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220665220665B00023T3GWA2Z9K0ECM3C19TJean Hurley "fan of otherworldly books"101151156809600Sweet!I love Shirakiku Ramune Soda. The first time I had it was in the Japanese Pavilion in Epcot. I've been dying to find it ever since! When I saw that Amazon had it, I immediately ordered it. It's so wonderfully sweet- I didn't even wait to chill it! It tastes a little like gum to me, but it's very refreshing. I wish I could get it by the case. Gotta love the marble!
220666220666B00023T3GWA14WJLUI2R4N9NHoshino91051161993600Treasure Summer Memories ~natsukashiku ajiwaeru~A popular Japanese carbonated drink most often associated with the season of summer, though suitable for drinking all year round. Ramune carries a sense of nostalgia, and Shirakiku as well as other brands note this on their bottles with regards to the taste ("mukashi natsukashii aji").

Reminiscent of citrus-hinted candy, the flavor of the drink itself is more along the light and neutral side of the sweetness spectrum, making it an ideal companion with almost any meal or snack as well as by itself.

As with any Ramune bottle, the method opening and drinking is part of the experience. A marble traps the pressure inside the bottle, and popping it inside is required for opening the bottle. Inside, the marble stays in the top area while the indents on one side act as stoppers so that the marble does not block the flow of the drink. Drinking Ramune properly involves keeping that marble away from the neck, which some people (for good reason) treat as a game of sorts.

Refreshing however way you have it, and Shirakiku is a decent brand I purchase often (other brands of Ramune, such as the MiZuKi imports, also provide selections with a hint of other flavors such as lychee).
220667220667B00023T3GWA6WX7FEFIMAL0G. Schultz5651151798400love this stuffI didn't order it from amazon but it is in a local sushi bar i go to. It is highly carbonated and great tasting, not only that, its fun to open and drinking it is kind of a game, enjoy!
220668220668B00023T3GWA18N6XHHRXGVGRS. Bolanowski2251198627200AMAZING TASTEI first found this at my school and was amazed with the small ball that is used to seal the container. To describe the taste think of carbonated gummy-bears. a must buy and dont forget to collect the balls inside of the glass.
220669220669B00023T3GWAWZ78BEQM99ABMarie Grace "Marinochka/Marnie"6851093651200The Best Soda Pop EverI love this stuff. Better than any other carbonated drink I have ever tasted.
220670220670B00023T3GWA2A7KCCMWH19YYS. Harris "bifaerie79"3451211155200Fun Yummy Soda!!!This soda is so fun to drink and has a mild bubblegum flavor. Don't pay attention to the reviews that say it was hard or confusing to open; there are instructions right on the label, it couldn't be easier!!! This is fun for children and adults alike. Children CANNOT choke on the marble, it is securely contained within the bottle neck so DON'T worry! Have fun!
220671220671B00023T3GWA2K5QXXVLVGMYZR. Richardson "neuronbob"5751152576000Expensive, but tastyWhile rather expensive, it is very tasty and a real treat for those wanting the authentic ramune experience. It tastes like a more carbonated, slightly less syrupy-sweet version of 7-Up.

I highly recommend it and plan to purchase more.
220672220672B00023T3GWA22NNJF0X0Q45AMatthew Burkholder "Would I Lie To You?"4651178668800Ichiban Desu Ne!?I first stumbled across this wonderful concoction in a department store in Okinawa. My buddy and I each bought a bottle almost as an after thought (it gets brutally hot and humid there) and wandered back out into the street. We couldn't open the bottle, no matter how much we twisted and pried and appealed to examples of familiar American packaging! Eventually we were forced to go back inside and ask the sales girl for assistance, which she very graciously gave us, although you could tell she thought it was funny. And I suppose it was, at that! See, this stuff even transcends the language barrier! (If you're reading this, Calloway, I want my 200 yen back!)

The top of the cap must be punctured in order to open, and the neck of the bottle narrows to a point about midway up (or down, if you will.) You can see the indentation I refer to in the picture above. A small marble is allowed to roll freely in the upper chamber, resting while upright on top of the narrow hole, so that when you tilt the bottle back to sip the marble rolls out and allows liquid to pass the choke point. We got such a kick out of this unique design that we both bought more bottles to take to sea. I still have some of the Okinawa vintage left, but I'm not sure it would still be good to drink.

The flavor I had was a cross between citrus and bubble gum; certainly not your standard Coca-Cola sugar rush. (Sorry, I like Coke too, but comparisons must be made!) I understand other flavors are available, and are no doubt just as good. Oddly enough, I didn't see this product offered for sale very often on the Kanto plain, but I probably just didn't know where to look. Once I was living in Yokosuka I got hooked on another Asian drink. I forget the name, but it tasted a little like an orange creamsicle. I miss Japan so much! Guess I'll just have to settle for drinking Ramune until I get back to that part of the world. Enjoy!
220673220673B00023T3GWAYB4ELCS5AM8PJohn B. Goode "JBG"0051325376000Excellent!A neat little drink.

1) Who can resist that neat little marble? (The only way to get the marble is to wrap the bottle up in a lot of newspaper and then shatter the bottle. It's pretty messy but pretty much the only way to get it.)
2) What I like most about it is that it has a very neutral taste, it won't overpower whatever food you're easting. It also doesn't taste too sweet, but it contains the same amount of sugar as coke per oz.

1) The 200ml translates to 6.75 oz; that's about 1/2 the size of a regular can of coke and therefore 4 times the price!

Overall, a pleasant conversation starter, for those who want a soda with a neutral taste, and don't mind spending some dinero for it.
220674220674B00023T3GWANQX4I6CSVS41Cryostatic31131169942400Unique bottle, but typical taste.I've tried several types of ramune soda, and while the packaging is certainly unique compared to the typical twist-cap, the flavors are themselves quite similar to locally available stuff. An interesting item to experience, but not something I'd purchase regularly.

A less fascinating package but a more intriguing taste can be found in Clearly Canadian carbonated beverages. I'd suggest giving those a shot once you get bored of playing with your newly discovered bottle-bound marble.
220675220675B00023T3GWA1JXRG60ROOSFQMichael Richards31941184198400at your own riskthe beverage is delicious but they need to take some safety precautions before they mass market this product of potential death. If you do not puncture the top carefully and instead do it extremely hard while on the phone with an experienced user you will experience what the japanese refer to as "ramune anger". Notable side effects include covering oneself the entire interior of one's car in ramune.

This product needs more warnings on the side of the bottle and amazon should discontue vending it until these problems are resolved.
220676220676B001TZME0EA1W4W55SNAANYXdessalynn4451297468800Best Calimyrna Figs I've Ever HadThese are the very best Calimyrna Figs I have ever had and have loved figs for many, many years. This supplier tops them all and has fast and excellent service!!!They are sweet and excellent figs.
220677220677B001TZME0EA3GQ0RUUTQLO8TLaura Halliday3351323734400great figs great companyI just got my second order of these figs. They are absolutely great--moist, tasty,
and with zero "bad" (dried out, over-fermented, etc.) figs in the lot.

The second order package got torn and figs lost in the mail. The company
responded to my email within 24 hours and offered refund or replacement
with no problems.

I took the replacement, and am glad I did.

I highly recommend this company and would order from them again.
220678220678B001TZME0EA2U5USX3C2VX9PMitchell Brooks "Mitchell Brooks"3351320624000Bazzini Figs are the best on the planetCalmyrna figs are sweet and plump and the Bazzini brand should be the only ones you want to buy. These are colossal sized and super sweet. They get shipped fast by the supplier Bayside Candy through Amazon and a great price too. Worth paying the low shipping rate. You will be pleased
220679220679B001TZME0EA2WFQNVRCE3KTLNobody2251328918400I'll pile onVery nice figs, moist, clean. Since they're spotty in the local stores, I bought the five pound bag and put them in the freezer, since they keep that way just fine.
220680220680B001TZME0EA34IUINN1XJYHFH. Muller "muller"1151337904000Delicious FigsI can't stop eating these delicious dried calimyrna figs. I haven't found a bad one yet. I also freeze them so they keep longer. But I do wonder why a 5 lb order with shipping comes to $29.44 and a 10 lb order with shipping is $64.98. You pay more per pound for the larger order.
220651220651B004XXXR78A3VD6KREW99X02Eric Alan0041346284800My first none fried ramen style noodleNever really understood why these noodle packs fried there noodles. Maybe it preserves them longer, i don't know. But I was happy to see this Koka brand at my local Asian market. The cook up in 2 cups water, you add the noodles and veggie "garnish" to the water to hydrate. When the noodle is to your liking, add them to the bowl with the 2 seasoning packets. One is in powder form, the other is a chili sesame oil. Beware this stuff smells strong out of the packets, kinda like fish sauce. But after it mixed with the noodles and cooked a little in the heat, that smell became sesame and chili. There was no hint of that fish sauce smell or taste. Struck me as interesting. Anyway, the flavor is great, noodle had some give and did not stick or turn mushy. All was not good but great. Love this flavor and will now try all the others.
220652220652B0036WC6QAAU6OEU779924NJulianne Fiore4411324080000Rip offThe product discription promised 120 packs of gum I only recievd 10 packs. That's 120 pieces instaed of the described 1440 pieces. $31.38 for 10 packs of gum? I want the rest sent immediately!
Julianne Fiore
220653220653B0036WC6QAA28V0PYG7XKHH3tnll3311324425600Beware of false advertising!The order I received did not match the description at all. I only received 10 packs of gum and not the 120 that was advertised. I'd give this 0 stars if I could. Oh and it doesn't allow returns either.
220654220654B0036WC6QAA3B3PLU67SJ2LYSkywolf15893311324252800Not What's AdvertisedI believe Amazon must not realize what Midland Pharmacy is doing. I too only received a pack of 10 small packs of gum. At an average of $3 per pack, Midland Pharmacy is really ripping people off.
220655220655B004VITIXMAQ400EKPQK0KOjwc0051310947200When you need sports performance energy right NOW!I received a tube of this in my race packet for a recent running event and put it in my pocket for future sampling. The conditions for the evening event were hot and muggy with slick surfaces from a pop-up storm. I was racing in the 10k and normally go all-out with these shorter distances. At mile 4 after all the slipping and sliding in mud, I started really feel the fatigue coming on and remembered I had the RevHoney with me. I took about 1/2 of it and could feel an immediate surge of energy that powered me through the next 2 miles. It was easy to use and the taste was great. This product will definitely be a part of my sports nutrition plan in the near future!
220656220656B0043OX4Y8A3U53CIWC9WFQ8Stelai0051333497600Good priceSaved 3 dollars buying it on amazon and this stuff isn't cheap. But if you want to get your dogs attention, pull out one of these puperoni sticks and watch them melt.
220657220657B0043OX4Y8A33ECPWPO5YMBKZ. Williams0051315267200My Dog's FAVORITE treat---good price for this orderThis is one of many purchases I have made of Pup-Peroni as my dog, Terminator, a tiny minpin, just loves it. It is soft so there is no problem eating it even for small dogs and dogs with bad or missing teeth. The price on this order (pack of 5) was good, so good they sold out and I can't order it again until they get it in stock again. Terminator waits patiently for me to leave as he knows when I leave he will get a Pup-Peroni treat.
220658220658B0032JWE6OA25CM1GJCFMYGCSilver Shoes5551311465600Incredible Value!If you like cardamon tea, this is an incredible deal. When I placed the order I had no idea how much tea 500 grams was equivalent to, and when I opened the box I was more than a little surprised to find the tins to be so large! I have been making one pot of tea a day with it for a week and I have barely put a dent into my first opened tin! For the low price of $23 for three tins, this may very well last me the entire year and is a value that simply cannot be beat. I've always loved cardamon bread and this tea provides all the flavor of that bread without the calories :) No need for sugar either, just a bit of milk. Thank you once again Amazon, for unmatched value and a great product.
220659220659B0032JWE6OAZXXSOF328C52PRATEEK JAIN4451328659200Great taste and flavorI love this cardamom flavor tea. Its a really good taste and especially if you add a little bit of ginger, its heavenly. I have subscribed to this product as I am not sure I can find a better flavor. Overall great flavor, great tea.
220660220660B0032JWE6OALGMUJ46C9MHEE. Newberg4451323216000Yummy!I adore cardamon but I admit to being dubious when I first found this tea in my local Indian grocery. Not anymore. Black tea and cardamon make a wonderful combination. As soon as I found this brand here on Amazon I had to buy the three pack so I could give a tin to my sister and niece. This is a decent black tea with just the right amount of cardamon. It is great to drink plain but the cardamon is highlighted by adding sweetener and the taste is even better. My favorite is to add both sweetener and half-&-half. Then I just sit back, my hands wrapped around the cup, sniffing the wonderful aroma while I sip and let the world pass by. For a tea that is also a dessert, add honey, half-&-half or cream and a little bit of vanilla. It's delicious.
220661220661B0032JWE6OA1ELKQLVZCADWADiana V. Davis "diana v davis"4451299196800love this flavor black teathe ahmed teas i have ordered are all rich and flavorful...and the cardamon is my favorite...i love tea and consider myself an afficianado. the cardanom flavor doesn't dominate but is just in the back and a highlight...i share it with friends and they have come to love it too...a wonderful breakfast tea. i would recommend the tea bags or the loose tea.
220662220662B0032JWE6OA15PE6PIS31LXUCusomter1151343606400Excellent.This is delicious and VERY economical. You get an enormous amount of high quality tea for the price. It is fairly strong too, so don't use too much per cup.
220663220663B0032JWE6OA1OLLMKWVWVMX4wjp618 "WJP"0231341878400Good, but definitely ceylon tastingI am a huge fan of black teas, but ceylon-based teas have never been my favorite. I think this would be good if you like Amhad's Earl Grey (which, unfortunately, I don't), but might not be so good for people who like a more traditional black taste. The problem is that this is such a huge quantity, and not retunable, that I'm left with three caddies full of cardamom tea that I don't like. However, it's beautiful for gifts!
220664220664B0027F5M22A2DTVRYC8CL3V8toddee62 "toddee62"0051322265600Buy Them HereI purchased this from a friend's child who was selling them from their school's fundraiser. I paid $8.00 for it and I really did like it. However, I was curious to see if they sold it to the public and found them here on Amazon, for a heck of a lot less than the fundraiser. I do understand that they sell them much higher so they can help fund their projects, I get it, but I wanted more and the price was great elsewhere.

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