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216931216931B0044X5RWAA6TGTBIS4AII9D. A. Ross "Man Who Loves Toast"1151326672000Sweet dealLove Truvia, hated all the packets and wasted paper. This well-designed container makes Truvia easier to use, and more economical to boot.
216947216947B0029JFOVKAPHL2W86TUPNRbamisback073511333670400Everything had to be thrown outThey were delivered quickly in an undamaged box. Every milkway bar was cut in half, sometimes in thirds and the edges where it was cut were hard and discolared. Every bar was contaminated. The seller refused to admit they sent me damaged merchandise and would not accept a return, I have spent 9 months in the hospital, am dirt poor because of medical expenses, and was buying these to try to gain weight as 96 pounds and 5'7" is down right skinny. I put together my pennies, literally, to buy these and this seller ripped me off. I will never buy anything like this from amazon again. I complained the day I received it and neither the seller or amazon would help me. BE CAREFUL, YOU GET LESS THEN WHAT YOU PAY FOR ON AMAZON. One time on ebay I had a problem and ebay helped me right away.
216932216932B0044X5RWAAXBIJJ1U5KM33Christine R Correll3451334707200Seriously??? Do people actually pay this price???I love, love, love Truvia!!! But this price is absolutely ridiculous - as previously stated this same product can be purchased at local store for about $5.90 each. If you are actually going to pay this price - let me know...I have a bridge for sale!
216948216948B004QGVTPOA25HGPVW8CYVGWlola "lola"0151302912000lovely drinkthis drink is not as gingery as their other drinks which makes it a good blend of creamy and gingeryness. very soothing in hot summers and cold winters. wish they sold a big box of about 25 sachets in one as go through one box that quickly.
216933216933B0044X5RWAA2QK3M98622I8PCherie J. Hepburn2351329350400Love it!I wish it didn't cost so much but it's worth it. I wouldn't use anything else. I was actually getting side effects from Splenda and they stopped when I went to Truvia.
216934216934B0044X5RWAA3DN97EGFNMICYEastwood3000051349913600Great taste alternative to sugarWe use it in all aspects... my wife for baking and myself in my coffee. Great product even though its a bit pricey.
216949216949B004X8TGUKA28FJ93TJSSQS4LMS2251311206400tasty snack with whole grainsThe first time I tried a Kashi cereal, it tasted like twigs and sticks but they have definitely come a long way and are now one of my favorite brands. I was sent a box of these in the mail (I assume because I have signed up for their coupons) so I was more than happy to give these a try. These are definitely a winner, they are crunchy and satisfying but not too salty. They avoid the problem some whole grain snacks have of being heavy and too chewy. I fed them to my four year old and my husband and everyone agreed- definitely something we will be purchasing in the future.
216935216935B0044X5RWAA2E7KHXNMWWYT7Painter "Samantha"0011346976000So disappointingYou have to use a lot more that the Trader Joe's brand or other brands I have used in the past, including liquid stevia. It is more like a slightly sweetened white powder.

This Stevia is the lightest I have ever used. I will not buy it again.
216950216950B004X8TGUKA2D3JQHARJF89QBGurl1151315958400Love these with hummus!I bought these in the grocery store because I was looking for a good snack to eat with the roasted red pepper hummus I had just bought. They were on sale, so I thought I'd give them a try. So glad I did! I absolutely love these chips. They're nice and hearty, which means that in addition to them being filling, they don't break up as much in the box. I'm losing weight and counting calories, so it makes it much easier when I can tell exactly how much a portion size is. The serving size of 11 crisps goes perfectly with 2 tbsp of hummus.
216936216936B0044X5RWAA1ADJWH790TXNUBrenda J. Higgins1351318550400truviatruvia is a great product, not made from cane sugar, only 5 calories per packet, great for cooking, doesn't cause diabetes or cancer, along with Stevia about the best plants that have surfaced in quite some time, and now a vailable in many forms.
216937216937B0055CFU9EA1NQMEQ56WCC9AJ. Azzariti "Jen"1151344211200My favorite coffee at the best priceI love this coffee. This is the best price on this coffee I've seen anywhere. It was shipped very quickly, too.
216938216938B00195R55SA3ICYYP95UHAVVKenneth Pittman1151271116800umm ummm goooooodgreat stuff, put a little in you candied sweet taters, 1/4 ts in your hot chocolate.
216939216939B002BUWKGEARZA4NU1POXMARukrem_Legend4451284249600CH-CH-CH-CHIA :)After reading the book "Born to Run" -I had to try these little seeds. I have to say I was pleasantly surprised by the energy and hydration they provide during extended cardio workouts. I have noticed that at the time my body normally quits, it seems to keep on going after having consumed Chia earlier in the day. I cannot conclusively say it is because of the Chia seeds but nothing else in my diet or exercise routine has changed.

They taste great simply with some water and sugar, or sprinkled on top of a salad. I highly recommend for anyone hiking, running or performing any extraneous activity.
216940216940B002BUWKGEAAYQ70O2J6BGUbiscuitous0051296777600Love chia seedsWhat can I say? Chia seeds are great. They help to satiate my appetite and they are loaded with all kinds of nutritious stuff.
216941216941B002BUWKGEA2EZTM9WY5B5ILFrank J. DeFelice0131299974400Maybe super foodChia seeds are hyped to be super foods. I haven't noticed any difference in my health after a couple of weeks. People tell me I should take these for a long time. How long? Beats me. I have a good diet, don't smoke etc. When I drink a Diet Coke, I get a lift immediately. I don't want to wait 6 months. I don't believe these would hurt you, but maybe I'm missing something here.
216942216942B002BUWKGEA1ONFECVZN603UAlva "Beach Granny"0931285372800ChiaThe product was sent in a timely fashion, but it was not what I had been lead to believe.
216943216943B004SQQPI8A2X6EN241C5TW9James T. Hennessey0051344902400Great Product Great PriceOur favorite coffee at our favorite price. As long as Amazon provides this, we will order. If this could be ordered in quantities of fifty or more it would be even better.
216944216944B001D12NPUA1JB2TB4CC56AIJoseph R. Vincent1141275350400Hevla Low Acid CoffeeThis coffee really is a godsend for people with acid stomach problems. The only thing they should fix is their price. Too high for a coffee that is not fresh out of the hopper. But still, the best I've tried.
216945216945B0048IBY9GA2Z0Q4G7OTILK2Lorraine Emery0051345852800Delicious!Product was shipped quickly and reached my home in perfect order. King arthur gluten free products are pretty wonderful anyways, but this pancake mix is incredible. The taste and texture are just like regular and you would NEVER know if you weren't told., My family actually loves these more than wheat based ones now. When I purchased it, the price from this vendor was the cheapest I found it on Amazon. Over all I was extremely satisfied with my purchase.
216946216946B0029JFOVKABDCYK04CL6O4MIDNIGHT05212351323993600MILKY WAY CANDY by M&M MARS Co.ABSOLUTELY DELICIOUS, CLASSIC MILKY WAY CANDY! I paid $14.99 for 36 Full Size Candy Bars making it out to shy of just $0.42 per bar which is a great value if you can get it at that price shipped to your home for free given it costs nowadays approx. $0.85-$1.00 per bar depending on store/location everyday! A great candy bar for milk chocolate and nougat lovers and caramel lovers sweet tooth's!
216951216951B004X8TGUKA2OEUROGZDTXUJJ. Graves1151312243200Delicious!Whoever thought of sending free boxes of this to customers deserves a raise from Kashi and a "thank you!" from me. These pita crisps are wonderful. They are sturdy and crunchy, but not so much that they are a chore to chew. They are labelled as Sea Salt flavor, which sounds a little dull, but they are actually bursting with flavor. They are fairly low in calories; each serving has 120 of them. A serving size is approximately 11 crisps and contains: 180mg of sodium, 22g carbs (5g fiber and 2g sugars), 3g of protein and 10 grams of whole grain! All in all, a pretty nutritious snack that definitely doesn't lack in flavor.
216952216952B004X8TGUKA36E68YOWHTIDNJessica0051348963200Quite yummy and wholesome! Great with hummus!These are quite delicious with hummus or veggie dip, they aren't really the kind of crackers you use in soup, they are rather large, more suited for dipping. They hold up well when they are dipped and have just enough of a salty flavor to fix any salt craving. I'd definitely recommend these in place of your standard golden crackers/saltines given the more solid nutrition of kashi items! Also,something to note, if you are buying kashi items in bulk be prepared to eat a lot of them and quickly as the expiration dates are usually no more than 2 or 3 months past purchse (afterall these don't have all the chemicals/preservatives of your typical quick foods)
216953216953B004X8TGUKANUUF3N6B9NTATabitha0051342396800Kashi 7 Grain Sea Salt Pita Chips 7.9 oz.I have tried other Kashi products, but this one is absolutely splendid. They are a bit pricey but the quality if worth the price.

The pita chips have a delicate whole grain flavor that is very satisfying.

I especially like that the chips are whole rather than cracked into small pieces.

There are 11 very crispy servings per box with 120 cal per serving, 3 g fat, 180 mg sodium, 22 g carbs, 5 g fiber, 2 g sugar, and 3 g protein.

The chips are made from whole grain oats, rye, brown rice, barley, buckweat, sesame seeds, yellow corn meal, millet, cane juice, and sea salt.

They are made by Kashi, La Jolla, CA--made in the USA.

These pita chips make me want to give other Kashi product a second chance.

I am definitely going to try their other pita chip flavors zesty salsa!
216954216954B004X8TGUKA2KO70AGIG6OWMpiadrum0051341619200We love these crackers!We love these crackers, and weren't able to find them at Costco anymore, so when I found them on Amazon I was thrilled. A healthier choice than most crackers, though a little more expensive, for us they're worth it.
216955216955B005BI030SA1VOPV12L1JJHZJ. Taylor4421321574400What a disappointment!Better known brands of limburger spread disappeared from the market several years ago. I hoped this Amish Country product would fill the void. But what a disappointment! This spread is essentially a combination of limburger with an assertive and not very compatible white cheddar. This two-cheese combination could be acceptable to some tastes. But the blend also contains acetic acid and its patently distinctive smell, sharp taste and sting. For my taste, the three together produce a spread with a flavor quite alien to limburger cheese per se, though a trace of its aroma is still there. Because it is not truly unpalatable, I might suggest it to the adventurous snacker. I will not buy it again myself.
216956216956B000PKZBAYA1JWL3AJXDFAA8L. Golomb1151294963200Delish!My husband LOVES this lemony marmalade!! He used to be able to find it in stores, but they don't seem to carry it anymore so I'm thrilled to be able to find it online. A few jars of Silver Shred are one of his favorite Christmas presents every year.
216957216957B000PKZBAYA3UTHCQS7RXV3AMrs. Leeann E. Wisdom1151258416000fast shippingMy husband LOVES this stuff!
We had it on a trip to Ireland and can't find it in local stores.
This vendor shipped faster than they claimed.
216958216958B000PKZBAYA2I6O02AJS64S6Barbara J. Sanders1151246752000"Heaven in a Jar"We first tasted Robertson's Lemon Silver Shred in Bath while staying at Three Abbey Green. Really fantstic lemon flavors! When we returned home to Virginia, we were unable to find it... so we were delighted to find it available on Amazon!
216959216959B000PKZBAYA14TNUCARGZE0TP. Tucker "sweet dreams"1151189296000Love Lemons!If you like lemons you will love this marmalade. Shreds of lemon rind throughout. Very hard to find and I was so happy when I found a source on Amazon.
216960216960B000PKZBAYA6ZIH2HX9TTUAmark_in_Austin0051325980800Robertsons "Silver Shred" marmaladeIt doesn't get any better than this one if you like English style citrus marmalades. All Robertsons are good and this one rivals or tops Rose's even.

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