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214981214981B0027EBPV0AGEMRKQALS22PKC, Anglophile2551304467200You Ladies Don't Get ItCome on now, how much of this stuff actually DOES taste and smell good to adults. The last time I bought it at Safeway, it tasted and smelled exactly the same--it's not Amazon's fault that grown-ups would rather eat pot roast with potatoes and gravy on the side. So, if you don't like it, fire up the blender, and whizz up your unseasoned hunk of meat (which is why it smells so intolerable to our tastes and smells,btw) into a goopy smelly jelly (very much like the jar you're commenting on here). Walk through the market trying to convince your other kids to keep their hands inside the basket everyone's riding in, you stand in line at the end of the day with your feet killing you in those do-me heels guarding the gum and chocolate bars from the other day-care escapees (now busily reaching OUTside the basket for the gum and chocolate), and then embarassingly survive (you hope) the wet (or otherwise and getting smelly) diaper aroma. Now, pay more for it than at Amazon,lug it all home while balancing tons of paper towels on your head (vs. waiting for the nice-looking UPS guy to set it inside the door where all you have to do is open it and put it on the shelf.)

I like shopping in the quiet of my cleaned up kitchen after everyone's gone to bed, paying less for it (with a Prime Membership), and just putting it away when it arrives two days later. I think that's what we're supposed to be rating and commenting on. This works for me and rates five stars.
214982214982B0027EBPV0A36N62I47U9IIHKimiko0511300147200The foulest thing..... everThe beef, chicken, and turkey and gravy foods are disgusting. They are so disgusting, I didn't have the heart to feed this to my child. When I popped the lid to these the first thing I noticed was the foul smell. It made me gag. I can't even describe how bad this smelled. It was like rotten meat flavored jello. I didn't have the heart to make my daughters eat it so I gave it to my cats. None of them would go near it except for one who ate about 1/4 of it and walked away. Don't torture your child with this.
214983214983B003V32M22A28BEOPO3DN9L5L. E. Huebner4441303776000Tasty, but they don't give you the nutrition info :(Bought this looking for a super nutritious, delicious, and easy to make lunch- wish they would have given me the nutrition information! 35% of your daily saturated fat, 35% of your daily sodium, ughh!

You make the choice before you buy! (percent daily values baseed on a 2000 cal diet)

1 tray (284 grams)
Calories- 190
Cal from fat- 90
Total Fat 10g 15%DV
Saturated fat 7g 35%DV
Trans fat 0g
Cholesterol 0mg 0%DV
Sodium 850mg 35%
Total Carbs 21g 7%DV
Dietary fiber 5g 20%
Sugars 8g
Protein 4g

Vitamin A 10%
Vitamin C 0%
Calcium 10%
Iron 6%

That little rant aside- the actual product is quite tasty. I agree with the other reviewer that there could be more noodles, but the overall taste is quite good.
214984214984B003V32M22A2RS4TIJ4880Y1Kendyle A Stout1111313366400Tastes very badI am a vegetarian and eat a lot of weird things, so decided to order all 4 flavors of So-Yah! to give them a try. Each one was worse than the other and taste nothing like what they are intended. They are loaded with sodium too. Don't buy them.
214985214985B003V32M22A531J5MVMPK4JStraight Scoop Review1111308182400So-Yuk!This product is a rip-off. The previous reviewer said he could have used a few more noodles. I had trouble finding them in the sea of sauce, which was runny and bright orange. The product looked NOTHING like the deceptive picture on the front of a delicious looking bowl full of creamy curry noodles. It was runny orange curried soup--more brothlike than creamy, with about 2 tablespoons of noodles and a few unidentifiable veggies. I bought another So-Yah! product when I bought this and it was equally misleading and unappetizing. Very disappointing, to put it mildly.
214986214986B003V32M22ADRE3EPUKMV8AJ. Yamaguchi1141302134400Great taste of authentic curry!Received this from Curry House in Cupertino, Ca. as part of a "surprise" packet that they sell once a year. The flavor was fantastic. A bit spicy. I later found out that the "dish" was vegetarian. Wow! The low calories is an added bonus. I can't state enough how great the curry flavor is. 90 seconds and it is done. Could use a few more shirataki noodles but other than that, I definitely recommend this to anyone who loves curry. The sauce is great over white rice too. Can't wait to try the Red Vindaloo Curry version.
214987214987B003V32M22A1OFHI4GEMXB9DRoadie-Roadrunner0031318118400its okay.... hmmmmIn terms of taste, its a bit bland, but it seems if I combine this with a bit of meat, say, smoked sausage or some such, it becomes a bit more palatable. its also an "acquired taste" that takes a bit of getting used to, but the chewiness factor is probably the reason for it being an acquired taste. Still, worth trying once, since everyone has different tastes... I wouldnt be so sure about buying this again, though even though its not bad as a lunch prep
214988214988B0006PKHWAAWO0DZ4N9QY02Ant1230051345161600Good StuffI have family in Finland and go there every few years to visit. I always bring back candy, including this licorice. I was just eating some that I brought back and decided to see if they sell it on Amazon and was surprised to find it. This licorice is very good and I don't really classify it as a licorice because I don't like licorice but like this stuff. Finnish licorice is different. In Finland, this type of licorice is very popular. In the USA, licorice is not that popular at all, which I think is because it is so different and not that good. If our licorice was like Finnish licorice, licorice would be much more popular in this country. It is definitely worth a try.
215008215008B0049S03X8A3D98CARPF5KJUAvid Kindle Reader0051349222400best mustard everThis is my second review request for this mustard. Again, I will say that it is my favorite mustard and hard to find in select stores. I was so happy to see that I could purchase it on Amazon. This is sure a great place to shop from my mustard to my hard to find shampoos. This mustard is wonderful on all kind of meats. My husband is not a mustard lover like me, but he does like this brand and selection.
215009215009B000EDDSFWA2K4Q4I8MPUMQUMary-Ann "mag89"7751175904000Get more whole grainsYou can replace white flour in all your baking with this flour, and get more whole grains into your diet. This flour does not make your baked goods heavy, and the flavor is very mild.
215010215010B000EDDSFWA1ZJB62ZX2WU5SJody "B"5551185667200Great new flavor for your breadWe like trying new flours for our home made bread (mostly sourdough). Spelt works very well with sourdough starter. Gives the bread a subtle nut like flavor and fine texture. Plus, it doesn't affect the rise very much (we do add gluten to assist the sourdough rise). Of amaranth, teff, and spelt, we like spelt the best.
214989214989B0006PKHWAA15RPP788VNXPVC. Wilson "apricot32"0051302825600Best Black Licorice EVER!!!!Moist, soft, and chewy, but not too sticky - best consistency of any licorice I've ever tried. Strong and distinct black licorice flavor - the most flavorful I've ever tasted. No ridges, lines, or holes (not "hollow"). No waxy consistency. The first bite was an amazing awakening - wow, that's what licorice is suppossed to taste like! I did a double take on the box - apparently the Finnish are licorice geniuses, who knew? Hands down, the BEST sweet black licorice I've EVER had (and I'm usually partial to the salty black licorice, but this is BETTER).

Honestly, I'm not a big candy person and I bought this box on a whim, but was so blown away by how GOOD this licorice was that I felt it deserved a rave review. I actually went back to the store a purchased it from (Marshals, so it was an old overstock from somehwere, and STILL soft and chewy) and bought every box I could find in the store, then started looking online to see where I could find it for future purchases. I haven't purchased it from THIS seller though, but I'm assumming the product is the same.

If you like black licorce - try it! AMAZING!
214990214990B0006PKHWAA1JXXO1ISFTHD3D. Wells0051271980800LicoriceMy husband said this is the BEST licorice he ever had. Even better than the Australian candy.
214991214991B0006PKHWAA39NEH4PL140JMJ. Moser1251211414400Exceptionally Good Licorice CandyThe Halva original licorice candy is far superior to others I have eaten. It is very difficult to stop at only one or two.....JHM from Texas
214992214992B000VK4CXUADUT0FGRHECRNnisabisa1211347148800Warning: This juice comes from China!I used to buy Apple and Eve juice boxes all the time until I discovered most of their apple juice comes from China (and apple juice is even in this "grape" product). I don't feel safe giving my children food products from China given the country's track record with food safety.
214993214993B003J9ZTL4A1WE9BQQ36BF0LNana3351322179200packaged well good for you
214994214994B003J9ZTL4A326FDN6KJ48IVbountifulboy12430051350000000Great Value!!I was very pleased with my purchase of White Chia seeds from Superior Nut Company. Normally, I grind the seeds (coffee grinder) to release the benefit of the oleic acids; however, this time I have enjoyed taking some of them whole, for the benefit of the fiber. If you have never tried Chia seeds, you should do it! I will gladly purchase from this seller again.
214995214995B003J9ZTL4A37T4994WZTAMROmega "Forever Man"1341286841600No Bugs - All ChiaWhat can you say about chia - not delicious or life-changing, just good quality seeds packaged well.
214996214996B0000D16V0AYMR9HD21C3TFAlfred Pearl2311347235200No weight given??Will I get 1 lb. or 50 lbs.? Who's gonna buy an unknown? I guess this is a product for stupid people.
214997214997B0062JDAOGA1NIY3DUO4GJ01Regardless "Blues Man"0051350432000Organic Whole Bean CoffeeThis is probably the tenth time I have purchased this product. The roasting is done correctly and the coffee has a dark aromatic flavor that I really enjoy.
214998214998B0000TL60YA2X9DGA4CR8CU2Jaymie Larkey "eclectic reader"141451203897600Super easy tamales!Prior to finding Melissa's Corn Husks, I was limited to making tamales in the summertime when our sweet corn crop was harvested. These dried husks cut down dramatically on prep time and labor! The husks were larger than I expected, making the assembly of the tamales go quickly. Soaking and cleaning them was easily accomplished as the directions indicated. I also liked the authentic recipies included on the inner packaging. Previously, I had surfed the net and tried several recipies for tamales before finding one that most reminded me of the homemade treats my friend's grandma used to make, and one of the recipes Melissa's suggested was almost a dead match for my favorite. Plan on 2-3 hours to prep and cook a big batch, but the good news is that tamales freeze well and can be ready for a future dinner or side dish with a quick reheat in some foil.
214999214999B0000TL60YACE8ADN0C43ZULauren J Allums4451325721600PERFECT CORN HUSKSPerfect item & super fast shipping. Love the large size and the freshness of these husks (the expiration date on the package offers a shelf life of almost a year). Highly Recommended.
215000215000B000IXUK8GA1MZQ1IATLGS7HJack M. Hoffman6751231113600AwesomeProduct was fresh, arrived well packaged and undamaged. Would buy again (shipped and sold by
215001215001B000IXUK8GA1L2IBEZ33RXMOflowerz3351295654400Those Reese's are addictive!Yes, I'm now officially a Reese's addict!
Amazon has shipped these promptly & then they were forwarded to me in Saudi Arabia. So, you can imagine how much time it spent in transit... They were fresh when they arrived & in perfect condition due to cold weather that helped keeping the chocolate from melting.
Now that I tried them for the first time I just can't get enough..! The first time they tasted kinda weird for me, but then when I got used to the chocolate & peanut butter combination, I realized it's one of those candies that wouldn't make you feel bad when you have more than 4 pieces..
I'm definitely ordering again -- perhaps next winter ;)
215002215002B000IXUK8GAKOCTZQVAFCOZJose1151334966400Always a good candyReeses pieces peanut butter cups has always been a good candy. I prefer them to to reeses pieces. It's peanut butter and sugary taste goo well together.
215003215003B000IXUK8GA2A0LMJKSRTKY2Sherry O'Neal1151324252800What can I say - Have always loved PB CupsI had gotten bags of the regular-sized Reeses PB cups before. I realized I usually took out two at a time to eat. This box has all two packs, so much easier (and less wrapping to throw away). I will be ordering them again (probably some time after Christmas/New Years, though).
215004215004B000IXUK8GAZV26LP92E6WUM. Hammond "ColemanFlGuy"2351271894400Reese's Peanut Butter CupsThey arrived in good condition and fresh. They taste great. I like them alot. They were packaged properly for the trip.
215005215005B000IXUK8GA29RMF7E6APZ6Xeshopper0031343174400Don't order in July!The chocolate tasted fresh, but it was a melted mess! Don't order in warm months. Probably fine in cooler weather.
Guess I'll chop them up and put them in cookies or something.
215006215006B000M15C6EA3HUSN9ZE8QF8URussell M. Sackowitz0151173398400Great Hot ChocolateTastes like hot chocolate should - I add some whipped light cream and it is heaven.
215007215007B007JRYP1MAG8RT4H7GY6EBRevSisRaedorah "RevSisRaedorah"0021343174400Not so much...Did not have good success with this product compared to Seeds of Change products. Cooking instructions still didnt produce a delectable dish -- was too mushy and no texture. Going back to Seeds of Change.

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