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219191219191B003ZNVB1GA2VDMNG4I18Q1Eloveykiten0051339545600Love that they are not Rawhidethis product is great my dogs are so sensitive to eating of rawhide but these are great no choking or getting sick
219192219192B003ZNVB1GA3184VVBBF1BB6mini red doxie0011335571200Made in China!!!Bought a small SmartBones chicken dog chew for our mini dachshund this afternoon from the pet store and just discovered that this product is made in China!! NO THANKS!
219193219193B003ZNVB1GA24P78ZUJ7F4T0Karen0051334793600Puppy Love!My bishon/shitzu puppy loves these. They don't last as long as a rawhide more like a treat. The mini size are perfect for her!
219194219194B003ZNVB1GA1ES5M12UW9AHOLou0051333843200Big HitLove this product and so do dogs! It is a big hit with all breeds and owners alike. Try it out!
219195219195B003ZNVB1GA14CEAW83UN2B3Stitch0041323993600My Pup Loves it!!My pup loves it!! The minute I open my amazon package he smelled the bones! He instantly sat and waited patiently for me to open the pack of Smartbones.

I am so glad I finally found a better alternative to rawhide. I feel more ease at heart leaving the house with this treat in his paws.

The only reason I am giving it four stars it's because my pup was able to finish quite quickly. Otherwise I am very happy with this product and it actually smells yummy. The smell reminds me of sweet milk.
219196219196B003ZNVB1GA1VOYZC0FJ9VO9Wanda J. Bermudez1251308614400Great Doggie Treat!SmartBones, Mini (Chicken flavor) is a great alternative to rawhide bones. I recommend this product for all dogs. My dog JJ loves this treat!
219197219197B000F3VB7SA3HYDUEPYTL1DZE. Heep273311197504000shipping issues!The issues I have with this item have to do with the shipping. I have not tasted the product yet, so cannot comment on taste.
The first order arrived with one jar compromised and green/white mold on the cardboard box and noticeably less sauce in one container. The container was not cracked or broken, but somehow it leaked out.
Customer Service was helpful and sent a free replacement. That just arrived today and that package was even worse! Black, fuzzy mold was widespread on the cardboard box and container label. This time I just asked for a refund - I'll not try a third time. The sauce might taste lovely, but it doesn't seem to handle the shipping process very well.
219198219198B000F3VB7SA30WJ6F6SEVT7TMitch Cooper8841203724800Excellent sauce but packaging could use some improvement!This has to be one of my favorite Italian sauces to date - better than most restaurants I've been to and I eat out all the time. The sauce is rich and loaded with olives and my favorite - capers. I've tried creating several recipes and even just pouring some on plain pasta - the sauce makes the dish.

My only reason with not going 5 stars has to do with the potential for receiving an opened container. Fortunately, I did not have an 'opened' jar in my box but 2 of the 4 had the paper seals broken and I was a little concerned. The inner foil seal was still in tact so I felt confident eating the product. A simple addition of bubble wrap or softer styrofoam packaging would solve this minor issue. Fix that and you've got a 5 star product!
219181219181B003L4BOM0A9RKLB3UYEWYQHMarshall1151325548800Britt Poas is the best in the world!I discovered this coffee on a volunteering trip to Costa Rica in the summer and never looked back!

Before i went, coffee had to be very weak, very milky and very sweet... Now i only drink Poas, and i only drink it black!

219182219182B003L4BOM0A3IKDMFP2DBIT3R. Nakano "Manowar"1151293408000Give this Coffee a Try!I went to Costa Rica for a short vacation and didn't realize how great the coffee is over there. I ordered some online, same price as coffee sold in the US. People at my work love it, way better than any starbucks. Verrrrry Smoooth!
219183219183B003L4BOM0A3Q8ZKAPD9K1GECliff Beauchamp0051341878400real great coffeethis is real costa rican coffee most stores label their coffee as it but they are not . this is a great tasting coffee one of the best i have had
219199219199B000F3VB7SA1KSDKIZ4XN3GGLeslie Fitzgerald7751206230400Best FlavorThis is the best-tasting spaghetti sauce I have ever found. I enjoy it enough to just eat with a spoon - no kidding - but it's perfect for serving over pasta, which tones down the intensity to better fit most people's taste. Lots of olives and capers - not for the unadventurous.
No broken-seal issues with the box I just received, maybe they are better packaged than before ?
The only problem is, now that I have fallen in love with this flavorful sauce, how will I be able to put up with the ordinary kind ever again !
219184219184B003L4BOM0A1QOKNP2R3CWZ1A. Bennett0051341619200Great CoffeeI'm not a coffee expert.

Time Machine: San Francisco 2009

I usually pour coffee from the thermos at work, and rarely keep track of the type of coffee I am drinking. My mornings start with a protein shake and a jug of water. I don't get to my cup of coffee until about 8:30am after it has been sitting in a thermos for an hour, and I say on average I drink one cup a day, although sometimes on those long Thursday afternoons, I'll have a small splash keep me in gear. Drinking coffee outside of the office was never appealing.

Until one Saturday morning my roommate received a package of Cafe Britt Poas Volcanic Earth Coffee. Ours was whole bean, and I mention that so you can imagine what it's like waking up on Saturday morning, door open, hung over, listening to your roommate fumble around in the kitchen in an attempt to ground coffee.

Needless to say, as Cafe Britt brewed it tainted the air with a sweet and and sour smell. I pulled myself into the kitchen to a tall glass of Costa Rican goodness and it was amazing. Like winning the jackpot in Vegas, it was a great feeling and changed the way I think about coffee.

I find the Cafe Britt Volcanic to taste like the sweet smell of the jungle. That's right, the jungle: Grown into a bean, ground, and brewed into your cup. It's smooth, dry, sometimes chocolatey, minty, even tea like.

I since keep a bag or two in a dry dark place when not in use. It's a bit expensive but since I only brew it on the weekends, it lasts. I've experimented mixing grounds but I can never seem to get it as good as the pure stuff. I've had all different kinds of Cafe Britt from Costa Rica, and they all have their ups and downs, this however is a major win.

If you're interested in coffee, and are looking to try something new, this is definitely worth it.
219185219185B003L4BOM0A1YQ0ACENZPHA1cc0041336608000slightly different than last shipmentgood coffee . that said, this shipment tasted slightly different than the last...about 2 months ago. that last one was more flavorful, with a little sweetness and chocolate undertone.
219200219200B000F3VB7SA2HA6UR4V4IO8CJ. Battle "e-reviewer"5541209081600All GoodThis sauce is:

1. Low in fat (.5 g Sat fat)
2. Low in Sugar (3g/serving)
3. Very very tasty
4. Packaged in hard plastic jars that can be microwaved or put in freezer.

The Puttanesca flavor is authentic - with lots of olives and capers in the sauce. Buy this.
219186219186B003L4BOM0A1NP3SM8SYXHIEBob C0041334620800Cafe Britt Poas Volcanic earthIve tried many of the Cafe Britt types , Costa rican blends , Peruvian etc....found this to be the best , if you like a bold , smooth coffee
219201219201B000F3VB7SA1782IZ9MJLBIQLes Saisons de Ma Vie "mariacc"4451207958400fabulous on fishThis sauce is fabulous on fish... I used it to top haddock-then baked for 15-20 mins. I also topped the pasta sidedish... My Sicilian father had seconds! delicioso, delizioso, délicieux
219202219202B000F3VB7SA37Z843SR49K8PAna Logue3351283126400Super fresh and very high qualityThe sauce is delicious. It's restaurant-quality and tastes so fresh they might cook and ship it on the same day. It is by far the best prepared sauce I've ever found.

I have ordered this several times and have no issues with packaging. Somebody wrote of a problem in 2007 and 2008, but this seems no longer the case. The jars are re-usable plastic and work great for storing many things. I pop them in the freezer as soon as arrive, and thaw when needed.

The Puttanesca is my favorite, spicy and reasonably low in calories. The Vodka sauce is also terrific. Not just great on pasta, try them on fresh vegetables too.
219203219203B000F3VB7SAAXRAS67M0Vsuperrrabbit "superrrabbit"3351206748800great fresh saucesthese sauces are fantastic. They are very fresh tasting, tangy and not sweet like some of those other sugary sauces. Really high quality ingredients. They make a "quick pasta meal" taste like a gourmet meal out!
219204219204B000F3VB7SA3F3B1JPACN215Michael G. Lustig3351204848000Packaging is fineOther reviews said the packaging was inadequate, broken or not air tight. That was not my experience. Arrived in good condition (I checked every bottle for a proper seal). The sauce is very good compared to store brands and the price is reasonable considering the quality.
219205219205B000F3VB7SA3SZTQ5VZWV308yoda2251241395200Great sauce-Greater price!I just love this sauce. The flavor is great, the sauce has a lot of olives in it, and just enough oil. It is also very convenient to be able to microwave it in it's container. And, if you buy it through Amazon you can save $2.oo or more than buying it in a grocery store.
219206219206B000F3VB7SA3GRPCW9DG427ZDeborahDarling1151313107200Great pasta sauce - beware: hubby may like it better than yours!Great sauce. Lots of texture - picant flavor, as a matter of fact, my dear husband likes it more than my homemade - so now I keep this one on auto-ship!
219207219207B000F3VB7SA3VKYO4J4V0GPKNorma J. Goonan1141206662400SaucesThis sauce is very favorful and can be used for many other dishes besides pasta.
219208219208B000F3VB7SA2CKRZB4V561SRG. Abbadessa "giovabba"0051347926400Scarpetta ready to use sauceScarpetta and Sauces'nLove are just the best sauces ever. Puttanesca is my favourite.
Being Italian, I am really picky on pasta and sauces; working late hours in the hospital I often bought pre-made sauces when in Italy to use them for "emergencies", and it's funny I never found anything so good over there!..
Once my parents were visiting me here, I had not prepared anything and we were hungry so I used a puttanesca form my personal "reserve": they thought I had just prepared the sauce from scratch!
Highly recommended...
PS: this company takes it very seriously to ONLY use products (including cans, labels, etc) made in the US; its Italian CEO managed to make it grow, and save jobs, during the crisis - an example to all of us!
219209219209B000F3VB7SA30GFRZDNWG7TJBBergner0031329350400Very VegetarianThis sauce is not as spicy as I expected and had a significant amount of olive flavor to it. There were whole chunks of olives which caused one person I had over for dinner to kind of pick around his plate. This is not what I was expecting. Overall while it had a fresh taste to it, I was expecting a product with more flavor.
219210219210B000F3VB7SA1UA5MUB41OGTEMaynard D. Van Horn "Vegetarian Drifter"0051321401600The Absolute Best PuttanescaThe is absolutely the best tasting Puttanesca in the world, and I have had it in Italy, etc! Only issue can be the jars can arrive popped open and one time we got two jars of another sauce we did not want. Other than that, open a good Chianti and enjoy! KyDrifter
219187219187B003ZNVB1GA1F465XE6126ISDior6711325289600This is made in China!Very disappointing. It initially seemed like a good and healthier alternative to rawhide. I am extremely unhappy that this item is made in China! I NEVER give my pets anything made in China. There is much information out there about pets becoming ill and dying from products made in China.
219188219188B003ZNVB1GA3EMO92UYVCHCSCheryl Nemecek1151323475200AwesomeOur dog Callie loves these bones and she's VERY picky about flavours(only chicken). It's nice to give her something to "chew" on for awhile. They last a long time and are not smelly or greasy. The price is reasonable and come in quantity options.
219189219189B003ZNVB1GA2OXFVELYBRQ1Xstyx0011348185600A Glitch in the system?I ordered what I thought was five "4" packs of Smartbones medium size. What arrived was five "single" packs of the Smartbones medium size. The price for a four pack was a little more than half the local store price for the same items.... But for a single bone it works out to more than double the cost. I don't know if the problem is with the web/computer system or if the packer simply grabbed the wrong items. As I couldn't find a way to contact Amazon my only choice was to return the items. I'm afraid to reorder as I can't be certain the same mistake will not reoccur. Too bad as the price would be good and my dog loves the product.
219190219190B003ZNVB1GAS5VIFYZBZTSA3chis&0051346716800My dogs love these!

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