprise when I got my hands on this flavor. It has a great taste -- not too sweet, not too salty -- and a nice crunch. There's not really anything else to say; if you like good chips, give these a try.
214513214513B004TES39IA3L6MXFVGLIUS9workoutfan0051206489600These chips are awesome!My husband and I stumbled across these chips at our favorite health food store. WOW! They are packed with flavor. Be careful, they're addictive:)
214514214514B004TES39IA1KSQOZY8AFWUJPaul0051184198400One of the healthier chipsSimple, uncomplicated and healthy ingredients. Cooked in expeller pressed oils (not heated to extract, which causes loss of nutritional value), Kettle chips have a firmer texture than most others, but they have great flavor, even though no flavor enhancers are used except for the spices. No preservatives is also a plus. My only negative experience with them is an occasional bag in which the chips in the very bottom of the bag are oily. I was so pleased to find them at a price nearly a third less than what I have been paying in the grocery market.
214515214515B004TES39IA3432ATOTRMLW9Tin Ear1211344643200Where is the blue cheese??These are nothing more than barbecue potato chips. Covered with a dusting of chili powder, salt, and sugar, I would not buy these again. I really love blue cheese, but I can't taste it in these chips. I should never buy anything I haven't tried, and now I'm stuck with all these bags of chips that I don't like. I have tried the salt and cracked pepper flavor and wish I had bought them instead.
214516214516B004TES39IA3PZ4AXTY9J1DZJason Ralsky1251295913600A salty, spicy crispy delight!This flavor of Kettle chips is my favorite. I always need to have a few of these bags laying around for a good movie or sporting event. Krinkle cut happens to be my favorite type of chip and kettle chip delivers on these. Not only are the chips always crispy and fresh, but they have a perfect coating of salt and pepper.

That coating creates a nice blend of salt w/ a bit of nice black pepper kick that lets you know the chip is willing to give a bit of bite before surrendering. I've gotten a few boxes of these over the past year and have had no problems with the chips or unbalanced flavoring. Once again Kettle delivers a fantastic product that delights the taste buds
214517214517B004TES39IA3U1ML63P0OFRIOnlineShoppingAddict0111308096000Stale, too oily to touch and tasted weirdI ve had this exact kind a ton of times at my local deli and love their taste, figured i d save a bunch by getting a box of 24 delivered to my desk at work. Unfortunately, I think they unloaded their oldest/worst batch on me. The chips tasted stale, leached out a ton of oil ( I m not kidding, felt like I was eating pizza given how much oil i was leaching out with a napkin from each individual chip!) and the taste was just off. I think with all the oil that leached out, it upset the flavor balance of the chip and now they just taste really salty and stale.

Tried 3 different bags, and it was the same in each case (couldnt eat more than a couple of chips, they were that bad). Got in touch with Amazon customer care, and they were kind enough to get me a refund, but i recommend that you save yourself the hassle and give these a miss.
214518214518B004TES39IA2NJUH5SRDE1DBL. Joyce2531286409600Taste good but NOT truly MSG-FREEI bought 2 cases of these chips because I heard nothing but great things about this brand and this flavor of chip in particular. However, upon receiving them today, I saw that although they state NO MSG, they DO contain Yeast Extract which acts exactly as MSG does and therefore I cannot eat them. Unfortunately ALL Kettle chips contain this ingredient so I am unable to eat any of them. I don't think I can return them but I got them at a cheap price so I will donate them or see if Amazon can let me return them since the description was a bit misleading. These chips are MUCH healthier than many other brands, so if you are not MSG sensitive, I say dig in!
214519214519B004TES39IA1SG2JGJ8ZOR69Nish P.0231289433600Meh...The Buffalo Bleu flavor isn't that great, at least to me. It is a sort of barbeque flavor with a hint of tang. I prefer the salt and ground pepper flavor, much more tasty.
214520214520B004TES39IA1INLQGL1U8EDFH.L.0251200268800Kettle ChipsWe were very pleased to find that Kettle Chips were available on [...]. We really like the Sea Salt & Pepper chips but were unable to obtain a package larger than 5 ounces in the local stores, at a much higher price than at While we would like to have the ability of getting a larger size bag, say 24-32 ounces, it was nice to be able to get the 9 ounce bag of chips. The price was very good and the free shipping was great!
214521214521B004TES39IA36E78ISDRYIF2Gena0351251763200Super Yummy!This chips are super yummy! I don't buy them on Amazon because.. that is pretty weird. But I do buy them at my WalMart and I love them! They really are really yummy.
214522214522B004TES39IA1HY9PBN9BOJIWMarcia A. Oring "Grandma O"1511247011200A little staleI usually love these, but somehow, on arrival, they were actually a little stale.. although the dates were good.. I would not buy them again through Amazon.. We could still eat them, but when I have bought them in the store before, they were nice and crisp.??
214523214523B004TES39IA1AQ2W2R4SOVGNDe Profundis71711195516800Check the labelThe fact that Kettle Foods claims their products are "All Natural" really, really, really upsets me. These chips, and many other Kettle chips, contain "yeast extract." On a chemical level, yeast extract is the same thing as MSG; it's just derived from a different source. Kettle labels some of their products with "NO MSG," but their reps say people who are sensitive to glutamates should avoid their products. Be an informed consumer.
214524214524B004TES39IAGSKYC7XSUAQNSean MacRitchie1621206230400Powerful punchWow, these chips bite back. I loves me some salt and pepper potato chips, but these have little bit too much spice for my liking. Also, the portion is a little too much. If you like spice, then dive in.
214525214525B004TES39IA2B5OI74EHGVH1Jane "jdeaton2"0811262304000Beware!I opened a bag of these and poured them into a bowl. One of the chips on top had something black on it. It looked like black tar or melted black crayon. I assumed it was a contaminant of some sort, since it didn't resemble any kind of food ingredient. I wish I had not bought these chips. I am now wary of all Kettle products.


214527214527B005NKWKE6AR9I9VV1UM0AXFAR6751323043200Awesome!Awesome - tasty! Has 6 different types of dried fruit flavors:

Strawberries, Apricots, Bing Cherries, Royal Cherries, Cranberries, Blueberries, and Apricots.

Created by a gourmet chocolate shop. Covered in wonderful dark, milk, and white chocolate.
214528214528B005NKWKE6AI9G2CPQL5JFVSuzieQ1151327190400YUMMY!Bought these for a holiday get together. Went over with a big bang. Everyone raved on how fresh they were and oh do good! Didn't last long.
214529214529B005NKWKE6A386V7BHM5HI7WEdwina Shelley "PoohfectMom"1151326585600Mayor YUM!A great price for a nice variety of chocolate covered and pastel colored dried fruits. I used to buy a similar item at Costco and Sam's Club, but they stopped selling it. My parents and in-laws LOVE the variety. When you buy the different fruits per pound, it gets costly. This was a great treat at a great price. Look no further, buy this one now!
214530214530B005NKWKE6A2OVSLD0LHB5KBRalph E Granados0051324857600Dilettante Chocolate Fruit Medley Takes The Cherry!This medley of dried fruit covered in rich chocolate is wonderful. Your choice goes from cherries to strawberries and then to apricots. Start over with blue berries, acai and then the king cherry. I bought one for gift and one for our family. Harry and David are not the only ones. I suggest Dilettante for your next purchase!

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