Amazon Fine Food Reviews

219091219091B0018CIP10A13IMZ1YP08JTGpugmom0051335052800great productMy girls(dogs)just love this stuff, and I am glad that it is made in the USA out of human grade food. The price is great, too.
219092219092B0018CIP10A1N640M17H4VFCazbchbum0051334102400Great ValueThis is an amazingly wholesome food product for those who care about the nutritional value of their dogs food intake. I encourage you to read the ingredients list for yourself and decide.
219093219093B0018CIP10A39JRVIJYS910JChris Rabideau0051334102400Real food for your dogs.My two german shepherds have been on a raw food diet for the entire two years of their lives with the exception of this food. I still highly recommend a raw food diet, but this is certainly my dog food of choice when raw just isn't practical or economical. Both of my pups love it and when I open a can or reach for the dry food, the smell alone assures me that it's "real" food.

I will continue to order and feed this food to my dogs along with a steady raw diet.
219094219094B0018CIP10A241HDIOHZJRBRK. Gardner "Think occasionally of the sufferi...0051332806400Excellent Quality, Excellent Value, Dogs Love ItI switched to CSFDLS dry food a couple months ago with excellent results on lessening both the amount of food I need to feed my two bulldogs, as well as the amount of gas and loose stools they have. I continued to top their dry food with a little bit of canned each day. I have just received my first shipment of Chicken Soup Canned, and my dogs have gone nuts over this stuff. It smells heavenly, the ingredients are top quality, and I think we're probably now a 100% Chicken Soup Brand family. For 24 cans, this is an excellent value for a top quality product.

For the record, I had no issues with dented or damaged cans. It arrived in the original case, packed tightly with plastic, and then the case enclosed in a cardboard box.
219095219095B0018CIP10A38PREUL8X35KJMissKattt0051332720000Canned Dog FoodI always have problems with getting my dog to eat all his food but this does the trick. It comes with excellent ingredients and it has a variety of different meats. My dog seems to love it and the price isn't bad either. I feed a little bit of this mixed with Diamond Naturals dry food.
219096219096B0018CIP10A302EYUTYTOTZ0Sue Hardin "Sue"1241333497600love the ingredients, wish it was organic.This product has the type of ingredients I look for in a dog food...I just wish it was organic. My dog does love it. He has a sensitivity to many foods, but no problems with this brand.
219097219097B0018CIP10A2SRFM8KWHNA56mountain bliss1251315958400Great foodJust look at the ingrediants in this food! I get a warm fuzzy feeling feeding this to my dogs and they love it!
219098219098B0018CIP10A2CLD9J8CVXRWLGrandmama Kathryn2431332288000excellent customer serviceI really can not rate the dog food as I just received it an hour ago but out of 24 cans 11 were dented so bad that I can not use them for fear of botulism, 2 were seeping dog food. They were not damaged in shipping as the box was not damaged. Called Amazon and their customer service is excellent and sending me replacement order. Hope the dog food is as good as most reviewers say.
219099219099B0018CIP10ASY46U64GDEVBJohn Burrows "JJ"1811336435200Recall/No ReturnI purchased a case awhile back and just discovered there is a recall due to dogs getting sick and even dying from this contaminated food. Now I cannot get a refund from Amazon.
219100219100B004X4RVNIAOOCC203729F2Cornstalk1151349395200The cost is worth it for me!I'm on "house arrest" since I'm pregnant with twins and can't go to Costco anytime I want. So I wanted to get some snacks for my kids. I found what I needed here on Amazon and was very pleased. My kids LOVE these juice boxes and the four flavors are a nice variety. The boxes arrived in two days with Prime safe and sound. I know it costs more than a store, but when you're in a situation like I am, where you can't really get out whenever you want to, then this is a great alternative. Thank you, Amazon!
219101219101B004X4RVNIA1X4LVT73OV7PFBawstinn "Maria"4611339545600Great product horrible price
219102219102B001JK6PB8A37L58TP4SBXAEjuliem0051342742400Sensationally sweet and chocolate dream!The Martini Gold Chocolate Martini mix is the most amazing martini ever made. What a wonderful delight in place of desert anyday! I am so upet that our grocery store is not carrying it anymore. Yummiest of all!! Julie
219103219103B002IJ2248A2RTT9INIPT2UVEllen M. Prendergast3411252972800Friskies Indoor Cat treatsMy cats love these treats and they are getting hard to find in the store. However the price is way too high. I paid over $4 for each of these and I can buy them at WalMart for $2.93 when they are in stock. I am very disappointed because I thought I was buying a 10 pak and not a single bottle at that price. I won't buy them again through Petco. My cats will have to adjust to something else that is sold at a more reasonable price.
219104219104B002IJ2248A39B6LAYBCL5SIRAMZ "RAMZ"0051337385600Good for Teeth - Delivered to doorstepThese are my cats favorite treats and since they're crunchy and healthy, makes us feel good too!

Love that the total price includes shipping and no worries about going and finding them at the store!
219105219105B003V1NZ8OA2VVASHDH74CXYlesnik "Les"2251303344000Great tasteLove that it's made with Splenda instead of aspartame and vanilla is the perfect base to make whatever flavor (I use some instant coffee) you want.
219106219106B003V1NZ8OA3VYH4AILXJO3ZCarol - daughter of d-day "carolsv"1151303344000HEALTHY SNACK!!!So happy to have a healthy snack. This pudding set firmly even using non-fat milk. Adding a serving of lite cool whip made it taste even better. Can't wait to try the chocolate if vanilla was this good.
219107219107B003V1NZ8OAUH6N8JZS7GJ0jojoco "jo"1121298419200Strong Whey Powder FlavorSince I am following the weight watchers points plus program and have multiple food allergies as well, I thought this would be a good healthy snack that I would enjoy. Unfortunately the flavor of the added whey protein is so strong that I didnt care for this product at all. If you like or dont mind the flavor of whey then give it a try. However if you find whey protein offensive I would stay away from this product. If Better Bowls would remove the whey and settle for just the protein derived from the added milk I think it would be a very good snack.
219108219108B003V1NZ8OA3TMCOEQRXB89OCynthia Elias1151296259200FantasticI was really surprised how thick and creamy this pudding was, even in comparison to Jello products on the market. More products need to be made with can't beat this dessert!
219109219109B003V1NZ8OA28TTKY3V9VE05Dorothy J. Klinger1151295308800Better BowlsI use this product in making Tiramisu. I prefer using this because it is made with splenda as opposed to aspartame which is in most of the other sugar free pudding products. It has fiber, protein and low in fat and calories. It makes my Tiramisu healthier and more nutritious. Finally we have a whipped cream substitute that I prefer.
219110219110B003V1NZ8OAGIW14FHIOZYETSS "TSS193"0041343606400Good product and tastes good too.Good taste and good sugar free alternative to similar products containing other artificial sweetners. Really enjoy the Better Bowls instant puddings and will certainly purchase again.
219111219111B003V1NZ8OA1HSQ41KGGXHNFNina Sala-Gault "Nina Sala-Gault"0051334620800Better Bowls sweetened with SPLENDAFits perfectly into my diabetic diet without having to consume Nutrasweet. I'm one of the unfortunate few who should not ingest Nutrasweet. Sucralose causes me no concerns. Up to now, had not been able to find puddings and gelatins with Sucralose (Splenda). YAY! These are very good tasting and not harmful to me.
219112219112B003V1NZ8OA2EXP87676NCFDallieb0031323302400Sounds good but...I have been searching high and low for a high protein pudding without a lot of artificial stuff. this one came a little bit closer but it does still use splenda as the sweetener. it has a decent taste but the texture and consistency is just weird. it more than quadruples in size (air) and i did not like that at all. when it stays in the fridge for a day or two or more it tends to separate a bit and it doesn't look very appetizing. i was mixing it in smoothies so it's not a huge issue but i'm still searching for that perfect, smooth, tasty, sugar free high protein pudding. this one isn't it unfortunately.
219113219113B003V1NZ8OA3QFX2LD1MC1RIKathryn L. Terry "Kit-Kat"0051304035200Great Puddin!Okay so first time around I tried using my Silk unsweetened soy milk but it didn't mix very well and didn't really "set up". lol So i went and bought some organic skim milk and tried again... EXCELLENT! Creamy, thick and yummmmmmmy!!
219114219114B0009XUAX0A16HZDWAAOPO84weisster "greyhound owner"272751233273600My dog loves themI used to buy these bullies from my local store, but they got real selfish after the dog food scare and raised the price to $34 a bag. This price is the best. My suggestion to those of you who the 12", as others have said they can easily be cut in two. I use my garden branch cutter.
Keep them in the freezer. Your dog won't mind and the smell and freshness will keep. Give it frozen or let it thaw.
I have bought bigger and American made bullies, but my dog prefers this brand.
219115219115B0009XUAX0AWDU2JPGHV6STT. Edwards232431221868800Not suitable for medium size dogsMy primary complaint is that the chews are supposed to range in size from 4"-6". Not a single piece in the bag exceeded 4" and most of them were quite thin. My 45 lb dog consumed them in very short order. They really are only adequate for small dogs. If you have a medium size dog, I would suggest buying a larger size and cutting them in half, if necessary.
219116219116B0009XUAX0A1FD3L3RL6REPDC. Jacobson "ChocolateChip"181911224201600Too smelly!!I've ordered the 12 inch thinner sticks for my dog before and he loves them. I ordered these by accident last time (wasn't paying enough attention!!) and although the dog still loves them they smell incredibly bad! The longer, thinner sticks no not have this bad smell (unless you stick them right by your nose I suppose). As soon as I opened the pack of these sticks the smell infused the entire house and when I gave the dog one his paws carried the horrible smell for days afterward. I finally put him in the sink and washed his paws.

I'd recommend the longer 12 inch sticks over these simply for the smell. I ended up just throwing this pack out and ordering the longer ones.
219117219117B0009XUAX0AOIDMVP8W7LAOHez211 "Heather"5531312243200Doesn't Last LongThe price on these is great, and they don't smell as bad as other brands we have purchased in the past - but our 25lb Corgi mix polished one off in 6 minutes flat! The first one we gave him, we left the room for a few minutes and when we came back it was gone... we thought he stashed it somewhere and looked high and low to find it in the living room. So we decided to give him a 2nd one and actually time it... completely gone in 6 minutes, no joke. Other brands have lasted him at least half an hour, usually longer.
219118219118B0009XUAX0A3ITEABBFSFW22audeter4451331942400Great value, not overly smellyI was really leery about getting these since I'd read several reviews complaining about the smell, but they were so much cheaper than what I could buy at the store, and my (teething) puppy just loves them, that I decided to go ahead and get them. I'm very pleased with my purchase! They were a bit smelly when I opened the bag, but I let them air out and the smell is much better. They do smell some but no more than the ones I've bought at my local pet store, so unless you really can't tolerate the smell of the ones you currently buy, don't pass these up becuase of other reviews. My pup is very pleased with them. The sizes were mostly around 5"-6" and about 1/4" to 1/2" diameter, but there were some shorter pieces in the pack. There were about 25 pieces in the bag, and about 5 of those were the shorter ones- some of which were only 3" but 1" around. I will definitely be buying these again. For those that are wondering, they are a product of Brazil.
219119219119B0009XUAX0A3EKWLU52SLGYAthenyes4451308182400Great for an online buyMy dog's love "bully" sticks and I have to say I rather them be chewing on these than raw hides. Granted this was the best buy I could find for bully sticks online since I am living overseas, but when we were back in the states we were able to buy a large bag, same quality, same thickness, but 12" instead of six for the same price at Costco. My lab mix goes through a 6" inch bully stick within 3 minutes and I still have yet to find the same quality of bully sticks in a 12" or larger. For the price this is great, and if you have medium to smaller dogs this is a perfect treat.
219120219120B0009XUAX0A2EY1OGR92UMLBJ. Indeck4451265414400Cadet Bully SticksMy dog loves the chews and they neither bare any noticeable odor
or leave any residue in the lovely home my wife keeps very clean.
On one occaison I received two bags that had razor cuts from the
warehouse, they were immediately replaced without any question.
Great product and superb customer service from the folks at Cadet
and IMS.

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