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214651214651B001KQAR24A2A008V39X3J0KGreg Logan374051191110400Essential!We have been eating hempseeds for sometime - they are an essential part of our diet. I genuinely notice a difference physically when I eat them along. This is a good price and we have gotten good quality from Amazon. PLEASE SHARE SOME WITH YOUR FRIENDS!!

We must work together to make this available to the USA INCLUDING the farmers. We live under an oppressive, authoritarian regime which, only a few years ago, would have attacked you for eating what is literally "birdseed". Wild!

2nd Review w/Suspcription Purchase Method
We have been delighted to have hemp seed finally taken off Schedule 1 Controlled Substance (along with heroin, etc.). I know that is insane to even write this but that is the nature of the degenerate and immoral drug policy barons from the DEA and ONDCP - to twist reality and prohibit what are supposed to be free American citizens from obtaining some of the best food known to mankind beause their pseudo fear of people smoking flowers(and then engaging in violence against these same peaceful, free human beings). NUTS indeed!!

In any event, we have started using the suscription method. This is a great price compared to anywhere else that I have found. It actually takes 4 mos for us to go through 5 lbs. Therefore, I signed up for 2 mos and simply skip one. I will give very great KUDOS to Amazon for how they have set this up - at least for this product, both the product and the system work great!

Greg Logan
214652214652B001KQAR24A1YDL2RLXTE1LBDavid St Thomas "Student"212131330905600Inconsistent at best - too many hullsI enjoy hempseed, primarily I sprinkle it over my salads to add a nutty and nutritious component.
I like buying this in bulk because it saves money over the expensive 1 pound or half-pound bags I can get at the store.
My complaint about this product is that you never know what you'll get. Sometimes it's fairly free of hulls (seed coats) and sometime it's just full of them
And they're hard to deal with - very hard pieces of shells that interfere with the enjoyment of whatever you are eating.
I guess you could spend time separating the pieces out, but that is a labor-intensive process and at that point it becomes more economical (time is money) to buy the 1 pound or half-pound bag at the store from a company that pays more attention to what they are packaging.
I kust got a new shipment and it is absolutely full of seed coat fragments.
214653214653B001KQAR24A2CWWT2JDUBOPLThomas Jefferson445251178668800SucculentLike most good things (unpasteurized dairy, unpasteurized almonds, medical advice not sponsored by drug companies, gold and silver coin as tender in payment of debt, a government that follows the Constitution etc), hemp seeds are almost illegal and hard to get. Thank God for Amazon! These are the best hemp seeds you are going to get, short of growing your own, which, as we all know, would be illegal in the land of the free.
214654214654B001KQAR24A2NS275HYLKJS6Dr. Henry Eric Firdman "Habanero fan"121251244332800Tasty and healthyThis is a great product, very tasty and at the same time having all kinds of good natural nutrients. I buy it on "Subscribe and Save" program, getting 5 lb. every six months and enjoying sizeable discounts. It makes up a part of my regular lunch consisting of an apple, a banana, and a mixture of sunflower, pumpkin, and hemp seeds (1/4 of cup each). The apple a day definitely keeps a doctor away (to my delight), and the seeds provide a close to perfect combination of "right" protein and fatty acids. Pumpkin seeds also keep my prostate healthy, which is important in my age. Hemp seeds give the mixture the additional taste and flavor.
214655214655B001KQAR24AUPDQSP0GMZ9AMa Hen121251199750400Even My Husband Loves ThemWe love the taste & texture of these seeds. I put several tablespoons in our salads & my husband has started scraping out his salad bowl with a spoon! Perhaps the people who did not care for this product are simply not used to the somewhat different taste of raw nuts & seeds, compared to roasted?
214656214656B001KQAR24A2MH83HHGLM72EPooklestein "Pooklestein"192151167868800ExcellentI am a firm believer in the health benefits of Hemp. This product is the best I've found. The delivery was very prompt and efficient!
214657214657B001KQAR24A1IBQVHXXP7JSASanjin Deric101051242172800Great!I couldn't be more satisfied with this product. It is highly nutritious, where it basically provides all the needed amino acids which the body needs. There is much information available on the hemp seeds and here are some which I came across which turned me to start enjoying this super-food:
214658214658B001KQAR24A32GAHCZ43R7NPsgrams222651179014400Nutiva Organic Shelled Hempseed, 5-Pound BagThis item was brought up in a forum with a link to Amazon. I've dealt with Amazon before and I've never been let down, Thank you Amazon for the great deals and excellant service! Anyway, this seed is tasty and nutrient packed. I've since read that hemp seed is some of the best food we can give ourselves.
214659214659B001KQAR24A2SY192K4TP9CTAiis Taiko "Ai"8851256774400Nutiva Hempseeds: Super!Nutiva organic hempseeds are great in my morning smoothies along with flax, chia seeds, almond milk, Boku superfood, rice powder, fruits. Delicious/nutritious way to start the day....and sustaining energy! Years ago, i started buying hempseeds by one pound amounts from a bulk section and realized the air exposure may not be good to the product, so i found these 3# bags online....i get them auto-shipped and can be sure i never run out. They arrive fresh every addition, this is helping support the Hemp industry in buying food, clothing, personal care products made from Hemp, we are voting!
214661214661B001KQAR24AIJW4T6B9DXIQMark A. Sutherland101141178928000hemp seed qualityHemp seed was equal to other more expensive sources but still has a fair amount of hulls in it
214662214662B001KQAR24A339DJGFA20NPYMichael A. Johnson101151172102400Hemp Seeds For My Raw Food DietThe hempseeds are great! I wasn't able to buy them locally and found that buying them through Amazon not only was affordable, but excellent quality! I will continue to purchase many of the foods I need for my Raw Food diet at Amazon and it's partners.
214663214663B001KQAR24AIJUBBWG9UGIOtwa2europe7751196035200Nutiva hempseed is deliciousI throw this hempseed on salad, cereal or just eat is straight. It is wonderful and Nutiva's service is excellent. I'd recommend getting a 5 pound bag and use it everyday. You can always freeze part of it if you don't go through it that fast. We invite a lot a company for dinner. I throw the seed on salads. It is very attractive as well as tasty and it draws attention. People love it.
214664214664B001KQAR24A2THWNPYN5I3T7D. Stewart "Jar Head"6651291593600Nutritional delightI've purchased Nutiva hemp seed many times over the last year, and so far it has been delivered fresh and good tasting. Be aware that it turns rancid quickly and needs refrigeration. I use it to make hemp seed milk. I find this to be the most efficent and effective use of the product. I blend 1 cup of hemp seed, 3 cups of distilled water, a small amount of kelp powder, and 3 pitted medjool dates, that have been soaked overnight, in my Blendtec blender. I then strain it through a nut milk bag. The blending is so complete that the only thing left in the bag are a few hard shells left over from Nutiva's mechanical processing and small amount of fiber. The Nutiva processing is pure mechanical and kept under 104 degrees F. They then store it under 40 degrees F. The plastic shipping bag is vacuum sealed. Hemp seed is a nutritionally complete food. It has all of the essential amino and fatty acids. 3 tbsp. supply 11g of protein. In order to keep it fresh I store it in a plastic tub in my freezer.
214665214665B001KQAR24A3UVTS6JPKW0GXstrawblue6651219363200Great product but WOW the price keeps going higher and...HIGHER!!!!!

I use hempseed in smoothies for my family. We go through a 5lb bag in a couple of weeks. Why can't they start making hempseed a legal crop in the US????

Why must we pay so much?!
214666214666B001KQAR24A18CWBL4WXMT96Ella Johnston Leger "China"172151168473600Good product for protein, fat and carbsI have been using this product for about it a year. It is great in protein shakes as well as meal replacements. It adds the good nutrition that is needed
214667214667B001KQAR24A21LXMRAMUGP40Rian Shadowhorse5551301270400New to eating hempseedsAfter reading about all the health benefits of hempseeds, I went ahead and bought this 5-pound bag of them even though I've never eaten them before (coming from an islander culture, I was always taught to learn about and respect the healing qualities of various foods). Another reviewer here said that these hempseeds taste like raw pine nuts, and I would agree with that. Nutiva's hempseeds are delicious; they taste fresh, and I love their texture: they're soft like pine nuts, small like quinoa or couscous, and mild in flavour with a tiny bit of sweetness. As I type this review, I'm eating them with a spoon; it's good to eat even by itself. I'm very glad I got the 5-pound bag (with repeat delivery every three months), because I will happily incorporate hempseeds into my daily eating habits. I want to pour this over all my meals now; I may finish this big bag before month's end. If you're even a little bit curious if hempseeds are right for you, I'd recommend getting some and trying them out -- you may discover another superfood that you actually like. If not, then at least you had the experience of tasting something different.
214668214668B001KQAR24A37YZGCNWES5S5LLB525551209686400Delicious!These are wonderful added to smoothies or to cereals. I'm sure they can be used in many other ways. They are very healthful and were recommended by my doctor. I will not be without them.
214669214669B001KQAR24AU7QP0CNJNILDOlivia4421337558400smell rancidhas anyone else noticed a rancid smell with these? they are also slightly green in color (the white parts are white, but the black shells also have a green counterpart.) I don't know if this is normal. I keep a small amount in the fridge for several weeks use, in a mason jar, the rest in the freezer. I usually mix them in smoothies, and didn't try them alone until just now for the purpose of this review. The taste is nutty, I don't detect any rancid taste... just the smell that makes me inclined to stop using them. I read that hemp seeds go rancid like an hour after being hulled.
214670214670B001KQAR24ASLFT5EJ8XWRLtoreyp1234451322611200toreyp123I have been eating Hemp Seed Hearts for breakfast since Aug. 15, 2011. I love them!! I've lost 15 pounds because my appetite is significantly reduced and my energy level is great. I eat a big salad in the morning with 2oz. Hemp Seeds, with plain yogurt and Mrs. Dash spices. Since August, I've not had a salad in the AM about 6 times. After a weekend of eating like a 'normal person', I can't wait until I can go back to eating my salad for breakfast. My acid reflux is GONE, I'm no longer bloated and gassy. Hemp Seeds are full of nutrition and I plan to eat them for the rest of my life (I'm 52).
214671214671B001KQAR24ART1LO0OISX1DD. Dumitru "books 'n more"4451229817600A morning stapleAfter learning about hempseeds and their benefit to your health, I started adding them to many recipes. My favorite is sprinkled on toast in the morning. Keep a couple of cups in the fridge and the rest in the freezer. If you happen to spot a good sale on them, stock up!
214672214672B001KQAR24A1WPBOYHFRJ85OSketchgrrl "vegwriter"4451223164800Nutiva hempseedsI'm very happy with the shipment of Nutiva hempseeds. They arrived fast, and were vacuum packed, which preserves their freshness. Nutiva's hempseeds are high quality. And vacuum packed nuts and seeds are the best! I will order these again, when I run out, and I have recommended them to family and friends. Hempseeds are very nutritionally dense and make a great addition to smoothies and salads. I have a nice tabouli recipe for hempseeds in my Little e-Book of Raw Holiday Recipes.
214673214673B001KQAR24A18BEKVJKXLXJDK. A. DiGloria-Kantrovitz6751207872000All your essential amino acids in a little seed!!I love Nutiva Hempseed!! Not only are they a delicious whole food, chock full of raw nutrients, but these little seeds are so versatile - you can use them in so many dishes. Sprinkle them on fruit and vegetable salads or soups, use them in smoothies, create a creamy dressing with them by blending with water and your favorite herbs and spices or just simple blend with water and strain for nut/seed milk.
214674214674B001KQAR24A1VKHJ64DKDK2YB. J. Simpson6751202515200hempterifficNutiva hempseed is fresh and goodtasting. I use it to make salad dressings, milk, smoothies and I sprinkle it over my food to give it a crunchy nutty taste as well as nutritional value and fiber.
214675214675B001KQAR24A1RSSLRPUQE29Zgreenmanalishi3311336608000HORRIBLE STOMACH PAIN!!I have Celiac Disease and heard so much good stuff about Hemp Seeds. I purchased this 3lb. bag and was excited to try it. The first time I became very nauseous and I did not connect it to the Hemp Seeds. The next time I sprinkled it on my salad. Approximately two hours later I got horrible stomach cramps and uncontrollable vomiting. It was so awful! I was in pain the whole night. I was afraid to eat anything the next day. I just had Gatorade and a banana. I don't think I could ever try Hemp Seeds again. I don't know if this was a bad batch or if they share equipment with a wheat facility. I will never buy this again.
214676214676B001KQAR24A3LL7GB9623CDVJeff S. Katz "KU_hockey"3351325808000Great addition to food, good protein sourceThis is a great product and I highly suggest it. It's the best price you will find for a quality product. I was buying the trader joes hemp powder protein mix but when I found this I switched. This has more protein, less sugar, less calories and less fiber, it was a no brainer. More expensive but worth it. Its great to mix in any smoothie for a little more protein. Hemp is the best possible protein you can get. I recently started to make hemp milk with this and its great. The recipe is simple: 4 cups of filtered waters, 3/4 of cups of the hemp seeds, put into a highpowered blender until white and creamy. Its delicious!
214677214677B001KQAR24A3A2G9VQM83Y3Pchaga hunter3331323648000Good flavor but has some shellsTastes fresh but there are small amounts of seed hulls and weed seeds mixed in. Can be a little gritty to chew on. Will try a different brand next time.
214678214678B001KQAR24AXS1HCKHFKKGCBrittanie Parsons3351312848000Healthiest addition everI absolutely love these hemp seeds. They come vacuum-sealed and I just transfer them to a large freezer bag when I open them, and store them in the freezer.

Hemp seeds are a perfect protein, supplying your body with all the essential amino acids. In just 3 tablespoons of these seeds, you're getting 11 grams of protein! They are also super high in other minerals and vitamins, as well as omega-3 fatty acids.

We sprinkle these on just about anything - oatmeal, yogurt, pizza, you name it. I mix them in with all types of food for my now 15 month old son. They are SO good for babies and young children with all the omega-3 fatty acids, protein, minerals.

I subscribe to this item and only pay $50 with free shipping - can't beat the price for such a healthy item.
214679214679B001KQAR24AAYQ70O2J6BGUbiscuitous3351309996800Tasty!When I read some of the reviews that mentioned eating these tiny morsels by the spoonful, I was skeptical. But guess what I am doing? LOL!!! I love them!
214680214680B001KQAR24A2F60I2W2J53GXDolores Backhus3351303516800Delicious & Healthy too!A friend recommended these hempseeds as a Omega Oil source. She said to just eat them by the tablespoon-full...I thought, really? Her husband researched the benefits thoroughly and recommended this brand.
Well, they are very delicious (almost addictive). Taken before eating, they give a sense of fullness. Good to know they are also a good source of protein and omegas. I love this product and Amazon's service is prompt and affordable. Good Health!

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