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218731218731B000EQT9MKA3CCUOA7UWYDF5T. Ferrell2531236384000Good chips, terrible packagingChips are good, but Amazon ships them in their original "ready to ship" box, which turns out is not really so ready for shipping. The box arrived in tatters; miraculously, the chips survived relatively intact. Hopefully will continue to be so lucky in the future.
218732218732B000EQT9MKAHWXH8CA96IBXAlan Kaye293151153526400The best chips ever invented, truly the pinnacle of human acheivement and civilizationFate has smiled upon you today, for you have stumbled upon a review of the best corn chips on the planet. Yes they really are that good.

I'm not in thrall of the whole "organic" thing generally, but I have to say these blue corn chips themselves are somehow FAR better than competitors. Crisp and thick cut, a strong corn taste. You probably don't think a chip can have a strong corn taste, but these do, because unlike competitors they're not cooked in a month old batch of mystery oil.

The person who came up with this "red hot" flavoring is a genius, this is the best flavoring for chips ever invented. It will make your toes curl and your eyes roll back into your head. It is only a little hot, but it builds up a bit if you eat the whole darn bag, which you almost certainly will.

I also recommend their plain blue corn chips for dips, but for the love of everything that is good don't get the unsalted ones.
218733218733B000EQT9MKA3R6PI47EF3F83Richard Cumming "RC"161641165622400you won't miss the saltI ordered these chips by accident. I meant to order "with added salt." I know, not a healthy choice but hey, I love salt! So, I ended up with a whole case of these unsalted chips. My wife said, hey these aren't salted! She was pleased. She worries about my diet. So, I had some chips. They're delicious! Good crunch. Very fresh corn flavor. Excellent with salsa. Sometimes a guy has to be wrong to do right!
218734218734B000EQT9MKA1TDGLDUNPABKIColeen O'Hanlon121411314748800No more non-GMO on labelBought the nacho chips regularly for my kids but the last delivery came and there was not a non-GMO label on the package anymore, they still use organic corn but use non organic canola oil and any non organic canola is most likely Genetically Modified, which is something I do not want in my body. Will not buy this product again.
218735218735B000EQT9MKAAJAN7GE1QUUGMa B "bernadina"91011235606400No thanksThe first shipment was stale. The second case was not as stale but stale nonetheless. I'm not sure if it is staleness or just plain grossness. I like other chips by Garden of Eatin'. Will the birds eat them? What do I do with all these chips? Amazon was great about sending me a replacement when I complained about the first case.
218736218736B000EQT9MKA3HZZYLFH0R3971d655480 "1d655480"5511286668800Chips Rancid Despite December 2010 exp dateI opened a bag of these chips. I thought I detected a strange odor but put one into my mouth anyway.

The chips were definitely rancid. I tried several other bags and discovered the same rancid taste.

I threw them all away. Caveat emptor.
218737218737B000EQT9MKA366K8ZPVIM9OWKelly Obrien7811239235200ickyWe love garden of eatin. These are just icky. I love tamari but these don't taste good.
218738218738B000EQT9MKAFBAML6LS05KBStephanie L. Cobb91111256169600If you want fiber, don't buy!I specifically ordered these chips because the nutrition information states they have 4 grams of fiber per serving. They taste good, so I ordered the case from Amazon. (In fact, I even signed up for subscribe and save) When my package arrived today, the bag says they only have 1 gram of fiber per serving! I called Garden of Eatin' and was told that there was new analysis and testing done which shows they only actually have one gram of fiber per serving. That's a huge difference! The customer service rep said the testing was done in September, yet the nutrition information on their own website still shows 4 grams of fiber. To me, that is false advertising. How hard is it to go in change that information on your own website!

So, bottom line, if you don't care about the amount of fiber...these are really tasty chips. But if the amount of fiber is what attracted you to them, don't buy!
218739218739B000EQT9MKA3KW8U52DHBD0EM. Rodak3311288310400Not A Good ChoiceOnly one star because the chips had a rancid, old taste and smell. The chips were in date but the oil in the chips oxidized. Amazon fixed this problem with a refund.
218740218740B000EQT9MKAPZ7L50ZMS3EIS. Walker "Achiever"3311287705600Rancid/Stale Chips, DO NOT BUY!!!I purchased these chips on October 18, 2010. They were rancid/stale so you can certainly believe the other reviewers. I had not noticed the reviews about the horrible taste and staleness of these chips. I wish I had. I contacted customer service for a refund which they approved but I think Amazon should either stop selling these chips due to such poor reviews or check their stock to make sure they are FRESH. If you order, you should order with caution. I am trying another brand instead of reordering these.
218741218741B000EQT9MKA31S89KDLFO86JMichael C. Rowe3321287273600Stale Stale Stale!!If you regularly buy these chips, you would be like me and say, "that's a great deal!" These chips are not cheap at the stores, but they are fresh. The expiration date is not past when you receive your big box... but for some reason they are not fresh, and the salt on the chips is all at the bottom. I kept thinking that it was "just that one bag..." but it was all of them. I had eaten too many of them to send them back. Do not buy this product from Amazon- but... my shipment may be the unlucky one that was stale- although i read several other reviews sharing my opinion... and i did not believe!
218742218742B000EQT9MKA2V2GS1VOYGP2YChristopher R. Dudzinski "Chris"3311281916800Literally StinkI've order the Seasame Blues before and thought they were great. The 7.5 ounce bags are round compared to the triangles. When you open the bag you get a strong odor of bad oil. The taste also has the bad oil to it. Unfortunately I sent a box to my sister after bragging about them. I called company but no word yet.
218743218743B000EQT9MKA9HQPXF9MIWUTJCF2241292630400Wonderful Amazon experienceMy first shipment of corn chips was rancid and absolutely inedible. That was very unfortunate because Garden of Eatin'chips can be very tasty. The Amazon vendor was no longer shipping so they were not replaced. I thought I was out the cost of a case of corn chips and still hungry.
Upon hearing my concern, Amazon found a vendor and sent a new shipment at their cost next day. Those chips are absolutely perfect! Amazon's responsiveness, service and customer care is exceptional! Thanks Amazon for a superb customer experience and for renewing my faith in Garden of Eaten' Blue Corn Chips!
218744218744B000EQT9MKA179ZYFOR9PS9IL. Olson221127699200025% chance of rancid chips - No ThanksI have eaten the varieties of these for years and appreciate the concept- organic, not over salted, good varieities, etc.

But more and more often, whether purchased here or in the store, in all varieties, the chips come with a sharp odor and flavor that to more suggests that rancid oil was used. Sometimes it is subtle, sometimes terrible, and I am sick of wondering if I am eating something that has gone bad- and rancid oils are really bad for you, which defeats the purpose of this product. I can return them to a store but not to Amazon. This is still a huge pain and not something that anyone should have to do. I had to throw out a whole case of sesame blues from Amazon, which is a bad deal at any price. I am done with your rancid products.
218745218745B000EQT9MKA19LPZA84LGD98Bette Boersma "author, egalitarian"2211275782400Oily tasteThese chips were disappointingly oily tasting and somewhat stale, even out of a freshly opened bag. I even opened a second bag to make sure it wasn't just a fluke. The chips are crisp enough, but taste like they were fried in old oil.
218746218746B000EQT9MKA3JCSJC01SIAQXCaliforniaZaineb "Muslima"2231243468800Regular tortilla chips. Not flavorful.I have noooo idea what the "blech" titled review is about. My bag is not spicy at all, and the chips definitely don't taste bad. They were not too crunchy either. In fact they are almost plain regular chips. No big pizzaz here. I was sad about that.

I was actually really hoping for something limey! And Spicy! But don't expect that here. I've almost gone through a whole bag, and maybe 1% of the bites have a hint of lime? Zero bites have had a hint of chili. 99% taste like regular unflavored tortilla chips. Well...a suuupppper small hint of flavor. I'm almost wishing I had bought the pico de gallo instead.

Basically, if you've been eating any chili-lemon flavored cheetos, completely wipe your memory and expectations- nothing that bold and tangy here. (Which can be good and bad, my hubby hated the cheetos chili-lemon unspicy flavor and was worried we'd get that here, so he's happy we didn't. I was looking forward to getting that popping taste, and am sad that wasn't there.)

** WARNING: If you've never ordered full size bag of chips from amazon, be warned, 12 bags is A LOT!!! I opened the box and my jaw almost dropped, cause I don't know what I'm going to do with all the bags. I'm sure they'll disappear at parties though. (I had ordered mini 2oz bags from Amazon, and with those, the bulk amount is more manageable.)

** Also, to make you feel good...I was at Ralphs shopping and one bag of 'Garden of Eaten' chips cost $5.39. I think it was jalapeno cheese, and that's all they had, but regardless, I felt so good that I got the same thing for about $1.25 a bag (yea Amazon had it on sale). Yippy :-)

** Chips were not stale, chipped or smashed on arrival, in case you're wondering. And expiration date (on my on sale ones) is in about 4 months.
218747218747B000EQT9MKA106ZCP7RSXMRULil MamaKitty "lilbit565"2251200873600Unique flavor, excellent healthy snackWe love Garden of Eatin' chips. Our favorites varieties are Hot Dpicy Blues and Guacamole. This brand is healthy and organic so you can enjoy the great taste without reservation. I just wish Amazon would stock more, too often they are sold out!!!
218748218748B000EQT9MKA2R95Z7PTF5ZROamazonfan2251178755200Great chips and a great rpice!Got my first order of these last week and have ordered four more for friends who keep raving about them! I usually buy these sort of chips at Trader Joe's or Whole Foods but the price and convenience of ordering from Amazon can't be beat. These chips have a great flavor to them and arrived in perfect condition. I love blue corn chips and these are among the best I have ever had. You won't be disappointed!
218749218749B000EQT9MKA19ACA1DG0PLKXJennifer "jens_books"2251162166400Fabulous chips, my very favorite!These are, without serious rival, my favorite chips ever. They are so yummy!
218750218750B000EQT9MKA16KK3YHCWE29CQF Jane2251161907200Love them!!!I have gotten these several times over the last 8 years... they are usually great! Sometimes they are a little less limey than I like, but overall I keep ordering more.
218751218751B000EQT9MKA23DJUYF4PKSVHditto1131346112000diThe chips are over a month away from the expiration date and they taste stale, not much flavor.
I was disappointed. Wondering if I should bother returning them??
218752218752B000EQT9MKAQQLWCMRNDFGISteven A. Peterson1131339286400Good taste, but not perfectLime and chili? When I saw that on the package, I was most intrigued! It seemed like an odd combination. But I like the taste of lime and I really like the zing of a good chili.

Well, the label is half right. The taste of lime is really quite distinct and refreshing. I really enjoy that part of the equation. But from my experience with these chips, the chili taste is overpowered by the lime (or there was not much of the chili flavor to begin with).

Still, the lime test is so refreshing!

All in all, a good product because of the lime. But, in the end, rather unsatisfactory, because the pairing of lime and chili doesn't quite work.
218753218753B000EQT9MKA18HMSRFVY0R60Janie1151336262400Fantastic chips! The best ever!Seriously the best tortilla chips - or chips of any kind I have ever had. Plus they have the added benefit of being nutritious. Highly recommend them plain or with salsa & cheese!
218754218754B000EQT9MKA4JS8BC0B8Z65umm2_91151335139200LOVE RED HOT BLUES!!!OK, so before we opted to purchase these from Amazon, my whole family was a fan of these chips and if you never tried them you have too. They are absolutely delicious, spiced up just right, perfect in taco salad, with salsa or just fine all alone (and it helps if your alone too because when sharing these chips are addictive!)
But I HAVE TO SAY that these chips purchased through amazon were the best NO EXAGGERATION, that I have had. I thought it was just me but then my husband was like "i dunno what it is but those chips are GOOODDD!!" They were fresh, so fresh and this size bags makes it better for snacking/sharing as opposed to the larger bags from the store.
Stop reading and order these, your family will thank u :-D
218755218755B000EQT9MKA3VKBFC5K2INR4J. Kruger "veganmania"1151285372800My Favorite Torilla ChipsI tried these chips about 4 years ago before the blue corn tortilla chips were popular. The second I finished eating one chip I knew I would be a customer for life. These are absolutely amazing. I wish all of the ingredients were organic but i won't be too picky. The 12 bags are quite a bit to get in one order but it is much cheaper than getting it at a local store. If you like to entertain these would be a good idea to keep handy for a more healthy option for your guests. I love these little guys. I would recommend to anyone.
218756218756B000EQT9MKAXNDMH5GK99G7Jerome Rochon "Rock Books"1111284854400Yuck-a-moldyIf they were not on sale, I wouldn't have bought them, having tried other brands of "guac-a-mole" flavored tortilla chips. I'm glad I didn't pay full price. The taste is hard to describe - somewhere between gasoline and garbage, neither of which I've ever actually ingested, but which these chips brought to mind by taste and smell. How do people eat and enjoy this crud? The only explanation I arrive at is they've never savored the exquisitely smooth and sprightly taste of true guacamole made with ripe avocados and fresh cilantro.
I had to give this product one star because Amazon said so. I guess that star could go for the unbelievably corny (no pun intended) "new look, same great taste" icon on the upper-left corner of the bag. Its such a quaint reminder of the inane, inconsequential marketing style of the "Mad-Men" era I grew up in.
218757218757B000EQT9MKA2ZJ8YTXZ3KZVHKathrin Yoneoka1111284595200Taste really staleWe had ordered this chips before and really loved them in the past. For some reason our last order (despite not being expired until December of 2010) has tasted horrible and stale. I am really considering whether I'll order them again.
218758218758B000EQT9MKA2B7U19UM1G1BCVortextuaL1131283817600Good chips, Close to expiration dateThese were good chips, but they were a month away from expiration (with no preservatives) when they arrived. I was expecting them to be good for longer considering it was a pack of 12 bags. I like chips, but not enough to eat 1.2 bags a day.

5* for the chips

1* for Amazon selling borderline stale chips
218759218759B000EQT9MKA2O8401JREUCOJUS Expat in Africa1121282694400Terribly StaleChips arrived prior to expiration date but they taste terrible. They have a bizzare stale / cardboard like flavor.
218760218760B000EQT9MKAUAYHALOQLCQJH. Gaitten "Natural Mama"1141281744000Great chips, but...I really like these chips. We go through a lot of corn chips in this house and it is important to me that our corn chips are organic as I refuse to eat GMO corn. They have a great flavor and the perfect amount of salt. My only complaint is that this last case we recieved, the chips are so fragile! They are breaking really easily, they are not holding up to any amount of dipping, which is a bummer. I'll still buy these chips, I'm just not as pleased with them as I have been in the past. Perhaps it was just an odd batch, as they haven't always been this way.

We have bought several flavors of Garden of Eatin chips and this brand is a winner, overall. Definitely our favorite corn chip brand!

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